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Monday, January 28, 2013

Photo Kano - Ootani Momoko Route Summary

I'm back with full summary of another heroine's route from love simulation PSP game, Photo Kano. This time, it's also another secret heroine, in fact she is the last unlockable heroine on the game. If the other heroine is a student, Ootani Momoko here is a teacher!

Yes, Ootani Momoko is an intern teacher to be exact. She just starts teaching on the new semester when the MC starts bringing camera his father gave him to the school. Due to the nature of the plot, her route feels more special than other heroines, one of the reason I really like her route, other than Aya Endo's flirty adult voice. There's also a manga adaptation of her route, Photo Kano Memorial Pictures that serialized on Comic Earth Star magazine, and the first volume of the tankoubon has been released months ago. You can read the first chapter on the official web site.

Even though at this point I don't know if her route will be adapted on the upcoming anime (release a new PV or CM already, damn it!!), but both Momoko and Aya Endo are confirmed on the cast list, so I have to warn you this summary will contain spoilers.

Last thing, just like Tomoe route, Momoko route only have one story doesn't matter which club you choose for the MC, but on my playthrough here, I joined the Photography Club. I will also use the default name for the MC, Maeda Kazuya, but since I'm using my real name on my game, the pictures here will have my name on it, lol.

This is the longest summary I ever wrote, because I really enjoy her route so I put some sub events and after-school date events too. You might want to grab some snack and drink because it's going to be long read. Enjoy reading~

Ootani Momoko
(CV: Aya Endo)

Kazuya Maeda got a DSLR camera from his father on the summer holiday. So when the new semester starts, he brings that camera hoping to find interesting pictures. The first class of the new semester then is about to begin, a young woman enters the class 2-B.

Mo: “E-everyone, please take your seat!”
Ma: “(Huh? Who is she?)”

The whole class thinking the same just like Maeda, wondering who is the woman standing in front of them.

Mo: *inhale* “Everyone, good morning! Pleased to meet you, my name is Ootani Momoko. From today onward, as an intern teacher on this school, I will study together with everyone in this class. I’m in your care!”

The whole class then starts to make reaction. The boys asking question such as if Momoko has a boyfriend and her three size measurement.

Mo: “Err… I don’t have a boyfriend right now. And for my three size…”
Ma: “(She’s going to answer that, seriously?!)”
Mo: “I leave it to your imagination. Okay then, I will start to take your attendance.”

Momoko then starts taking attendance, but strangely every persons whose name she said aren’t on the class.

Ma: “(Aihara? Akasaka? There’s no one with that name here on this class. Don’t tell me..)”

The door of the class then opened once again. It’s Kitagawa Misa, the homeroom teacher of class 2-B.

Ki: “Ootani-san! What are you doing here?”
Mo: “Ah, Kitagawa-sensei. I’m taking the student’s attendance here, what about it?”
Ki: “That’s not what I’m asking of. Your class is 3-A, isn’t it? This is class 2-B! You get both the class and the building wrong!”
Mo: “Eh? Eh? EEEEEEEEH!!”

On Kouga High, they separate the buildings for each grade so it’s very unlikely for anyone to get on wrong grade.

Mo: “I-I’m sorry. This is my first day so I was nervous… Errr… Then, until then, everyone. Even though all I did is only self-introduction, but I have to go. If you see me around, please don’t hesitate to call me, okay~ Until then—“
Ki: “Geez… I wonder if she’s able to do it”
Ma: “(Ootani… Momoko-sensei, huh. She sure is pretty)”

On the afternoon, Maeda is walking around the school’s park, and there he sees Momoko. It seems that Momoko is lost.

Mo: “This is so stressful. That is north building… Isn’t it? Then, right this way is the south building. Haaah… I’m not sure. They all look just the same. But in the first place…. Which way is south again? The sun should be set on the west, so…”

While he’s watching, there’s a girl walking to Maeda. It’s Kanon, Maeda’s little sister.

Ka: “Hm? Niiyan, who is that person standing in the center? She’s very pretty~”
Ma: “Ah, Kanon. You're talking about Ootani-sensei?”
Ka: “You know her?”
Ma: “Yeah. From today she is teaching on our school for her study.”
Ka: “An intern teacher? I see~ So that’s why she doesn’t look like a teacher at all.”
Ma: “Hahaha.”
Ka: “Rather than a teacher, she looks more like an older sister~”
Ma: “She sure is. Ah Kanon, move away from there. I’m about to take her picture.”
Ka: “Eeh~ How about me~? You won’t take mine~?”
Ma: “I can always take yours anytime. Hurry up and move already.”
Ka: “Gee~z! Aren’t you not too cold with your own little sister?”
Ma: “That’s one negative too many.”
Maeda then takes Momoko’s picture. Momoko still hasn’t figured out which is which yet.

Ka: “Niiyan, she is looking troubled. This is not the time to take a picture.”
Ma: “I-I guess (But by the way… Ootani-sensei sure has big breasts, doesn’t she. Compared to this one we have here…)”
Ka: “Huh? AAAA---H!! You’re comparing us---!!! Meanieeeee!! Pervert!! Hentaaa---i!!!”
Ma: “You!! Don’t scream those words out loud here, it’s going to attr-…”
Mo: “Wh-what’s happening? Y-you, what are you doing to this girl!?”
Ma: “I didn’t do anything! And anyway, she is my li—“
Ka: “SENSE~~I! This person, he saw me with such lewd eyes. He is a pervert.”
Mo: “What did you say!? D-don’t tell me you’re going to take her picture with that camera!”
Ma: “It’s a misunderstanding! I didn’t do anything!”
Ka: “Huuuu… He took a picture of my underwear. I can’t be a bride anymore…”
Mo: “H-how dare you… Come with me to the personnel room!”
Ma: “N-no!”
Ka: “Ahahaha, punishment! Punishment! You should reflect on this, Niiyan.”
Mo: “Niiyan?”
Ka: “Ah…”
Mo: “By Niiyan….. Did you mean older brother?”
Ka: “Ehehe, you caught me. You're ri~ght! This pervert guy here is my big brother~”
Ma: “Don’t add pervert!”
Mo: “Haaah, geez… Don’t surprise me like that. I thought something was really happening here.”
Ma: “I’m really sorry for the ruckus we caused. My little sister here is always been mischievous.”
Ka: “But the part where he saw me lecherously was true.”
Mo: “Did you?”
Ma: “I-I didn’t!”
Ka: “Aaa—h, liar! You did stare at me! You were comparing my breast with Sensei’s, like this. Thiiiiii~~~s”
Mo: “Hm?”
Ka: “Fueh? Uuuh… But it’s true, that size and shape are very awesome. I guess I can understand Niiyan’s feeling.”
Ma: “See? Right? Right?”
Mo: “S-sheesh, so that’s it. But we’re the same, exactly the same.”
Ka: “Uuuh, no way. We’re absolutely different.”
Mo: “I'm not talking about the size. The size doesn’t matter, I’m talking about what’s inside. Our maiden heart is just the same, right.”
Ka: “Waaaaaaaah! Sensei, that’s good. Please tell me your name~”
Mo: “Ootani Momoko. I’m in charge of class 3-A.”
Ka: “I’m Maeda Kanon, class 2-B! Nice to meet you, err…. Momochan-sensei!”
Ma: “O-oi, don’t call a teacher with nickname like that.”
Mo: “Ah, it’s fine it’s fine~ I understand I’m still not really act like one, Momochan-sensei is enough. If any, I’m already happy her calling me "sensei", Maeda Kazuya-kun.”
Ma: “Why do you know my name?”
Mo: “Even though turn out I got in the wrong class, but I’ve done self introduction in your class. So I thought I have to memorize all student’s name of class 2-B. While on the break, I tried to remember the name and how they look from the photo."
Ma: “Eh?”
Ka: “Awesome! You have already memorized it all?”
Mo: “Memorizing has a trick. If you try to remember by the special feature, it becomes much easier.”
Ma: “I see.”
Ka: “Then then, what’s my Niiyan’s special feature?”
Mo: “Uuum… If I must say, his special feature is that he doesn’t have one.”
Ma: “Haha” *monotone laugh*
Ka: “Ahahaha” *monotone laugh*
Mo: “Fufu. But just now there’s another special feature I noticed. That camera, did you always bring it?”
Ma: “Ah yes, actually I just joined Photography Club today.”
Ka: “Eeeh! Seriously? Niiyan joins a club, it means you like photography that much. This is your first time, right? I’ll root for you. Seeing Niiyan doing his best makes me happy too. C’mon, take my picture, take my picture.”
Ma: “That’s just so you can feel like an idol. Doing pose and have your pictures taken, isn’t it?”
Ka: “Ahaha, you got me.”
Mo: “Hee~ Kanon-chan, you want to be an idol?”
Ka: “I aaaaa~m! It’s my dream since I was little.”
Mo: “I see. Having a dream is so nice.”
Ka: “Momochan-sensei, is becoming teacher your dream?”
Mo: “Hm?... Yes, of course it is.”
Ka: “I see. Then, soon you’ll make it comes true, right?”
Mo: “Fufu, yes.”
Ma: “By the way Sensei, you looked very troubled just now.”
Mo: “Ah! Right right, I was. I thought I will go look around the school to get use to it, but I don’t know which way back. Where is the personnel room again~~?”
Ma: “Personnel room is on the second floor of south building.”
Mo: “I know that, what I don’t get is which is the south building. In the first place, which way is south?”
Ka: “South is, let’s see… The sun is about to set on west, so…”
Mo: “That way, isn’t it?”
Ka: “This way, right?”
Ma: “(Geez, what are you two doing…) South is right this way, the building you’re looking for is on my front”
Mo: “Eh? That way?”
Ka: “I-I see. Nii-yan, sometimes you can be reliable~"
Mo: “Then, the personnel room is on that building. Thank God~ Now  I can go back.”
Ma: “Do you want me to walk you to the personnel room?”
Mo: “Ah, I’ll be fine. If I know which building it is, I can go by myself. Thank you. If she know I’m guided by a student this late, I’m going to be scolded by Kitagawa-sensei.”
Ka: “Ahahaha”
Ma: “Hahaha”
Mo: “Well then, be careful on your way home. Good bye.”
Ka: “Good bye~ Momochan-sensei”
Ma: “Pardon us.”

Momoko then walks away.

“She’s a very pretty and cute Sensei, isn’t she?”
“She is.”
“Next time, I’ll ask her to play together.”
“That sounds a good idea. You're both girl so she will get along easily... Hey, it’s about time for us to go home too, c’mon.”

One day, Maeda is walking at the hall, then he sees Momoko, looks troubled again.

“Ootani-sensei, what are you doing? Are you lost again?”
“Ah Maeda-kun. I-I’m not lost. I was told by Kitagawa-sensei to throw these trashes at the trash bin on the backyard. I know where the place is, it’s just… I don’t know how to get there.”
“(That’s the definition of ‘lost’)... Want me to do it for you?”
“No, it’s okay. I have to do the thing I can do by myself.”
“(I’m offering help because you seem can’t do it by yourself)... Then, let me walk you to the backyard.”
“Is it okay with you?”
“I’m not doing anything anyway. Here, let me carry the trash bag.”
“It’s fine.”
“No, no, let me.”
“Then… Thank you. Fufu, as expected from boys, so reliable. At time like this, it’s nice to have boys.”
“Huh? Sensei…. Did you studied at the all-girl school?”
“Yes. From elementary school, all the way to high school.”
“Heee~ How about your college?”
“It’s co-ed. At last it becomes normal, so I thought.”

At the locker, before goes outside, Maeda changes his shoes to outdoor shoes. But Momoko forgets hers so Maeda texts Kanon to ask her permission to borrow hers. Kanon says ok so Maeda takes her shoes from Kanon's locker and lend it to Momoko.

“That Kanon, she really likes you, Sensei.”
“Does she? I like her very much too. She is so cute, wanting to become an idol.”
“That’s what she always dream since we were a kids.”
“Having a dream is very important. As her older brother, make sure to give her your support, okay.”

They then continue to walk to the backyard, with Maeda explaining the location so Momoko can memorize it. And at last, they get to the backyard.

“There’s nobody here…”
“Well, this is backyard after all.”
“Seems like a great place to talk secret, isn’t it?”

After finish putting the trashes on the bin, Momoko asks for another favor.

“Maeda-kun, can you show me more locations? Like where students like to go, popular spot, or something like that?
“Hmm, okay.”

The first place Maeda shows is the park where Momoko got lost before.

“We have benches here. With the fountain on the center, this is a quite popular place for girls. And it’s okay to eat here, so many girls like to come here to eat.”
“… There are also couples who eat here together, right?”
“Well... Maybe, I guess.”
“How niii~ce. As expected from mixed school, so exciting.”
“… If you like this kind of place, then want to go to the rooftop? We also have bench there and the view is quite nice too.”
“Ah, I wanna go, I wanna go.”

They then go to the rooftop.

“Wooow~ The sunset looks so beautiful from here. Ah, it’s fine to eat here too, isn’t it?”
“It is. I too, sometimes come here to eat bread.”
“I see~ So, like on the park, sometimes there are couples who eat here together, right?”
“Err.. Yeah, I think.”
“Haah… Co-ed school is really exciting. I always went to all-girl school because of my parent's wish, so I was longing to be in a co-ed school. Talking and eat lunch together with a boy at the school…. Fufufu, how lovey dovey~ And then, under the sunset, they confess their love and then kiss…”
“(How should I put it... Rather than a teacher... She sounds more like a student. Talking about those.)”

Momoko then says thanks to Maeda for giving her tour. It’s about time for her to go back to personnel room, she says thanks once again and go first.

“(I think…. This is my first time to be able to get along this well with a teacher. Kind and pretty… She really is a good teacher.)”

But then Momoko comes back. She seems troubled.

“Maeda-kun, sorry. But I’m confused… Is this north building’s rooftop? Or is it south building’s? I can’t tell the difference.”
“Hahaha. Sensei is really bad at telling direction. Let me walk you there.”

They then go to the personnel room together.

The other day, Maeda comes to the rooftop on a break. There, he sees two girls playing volleyball. It’s Sakura Mai and Momoko.

Maeda thinks it’s amazing for intern teacher that only teaches one class on third year to be able to play with a first year student. And after a while, Misaki Nonoka then comes and asks if she can play with them too. Maeda further amazed since now Momoko it seems that she is popular with students from all years.

One day, Maeda comes out of the class very tired. Momoko sees him and asks what’s going on. He explains he had a hard time studying. There will be middle test soon but he just about to sleep during the lesson because he’s tired.

“That’s bad. Want me to teach you? If you can concentrate, it will only takes 30 minutes. Just leave it to me, let’s go to the library.”

They then go to the library to study. Maeda gets the material easily under Momoko’s teaching. And it’s about the time Momoko goes back to the personnel room.

“Ootani-sensei. Your teaching is very good, it’s very easy to understand.”
“Really? Thank you~ You make me confident. Well then, I have to go back to personnel room, continue your study, okay? Until next time, Maeda-kun.”
“(Even though sometimes she doesn't look like one… But Ootani-sensei is really a teacher, after all)”

After Momoko goes from library, Muroto Aki, the student council president, comes to Maeda.

“Maeda-kun, you were taught by Ootani-sensei just now, weren’t you?”
“Ah, yeah.”
“It’s nice for us to be taught by such an amazing person like her.”
“Amazing person?”

Aki then explains that Momoko is a genius, a rare 1 person that comes from 10 peoples type. Aki can tell because Momoko is her homeroom teacher, and that’s her teaching is easier to understand than any other teachers. Momoko also has amazing memory since she’s able to memorize all the students on 3-A in their first meeting. And on top of that, the university where Momoko is studied now is the top university, the hardest on Japan to get through.

“I wonder why such amazing person like her comes to our school. She can easily get into other schools who have higher level than ours for her intern. Now I feel like I don’t have confidence to try to get into that university if someone’s with her level is there.”

When he’s about to come home, on the way to the gate, Maeda sees Momoko and she agrees to walk home together. Maeda then asks Momoko to wander around together. Since Momoko also wants to buy an umbrella, even though it’s little bit weird for student and teacher to go together after school, they go to shopping mall. On the shopping mall, they come to see a variety shop.

There, Momoko goes excited when she sees there are so many Ahogeappi goods, a duck character which popular among girls. Maeda is little bit surprised a teacher like her is into cute stuff like that too.

“I wonder if there is Ahogeappi umbrella sold here... Hmmm, looks like there aren’t any.”
“Ootani-sensei, are you planning to use such umbrella?”
“Is it weird?”
“It’s... not really weird, it just I never seen a teacher using one.”

Momoko continues to look for umbrella, and they now at the party corner.

“Maeda-kun, are your family often make a party? Like for Christmas or birthday?”
“Well, my sister really likes one, so yeah we did it a lot. She often sing and dance an original birthday song.”
“Fufufu, Kanon-chan is sure cute~... Ah, look look Maeda-kun, there are cosplay goods here too.”

Momoko then grabs a nekomimi and wear it.

“Hey look, nekomimi~”
“(Uooo! Shutter chance!)”
“Ah, you’re going to take my picture? Nyao~~~n!”
“Haha, it really suits you.”
“Fufu, thank you.”

They then continue to look for an umbrella.

One afternoon, Maeda doesn’t have anything to do, he decides to go to the rooftop to take some pictures. On the way there, Momoko stops him by the stair.

“Huh, Sensei? What is it?”
“Shuuuush, shuuuuu~sh!! You can’t  go to the rooftop now.”
“Right now, there are couples who talking in private. Looks like they are confessing. We should give them some space. Let’s go down.”
“Haaah, I’m so surprised.”
“The one surprised should be me.”
“I wonder what are they talking about right now. Is it something like, “I like you!”, fufu. How niiice… Hey hey Maeda-kun, who do you think the one making the move? Is the boy confessed first? Or the girl?”
“I-I can't tell…”
“Whoever it is, it really is nice. Going to the stairway, and then confess. Will they hug tightly, and then... Kiss, I wonder?”
“I-I don’t know…”
“Haaaa~ This feels like on the drama or the shoujo manga. How nice it is on mixed school.”
“Ootani-sensei…. You sure like love story, don’t you?”
“You noticed? I really love it! Because since elementary school, there’s only girls around me, so I never get the chance to meet a boy I like, you know? Being confessed, hugged, holding hand, and go on a date… That’s really feels like what high school supposed to be. Maeda-kun should feel the same way, right?”
“Well I do, but…”
“Heee? What's with that attitude. You should be more assertive. If you don't, your high school days will be over in blink of an eye. Do your best to fall in love.”
“S-sure (… Why are we talking about me now?)”
“Haa~aaah, I wish I could feel what it's like to fall in love in high school too.”
“Okay then, I should go back to personnel room. Until next time, Maeda-kun.”
“Okay. (She sure doesn’t look like a teacher at all…. But somehow, it really suits her)”

After school, Maeda meets Momoko at the gate again, so he asks her to go home together. This time, Maeda invites Momoko to drink coffee at a café. Momoko hasn't been to the mentioned café so she agrees.

Mo: “Waaa~ Just like you said, this café is really nice. I didn’t know there is café like this before.”
Ma: “Maybe this was built when you went to college?”
Mo: “Ah maybe that’s true.”
Wa: “Pardon me. What is your order, sir and ma'am?”
Mo: “Ah excuse me. When is this café built?”
Wa: “About 2 years ago, ma’am.”
Mo: “Ah you’re right. It was when I went to college.”
Ma: “Yeah.”
Mo: “Well that’s obvious, isn’t it. The time I go to other town, this town has changed.”
Wa: “……”
Ma: “Sensei, she is waiting for your order.”
Mo: “Ah, I-I’m sorry. Err~ For me…. I’ll take ice café latte, please.”
Ma: “For me… Ice coffee, please.”
Wa: “Okay. One ice café latte and one ice coffee. Please wait for your order.”
Mo: “Fufufu. It’s about 4 years now since I went to the college, of course the town has changed. Time sure goes fast. What about you, Maeda-kun? Are you going to college?”
Ma: “I’m not really sure... But yeah, I think I am.”
Mo: “Then, you should study more properly from now on, okay. If you’re wasting your time, the college exam will start soon before you realize it.”
Ma: “Understoo~d…”
Mo: “Then, bring out your text book and your note.”
Ma: “Eeh? Right now? We’re supposed to relax here, aren’t we?”
Mo: “Geez, I just told you, didn’t I? If you’re wasting your time, college exams will right in front of your eyes without you realize it. Hurry up.”
Ma: “Fiiine. But first, let me take your picture.”
Mo: “Geez, can’t be helped…”
Ma: “C’mon, smile smile.”
Ma: “Hmm, you’re right. This is my first time here too, so might as well take a memorial picture. Fufu.”

Next morning, Maeda wakes up very late so he runs to make it in time. But since the school is too far, he stops running half way because he gets tired. Then someone rings a bell from her bicycle. It’s Momoko.

“Good morning, Maeda-kun.”
“Ah…. Ootani-sensei… Haah haah…. Good…. Morning.”
“I don’t think you can make it in time by running at this time.”
“Yeah. Haah, haah. I’m just about to give up.”
“Give up? But if Muroto-san knows you're late, you’ll get scolded~”
“Haha… Let that happen, then.”
“Don’t be like that. She is very strict, she’ll say that late is unforgiveable in society, and even you're still in the school, you’ll be punished because you’re against the rule... So, want me to help you?”
“Help me?”
“Let’s ride the bike together.”
“Haa!? Together!? That’s against the rule too, you know? Riding a bike with a teacher, and beside we still have to be fast by this time. It’s dangerous.”
“Don’t be too tight. There are no cars around riverside here anyway, and since this isn’t main road there’s no police too, so it’s fine.”
“… I wonder.”
“But, you’re the one paddling, okay?”
“........ Geez, okay fine… But hang on tight.”
“Eh, you're standing?”
“C’mon, it’s fine. I always wanted to do it once. Let me feel what a normal high school student like.”
“I’m ready here.”
“Okay, I’m going to start paddling.”
“Ready, goooo---!!!”

“Wooow, you’re awesome. So faaaa~st!”
“S-so heavy…”
“How rude~!! I’m not that heavy! I’m still lighter than average body weight.”
“Compared… To Kanon…. You’re... Heavy…”
“Ahaha, that’s impossible then. Comparing me to future idol is against the rule.”
“I think we can make it in time if we continue like this.”
“I’m helped.”
“Me too, you’re doing me favor. It’s just like my dream~ Standing on the bike and ride it together with a boy has always been my dream, and with your help now I know what it feels... Fufu, the wind feels good too~”

Kazuya sees Momoko smiling happily and then he takes her picture.

“Ootani-sensei, can I ask you one question?”
“Sure, what is it?”
“Sensei, why are you coming to our school? If it’s the university you studied, you could get in better school, couldn’t you?”
“Ah… I see, so you’ve heard about my university from someone.”
“Ah yeah, just a little bit.”
“It’s fine. It’s not like I’m trying to hide it, I just don’t feel like telling it.”
“Because nothing good comes if I tell it. It will be like I’m bragging and people will talk behind my back. How about you, Maeda-kun?”
“I don’t feel that way… I honestly thought you’re amazing, and I won’t talk about you behind your back.”
“Really? You’re a good person, Maeda-kun”
“… Then, why did you come to our school?”
“Ah, yeah, I haven’t answered your question yet. It’s because when I was on high school, I’m very interested on Kouga High.”
“The uniform is cute, and it seems like it gives warm feeling, there are also many club activities so it doesn’t feel like what students do is only studying and studying. It was different from my high school. I feel a little jealous of the couples from Kouga High who walk side by side at this road back then. That’s why, when I get the chance to become intern teacher on Kouga High, I took it.”
“Do you have someone…. Like that on your college now? A guy to walk side by side with.”
“On the college? No way, no way. All of the boys there are too focused on their study. They all have high pride. Not really my type at all.”
“… I see.”
“For me, a normal boy like Maeda-kun is definitely the best and suit my type!”
“Huh? Ah, Aaaaa~aaaah, what am I talking about. Sorry, just forget about it.”
“Even if you ask me to forget…”
“Then don’t talk about this anymore, please let it slide.”
“Haa~h… Now even one of my dreams came true, but I feel so embarrassed. I don’t feel like I can be a decent teacher.”
“Well, I always think you don’t look like one.”
“Aaah, how rude, Maeda-kun. Then I won’t help teach you anymore.”
“Ootani-sensei, are you serious that your dreams are to attend co-ed school?”
“Yes. Normally attend co-ed school, and then normally falling in love. Those were my dreams when I was high school student. And now… By teaching at Kouga High, those dreams are coming back to me.”
“(Coming back… huh. So that’s why she happily smiles because riding bike together with a boy like this means one of her dreams are fulfilled. It sure nice… If I'm able to see her smile like this again.)”

Without realizing, they almost reach school, but…

Mo: “Hyaa!”
Ma: “Uwa!!”

The strict stuco president, Aki, is standing in the front of school gate. She recites the school rule no other students probably remember about riding a bike together.

Aki: “Ootani-sensei! Geez, what were you thinking, riding a bike together here with him!”
Mo: “B-but, we were riding on the riverside, not the main road, so it should be saf—“
Aki: “Didn’t you hear my question? I’m talking about it’s forbidden for a teacher and student to ride a bike together here to school.”
Mo: “I…. I’m sorry.”
Aki: “You’re the same, Maeda-kun! And also, what were you thinking, pedaling that fast?”
Ma: “I’m sorry.”
Mo: “Geez Maeda-kun, why didn’t you stop in front of the school area?”
Ma: “What were you talking about, Sensei was the one telling me it’s fine to dash in the riverside.”
Mo: “I’m sorry…”
Ma: “I’m sorry…”

The school bell then rings.

Mo: “Ah the bell is ringing. Hurry, hurry, we’re going to be late!”
Ma: “You’re right, Sensei. We have to hurry.”
Aki: “I haven’t finished talking to both of you!!!”
Mo: “But I can’t be late for my homeroom. I’m a teacher, after all.”
Aki: “Uuuh… Geez… If you can promise you won’t repeat this again, I’ll let you go.”
Mo: “We won’t! I swear!”
Ma: “Me too!”
Aki: “Then, you can go…”
Mo: “Haah, it’s like Muroto-san is the teacher and I’m the student.”
Ma: “Hahaha.”

At the afternoon, Maeda thought about what happened that morning.

“(Ootani-sensei… Is so kind and pretty. She sure is a good teacher. I have to tell him... My feeling)”

When he gets out of the class, he sees Momoko.

“Ah, Ootani-sensei! Just perfect, I was about to find you. Please come with me, c’mon”
“O-okay… But, w-wait, you don’t have to pull me!”

Maeda then brings Momoko to the backyard, he then makes sure no one is around.

“W-w-w-why did you suddenly bring me to this place, Maeda-kun?”
“Did you remember what we were talking when we rode bike together?”
“Eh? Y-yeah, most of it.”
“You told me you have many dreams to attend co-ed school or falling in love normally with a boy on high school, didn’t you?”
“Yeah, I did. Those were my irreplaceable dreams. Even now…”
“… Then, do you want to make more of those happen?”
“Err… If you're okay with my idea, on the time when we’re alone… You can… Play couple with me so you can feel how it is to be a lover in high school. H-how that sounds?”
“Ah… That means... A fake love relationship?”
“Yeah. Not as a teacher, but as a student and be my girlfriend. Just when we rode bike together, one by one, we can make all of your dreams come true.”
“Maeda-kun….. Thank you. You really think about helping me so sincerely. You really are a good person... Can I really... Depending on you?”
“If you’re fine with someone like me.”
“Don’t say ‘someone like me’… I told you before, didn’t I? For me, a guy like Maeda-kun is the best. Fufufu, it really is my dream to go together to school with a boy... Going home together... And fall in love. Can I really be your... Fake girlfriend?”
“Of course!”
“Thank you. I never thought I’ll be able to feel what it’s like to be student once more. I’m so happy…”
“Seeing Ootani-sensei happy, I feel happy too.”
“Ah, that call is not good!”
“From now on, when there’s no one around, you have to call me 'Momoko'.”
“It’s obvious, isn’t it? You’re going to be my boyfriend, after all.”
“U, uuuh… That might be hard.”
“And for me, I’ll call you 'Dattsun', okay.”
“That call, did you hear it from Nonoka?”
“Yeah. 'Dattsun' from darts, right? Take me with you to play one in the future too, okay?”
“Then, let’s practice calling me by my name. C’mon, Mo-mo-ko.”
“Mo… Mo…”
“Can’t hear you~~”
“Ah, geez!! Mo-Momoko!!”
“Yeah, what is it? Dattsun?”
“Uh… Err… From now on… I’m in your care.”
“Me too, I’m in your care. Fufufu, it becomes more exciting to come to school from now on. Let’s trade our mail address and phone number too.”
“Eh? I-is it fine?”
“Of course! Isn’t it rather weird if two persons in relationship don’t have each other’s number?”
“Fufu, now we can talk to each other anytime. Well then, until next time, Dattsun. Please take care of me from now on.”
“Ah… Y-yeah… Err… Momo… Ko.”
“Fufu, how excitiii~ng.”

Next day, on a break, Maeda is walking on the school's garden. He sees a girl sitting on one bench, reading a book.

“Ootani-sensei, what are you reading?”
“Ah... Mmuuuu~ There’s no one else here but you called me ‘sensei’. It should be ‘Momoko’, right Dattsun?”
“H-huh, no one else here? There are lot of people here on this park.”
“The place where no one else can’t hear us counts the same as when no one's around!”
“A-are you serious?”
“Of course. There’s so many people on the school, so we should think of something so we can be together often.”
“Well then…. Err… Mo-Momoko.”
“What is it, Dattsun?”
“What kind of book you’re reading?”
“Oh this? It’s a shoujo manga.”
“Shoujo manga? Not a novel or something like that?”
“Is that your image of me?”
“Well… You are a teacher after all, Ootani-Sensei.”
“Mmmuu~ You’re calling me ‘sensei’ again.”
“Ah, s-sorry.”
“Fufu, I forgive you. Mai-chan lent me this. The story is about a girl who saved by her destined prince. A chick lit shoujo manga.”
“Heee~ Ah, can I take your picture?”
“Picture? Sure.”

Maeda then take one picture.

“Do you want to sit here with me?”
“E-eh?! People will become suspicious if they see us…”
“Weren’t they think we’re only discussing study material?”
“I don’t think they will.”
“Don’t think trivial things like that, c’mon, sit sit.”

“This is like in my dream~ Sitting on a bench together and talking with a boy on break time.”
“(Ah… I see. So that’s why.)”
“Thank you, for fulfilling another dream of mine... Then, what do you want to talk about? The tv show we watched last night?”
“Errr…. Okay. So, Momo... Ko. What’s yours?”
“Me? I watched a drama yesterday. But it was boring so I went to sleep in the half way.”
“So, what about Dattsun?”

They then continue to talk until the break time is over.

After school, Maeda is walking around the pool and there’s Momoko there.

“Ah… Oota--- Err, wait…”

Maeda confirms his surrounding. When he confirms no one around, he tries to call Momoko once more.

“Err… Momoko.”
“Ah, Dattsun.”
“(Uoh, Momoko in swimsuit…. Uuh… D-damn, those are huge.)”
“You haven’t go home yet?”
“I’m wandering to see if there's interesting pictures. By the way, why are you swimming at this time?”
“This is my special swimming lesson.”
“Special swimming lesson?”
“Yes. Aside from high school teaching license, I thought I want to take elementary school's too. And one of the requirements is to be able to swim 50 meters. But… I can’t swim at all.”
“You can’t?”
“Yes. Since I enter college, I went to swimming school, but I never get any better! That’s why, I asked permission from the principal. And now after Swimming Club finishes their activities, I can use the pool.”
“And sometimes, Muroto-san comes to teach me.”
“Muroto-senpai does?”
“Yes. She is former Swimming Club member and a diving athlete, so she’s really good at swimming.”
“She is?”
“You don’t know?... Aah, Dattsun is still on second year, everyone else on the third year knows about her. When she heard that I can't swim, despite her busy schedule as stuco president and her study for college exam, she makes time to train me. I feel bad if it’s only her helping me, so I help her by giving some techniques to study more efficiently too.”
“Heee, how nice.”
“Thanks to her, I get better and I feel I can pass the requirement. Muroto-san is like a Spartan when she’s teaching me, after all.”
“Muroto-san is very smart, very responsible, and active at social activities. She really is a great person.”
“Muroto-senpai is also thinking the same of, err… Momoko. She said you’re a genius.”
“Hahaha, genius is too much. I just a little good at studying. Compared to that, I’m really bad at swimming and cooking.”
“And you’re lost easily too.”
“Meanie! I’m not. I just having hard time to tell direction.”
“Well the~n, I’m going to swim again.”
“Ah, before that, can I take one picture?”
“Picture… Fufufu, okay.”

On one day, the weather is very hot so on the break Maeda comes to library to cool off. He plans to read some book about camera to kill time. When he’s choosing the book he hasn’t read yet, Momoko comes to his side and whispers.

“Da~ttsun, you’re here too.”
“Uoo! O-Ootani-sensei!”
“Aaa~h, there’s no one here, don’t call me ‘Ootani-sensei’.”
“O-of course there are, this is a library, remember!?”
“But around us right now are only a books, see?”
“Well, y-yeah…”
“Call me ‘Momoko’, then.”
“N-now?... Geez… Mo-Momoko.”
“What is i~t, Dattsun.”
“That’s my line, you’re the one calling me first.”
“Ah you’re right. Errr, Dattsun. I heard from Kitagawa-sensei that you weren’t doing well on class, were you?”
“I taught you personally back then, but it looks like you're still not doing well. You’re too focusing into photography.”
“You’re my boyfriend, so you should be more responsible, okay?”
“That being said, let’s study.”
“Right now?”
“Of course. For Dattsun, I have specially prepared these questions. Do your best, and finish these, okay?”
“Eeeeeh… Okay, but first, I’ll take one picture.”
“Haah… Why is it comes to this.”
“Do not complain. When your score downs, it means you have chance to do better and get higher score the next time.”
“… Understood. You’re completely change to teacher mode, aren’t you.”
“(These hand outs, she specially make it for me. I should do these seriously then…)”

Maeda then try his best to answer all the questions on the papers.

Mo: “Right right, that’s the sprits.”

Ri: “Momoko-sensei, are you teaching for exam?”

A girl from second year, Yunoki Rina, comes to Momoko and Maeda’s table.

Ri: “I also come here to study, can you also teach me some parts I don’t get?”
Mo: “Of course, you can sit beside me here.”

Momoko then teaches Rina, while Maeda still answering his papers. But, Maeda then notices something superb.

“(Uooo!! Their boobs are touching each other! Momoppai and Rinappai's dream clash!!... I have to take this.)”

Maeda then secretly take the girls picture.

Ma: “(Uuugh, now I can’t really concentrate.)”
Mo: “Hey, what are you doing. You’re not answering your papers since Yunoki-san is here.”
Ma: “A-ah, sorry.”
Ri: “Fufu, let’s do our best, Maeda-kun.”

After school ends, Maeda goes home together with Momoko. On the way home they decide to go to karaoke first. Kazuya asks if Momoko goes to karaoke often but Momoko says she never been to one with male before, only went with her girl friends. They then book the smallest karaoke room for 1 hour.

“Waaah, if it’s just two of us, even the small karaoke room feels so huge.”
“Haha, you’re right.”
“What is it, Momo... Ko?”
“Nothing, just wanted to say your name. It’s very rare for us to be able to call each other name freely, so now we’re on private room, I want to say it while I can.”
“Haha, I see.”
“Dattsun Dattsun Dattsun Dattsun Dattsun Dattsun. C’mon, Dattsun tries too.”
“O-okay. Err… Momoko Momoko Momoko Momoko Momoko Momoko.”
“Hahaha, how fun. Dattsun Dattsun Dattsun Dattsun Dattsun Dattsun Dattsun Dattsun Dattsun Dattsun Dattsun.”
“Momoko Momoko Momoko Momoko Momoko Momoko Momoko Momoko Momoko Momoko.”
“Hahaha. Oh yeah by the way Dattsun, what do you think the reception thinks of us? A couple?”
“Maybe they think we are the college student and high school student couple?”
“Even if it’s true, but when it’s only two of us, you’re also a high school student too.”
“Thank you…”
“… It’s kinda embarrassing if we're not doing anything. C’mon c'mon, Dattsun can pick a song for me to sing.”
“Are you sure?”
“Of course! It’s normal for boyfriend to pick a song for his girlfriend to sing for him, isn’t it?”

Maeda then choose a song for Momoko to sing. The choice is between Moonlight Starlight, the theme of Pretty Ravi, or Photograph Memory, the ending song of the series. Either way, Momoko will sing and player get to play Rhythm Photo Session mini game.

“Wow, you sang so well, Momoko!”
“Now you had your turn, it’s my turn to pick a song for Dattsun to sing.”
“Eeeeh? That’s why you made me choose a song for you before?”
“Of course, hehe. Now I will make you sing a veee~ry cheesy and sweet love song for me.”

At one afternoon, after wandering around school, Maeda never get any interesting picture, so he prepares to get his belonging on his class. On the locker, he meets Momoko.

“Ah, errr…”
“(Err…. Nobody’s around) Momoko.”
“Dattsun. Fufufu, what are you doing? Photo shoots?”
“Right. Though after walked around, I never get any good picture, so I’m wrapping up.”
“Then, want to go back to class room together?”
“… Okay. But when we’re walking together, don’t forget we have to be on guard.”
“Sure. Fufufu. This is another dream comes true, having able to walk through the hall with a boy.”
“… I see. You couldn’t do it since you went to all-girl school after all.”
“….. Hey, is it fine to hold our pinkie together?”
“Actually I want to hold your hand, but if we do that when someone’s coming they will notice us immediately, right? So at the very least, just with our pinkie. It’s fine, isn’t it?”
“I-it’s fine though…”
“Thank you. Aah… Dattsun’s pinkie is quite big.”
“… Momoko’s is… small.”
“Fufufu, this is really make me blushed.”
“Momoko, It’s dangerous if you’re walking too close to me.”
“It’s fine. If someone’s coming I’ll just push you away, fufu.”

Next day, at lunch time,  Maeda goes to cafeteria to buy food. Momoko is there too.

“Ah, Datt--- I mean, Maeda-kun. Are you going to eat now?”
“Yeah. By the way, you almost call me with my nick.”
“I’m sorry, I already get use to it, so...”
“Be careful or other people will know our secret.”
“Right, I’ll be more careful from now on. So, are you going to eat now?”
“Then, will you eat together with me?”
“You don’t want to?”
“I-it's not like I don't want to. But if people around here see us…”
“They will only think a teacher and a student have lunch together. You’re over thinking.”
“W-well, you have a point. Okay, let’s eat together.”

After choose their lunch, they pick table to eat. Momoko wants to go to eat on the terrace.

“Just as I thought. Since it’s hotter because of the sun, no one sits around here. Now I can call you Dattsun without worry.”
“... That’s why you picked this location?”
“Yeah. Because, it’s also one of my dream to be able to eat lunch together with a boy.”
“Ah, so that’s why.”
“Then, not it's your turn to call me ‘Momoko’.”
“*gulp*… Mo… Mo-Momoko.”
“What is it, Dattsun~?”
“Let’s eat our lunch.”

Just when they about to eat, someone’s coming.

Ka: “Aaaah~!! Niiyan and Momochan-sensei, fouu~nd!! Are you eating together? How nice, how nii~ce!!”
Mo: “Kanon-chan…”
Ka: “Momochan-sensei, can I and Mairyan eat together with you and Niiyan?”
Mo: “Yeah, of course. Let’s eat together.”
Ka: “Yaaay~!! I’ll go tell Mairyan! Mairyaaa~n, let’s eat at the terrace~ There’s still chairs for us~ Momochan-sensei and Niiyan are there too~!!”
Mai: “Really~? I’m comi~ng!”
Mo: “Fufufu, Kanon-chan is sure a sweet girl.”
Ma: “Though we have to put your dream to eat together on hold.”
Mo: “No, it’s fine. You already called me by my name, so it’s more than enough. Thank you, Dattsun.”

Wandering at the park after giving up for taking pictures, Maeda is called by Momoko who happens to be there.

“Hey Dattsun, will you take two-shot picture with me?”
“Because we’re boyfriend and girlfriend, right? But I still don't have a single picture with you together, isn’t that weird?”
“We-well, you do have a point… Okay then, let’s go back to class room, I’ll get a tripod.”
“Ah, you don’t have to. Come here, come here.”

Momoko then raise her arm while holding her cellphone.

“U-using your phone?!”
“Yep. C’mon, you have to get closer to me or else you won’t be on frame... Fufufu, our shoulders are touching.”
“(Uoo… Her breast is this close)”
“He~y, don’t look at me but look at the phone’s camera.”

“Hey, don’t be too tight, smile, smile~”
“I’ll take it, okay? 1+1 is?”

Momoko gets their first two-shot picture.

“Hehe, I'll set it as wallpaper immediately.”
“W-wallpaper!? Hey, if people sees it…”
“Don’t worry, I won’t let anyone see it. The cellphone of maiden falling in love has many secrets, after all. Fufufu, this really like on my dream~ Taking two-shot on the school.”

Note: 'Ni' is what Japanese usually says when have their
picture taken, like 'cheese'. 'Ni' is also Japanese for 'two'

Maeda is walking on the hall and he hears two girls talking. It’s Nonoka and Momoko.

No: “He~y he~y, tell me, Sense~i…”
Mo: “Geez, why do you want to know that bad?”
No: “Because even when compared to me it’s definitely bigger, right? So it’s natural I want to know.”
Mo: “Even if you said that…”
Ma: “Nonoka, what are you doing?”
No: “Ah, Dattsun! Right now we’re having physical check on the infirmary, and they are also doing measurement. Khukhukhukhu, Dattsun wants to know too, right? Momochan-sensei’s breast size.”
Ma: “What... Did you... Just say…”
Mo: “Wa-wait, Masaki-san!!”
Ma: “I WANT TO!!”
No: “Ahahaha, of course you do~”
Mo: “Geez! Even Maeda-kun too!”
Ma: “I’m sorry… But, as a boy, being asked that…”
Mo: “Geez...”
No: “Hey hey, now it comes to this, c’mon tell us”
Ma&Mo: “What comes to what?”
No: “Ooh, your retort is in harmony.”
Ma: “Haha.”
Mo: “Ahahaha... But it’s embarrassing, so I won’t tell you.”
No: “We’ll keep it secret, c’mon!”
Mo: “Even if you said that…”
No: “Then, I’ll tell you mine first! Mine is…”
Mo: “W-wait Masaki-san! Dattsun can hear you too!”
Ma: “Eh? Oi, oi!”
No: “Ah, you’re right! That’s close... Hmm, wait... Just now, Momochan-sensei called Dattsun ‘Dattsun’, didn’t you?”
Mo: “Ah…”
Ma: “Haha…”
Mo: “I-It’s because Masaki-san calls him “Dattsun, Dattsun”, so unconsciously, I...”
No: “I see, ahahaha~”
Ma: “(That’s very close)”
No: “Hmm, then how about this. From 90, is it smaller? Bigger?”
Mo: “Eeeh?!”
Ma: “Nonoka, that question is not good!”
No: “Hm? Why? If it’s only estimation then it should be fine!”
Ma: “That’s not it… If you want to ask her, the base number should be 95!!!”
No: “GEEEEEEEH!!! The not good is that part? Is it that big?!”
Ma: “Of course!”
Mo: “Geez, Maeda-kun! Masaki-san!!”
Ma: “Don’t underestimate Momo…. Ootani-sensei’s breast. It’s obviously more than 90!”
No: “I-I see… Well then, Sensei. From 95, is it smaller? Bigger?”
Mo: “Geez… Will you promise, you’re not telling anyone?”
Ma: “I swear!”
No: “I wooo~n’t!”
Mo: “Then…… I-it’s…. B-bigger.”
Ma&No: “Uooooooooo~~~~~~”
Mo: “Geez, w-what’s with that reaction… C’mon, get to your class already, it’s about time for the next lesson! I’m going too!!”
No: “It’s bigger than 95… I wonder how she can make it that big.”
Ma: “Why won’t you ask her?”
No: “Ah okay, next time I’ll ask her that. Well, bye Dattsun~

Maeda is on library, searching for a book about photography. He finds one and then he sits on a table. Someone calls her from the back.

“Ah, Dattsun.”
“Eh? Ah, err…”
“From this spot, the books are covering us. We can’t be seen or heard by anyone.”
“I see. Then... Momoko. What are you doing? Study?”
“Yes. I’m studying for my final test here as intern teacher.”
“Final test?”
“Yes. I’m going to finish my intern here soon. School festival will be my last day here.”
“H-hmm (Right. She is only an intern teacher here. She will have to go back to her university soon… I understand that… We can’t do this… fake love relationship anymore…) School festival…. It’s coming soon, isn’t it?”
“Yes. Ah, do you want to sit in front of me?”

Maeda then changes his seat. Pretending to read the camera book he brings, he sees Momoko studying the whole time. In front of him now, Momoko doesn’t look like student, or a lover. Momoko looks like a real teacher. Maeda then take picture of her.

“Ah, just now, you took my picture?”
“… You look so serious, so without thinking I…”

Momoko’s eraser falls to the ground. Both of them going off from their chair and bend down, trying to find it.

Under the table, both of them found the eraser at the same time, trying to reach it, their hand touch each other's. Surprised, they just sitting there without saying anything and only look at each other.

“Fufufu, this is somehow nice. On the school, trying to find something together, and accidentally touch each other hands…”
“Is it… Another dream came true?”
“Yes. Sitting together on library and looking at each other, that’s also one of my dream.”
“Me too… Being together here with Sensei, it feels nice.”
“Mmuuu, it’s forbidden to call me ‘Sensei’ when it’s just two of us.”
“Ah, sorry…”
“Ah, sorry, you first.”
“No, please. Dattsun can talk first.”
“… Well… Err… I was thinking… This weekend… Do you want to go somewhere with me?”
“Ah… I was also… Thinking the same thing. Before I go back to university, I want to go somewhere with Dattsun.”
“Where do you want to go?”
“Wherever Momoko wants. I’ll do whatever I can to make another of your dream realized.”
“Dattsun….. Then, is pool okay with you?”
“Pool? Even though you can’t swim?”
“Meanie! It doesn’t matter whether I can swim or not! If we’re talking about high school student’s summer, it’s obviously pool or beach, right? When I was on high school, I only could go with my girl friends.”
“I see. Okay… Let’s go, to the pool.”
“Well then… How about time and meeting place?”
“I have to finish some works first, so… Is after 2 PM okay with you?”
“Okay, 2 PM it is. Let’s meet at the front of the station, then?”
“Okay. I’m looking forward to it.”
“Me too.”

Weekend has come. The day Maeda and Momoko promises to go on a date. Maeda is very excited about today. On the road to meet her, Maeda thinks he should lead Momoko on their date since he is playing as her boyfriend. He then arrives at the station, where Momoko already there. Seeing Momoko on her casual cloth, Maeda then takes her picture. After that, they go immediately to the pool.

Finally arrive at the pool, Momoko feeling nostalgic, it’s been very long since the last time she came, which is when she was on middle school. Maeda and Momoko then going to change and plan to meet inside. Maeda finishes first, while Momoko still take her time.

“(Momoko hasn’t come yet, huh. I wonder what kind of swimsuit she is wearing. It must be great….. With those boobs.)”
“Sorry for making you wait, Dattsun.”
“(OOH!! It’s bikini!!)”
“How do I look… On this?”
“As expected from an adult. It really suits you.”
“Fufu, thank you.”
“I’ll take a picture.”
“Eh, is it fine? Isn’t camera usually forbidden on this kind of place?”
“Ah it’s fine, I already check the web site of this place, they allow it.”

Maeda then took one picture.

“Let’s start swimming. Which one do you want to start with?”
“Hmm… I want to try the long pool one. I want to use tube and swim there.”
“Okay. Then I’ll go rent a tube.”
“Ah, let me go with you.”
“You can sit and wait for me here, Momoko.”
“O-okay. I’ll wait for you.”

They then go to the pool Momoko wants. Maeda goes in first.

“Uwaaa, the water’s so cold. But it also feels good!”
“How about the depth? Is it deep?”
“No, as you can see I'm able to stand, so it’s fine for you.”
“Ah, right. That’s reassuring.”

Maeda then take picture of Momoko who about to get inside too.

“Geez, don’t take a picture from that low angle.”
“C’mon, here’s the tube, you can sit on it and I’ll pull it to the center.”
“Sit on it? Won't I fall and sink?”
“You said you’re lighter than average body weight, didn’t you? Then you don’t have to worry.”
“Ah. Geez… You remember about our talk on bicycle ride long ago.”
“Of course.”
“If you have good memory like that, you should be able to get better score on your study. Especially on English lesson, you should remember the English vocabulary better.”
“H-how you can know my English score?”
“Of course because I’m also a teacher. I can ask Kitagawa-sensei. Since you’re my boyfriend, of course I want to know about your score.”
“(Ah r-right…)”

Momoko then tries to sit on the tube.

“Don’t let go of me, okay?”
“I got it.”
“N… Nnn... Here goes! Kyaaa~ My butt feels cold!”
“Oh, you’re steady. So you are below average weight.”
“Geez, meanie! Stop bringing that topic!”
“Aaaah, thank God the weather today is so nice.”
“The wind also feels good. It feels really relaxing.”
“What’s happen?”
“My locker key falls under the water, I’ll dive for awhile to look for it, okay?”

Maeda then goes diving to search for his key. After a while, he gets it. But when he looks upward, he sees an amazing scenery, Momoko’s butt is right above him.

“PHUAAAAH *cough cough*”
“A-are you okay? You don’t look very good, it looks like you saw something scary down there.”
“I-I’m okay… It just I let my guard down and fell for a trap.”
“Ah no, just talking to myself.”
“I don’t really get it, but be careful, okay?”
“Y-yeah. Ah Sensei, do you want to start swimming?”
“Mmuuu, we’re on a date and you still call me ‘sensei’?”
“A-ah, sorry…”
“Geez, be careful, okay? This is our first date as boyfriend and girlfriend, after all.”
“(First date!? W-well…)”
“Then, what were you saying?”
“Do you want to start swimming, or you still can’t swim?”
“Ah right. Of course now I’m able to swim. Thanks to Muroto-san, out of 5 attempts I can do 50 meters swim once.”
“Oh, nice! Then, want to go to that water slider with me? Have you tried it?”
“Water slider? I haven’t tried it.”
“It’s thrilling and fun, let’s go.”
“I’m little bit scared, but since Dattsun is with me, I think I’ll be fine.”

They then go all the way to the top of water slider. Momoko gets scared.

“So, do you want to try go by yourself?”
“N-no way, it’s definitely impossible for me to go alone. Let’s go together.”
“Okay. Where do you want to be? In the front or the back?”
“Dattsun can be in the front, so I can hold on your back.”
“O-okay. Then, come here.”
“Y-yes. Here goes.”
“(Uwooh! Her boobs are so soft!) Y-you don’t have to hold that tight.”
“B-but it’s scary to be apart. This is too high, and we will go spin around and around.”
“Want to stop?”
“N-no, I’ll be fine if we’re together. So, let’s go.”
“Okay. Here goes nothing~!!”

At the end of the ride, just before they hit the waters, their balance are off so both of them falls not very nicely. When Maeda opens his eyes, once again in his sight there is amazing scenery, now it’s Momoko’s boobs. After that, they continue swimming after it’s late.

They have finished changing back and go outside the pool.

“Haaah, it was so much fun. Thank you. Because of Dattsun, another one of my dream is fulfilled. It will be a great memory.”
“… I see.”
“….. It’s a shame if we’re going back home now, do you…. Want to go somewhere else?”
“Yes, I want to. Where do you want to go?”
“Hmm… I wonder. It’s going to be dark soon, so….”
“Ah, how about lit some fireworks? Let’s buy some at mini market.”
“Sounds good. Then… Let’s do that on riverside near Kouga High.”
“Yes, that place will be perfect.”

Then, they do as they planned, they go buy some fireworks and lit it on riverside near Kouga High.

“Fufu, so pretty.”
“Very soon, summer will end…”
“… Yeah.”
“To be honest…. I have some worries right now. Next year… Should I stay at the college, or should I become a teacher and come back here. I’m still thinking what should I do.”
“My lecturer told me I should continue my study at the college… And my alma mater offered me a job to become a teacher there…”
“Alma mater? The all-girl school?”
“Yes. At first I thought going back there and be around girls all the time again will be a little hard. But since Dattsun helps me to fulfill my high school dreams, I thought it won’t be that bad to come back.”
“I see…”
“It’s all thanks to Dattsun. You fulfilled my dream, so now I can see the reality. Now I’m able to think about my future more seriously.”
“Ah, it goes off.”
“Here, new firework.”
“Thank you.”
“Future… Haah, choosing between university or becoming teacher. Having worries is also mean to be an adult, isn’t it?”
“Fufufu. Dattsun too, you’re going to have worries like me soon.”
“… I guess… I will.”
“Dattsun…. For Dattsun… What do you want me to do?”
“Eh… That’s…”

Maeda thinks about it. He wants Momoko to become a teacher so she can come back. But he doesn’t have the courage to say it.

“That’s… I can’t say.”
“Because I think… It’s the best for Momoko to do what you like the most. If it’s Momoko… Whatever you choose… I think you’ll be fine.”
“… Thank you.”
“This firework is sure pretty, isn’t it? Even though just for a short time, but with all of its might, it shines brightly. Do you know? If you hold a firework and make a wish, if the fire is still on until all of the stick burnt to the end, your wish will be granted.”
“… I see.”
“I’m going to make a wish… On this firework. If it’s still fire until the very end… I’m sure my wish I’m holding on my chest will be granted.”
“Can I… Do it too?”
“Let’s hold it together, Dattsun.”
“(My wish is... Even though we can’t see each other anymore, but I... Until the very last day, I wish I can grant all of her dreams. I... I...)”

They hold the the fireworks together. And until the very end, the fire is still on.

“Fufu, we did it. It shines wonderfully until the very end.”
“Our wish…. Will definitely come true.”

One afternoon, Maeda is on the 3rd grade building, but everyone has left already. He then comes inside the class 3-A, hoping to find Momoko, but she isn’t there too. His phone then rings, he gets a text from Momoko, telling him to go to the backyard.

“Ah, he’s here. Dattsun, here, here!”
“What’s wrong? Do you need something from me?”
“Eeee~rr, that’s nothing particular. I just want to call a boy to the backyard.”
“Backyard is great place to make a secret, right? That’s why, I want to try it once too.”
“Hahaha, so that’s why you call me using text.”
“Sorry, but I always wanted to do it.”
“It’s fine though.”
“But it’s not like I don’t have anything to talk about. Here, for you. I made financiers last night, I made it for you.”
“Eh? For me?”
“Yes. Even though I’m bad at cooking, but I have confidence baking cake and pastry like apple pie or cookies. I made financiers often, so I’m sure the taste will be fine.”
“Ah! Is it probably you don’t like sweet foods? Is it better if I bake something not sweet like meat pie? But, I don’t have any confidence making the meat sauce…”
“N-No, not like that. Err… T-thank you, Momoko.”
“Fufu, you’re welcome. It’s my thanks for making my dreams come true.”
“You don’t have to, though.”
“No, I’m very grateful of you. I will always treasure your feeling, so I want you to also… Receive mine.”
“Momo… Ko... Then, can I eat it now?”
“Yes, of course. If you want to eat it right away, I’m happy.”
“Ah… It’s heart-shaped.”
“Usually financiers are shaped like gold, but I thought that would be boring, so I make it like heart instead.”
“It's usually shaped like gold?”
“Financier is the French for “money cake”, after all.”
“Heee, I see.”
“Then, go eat it, eat it.”
“*munch munch* Aah, the texture is moist and the inside is so soft.”
“It feels like I can keep eating these. Ah Momoko too, let’s eat it together”
“Thank you. *munch munch* Ah it’s good, look like I did it. Fufufu, it’s tastier when we’re eating it together, isn’t it.”

At the school gate when he’s about to go home, Maeda meets Momoko so he asks her to go home together. Before parting away in the front of station, Maeda asks her to go with him to game center to take photo together at photo sticker booth.

“Do you want to try playing game beside taking our picture?”
“No, I’m fine. What will people thinking if they see a teacher playing video game on game center with a student.”
“Isn’t when we together and not in school, you’re not a teacher anymore?”
“No way. If I am seen by Kitagawa-sensei, I will get scolded.”
“Hahaha, you sure will.”
“Well then, let’s go inside the booth.”
“Fufufu, when going inside with boy, the booth is sure narrow.”
“You haven’t come here with boys yet?”
“I haven’t, since I was at all-girl schools… That’s why, with this, together with Dattsun as my boyfriend….. In fake love… This is my first time.”
“I-I see…”
“Hey c’mon, come little bit closer.”
“That will be too close, I’ll be a bother.”
“No you’re not, lover should be close after all. If any….. when we get separated, that what bothers me.”
“(Ah right. Soon… She will go back to her university.)”
“So-sorry, to bring it up at this time.”
“I-it’s fine.”
“C’mon, sit here.”
“Yep, that will do it. It won’t do if we’re not this close, fufu.”
“(Uaah, so close)… I-I’ll take it, okay?”
“Okay. 2+0 is?”

The photo then done.

“How’s the result?”
“Oh, it’s very nice. Here’s your share.”
“Thank you. Ah so nice. To be able to go have our pictures taken after school, I couldn’t do this when I was on high school.”
“Is it also your dream?”
“Yes, of course. Thank you, Dattsun.”

One day at a break, Maeda feels really sleepy so he decides to use the time to sleep at infirmary. When he arrives on the infirmary, Momoko is also there.

“Huh? Momo… Ko.”
“Dattsun, what’s wrong? Ah… Don’t tell me, you’re hurt?!”
“No, no. I just feel sleepy, so I want to sleep here.”
“Ah, I see. Fuuh, thank God. You made me worry there.”
“… My bad.”
“Fufufu, that’s okay.”
“Momoko too, why are you here?”
“I’m relaxing here. Not many people come here, so it’s great to take some alone time here.”
“Haha, so that’s why.”
“If you want to sleep, do you want me to wake you up?”
“I’ll wake you up 5 minutes before the break time over. If you come back to class late, it will be bad for you, right?”
“That would help me a lot, but if you do that, won’t that trouble you?”
“I’m fine. I want to see Dattsun’s sleeping face.”
“You’re going to look at me the whole time?! That would be too embarrassing.”
“Then, before you sleep, I’m going to read a book, so you can relax and sleep.”
“Seriously? Well then, I’m going to sleep.”
“Good night, Dattsun.”
“G-good night… Momoko.”

Because he’s tired, Maeda falls asleep quite quick.

“Zzzzzz, zzzzz~~~”
“Fufufu, he falls asleep. What a cute sleeping face. When seeing him like this, he really is a high school boy.”
“Zzzzz, zzzzz~~~”
“I’m jealous of his cute cheek. Poking, poking.”
“Aaah… He’s going to wake. Looks like I get too full of myself. I should let him be.”

Time then flies, break time is almost over.

“It’s about time. Dattsun, wake up. Time’s up.”
“Uuuuung~……. Zzzz, zzzzz~~~~”
“Geez, he doesn’t wake up at all. If that so, then… *smooch*”
“!!!!! Uoo!!”
“Good morning, Dattsun.”
“Y-yeah. Err, Mo-Momoko… My forehead, just now did you…”
“What are you talking about? I don't understand.”
“I-I see. (I felt like she kissed me. Is it only my imagination?)”
“You slept well, do you feel better now?”
“Thanks to you.”
“Well then, let’s go back to the classroom.”

Maeda is in charge of throwing the trashes, so he comes to the backyard.

“Damn it, these are heavy. What were they put in here?”
“Ah, Dattsun. You’re throwing thrash too?”

Momoko arrives shortly and greets Maeda. Momoko is also throwing trash too because Kitagawa-sensei asked her to throw those at personnel room.

“This makes me remember the time when we just met.”
“Ah… You’re right. When I was troubled finding a way here, you came to help me. After that, you showed me other places at this school too…”
“Though only spots popular with couple.”
“Fufufu, you’re right.”
“From the first time I met you, I always thought, “She’s a teacher that doesn’t look like one”.”
“Aaaa~h, how mean! Sensei is also a girl too, I'm also seek for love too.”
“I know.”
“Fufu, of course you do. Dattsun knows all about me, after all. My façade no other students can see. At the first time we were here, I said that this place is great to make secret, and after that we made a lot of secrets.”
“One by one, you made all of my dreams came true… Showing me again my high school dreams I almost gave up. Since I met you, even if we do a lot of fun things, but it feels just in a blink of an eye.”
“Me too.”
“But those are irreplaceable time for me...”
“Dattsun… Let’s make…. Another secret.”
“Please…. Hug me. I want you to embrace me.”
“Eh? Momoko...”
“You don’t want to?”
“Is that also…. Your dream?”
“Yes… It’s… My dream.”

Maeda then hugs Momoko from behind.

“(So soft.)”
“Hnn… Ah… That place is not good... I’m ticklish... On my ear.”
“Eh? If you told me that, now I want to do it instead…”

Maeda then blows his breath at Momoko’s ear.

“Hyaaaaah! S-stop it!”
“I-I told you to stop it!”
“Hauuuuu……n~~ Hnn…… Geez… It’s too much for a prank. Auuuu…. Geez.  You’re giving me goose bumps.”
“I’m sorry.”
“… It’s only because it’s Dattsun, I’ll forgive you.”

It’s one of those another days for Maeda, having no interesting pictures to take, he prepares to go home. Just when he’s going out from his class, Momoko stops him.

“Ah, Dattsun! Waaait!!”
“Hm? Ah… Momoko.”
“Haah, haah… Thank God, you’re still here.”
“What’s… wrong?  Running like that, I’ve never seen a teacher breaks the school rule to not run at the hall.”
“Fufufu, it’s fine. When I’m with Dattsun, I’m still a high school student.”
“Geez… So, do you need something from me?”
“Is there other people in your class?”
“There’s no one inside.”
“Then, let’s go inside first. There’s something important I want to tell you.”
“Eh…? (By something important, don’t tell me….)”
“….. W-what’s this thing you want to tell me?”
“Dattsun…. I…… I…….”
“I did well on my final test!! Sekikawa-sensei, Kitagawa-sensei, and the principal, all of them praised me!”
“Ah…. I see…. Thank God… Congratulations.”
“Thank you… I wanted to tell this news to you first.”
“Momo… Ko.”
“With this… I’ve finished my internship. I can go back... To my university.”
“… I see.”
“... I... Really happy to be able to go to this school. It feels like I’m back becoming a high school student. It’s all thanks to Dattsun.”
“I… Didn’t do anything special for you.”
“No. You fulfilled my dreams….. My dreams from long ago that I thought will never be realized, you made it come true. I’m... Really grateful.”
“… It’s still not end yet. Until your departure day… Until the school’s festival, we still have more time left. Together, even if it's only one more, I want to... Make Momoko’s dream comes true.”
“Dattsun... Thank you.”
“Then…. What will we do next? I’ll help you with anything you couldn’t do back then.”
“Really? Then… Can you help me with my number one dream?”
“Number one dream? Of course! What is it?”
“Err….. Promise me don’t be surprised, okay?”
“Surprised? Okay.”
“It’s….. Can you…. Can you…. Ki… Kiss me?”
“Eeeeh!? Ki-kiss!?”
“Hey, you’re surprised!”
“O-of course I’m surprised! Why it’s suddenly…”
“It’s not sudden. I have… I have been longing for it. Under the sun set… Kissing with the boy I like. A kiss in the classroom we used for study every day, with no one knows. Does Dattsun never wanted something like this?”
“Well… Y-yeah I do.”
“Of course, right? Every people must have wanted that when they are on the high school. I’m not a high school student anymore, so I gave it up. But because of Dattsun always make my dreams come true, now… I want to…. Do it with Dattsun.”
“Momo… Ko.”
“Is it…. I’m not good enough for you?”
“That’s not true! It’s just…. Are you fine with me?”
“I don’t want any other boy than you… Please, make my dream come true.”

Maeda then kisses Momoko.

“Nnn…. Ahn. Fufu, Dattsun’s chest is throbbing.”
“Mo-Momoko’s too.”
“Yes… Why it’s throbbing like this... I feel like I’m about to burst.”
“Is this... Your first time?”
“… Is it that late for a college student?”
“N-No. I don’t think it’s late.”
“Fufu. I…. Really happy since I met Dattsun… I’m very thankful I could came to Kouga High.”

One day, when Maeda is about to go home, Momoko sees him at the gate and she asks him to go home together. After talking a bit, Maeda asks Momoko to go with her to a surprising place. Momoko is excited to see where Maeda is taking her to.

“It’s not extravagant place though.”
“It’s fine. As long I’m with Dattsun, wherever I go I feel excited. Because... Very soon, I have to part away with this town.”
“Ah… Momoko.”
“Sorry, for saying things like that again.”
“It’s okay. Me too... I also feel the same. Even if it’s only a minute longer… I want to… Be with Momoko.”

They then arrive at the place, which is dart café. Customers there can play either billiard or darts. Maeda asks if Momoko want to try play one of those.

“Sure, whichever is fine for me. My father likes both very much, he often asked me to play with him.”
“Every father likes to show his cool side in front of his daughter, after all.”
“So, which do you want to play?”
“I’m fine with either Momoko chooses.”
“Ah, then….. Let’s play darts.”
“Okay, I’ll go make the reservation order, you can go first.”
“……. Sorry for the wait.”
“Fufufu. I have good sense at darts, so you should be prepared.”
“Hee~ So, it’s okay for me to be play seriously?”
“Of course, you don’t have to hold back... Then, who will go first? Dattsun, or me?”
“Ladies first.”
“Fufu. Okay then.”
“Do you want to try using My Darts I have?”
“Eh? Coo~l, you have your own darts?”
“Well, it’s not the high grade one, but it still better compared to rental darts. Want to use it?”
“Thank you. Then, I’ll use yours. I’ll definitely hit the mark right away and surprise you.”

Momoko then take her stance.

“Uwaaa, this dart is really good. Just by holding it makes me feel like I’m going to do well.”
“Okaaa~y, I’ll throw it.”
“Ah before that, can I take one picture first?”
“Oh right, this is my first darts with you. Fufufu, I’ll pierce your heart with my darts!”
“Aim, and then…….. Hup!”

Momoko’s first attempt is a failure. It’s too low and only hit 3 points. The next and the one after that aren’t very impressive too.

“How weird. Why it doesn’t hit the target like I wanted.”
“So you’re just all talk.”
“Mmmuuuu~ Wait here.”

Momoko then walks to the bar and orders a drink.

“*gulp gulp* Tasty~~”
“Wait! Oi, isn’t that alcohol!?”
“It’s not, fufu~n. This is soft drink~”
“No, no matter you look at it, it’s…”
“I said it’s not. When I’m together with Dattsun, I’m a high school student after all. Ah, but Dattsun is forbidden to drink this.”
“*monotone laugh* Hahaha….”
“When I played with my father, I always drink with him. That’s why I was off my game, definitely.”

“Okaaa~y, now I’m fully charged, let’s aim for the mark once again~~ Yes yes, the feeling is coming back now, I feel like this is going to hit.”
“(… Seriously?)”

She’s right, the alcohol is working because it really hit the target on the center.

“Kyaaa~~! I got it!”
“Nice throw!”
“See, I’m quite good, right?”
“Not doing it right if you’re not drunk, you sure are an adult.”
“You don’t like... The adult me?”
“No... I thought you’re... Cute.”
“Kyaa! Geez! Ufufu! Dattsun you’re quite a talker!”
“*monotone laugh* Hahaha…”

Maeda is on the rooftop, doing nothing but thinking about the day Momoko will go back to her college is coming soon while watching at the sunset. Suddenly, someone blocks his vision from the back.

“Wa!! He-hey, what is this about!?”
“Guess who~~~~?”
“(This voice… And also, this soft feeling I feel on my back, it must be…) Momoko?”
“Wonderfu~~~l! You’re right~~~!! How can you tell perfectly it’s me?”
“It’s a given, with your voice and chest.”
“Voice and… chest?”
“M-More importantly! What happen? What’s with that cloth!!”

Even Maeda is not surprised since her voice is obvious, but still, he is surprised to see the Momoko in front of him, because Momoko is wearing Kouga High uniform.

“Ehehe, I borrow this from Yunoki-san. I wanted to wear this uniform at least once.”
“Hee, so that’s why (Momoko….. In uniform…)...”
“N-no way, please don’t look at me so seriously like that.”
“I-it really looks good on you… No matter how you look at it, Momoko really looks like a real high school student.”
“Fufu, thank you… Can we… take two-shot?”
“Like we did before.”
“Ah, o-okay.”
“... C’mon, come closer. Closer.”
“Like this?”
“(Uoo… Momoko’s breast is this close.)”
“Fufufu, with this. We really look like a two high school students.”
“… No. Now, we are two high school students.”
“… Yes. Dattsun…”
“I’ll take it, okay? 4:2 is?”

“Are you going to make it as your wallpaper again?”
“Of course.”
“Can I... Take one as well?”
“Eh? Y-yeah…”

Maeda then take Momoko picture.

“Fufu, it’s kinda embarrassing. It’s been 4 years since I wear an uniform.”

Momoko the walks near the fence.

“… This will be another important memory for me. I’ve been wanted to wear Kouga High’s uniform for years. I’m so happy.”
“And again, one of your dream came true. I’m also happy for you.”
“Yes. Thank you.”
“………… Dattsun.”
“When you saw the sunset just now, what was on your mind?”
“It was….. I thought that school festival will come soon.”
“I see… You know. Kanon-chan, Muroto-san, Masaki-san. Everyone invites me to go look around the school festival together. That day will be my last day on Kouga High, so everyone wants to be with me for the last time.”
“I see… So you won’t have much time to spend with me, will you.”
“Eh, why? Won’t you come along with us?”
“I will be on Photography Club to look after our show case. Photo Club and Photography Club will both open a show case, showing the pictures the members took until now. I’m going to participate so I don’t think I have too much time to look around the festival.”
“I see. What pictures will Dattsun show?”
“I took many pictures since I join, but I think I will only submit one picture I really like the most. A picture which I put all of my feelings into. Will you…. Come and see it?”
“Of course! I want to look what kind of picture you took…”
“Then, since I think I’ll spend most of the time on the show case, you can come whenever you’re free.”
“Yes, I get it. Do your best.”
“……… Hey, Dattsun. Close your eyes.”
“Eh? Why?”
“Just close it.”
“But I….. I want to see Momoko as long as I can.”
“Geez… Then, I’m going to close my eyes… So, please…”

Maeda understand what Momoko wants, he then kisses Momoko.

“(I wish…. We can always be together like this, Momoko)”

At long last, the school festival begins. Maeda has decided which picture he will submit to the Photography Club showcase. When he walks on school hall, he meets Momoko.

“Ah, Maeda-kun, good morning.”
“Good morning, Sensei.”
“At long last, it’s school festival. How’s the preparation of Photography Club?”
“We took care most of it. Now it’s only need to be checked for the last time.”
“I see. I’m looking forward to see your picture.”
“You… Don’t have to make such expectation.”
“It will be fine. Because it’s your picture, I’m sure it will look great.”
“I-I’m sorry! Unconsciously I…. Even though there are many people around us.”
“It’s okay, I think no one listened. It’s the first time, isn’t it. You call me by my name in the public.”
“It makes me happy.”
“Sen… Sei…”
“By the way, when will you come to our showcase?”
“There are many people who asked me to look around the festival together, so I thought I’m going to see your picture alone for the last.”
“… So, at the end of festival?”
“Is it too late?”
“No, it’s fine. I’ll wait for you.”
“Yes… Until then, okay?... Dattsun.”

The second they finish talking, there are many girls asking Momoko to come to their class, Maeda then goes to the cafeteria, the place where Photo Club and Photography Club display their showcase. Kudou Hiromichi, the club leader of Photography Club tells Maeda that the picture Maeda submitted will be printed and put on big frame on the center of the showcase because it’s so good.

After that Maeda looks after the showcase, until two of other members come and tell Maeda that it’s his turn for taking a break. Maeda then looks around the festival. He looks for something to eat, and then he sees a Magical Café on class 2-A. Getting interested, Maeda then come to see what’s inside. The maid who greets him is......

“Aaah?! Dattsun!”
“Ah… Shoot, I used your name again.”
“M-Me too, I was surprised to see you.”
“I’m the one surprised. What are you doing here? Wearing that costume?”
“This is…. When I was looking around, Yunoki-san asks me to try serving customer here as a maid.”
“Hahaha. Well then, I should take a picture.”
“Y-you’re going to take me now? With this?”
“Of course. As one of Photography Club member, a delicious funny moment like this shouldn’t be missed.”

Maeda then take one picture of her.

“By the way, that cloth really fit your perfectly.”
“Remember the last time when Yunoki-san lend me her uniform? Looks like she measured my size back then.”
“For most part, my and Yunoki-san’s size are the same, so she could make this costume for me.”

Rina then comes to their side to calls Momoko.

Ri: “Momoko-sensei, it’s about time for your turn, so I’m counting on you.”
Ma: “Ah, Yunoki-san.”
Ri: “Ah, Maeda-kun. You should watch Momoko-sensei’s Stage Time too, Maeda-kun.”
Ma: “Stage Time?!”
Mo: “We’re seriously going to do it?”
Ri: “Of course. Because, I’m also looking forward to see you do it.”
Mo: “Geez…”
Ri: “Then, I’m counting on you.”
Ma: “By Stage Time, do you mean…”
Mo: “I’m going to dance and sing, the Pretty Rabbit’s theme.”
Ma: “EEEH!? With that costume? Now?!”
Mo: “Yes~”
Ma: “Then…. I have to take your pictures with all my power.”
Mo: “Geez… Then, I’m going.”
Ma: “Break a leg!”

And then the time passes. It’s about time for school festival to end. Momoko then finally comes to the Photography Club’s showcase.

“Dattsun, I’m sorry I took too long. I didn’t think it’s going to take this long parting away with everyone.”
“It’s fine. I already thought it will be like this.”
“Kanon-chan and everyone… They said they’re going to miss me and cried… I did too.”
“I see…”
“I won’t forget everyone here.”
“By the way, it’s very quiet here.”
“Oh yeah, everyone has left early since it’s already this late.”
“Then, you were waiting here alone? I’m very sorry.”
“It’s okay. It’s better for me if no one here anyway. Then, do you want to see my picture now?”
“Of course, show me, show me. I always looking forward the whole time.”
“This way.”
“Uwaaah, there are so many pictures of girl here~ And it’s…”
“This girl, she is chosen as this year Photography Club's Miss Photogenic.”
“Fuuun, I see~ Fufu, this girl is very pretty after all. Is Dattsun’s picture is also hers?”
“Of course not. The picture I submitted is this one…”

Maeda’s picture is picture of Momoko. To be exact, the picture when they were riding bicycle to school together.

“Ah… This one, when we were riding bicycle together.”
“Yeah. This is when I made one of Momoko... Ah, by that time it was still Ootani-sensei. When I made one of your dream come true. I really like this picture, because you looks very happy here.”
“Dattsun… The title is [Dashing Through Summer]… What a wonderful title.”
“For me,after that it feels the time passed so fast.”
“… Me too. The days I spent with you, feel like in a blink of an eye. Those times feel like a dream.”
“….. But with this picture, you’re going to expose our secret when we were riding the bike together. I’m going back to my university so I’ll be fine, but you can get in trouble.”
“Whatever happen happens.”
“So coooo~l. Then, maybe I should tell Muroto-san the truth~”
“Eh!? Seriously!?”
“I wonder~”
“Then, maybe I’ll show this picture to everyone.”
“What picture?”

Maeda then shows Momoko the picture of her when she is wearing Kouga High’s uniform.

“Ah! That picture! Don’t! PLEASE DON’T SHOW IT TO EVERYONE!!”
“Fufufu…. This summer has been fun.”
“... (This summer will end soon. But I… I won’t let my time with her end too. I… I…) Momoko. After this, can you come to the rooftop?”
“I have… Something I want to tell.”
“Ah… Dattsun…”

They then come to the rooftop together.

“The sunset today is beautiful as always.”
“You know… After the time Dattsun show me this place, I always come here to see the sunset every day.”
“Whether it’s the day when I’ve taught well, or the day I didn’t do well and get depressed, I always come here. Thank you, Dattsun... You gave me so many things. You made… Many of my dreams came true.”
“Momo… Ko. It’s... Not over yet.”
“Do you remember… That time when there was a couple confessing here?”
“Of course. At that time I was surprised too. It’s nice to be lovey dovey, isn’t it?”
“You said these, right? Talking and eat lunch together… Under the sunset… Confessing… Hugging… And then… Kiss…”
“What I’m going to say is not as your fake lover. This is my… My… My real feeling… I want you to accept it… Sensei…. I…. Sensei…. I like you!”
“I like you, Sensei!”
“I… Even though I’m only a normal high school student without anything special, and I couldn’t do anything much for… Momoko. But…  But I like you… I want you to be with me….”
“I like you! Momoko!”
“….. Dattsun… You know… It’s wrong Dattsun couldn’t do anything for me. Dattsun…. You already did so much for me… For my dreams… For my feelings… That’s why…. I thought…. I can’t asked you anymore… I thought... I will hold this feeling inside me… And leave this town. I thought that will be the best… But, I made a wish on the firework back then… If only… If only you said…. You like me… If you said you like me, I will jump to you and say… That I like you…”
“Ah… Momoko…”
“I like you… Dattsun. I like you… So much. Since the time you said that you will help me make my dreams come true, you have already made me fall for you. I…. Never thought it as fake love.”
“Since the beginning… I always take it as true relationship. Because… I already know, that I like you. I know that I really like you.”

They then hug each other.

“I will… Come back after I graduate. I will become a teacher on my alma mater. Let me… Stay on your side.”
“Is that… Okay?”
“Of course... Because, staying on your side is…. It's my dream from now on. Please… Grant it. Please… Kiss me.”
“Close your eyes.”
“…. Nn…. Ah. I want to be always lovey dovey with you.”

After that… I’m back to my college.

I passed the swimming test, and I get both license to teach elementary and high school. This is thanks to Muroto-san, I’m very grateful. If it’s her, I’m sure she will make it here. That’s what I hope.

After the intern, I passed my teaching course and without any doubt I choose to come back to my alma mater. The training was very tough, but I don’t have any regret. Because, I have you.

You, who seriously tried your best to grant my dream I couldn’t do as high school student to fall in love. You, who gave me new dream.

Because you’re there, I could be here. I could be myself. I want to live and do many things with you on my side, from now on until forever. I want to make my dream come true.

And then, spring comes. Seeing you after half year, you have grown-up a little and becoming more dependable. I wished you could be adult already. But it’s fine like this too, growing up one step at time. As long I could be there, that makes me happy.

Right now, it’s still teacher and student. Even when we were meeting at the school when commuting, we have to keep our relation a secret. There’s a time it feels lonely because we have to make it a secret that we are lover. But there will come a time when we can call each other by name in front of other people. For me now, that’s more than enough.

6 years later…

“Fufufu, taking a picture just before the vow kiss, that’s very like of you. Thank you, for falling in love with me. Thank you, for giving me dreams. As long you’re with me, I always be dreamy. I love you. Darling.”


How about it? Did you enjoy Momoko route? I hope you did. And I really hope she will have her own route adapted on the anime, haha.

After this, I won't write more Photo Kano route summary, at least for time being. But until then, stay tuned and thanks for reading =D



    1. You're welcome =D
      Shame anime didn't have her route, but at the very least the raw files for Memorial Pictures vol 1-2 manga (which is the manga adaptation of Momoko route) is out! You can get it here: http://www.nyaa.se/?page=view&tid=473850

      Make me regret a little that I bought the physical manga, haha...

    2. Yea i was sad that anime did not had her route and i was also waiting to see that cosplayer from his club's route as well :(
      well i can understand japanese by watching many animes xD but i cant read japanese :( thats why i will only enjoy watching pictures and wait for someone to translate it in english

    3. I've covered Uchida/the cosplayer mini route on the other post here on my blog too ^^

      Yeah, it's a shame no one is translating the manga while Photo Kano has so many mangas. I also can't read Japanese that well, but I get the gist of the story, but well mainly because I've played the game and like you do, it's easier to understand what's going on from the conversation, haha...

    4. i just read the whole manga xDD but some events from game were not added like the darts game and alcohol drinking and hugging from behind and blowing air in ear so did they left it out or is it something else. i am kind of confused n,n

    5. Yeah, because the manga didn't include many sub events and after school date events from the game. Even I didn't include all of it. Those events you mentioned are all sub events and after school events.

      And notice on the manga that there was a part where Momoko read a book about fortune telling on book store, and then she gave him a fortune telling about his love? That's also a sub event, and I didn't include it here on my summary ^^ Momoko said that their relationship was good and will lead to marriage in the future, the manga then add short original line on the epilogue when they married for real, Momoko said, "Hey, my fortune telling is true after all, isn't it?"

    6. ohhh okay so xDD if you were to include those events in summary too then it will be more long then this one xDD
      ahh i noticed about those cards too so they were fortune telling lol i guess i will understand the whole thing after playing the game directly but i dont have time :( and i even download animes rather then watching so that i will watch after having some time for my self because of college and stuff :/
      well but thanks for your summary on momoko because i kind of like younger guy and older girl routes or couples just like the korean manhwa "unbalance x unbalance" ^-^
      so if there are more these kind of couple games you played i would love to hear your summary on them :))

    7. You're welcome :D

      Other visual novel... Hmm, I did play Haganai Portable and Toradora Portable but it wasn't that enjoyable so I probably won't write the summary of it. Plus the fact that my PSP is busted so I have to "break up" with all my gfs on Photo Kano, lol. I want to buy PSVita so I can play Photo Kano Kiss and some other games, but I probably won't buy it anytime soon :\

    8. ohh i see looks like that have to wait xDD and thanks for oreimo summaries too ;)


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