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Thursday, January 10, 2013

[FiguReview]Assorted Trading Figure December 2012

New review today, w00t!! As title suggests, this will cover some of trading figures I bought last year. Should have written this weeks ago but yeah, RL stuff and laziness didn't allow me.

For this one, I'll separate the review per item, had I written on usual template it'll be too long >.>

Disney Character Jyara Jyara Mascot - Stitch
First one is a trading figure manufactured by Re-Ment, a company known for making hand-made miniatures of daily life items including foods. But since they also have license for Disney characters, they can also make Disney-themed figures, like this one. Though it's not technically a figure but a randomly-packaged key chain. Not like some Kamen Rider and Super Sentai key chain Bandai made, you only able to remove the chain but the grip is still there making Stitch, or other characters, is an obvious key chain.

But I have to admit, Stitch and most of characters look really adorable here. Even I who normally don't like Winnie the Pooh really dig its design. If you want a cute Disney key chain, this will be perfect, and will be perfect for gift too, I think.

Kamen Rider Kids - Kamen Rider Fourze Base State
Second one is one of popular Kamen Rider trading figure finger doll line from Bandai, Kamen Rider Kids. This one is from "Kamen Rider Fourze Toujou!! Hen" series. Even though I said trading figure, but it's not randomly-packaged since you can tell the content from the image on the upper side of the box.

The SD design is quite cute, with widen body proportion. The paint is minimalist, but it doesn't look that bad. There's a hole on the bottom of the figure where you can put the figure on your finger, hence finger doll. An adorable figure with nice gimmick (though adults probably won't play it by themselves, or anyone except their kids or nephew/niece XD).

Kamen Rider Collection - Kamen Rider Fourze & Kamen Rider Nadeshiko
Third is a new trading figure line from Bandai, which I think is to compete with Banpresto's World Collectable Figure which is very popular, but this one is cheaper. The line-up for this first series are popular characters from Showa, early Heisei, and new Heisei as you can see. Each figure comes with stand base with their respective name and logo written on it. As for both Fourze and Nadeshiko since their pose are an aerial one, they come with stand, though I don't know if other characters have it too or not, I only have these two.

Both sculpt and paint are just decent, not really spectacular and lost details like the Switch colors on the driver but I also don't have any complaint with it, basically what you can expect from trading figure this size. It's cute and simple, perfect to make your desk merrier and more lively (and more otaku-ish XP).

Little Things - Fried Rice, Beng-Beng, Tumpeng Rice
The next ones are local Indonesian-made miniature I bought from the shop, just as the sub-title, called Little Things. They made many miniature of local brand snack, food, and some daily items, with most of them are almost in-scale with 1/12 figure lines like SHF, Figma, etc which is awesome for me since I love items like these.

Fried rice are a given, it's already known dish. Beng-beng is a popular local-brand chocolate bar snack which made from chocolate, caramel, wafer, and rice crispy. I don't know if it's sold outside Indonesia and popular there, but if you follow Danny Choo's blogs, he recently posted some of his Dollfie pictures with (real) Beng-Beng. The last dish is Tumpeng, it's a traditional celebration dish from Java, Bali, and Madura but all Indonesian very familiar with the dish. The rice is formed cone-shaped like a mountain with side-dishes varied from vegetables and meats circling it, placed on rounded bamboo plate covered by banana leaf. You can learn more about this Tumpeng on Wikipedia if you want.

LEGO Minifigures
Last one is LEGO Minifigures. It's very addictive once you buy one I tell you, lol. Those I bought here are Tarzan and Neptune(?!) from Series 7 and Santa and Cheer Girl from Series 8. There is no special gimmick from these guys beside the usual you can swap all items with other Minifigures you have. And each comes with a mini Lego thin bar as a stand.

You don't think I'm not going to post more pictures with these, do you? X3
Happy birthday, kiddo!
"Gentaro, who is this kid? ARE YOU

Nananananananana, BENG-BENG~!!

Well, that's all for today folks =D

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