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Saturday, July 19, 2014

How Should You Pose Your Figure?

Whoa, it's been awhile yet again since the last time I post here, about half a year, huh? The bad news is I have stopped doing FiguReview segment. With my current daily activities, I hardly find time to do figure photography, let alone for complete photo session, editing, and writing a review; so nowadays I only do some shots and then post it on my Instagram account (@bakanki if you haven't followed it yet). But I find it more fun that way, rather than take a lot of standard shots, fewer but more interesting, themed shot is less time consuming and let's just face it, there's already tons of more talented guys doing more thorough review than I did, with better picture quality on top of that ^^;

But today, I would like to share an article to give you some ideas and inspirations to pose your figures by categorizing some themes. Nowadays, action figures have better, sturdy, and more dynamic joint engineering, accessories, and gimmicks so it's going to be a waste when we're not fully use all of those to make our figures looks more awesome and alive, isn't it? So, for you who is currently wondering what pose should you do to your figure for display, and later for photography, keep reading because I'm moving to theme #1 already~

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Oreimo Drama CD - Love Touch 2

Another translummary of Oreimo drama CD for you guys! This is thanks to Loliwolf Ryuzaki who gave me a heads-up for this Ayase-related story came from vol 1 of DVD/Blu-ray of season of the anime, which I find funnier and more enjoyable than the one came from vol 3. The complete title of this 15-minute long story is “Love Touch 2 –Ore no Kanojo no Zokuhen ga Hatsubai Sareru Wake ga Nai-“, loosely translated as “Love Touch 2 –My Girlfriend’s Sequel Can’t Be On Sale-“.

The story takes place after episode 2 of the second season but before the episode 9 because on this story Ayase is still *really* harsh on Kyousuke, since as you know, on episode 9 they apologized to each other and made new start for their relationship.

Obligatory reminder that this is not a perfect translation, I’ll probably make many mistakes here and there due to my so-so English and Japanese. Oh and if you want to know what happen on the second drama CD that also included on the vol 1 of DVD/Blu-ray, go read the short summary on Animesuki. Well then, enjoy the post!

Thursday, January 2, 2014

OreImo Drama CD - Kanata Route Summary

Happy New Year guys! After lack of updates for some time (yet again), here’s a new entry for another summary, or more of almost-full translation of Oreimo, and this time it’s a drama CD that came from volume 2 of DVD/BD of the second season, about 20 minutes long. The complete title is 『俺の妹の友達の姉がこんなに可愛いわけがない』(Ore no Imouto no Tomodachi no Ane ga Konna ni Kawaii Wake ga Nai), or “My Little Sister’s Friend’s Older Sister Can’t Be This Cute”, referring to the one and only Kurusu Kanata!!

If you read my translation summary of Kanako route and/or Saori route from the Oreimo Portable Tsudzuku PSP game, you may remember that I wished for Kanata route, and this drama CD........ still didn’t deliver it, lol. So abandon ship right now if you don't want to get disappointed it's not the kind of story you expected. Anyway, I got interested after I watched the extra episodes from this DVD/BD vol 2 where Kanako and Kanata talked about this drama CD, and Kanata said that like the PSP game, it’s basically a Kanata route where Kyousuke and her met, getting to know each other, fell in love, married, and had a baby, made me took the bait. But even though it’s not really like Kanata said, the scenario was quite entertaining, maybe because I like Kanako and Kanata character after all, so I’d like to share the experience to many Oreimo fans out there of this interesting short story written by Fushimi Tsukasa himself.

Oh yeah, still have to remind you guys that my Japanese is still not improved that much even though some time has passed since the last time I wrote summary post for OreImo or Photo Kano, so I may make some mistakes here and there. But regardless, enjoy the story~!!
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