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Thursday, May 23, 2013

Photo Kano Love Love Morning

Whaat? Another Photo Kano post? Yep yep, on this post I'd like to share the drama CD that included on the Photo Kano Kiss PSVita game, "Love Love Morning". As you may guess from the title, this drama CD tell each girl (only the 9 heroines, no Narita or Uchida)'s morning the day after the end of the original game, ie. the confession happen.

It's quite nice to know what they think of the new relationship with the MC. My favorite on this one is.... hard to pick only one, but Rina (she hums MC's original love song "Love Love True Love" on her H route, Erina appearance, and Rina's delusion of she and MC feed each other are love) and Mai (can't sleep due to happiness, Mai y u so moe) are my top 2. It's also nice to know how Tomoe and Momoko can still stay at Kouga for one week (Tomoe's family is moving first and Momoko had short job offer on Koga), cheap sure but what the hell, if the setting is that so be it.

Monday, May 20, 2013

Photo Kano - Sanehara Hikari Digest

'Sup guys, been awhile since I last post. My PC got attacked by malware, I got major lag so I only able to do stuff in Safe Mode. Tried many softwares but the problem keeps coming, and I was too lazy to format/reinstall the whole thing since this season there's so many tv series I watch, but fortunately this week many US tv series are finished for now. So if you're waiting for my figure review, hang on there, I have like 3-4 figures I want to do but probably not in short future >.>

Buuu~t, I'm not here for telling my bad luck, but to post for more, yet again, Photo Kano stuff. Have you watched the latest episode of the anime? Yeah it's Sanehara Hikari arc. Unfortunately due to episode quota, we only have 1 episode for her (as well as the rest of heroines) thus it feels rushed. But for me it's more enjoyable than Haruka route that had 2 episodes. I mean Kazuya wasn't wimpy, less drama, and those few last scenes and photo board on Hikari room really make up for the romance even if there weren't proper confession and kiss scene. That's why, for the anime-only viewer Photo Kano fans out there, I want to spread more Hikari love with these information about her, as well as my two favorite scenes of her route from the game that unfortunately didn't make it on the anime. Hope you enjoy it :)

!!!This post contains spoiler of other girl route so read at your own risk!!!
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