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Thursday, May 23, 2013

Photo Kano Love Love Morning

Whaat? Another Photo Kano post? Yep yep, on this post I'd like to share the drama CD that included on the Photo Kano Kiss PSVita game, "Love Love Morning". As you may guess from the title, this drama CD tell each girl (only the 9 heroines, no Narita or Uchida)'s morning the day after the end of the original game, ie. the confession happen.

It's quite nice to know what they think of the new relationship with the MC. My favorite on this one is.... hard to pick only one, but Rina (she hums MC's original love song "Love Love True Love" on her H route, Erina appearance, and Rina's delusion of she and MC feed each other are love) and Mai (can't sleep due to happiness, Mai y u so moe) are my top 2. It's also nice to know how Tomoe and Momoko can still stay at Kouga for one week (Tomoe's family is moving first and Momoko had short job offer on Koga), cheap sure but what the hell, if the setting is that so be it.

And for those who wants to hear it, big thanks to my friend Kouji who rip his disc and share it with me. So with his permission, here it is! Don't expect translation for me though, there are so many words I don't understand and I only get the gist of it (like usual, lol).

Join with HJSplit and extract (the pass is: koji). The format is .wav and almost 400 MB after the extraction. Consist of 9 tracks.


  1. man, the Mai - route in the anime is more complex than Hikari
    ugh.... so disappointed, oh! Mai is cute, but Hikari is the best

    (sorry for my poor english)

    1. Many people on some boards I've visited seems to not care about Mai episode, but I find it really enjoyable. Really biased though since I like Mai quite a lot and I've played the game to know the true potential of her, haha. But I agree that I still find Hikari episode is slightly better especially near the end :D


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