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Monday, May 20, 2013

Photo Kano - Sanehara Hikari Digest

'Sup guys, been awhile since I last post. My PC got attacked by malware, I got major lag so I only able to do stuff in Safe Mode. Tried many softwares but the problem keeps coming, and I was too lazy to format/reinstall the whole thing since this season there's so many tv series I watch, but fortunately this week many US tv series are finished for now. So if you're waiting for my figure review, hang on there, I have like 3-4 figures I want to do but probably not in short future >.>

Buuu~t, I'm not here for telling my bad luck, but to post for more, yet again, Photo Kano stuff. Have you watched the latest episode of the anime? Yeah it's Sanehara Hikari arc. Unfortunately due to episode quota, we only have 1 episode for her (as well as the rest of heroines) thus it feels rushed. But for me it's more enjoyable than Haruka route that had 2 episodes. I mean Kazuya wasn't wimpy, less drama, and those few last scenes and photo board on Hikari room really make up for the romance even if there weren't proper confession and kiss scene. That's why, for the anime-only viewer Photo Kano fans out there, I want to spread more Hikari love with these information about her, as well as my two favorite scenes of her route from the game that unfortunately didn't make it on the anime. Hope you enjoy it :)

!!!This post contains spoiler of other girl route so read at your own risk!!!

  • Everyone calls her by 'Sanehara' or 'Sanehara-san' because she asked for it every time she introduces herself. The only exceptions are Kazuya where on her route calls her by "Hikari" after the confession, and Rina who uses "-chan" honorific calling Sanehara "Sane-chan". Sanehara can't go against Rina because she is big fan of Rina's handmade cooking.
  • Her eyesight is actually bad and she's wearing contact lens. On the event when Kazuya learnt this fact, player get option how to react, if you choose "Why don't you wear glasses?", her response would be, "Senpai, do you have glasses fetish?".
  • She hates English (the language) very much due to childhood trauma. I don't quite get the dialogues on this event, but as far as my understanding goes it's because the foreign colleague of her parents who come to visit and live with them for short amount of time when she was toddler. That person is always talks loud and cheerful, making the little Sanehara learns some English's basic daily conversation such as for greeting, etc. She begins to talks like that in her school and gets attention from her friends, it becomes a very embarrassing memory for her. After telling Kazuya this story, Kazuya teases her when Sanehara about to leave, saying "Sanehara, SEE YOU!" and she gives him scary glare. 
  • (Spoiler alert for Uchida Yuuko story, highlight to read!) Sanehara gets along really well with Yuuko, even though they didn't always spend their time together, since they are both in the same class and has same interest on photography. Sanehara also knows that Yuuko is an otaku, and she is the only one who knows that Yuuko is Alice the cosplayer. On one of sub-event, Yuuko is forcing Sanehara to watch the whole first season of Pretty Ravi together.
  • Before trying to make her laugh with the costume (on the game it's not a cat costume but a dog), one of his attempts is introducing Sanehara to Kanon, because Kanon is a cheerful girl who always smile, not only when her picture is taken. At first Sanehara is bothered by Kazuya's assertiveness, saying she's actually dislike to take picture of girl more than a boy (referring to her girl friends bullying) so she only formally have introduction with Kanon. But later after she's warming up to Kazuya and begins to have faith in people's smile once again, she becomes friend with Kanon. Kanon asks Sanehara to play tennis together but Sanehara doesn't want to because she hates wearing cute tennis wear like Kanon. Sanehara also doesn't mind to take Kanon picture afterwards, though Kanon always do cute pose like her signature "Usa Peace", making Sanehara looks uncomfortable after awhile.
  • On one of after-school date event on story H to take picture together at photo sticker booth, Sanehara always stare at Kazuya before having their picture taken. Sanehara says it because looking at Kazuya face makes her remember all the interesting and funny things Kazuya's done and it can make her smile.
  • She has 1 older brother who already a college student. Her brother never made appearance though, only mentioned when Kazuya asks who Sanehara gave cholocate to on Valentine's Day (which she says she gives it to her father and that older brother). But on one sub-event where Kazuya sees Sanehara's cleaning after cooking class, player can ask Sanehara to feed Kazuya and talks like a little sister. And on the date on theme park on Story L, on the Zombie House player can asks Sanehara to scream specifically, where one of the option is to scream ala little sister (she then screams, "Onii-chan help meee!!").
  • Other than taking picture of Kazuya and Kanon, Sanehara also willing to take picture of Katsumi. In fact she's asking Katsumi to take picture together with her, saying to her Katsumi is also important person who made a place for her in Photo Club. Back then, Katsumi recognized Sanehara who often took picture with her cellphone, so she approached Sanehara and asked her if Sanehara interested to join Photo Club. Katsumi then lend Sanehara her DSLR camera and Sanehara very interested about it and she bought her own digital camera shortly after.
  • At the epilogue on the story H, after Katsumi graduates Sanehara becomes the club leader of Photo Club. On the story L, it's Kazuya who becomes the club leader.


This is the LV6 after-school date event from her story L. The first time accessing this event, Maeda and Sanehara goes to park near Maeda's house (the promised park on Haruka route) to take pictures. But when taking picture, Sanehara's stocking is ripped so Maeda offers her to come to his house to take it off. Kanon isn't home yet.

"Is it okay for you it's just two of us? Isn't it kinda dangerous for girl and boy alone?"
"No problem. Or is senpai plans to do something to me?"
"O-of course not!"
"If senpai tries to do anything strange to me, I could always scream anyway since your house is close to that park."
"Hey you..."

They go to Maeda's room and Maeda goes out until Sanehara finish taking off her stocking. They're talking for awhile, and when moving to take Sanehara's bare legs picture (with her permission), he hurted his back so Sanehara gives him a foot-massage. The second time Sanehara comes to his house, Sanehara curious to check Maeda's collection below the bed.

"I don't have that kind of book!!"
"Hmm, you don't? What about in your PC? There must be tons of "treasure" folder. I'll check it."
"H-hey! Stop it!!!"

When he tries to stop Sanehara, Maeda slips and just like before he hurts his back again so Sanehara gives him yet another foot-massage after he says it's partly her fault for startling him. The third time, Sanehara comes to Maeda's house again and just like the two times before, Kanon hasn't arrived yet.

"I wonder why Kanon always late every time I invite you here."
"Haah, I have prepared myself that it comes to this again."
"W-what with that, you make it sound that I purposely did it. I-it's just coincident!"
"Senpai just make it sounds more like a lie."

They then go to Maeda's room.

"Want to see my PC? I can prove I don't have anything ecchi."
"I don't have any interest checking your PC after I've suspected you the last time. You must have put it on hidden folders already."
"Senpai, can I see your photo album instead? I want to see Senpai pictures when you were a kid."
"T-that would be embarrassing... Oh, you can look at it but you have to give me foot-massage first."
"My back is still kinda hurt sometimes, your foot-massage can make my life easier."
"What's with that line, are you an old man?"
"C'mon, please?"
"... Haaah, fine then."
"And can you please take off your stocking?"
"HAAAH? Why I should take it off?"
"Because it makes your grip stronger. Pretty please? Okay?"
"...... out."
".............. Sanehara, you done yet?"
"NOT YET! Geez, please don't rush me."
"You can come now."
"Uoooo! No matter many times I've seen it, your bare-legs is awesome."
"D-don't tell me that's why you want me to take it off?"
"Of course not, it's for the grip."
"You can say suspicious or anything, but please start already."
"Geez... Then, lay beside the bed like usual."

Sanehara then starts to massage Maeda again with her feet.

"Oooh, nice. You've became better and better, Sanehara."
"Even if you compliment me like that, I won't be happy. Instead, to look that happy being stepped on like this, Senpai, are you a hentai?"
"I'm not a hentai."
"From my view point, you are enough to be called a hentai."
"At this time, you can call me hentai or whatever, but can you go lower? That's where it pains the most."
"Lower, huh? Fu fu fu..."
"(W-why is she laughing?)"
"If you beg for it, then I'll do it."
"For example... [Oh Hikari-sama, please step on the filthy back of this trash]. If you say that, I'll do it."
"Err Sanehara... Lately, what kind of website did you visit?"
"... If you don't say it then I won't do it."
"Ugh... Argh geez, Hi-Hikari-sama, please step on the filthy back of this trash!!"
"Fufufu. Here? Huh? Here?!!"
"Uh, uoo! That's the spot! Uooo, Hikari-samaaaa!!"
"Senpai... You look like an idiot."


This is the last event from Sanehara story H. The time Maeda asks Sanehara to visit the Photography Club display on school festival, the last flag before school festival and confession supposed to happen on the game.

Maeda is about to come home when he meets Sanehara in front of his class, so then he asks her to go home together. They talk about the school festival for each club's event, Maeda doesn't know anything about what Photography Club will do (if you don't go to Haruka route, the setting is Maeda doesn't know anything about Miss Photogenic event until very late), as he plans to submit only one picture he likes the most and she wants Sanehara to come see it. Sanehara comments that even if he doesn't invite her, since they are basically holding same event she will come to see, but now she promises to definitely see Maeda's picture. After that Sanehara's phone is ringing, she got text from Uchida informing the food court on shopping plaza has new tasty vanilla ice cream. So then they go to the place to try it.

While eating the ice cream, Maeda asks about Sanehara relationship with Uchida. Sanehara tells that she and Uchida gets along quite well since they have same interest on photography, though they don't always together since Sanehara doesn't like to hang out too much with girls due to her past (on story H, Sanehara never told Maeda about the bullying incident). After that, Sanehara notices something funny on Maeda.

"Hm? What is it?"
"Fufu, Senpai. Your cheek."
"You have ice cream on your cheek. C'mon, you are not children anymore, fufufu."
"I-I don't want you all of people to tell me that! You're the childish one, easily have ketchup in your cheek whenever you eat burger!"
"That's just because the burger is too big, I'm not childish."
"No, you are."
"Geez, just because I have small mouth you're saying I'm childish. Then how about this..."

Sanehara then suddenly approach Maeda and then licks the cream on his cheek, startling him.

"How about that? It's not childish, is it?"
"... U-uh. That was embarrassing"
"I-I feel the same way."
"..... Ugh..."

Maeda then eats his ice cream again, but now he purposely left some on his cheek.

"Senpai, why are you eating like that?"
"Sa-Sanehara, can you do it one more time?"
"N-no way. Second time would be too embarrassing."
"Instead of childish, now you're just look idiotic."
"Call me whatever you want, just please do it again. Okay?"
"... Haaah. It can't be helped."

Sanehara then licks the ice cream on Maeda's cheek again.

"Sanehara... I..."
"Ah, don't mind it, Senpai. I did it on my free will after all."
"But Senpai is really a weirdo..."
"I don't want you of all people to say that."

Check this page on Pixiv
to see the fan art of this scene! <3


  1. Hikari
    la mejor!

    1. She is very cute! <3
      Though I like almost all of the Photo Kano girls XDD

  2. Hmm, Sanehara gives off very similar vibes that Amagami's Nanasaki Ai does. Since Ai is my favorite, I will try to watch at least Sanehara's route in the anime. I guess I like my anime super sweet.
    Thanks for the review.

    1. She sure is! Nanasaki is my favorite Amagami heroine too, maybe that's also one of the reason I like Sanehara in Photo Kano, haha.

      Her episode on anime is quite enjoyable, but it's quite short so in the end to get to know her and her story, we really need to play the game. Or at least read the manga, though unfortunately no group's doing it :(


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