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Monday, April 22, 2013

Photo Kano - All Route Summary

To commemorate the 50,000 views, I want to do another game summary since the summary segment of my blog is one that contributes the most to the numbers of view (though I don't monetize my blog so pageview doesn't really mean anything, haha). So I decides to write short (and I really mean it, don’t expect dialogues translation like I usually did) summary of all routes from the original Photo Kano PSP game. I know that the anime is (very?) disappointing so far for most people, but I still love the series. And in the spirit of the soon-to-be-released Photo Kano Kiss sequel for PSVita, I want to spread the Photo Kano love.

Note that the 6 main heroines on this game have 2 story depending the club you choose. Join the Photo Club you’ll get the Story L(ove) which has more drama approach while if you choose to join Sasshin/Photography Club you’ll go to Story H(appy) which has comedy approach, both has the same basic premise though. So here’s the summary!

And of course spoiler alert. Oh yeah, I wrote this mostly based on my memory, and my memory wasn’t that good so I may screw some parts here and there, mostly Nonoka since I've only played it once, but I think I get 80-90% stuffs right. Was too lazy to replay, or even to see the event gallery for all route one by one, haha. Okay here comes the wall of text summary, happy reading :3

Niimi Haruka

Story L
Just read the Photo Kano Sweet Snap manga, lol.

Story H
Basic premise is still about recovering the relationship between Haruka and Kazuya to be close like they were back then. Just like you know from the anime so far, Kudou as the leader of Photography Club made Haruka as this year’s Miss Photogenic and asks Kazuya to use his relationship as childhood friend to make their club’s target for school festival's booth smoother. Even if Kazuya couldn’t stop Kudou completely, but he manages to block most Nakagawa, Azuma, and Uchida’s attempts to take borderline erotic pictures of Haruka, which also make Kazuya and Haruka gets closer step by step. One time, Kazuya sees Uchida walking toward the park, and later she is hiding below the chair. Kazuya's trying to stop her to take underpants picture like he thought she would do, but Uchida says she's not trying to take shameless picture like that. She said that she, and even Nakagawa and Azuma, is not a pervert like Kazuya thought they are, as they only try to take picture of the same daily routines from unusual angle to make the object looks more interesting. Even Kudou's "borderline erotic is ideal" means a picture that can make someone's heart beats fast. Kazuya can't really get her justification, but he can relates that he also wants to take interesting picture that make his heart beats fast.

And just like on the Story L, with Kazuya and Haruka getting closer and closer, their classmate start talking on their back about how Kazuya isn’t good enough for Haruka. It makes Kazuya avoids Haruka for awhile, but one day when they bump on swimming pool, Haruka asks Kazuya to be his model again, because she feels happy since Kazuya starts doing photography, they can talk to each other more and get close like they used to be. Haruka says that she wants to be on his side again, because when Kazuya sees her on his camera's finder and takes her picture, for her it feels like Kazuya is looking after her like he used to back then. When they were kid, Haruka was a tomboy so she didn't have friends, either boy or girl, to play with and only Kazuya who wanted to be her friend. Kazuya were always come to her classroom when they weren't on the same class and they always played soccer together, but starting on their middle school day, they weren't together again. So now after they can be together again, Haruka doesn't want to be apart from Kazuya anymore even though she has many friends now.

Kazuya then makes a resolve that he should be more confident, since he also wants to be closer with Haruka like they used to be. Kazuya then agrees to take Haruka pictures again, and when they're eating lunch together after that, Kazuya asks Haruka to go together somewhere on the weekend. Haruka says she wants to go to the aquarium, the one they used to go to with their parents. On the aquarium, Haruka asked if Kazuya remembers ‘that event’ when they went there back then. Haruka meant their accidental kiss. Kazuya remembers but he mentioned that back then he already said it didn’t count because it’s only an accident, so on the way back home on the playground, Haruka asks Kazuya to kiss her again, for their second first kiss.

After that it’s like the Story L again, Haruka said she is envious of Kazuya who already have a dream, so she said that his dream is also her dream. Kazuya then invites Haruka to go to Photography Club’s booth on school festival. On the school festival, Kazuya takes Haruka to the booth, where she agreed to become Miss Photogenic. Kazuya finally does his role call here too as Photography Club member, making Haruka speechless. Kazuya also shows the photo he submitted, the same one like on Story L, where Haruka said she’s envious of him. And after that they promised to meet again on the playground and there Kazuya apologizes for being distant to Haruka and making her feel lonely, as well as finally telling her his real feeling and Haruka accepts it, saying that she always like him too. On the epilogue, Haruka mentioned that Kazuya forgets another one of their  childhood promises (the marriage promise on the Story L), but for her it’s okay because they finally together and their love is just began.

Muroto Aki

Story L
At the few first events, Aki scolds Kazuya who break school rules but then Kazuya learns that Aki isn’t strict just because, but it's because she loves Kouga Academy so much and want to create wonderful place for everyone as her legacy. Kazuya also learns that Aki is an ex-Swimming Club member when he saw Aki dives on the swimming pool. Later, Katsumi, Photo Club’s leader who also Aki’s best friend on the same 3-A class, tells Kazuya that Aki is the only daughter of famous doctor who owns a hospital around the neighbor so her father expect much from Aki, and it was the reason Aki quit from Swimming Club and diving she loves so much to focus on becoming great student council and enter a prestige university. Katsumi asks Kazuya to helps her supports Aki.

Kazuya then begins to help Aki on her student council job even it's just on labor stuffs. When Aki asks her what she should do to pay him back, Maeda asks to take her picture without glasses, where Aki agrees but she will do it later. Much later, when he’s about to find Aki to help her again, she’s nowhere to be found but Kazuya then finds her on the swimming pool, upside on the diving board. There, Aki tells Kazuya that she had enough. Aki tells Kazuya that actually she isn’t smart at all, she even hates study. When she was little she likes to diving after she watches a dolphin on aquarium her mother brought her to, and when she’s diving she feels free, free of all the burden she had. But she also doesn’t want to betray her father expectation and starts to study, study, and study until she becomes top student and always be on top ever since. Days after telling her story to Kazuya, Aki is feeling down, yet she let Kazuya to take her picture without glasses like she promised but Kazuya didn’t want to because it feels off. Seeing Aki still lost her spirit, Kazuya then invites her to go to aquarium like her mother did once.

After their date to the aquarium, on the park Aki starts to call Kazuya with ‘anata’ (she called him with ‘kimi’ before),  and asks him to kiss her on the cheek like the dolphin did back then when she was little to cheer her up. Kazuya does that and Aki asks him to stay on her side until she graduates, to become her power. The day after, Maeda gets to school late and Aki already waiting for him on the school gate. Even though it was strike two for Maeda (he only have 1 more chance not to break school’s rule before getting suspension), but he whispers to Aki that he’s glad to see Aki’s back on her usual self again, making Aki’s flustered. Days later Aki finally fulfill her promise to let Kazuya took her picture without glasses. On the school festival, Aki is invited by Kazuya to Photo Club festival, where the only picture he submitted is displayed on a big frame on the center, which it was the picture of Aki. After the school festival Kazuya confess to Aki, Aki accepts and tells her that she was actually about to confess first after their date on the aquarium, but since Aki is about to graduate, she thought confessing at that time would be a bother to Kazuya so she only asked him to be on her side until she graduates. Kazuya then promises even though he couldn’t get to the same top-rank university, he would aim to one close to it so they can see each other again after Kazuya graduates.

Story H
You get this part from the anime. Being told to obey school’s rules by Aki, Kazuya was happy when he accidentally see, and take picture of, Aki’s climbing the wall on the backyard because she was late. That becomes Kazuya’s upper-hand to control Aki, by letting Nonoka and Kanon free when Aki was scolding them for playing on the hall, to do his homework, and even for making Aki does sexy poses for him, making Kazuya able to see the weak side of Aki though that also make them somewhat close. One day, the bell rang but Kazuya sees Aki go to rooftop instead, unlike Aki who always following rules. When Kazuya finds her on the rooftop, Aki was depressed and she tells Kazuya that she is burdened by her father’s expectation to follow his step as a doctor. As the only person who knows the weak side of her, Aki tells everything about how she’s about to give up working so hard to be perfect to Kazuya. To cheer Aki, Kazuya then grabs her hand and asks her to skip the entire day of school together. Reluctant at first but Aki agrees when she knows Kazuya does that to cheer her up, so then it marks the first time for the strict student council leader to skip school.

Kazuya takes Aki to shopping mall and game center. Later Aki’s phone is ringing, Kitagawa-sensei’s calling her because she’s worry about Aki. Aki on the other hand tells that she’s skipping school with her student, Kazuya, to refresh her mind. Kitagawa-sensei surprisingly understands that Aki needs a time off and tell her to take it easy for once, and so they continue to skip school that entire day. After that Kazuya invites Aki on a date to public pool. Just like above, after the date Aki starts to call Kazuya with ‘anata’. Aki then back to her usual self, thanking Kazuya for everything he did to cheer her up and now Aki’s already okay and she won’t stop and talk about her limit anymore as long as Kazuya is on her side until she graduates. Later, Aki tells Kazuya to come to swimming pool, showing Kazuya her Swimming Club’s swimsuit while she’s helping her junior there. On the school festival, while the other Photography Club members displaying their picture of the current Miss Photogenic, Kazuya is the only one submit a picture of Aki, showing her true smile while on their date on pool. Later Kazuya confess to Aki, and Aki accepts Kazuya as the person who sees her as who she truly is, not only as the perfect student council and the top student, but also as the normal girl who has a weak side. On the epilogue, unexpected by Aki who thought many will hate her being the strict person she is, there are many juniors who cry for her on the graduation day.

Sakura Mai

Story L
Mai who is a member of Gymnastic Club is trying to get position on the competition so she always practices in secret on the backyard. She is also on a strict diet where she can’t eat sweet she really likes. Kazuya is helping her to be better and one day, Mai suddenly ask what Kazuya thinks of her. Kazuya says she is cute, which make her sad instead. She then explains that she screwed up on the preliminary and that the other Gymnastic Club members are beautiful and more aesthetic than she is, being short and small. The following days, Mai always looks off and distant, but one day she comes to Kazuya’s class and ask him to accompany him to play with her after school, making the boys on Kazuya’s class jealous. They then go to shopping district to eat menchikatsu together, go to photo booth on game center and get their picture taken together, and finally go to food court where Mai orders both chocolate and strawberry parfait as her revenge because her diet before made her unable to eat her favorite sweet foods freely. Now she’s giving up with the Gymnastic Club she could eat whatever she wants.

Days later, Mai asks Kazuya to teach her English but her mind is off and looks like she’s still thinking about her failure on Gymnastic Club and about her small figure. Kazuya then invites her on a date to amusement park to cheer her up which Mai is very excited to. On the date day, Mai’s wearing a cute casual cloth, she tells that she wants to wear more adult-ish clothes since it’s her first date with Kazuya but all the clothes she has are like that, making her feeling down again. But she cheers up when they finally get to the amusement park. There, after playing on some thrilling rides, they take a break and eat ice cream, Kazuya orders plain vanilla and Mai orders the extra sweet banana-chocolate mix. While sitting, they see a cosmos flower and Mai comment on how beautiful the flowers are. That got Kazuya to think something to cheer Mai up, and he then asks Mai which more beautiful between the cosmos there and the sunflower on their school. Mai can’t decide because both are beautiful on their own way, and that’s what Kazuya says to Mai, that every girls are beautiful on their own way, as well as Mai, so she just need to do what she’s best at. That opens Mai eyes and so she resolves to be back on Gymnastic practice once more. She then asks to trade her already eaten extra sweet ice to Kazuya’s plain vanilla because she also wants to begin diet again. Kazuya says that he’s already eat some of the ice but Mai says it’s okay since it's him.

Before going to their own home, Mai asks Kazuya to invite her on a date again, Kazuya says that he will and Mai suggests to go ice skating on the winter. Mai then thanks Kazuya for everything and she then kiss his cheek, surprising him. Days later, Mai comes to Kazuya’s class again, asking to go home together. On the way, she tells Maeda a big surprise that she’s chosen as supporting member on the gymnastic competition, so even though she probably won’t be able to perform but she can support her friends. Kazuya congratulates her and invites her to go eat something as a treat, but Mai doesn’t want to because she feels already fulfilled with just being on Kazuya’s side. She then jumps and hugs Kazuya, and asks for a kiss for her treat. Mai wants her first kiss to be something she’ll remember forever, so then Kazuya gives Mai her reward. Later on the school festival, the only picture Maeda submits for Photo Club’s booth is Mai picture. After he shows it to Mai, Kazuya then confess to her and she accepts. On the epilogue they are going on a date to skate on the winter as they promised back then.

Story H
Just like Story L, Mai is struggling on her club (as in stick) practice for Gymnastic Club, as well as her diet. She asks Kazuya to eat things she want to eat in her place and then describe the taste for her so she can remember all the taste because it’s been a long time for her to eat sweet foods. To return the favor, Mai requests special permission for Kazuya to take picture of Gymnastic Club practice. Knowing Kazuya has that special permission, Nakagawa and Azuma lend him their ecchi sports magazine collection even though Kazuya doesn’t want to. But even Kazuya admit that the photography technique on that book is good and worth to learn, but then when Kazuya about to hide those books on the locker, he bumps with Mai who help him pick that book and read it. Even though Kazuya tries to explain it’s not his book but Mai confiscate those books. And turn out Mai reads it and compare it to her small figure which make Kazuya feels awkward when she tells him about it one day.

On the preliminary, Mai invites Kazuya to see her performance. But unfortunately she failed to catches the club. Kazuya then gives her support so Mai tries it once again and on the second time she performed well, and so she thanks Kazuya for his support. Day after that, Kazuya sees Mai on swimming pool looking distant. Kazuya thinks it’s because her performance wasn’t going well but Mai says that she’s already prepared if she’s not chosen for the competition and will give her best next year, it’s just she’s sad because all this summer she was so into practice and she never had many chance to swim and now summer’s about to end. So then Kazuya invites Mai on a date to swimming pool which Mai’s happily accept.

On the pool, Mai is swimming very energetic and she looks cute to Kazuya, so he tells that Mai just need to be herself and don’t need to think too much. On the way back, Kazuya invites Mai to another place and take her to a shortcut there. On the shortcut they pass an area filled with love hotel which make Mai’s nervous because even though she doesn’t object the idea but she feels she’s not that ready yet, especially since they haven’t even kissed. But turn out Kazuya takes Mai to eat a soft korone bread which Mai really likes. Days later, Mai goes to Kazuya’s class and give her a book, which is the magazines she confiscated before. After Mai left, Kazuya is impressed that Mai put a brown cover to make the magazine likes a normal note book, and then he realizes there’s a letter Mai wrote for him on the magazine. The content of the letter is, “Senpai, even though you’re a little pervert but I really like you. From Mai”. Later on the school festival, after showing Mai the only picture he submitted for the Photography Club’s booth, which is her picture unlike other member’s Miss Photogenic’s picture, Kazuya then confess to Mai. Mai is happy because even though she didn’t get chosen on Gymnastic Club but Kazuya chooses her.

Sanehara Hikari

Story L
At first, as a fellow Photo Club members who got into photography earlier than Kazuya, Hikari often teaches him  general and technical stuffs about camera and photography. Along the way, Kazuya notices that Hikari never took picture of people and after several times asking her, Hikari finally tells Kazuya that she hates the smile of people who got their pictures taken, because it was fake smile showed only for their pictures, not a true, honest smile. Kazuya then consults to Katsumi but even it was Katsumi who noticed that Hikari liked photography and invited her to join Photo Club, Katsumi couldn’t make Hikari took picture of people and never seen Hikari smile as well, so Kazuya make a resolve to make Hikari smile and take picture of people.

His attempts are including changing his image with silly haircut and  introduce Hikari to Kanon who always smile and energetic, but those still couldn’t make Hikari smiles. Next, Kazuya borrows a dog costume from Katsumi’s friend whom works at theme park, and when he surprises Hikari with that costume, Hikari bursts into laugh due to Kazuya’s silly movement on the costume. Kazuya happy to see Hikari laugh and smile, too much even, she couldn’t stop laughing until Kazuya takes off the mask. After Kazuya tells her about that borrowed costume, Hikari says she wants to accompany Kazuya to the theme park to return that costume, so it’s a date for them on the weekend. And so after returning the costume on the date day, they went to some thrilling attractions but Hikari never broke her poker face, let alone scream. So Kazuya takes her to the zombie house but she doesn’t get scared too. Out of desperation, Kazuya tells her to act scared. At first she screams monotonely, but after Kazuya tells her to put some feeling into it (player get options to tell Hikari to scream: normally, like dojikko, like a little sister, like a tsundere, like a maid, etc), Kazuya can finally see and hear more of her expression. Before they go home, Hikari says she wants to go somewhere she couldn’t go alone with Kazuya. At first Kazuya thinks something perverted but turns out Hikari wants to go to park on the hill, a place a girl couldn’t go there alone on the night.

There, Hikari admires the star, as astronomy is also her hobby. She also teaches Kazuya about bulb photography by put it into practice immediately. While they’re waiting pressing the shutter, Hikari opens up to Kazuya about her reason why she hates people's (fake) smile. It was on her middle school days where there some group of girls who suddenly asked Hikari to be their friend, and Hikari was happy because she could get friends. But turn out they weren’t a real friend as when Hikari stop spending time with them, they set her up by putting another classmate’s purse on her bag. So when that classmate noticed his purse are missing, the homeroom class ordered the students to open their bag and it was found on Hikari’s. Hikari then got scolded by the teacher and she became the laughing stock of her classmates. Listening to Hikari story, Kazuya gets angry and Hikari is surprised because it was the first time she sees another person gets so angry for her sake. By that time, Kazuya’s bulb photography is done and the result is pretty. Hikari then says she wants to start believing in people’s smile again thanks to Kazuya, so she wants to take her first ever people’s picture by taking Kazuya's. Kazuya is happy to hear that and so he takes Hikari’s too. After that, Hikari gets more lively and even on the sub-event she asks Kanon to be her model and asks Katsumi for their two-shot picture. On the Photo Club’s booth on the school festival, both Kazuya and Hikari only submit one picture, and that pictures are the same, their picture of each other on the hill that night. After that, Kazuya confesses to Hikari. Hikari says she's very glad she started photography because it made her able to meet Kazuya. So Hikari accepts Kazuya's feeling, she also likes him and they become couple. One year later, after Katsumi graduates Photo Club doesn’t get new member, but with Kazuya as the new club leader, Hikari, and Ruu who doesn’t want the club Katsumi formed to be disbanded, they still become the official photography club on the school which takes picture of all activities on the school.

Story H
The beginning is similar to Story L where Hikari sometimes teach Kazuya about camera and photography, despite Kazuya joining Photography Club. It’s also the same that after Kazuya asks why Hikari never take picture of people, she says she hates smile. The difference here is Kazuya doesn't get that motivated to make Hikari smiles or makes her take people's picture, but with the goddess of luck on his side, Kazuya gets the chance to take many interesting pictures of Hikari, such as when she’s wearing bloomer for sport lesson, when she’s wearing swimsuit, and even when there’s a ketchup on her cheek when she’s eating big burger on the cafeteria on the school (she says it’s because her mouth is small so she easily get the ketchup on her cheeks). One day Kazuya finds Hikari taking picture of herself on school's garden, when she notices Kazuya is watching she says it's because Kazuya said she is an interesting picture object so she wants to see it for herself. Kazuya is happy to see Hikari is interested on taking people's picture, even if it's only picture of herself, so he offers Hikari to take picture of him if she wants too. Hikari says she will, because she thinks she will be okay if it's Kazuya, and also it will be her revenge for Kazuya who always taking her embarrassing pictures.

The first time Hikari takes Kazuya's picture is when Kazuya is punished to stand outside the class for not paying attention to Kitagawa-sensei’s lesson. Hikari just got finished from her sport and wants to see Kazuya’s studying, and when she sees the man stands outside his class like that, she doesn’t miss the chance to take the picture but Kazuya also takes her picture. Hikari is impressed by Kazuya’s fast evolution to become ‘camera-baka’ (too obsessed with camera/photography) who brings his camera even when he’s punished. Kitagawa-sensei then hear the commotion outside, but when she checks outside, Hikari’s already left and then Kazuya’s punishment is increased until the lunch time over. The taking-embarrassing-picture-of-each-other battle continues for some more, like when they’re wearing school swimsuit or when they’re eating together. Hikari also takes Kazuya’s picture when he’s doing test and become the last one on the class who haven’t finished yet, Kazuya even gets to hear Hikari’s laugh outside when Kitagawa-sensei’s scolding him. The two weirdo gets closer and closer, and so one day Kazuya asks Hikari to go to the sea together on a date. There, after the same battle, Kazuya asks Hikari to smile when he takes her picture and Hikari does it. Kazuya says that Hikari’s smile was great and cute, and Hikari says again that Kazuya is really a weirdo to like her smile, but she says that she also likes his smile. After that, they lit some fireworks before going back home.

One day, they’re going home together and go to shopping mall’s food corner to eat ice cream recommended by Uchida, who turns out is Hikari’s few friend, since they are both girls who like photography despite being on different club. Kazuya reminds him that Hikari shouldn’t be like a children that has the ice on her cheek like when she ate burger. Hikari ticks off to be told like a children, so then she licks the ice cream on Kazuya’s cheek to prove that she’s not a child. Kazuya’s blushed and then asks her to do it once again, and Hikari says that Kazuya is indeed a weirdo, even though she’s doing it again. On the school festival, Kazuya’s only picture on the Photography Club’s booth is the photo of smiling Hikari on the beach. After that Kazuya confesses to her and she accepts, saying that she is actually not only like Kazuya’s smile but she also likes Kazuya himself.

Misaki Nonoka

Story L
Kazuya is searching for someone to be a model for him so he can hone his photography skill but so far he hasn’t meet anyone he thinks want to help him. And then he meets Nonoka, his childhood friend from middle school. Nonoka is very hungry since she skips breakfast for her Softball Club training and so Kazuya treats her some breads. Nonoka then notices Kazuya looks down a little so she asks what’s wrong with him. Kazuya then tells her the reason, which he couldn’t find any girl to be his model. Nonoka then asks him what about Haruka, since they are close when they were kid as childhood friend, but Kazuya tells him that they aren’t that close anymore. Nonoka then teases him a little but then she proposes that she will help Kazuya to be his model, but in return Kazuya has to accompany her for her softball’s Rise Ball technique special training first. Kazuya agrees on her terms and so they spend many times together.

After Nonoka masters her Rise Ball technique, they then go on a date to the beach for Nonoka photo session. But days later, when Kazuya is about to go home he meets Haruka on the locker. They talk about Kazuya’s new photography hobby and suddenly Nonoka runs toward them asking Kazuya to go home together, doesn’t recognize he’s talking to Haruka. When she does, Nonoka then excuse herself thinking Kazuya and Haruka is about to go home together. Kazuya excuse himself from Haruka who also tells him to run after Nonoka. When Kazuya catches up with Nonoka, she is holding her cries, she says that she know they don’t have any more reason to spend much time like in the past few weeks but Kazuya says it’s not the case since they can go back to how they always be, and he also asks Nonoka to come to Photo Club’s booth on the school festival. On the school festival, Kazuya shows Nonoka that his only picture he submits to Photography Club’s booth is her picture, and then Kazuya confess his feeling to Nonoka, and with that they will have many times to spend together as a couple. On the epilogue, Nonoka says the she feels happy after being honest with her feeling, and to know that the boy she likes also have the same feeling it's happier feeling. Nonoka sees the picture where she wins the MVP trophy from the soft ball tournament on Kazuya's room. Even though the team lost, Nonoka likes that picture very much but Kazuya tells him to stop relaxing and go to study. Nonoka then follows him since she wants to go to the same college with Kazuya.

Story H
On this story, Nonoka and Kazuya accidentally have their first kiss when Nonoka jumped on the stair. Nonoka says that she’s glad Kazuya is her first even though it’s only accident. One day, Kazuya sees Haruka is patching Nonoka's bag. Nonoka knows Kazuya thinks how feminine Haruka is and compare Nonoka to Haruka.

Nonoka then asks Kazuya to go to the rooftop because she wants to say something to him. There, Nonoka confesses her feeling, surprising Kazuya. Nonoka says that she knows Haruka is the one Kazuya likes since long time ago so she wants to get done her feeling with her style, that is, she is proposing a duel with Kazuya. From that moment on Nonoka will study to acts more girly, to be the type Kazuya likes. If she success making Kazuya falls for her, she wants him to be her boyfriend but if she fails then she says will back down and supports both Kazuya and Haruka as their friend. Even though it sounds reckless but Kazuya can’t fight Nonoka’s proposal.

Throughout the game, Nonoka’s attempt to show her feminine side always fail with Kazuya teaches her how a girl supposed to act, like when Nonoka jumps more than one stairs at once, where she doesn’t mind her skirt since she’s wearing bloomers inside, when she eats lots of food, and other things, both on daily lives at school and when their on a date to amusement park. Nonoka who oblivious at feminine stuffs like that are very surprised with her failures. But then Nonoka manages to do some girly stuffs, like sewing Kazuya’s button. Haruka saw it, congratulates Nonoka to be able to get closer to Kazuya.

Finally on the end of school festival, the deadline of their battle, Kazuya says that Nonoka many failures make her lose the battle, but Kazuya also says that she doesn’t have to push herself to change because Kazuya likes her the way she is, confessing his feeling to her. And so they become a couple. On the epilogue, Nonoka says that she’s grateful she doesn’t give up her feeling. She was about to give up her feeling to Kazuya since she knows Haruka also likes him, and it will hurt if she loses because it will be awkward afterward so she already decide to be their friend. But after her accidental kiss with Kazuya, she doesn’t want to give up and want to try to win him. And just like the Story L, she also wins the MVP tournament on the softball tournament despite her team lost.

Yunoki Rina

Story L
Kazuya meets Rina on the front of cooking club, helping her take the oranges she dropped. Kazuya asks if Rina is dojikko which she denies. Kazuya then learns that Rina is the only member of Cooking Club she formed. She is very happy if her cooking can make people eating it happy, so that’s why she wants to form Cooking Club on the school, but so far no one else wants to join yet. Kazuya then says he will help in any way he could. Days later, Kazuya sees Rina is watering sunflowers on the school’s park and Kazuya takes picture of her. They then talk about putting some Rina’s home-made food’s picture on the school’s website where Kazuya will be the photograph, and Rina agrees. One time when they go home together, they stop at a book store, Kazuya reads a photography book while Rina reads culinary book. When Kazuya comes to her, Rina tells her about the page she’s reading, it’s about the husband and wife couple. The wife is a chef and the husband whom a photographer takes pictures of his wife’s foods, Rina then comments that it’s like what she and Kazuya now. Kazuya is surprised and realizing how it may sounds to him, Rina embarrassedly says it’s only the part where she cooks and Kazuya takes the picture but Rina then says it's not she doesn’t want to be Kazuya’s wife. Again, Rina embarrassed at how it may sounds, and Kazuya just laugh at how clumsy Rina can be sometimes.

One day at the library, Kazuya is reading another photography book, and when he sees the page that show the result of photography contest, he gets a good idea to promote Rina’s Cooking Club further so he runs to find Rina and tells her his idea. His idea is for Rina to compete in a cooking contest as their school's representative, and if she’s win, it would make name for her Cooking Club. Rina thinks it’s a good idea and so she becomes fired up and think of what she will cook. Days later, Kazuya finds Rina looks down, she says that she already know what she will cook, which is a hamburger, but she still doesn’t know what distinctive image/character will be the best to show Kouga Academy in her hamburger. Kazuya wants to help and then he remembers something, he shows the previous picture he took to Rina, Rina sees it but she doesn’t get it yet so Kazuya point at one thing more specific, the sunflower. Rina then gets brighten up again, think it’s a very good idea and she comes up with many idea to dress her burger. And so finally, days later Rina’s original recipe, Himawari Burger is finished so Kazuya can take its picture. Rina insists that Himawari Burger is the creation of both she and Kazuya, where Kazuya is the one who think of it and Rina is the one who cook it. Rina wants to give something back for Kazuya as her thanks, but Kazuya doesn’t want anything. But since Rina insists, Kazuya asks if she’s okay being his model to hone his photography skill by going to beach together. Rina has doubt to be a swimsuit model at first but then she agrees to go on a date with Kazuya.

On their beach date they play together and Kazuya also gets his private photo session with Rina. After that they eat lunch Rina prepares. Seeing Kazuya eats her lunch happily, Rina also happy and she gives her smile Kazuya takes. Days later, Kazuya is about to go home alone but then on the other side of the road, Rina is calling her, asking to go home together. Rina is waiting for the traffic light to be green, but then a truck suddenly comes to her weirdly. The truck then crashes the side of road Rina stands, it makes Kazuya panics and rushes to her position. There, Rina doesn’t look injured but she looks scared and shaking very much. Because Rina can’t stand, Kazuya holds her hand and then hugs her to comfort her. Later at that night, Rina calls Kazuya on the phone, to let him know that she’s already okay and they can meet again tomorrow like usual. The morning after, Kazuya wakes up quickly as he wants to come to school fast to see Rina again with his own eyes, but not far from his house, Rina is already waiting for him. Rina says she also wants to see Kazuya as soon as possible, to let him know that she is indeed okay. Rina then makes her usual “funii~” smile, it assures Kazuya to see Rina smiles again.

On the school festival, Kazuya comes to Rina’s class to see her class’s cosplay café, which Rina also cosplay as Pretty Ravi. Kazuya doesn’t let this rare chance go and take her picture (by the way, all the girls also cosplay as Pretty Ravi on the cosplay café, helping Rina, in their own end story but I skip most on this summary). Rina then comes to Photography Club’s booth, still wearing her costume because she wants to see Kazuya’s picture as soon as possible. Kazuya’s picture is picture of Rina, smiling brightly on their beach date. Kazuya then asks her to meet him again after she finish changing because he wants to say something to her. When they meet again, Rina tells him a good news, that Aki informs that their Himawari Burger makes a good impression on the contest, and also there are two juniors who come to her and asks to join the Cooking Club. Rina thanks Kazuya for everything he has done for her, and just when Kazuya wants to say his piece, Rina cuts him and tell him that she likes him. Kazuya is at loss of his word and Rina thinks that he doesn’t have the same feeling. Kazuya then tells him it’s not the case.

“You’re so mean, Yunoki-san. Did you ever think the reason why I called you here? Maybe I’ll…. You know…..”
“Err, y-yeah. I did think of it. It would be nice if you did.”
“Of course, right? So, if possible... I'd really like.. If I, as the guy, who confessed first.”
“Eh? EEEH? Did I screwed the best part then? I’m sorry, I’m really sorry!”

Kazuya laughs, he says that the clumsy part of Rina is also the reason he likes her, and so now Kazuya confess to him and they become a couple. On the epilogue, Rina is busy picking up the apples she drops, Kazuya says it reminds him the first time they meet and then takes her picture. Rina pouts that he means Rina doesn’t change one bit since they first meet, and why he doesn’t help her but takes her picture instead.

Story H
On this version, after meeting Rina and learns that she is the only member of Cooking Club, one day Kazuya hears piano sounds from music room. When he’s about to enter, Rina comes out from that room. Rina then tells Kazuya, other than cooking she’s also into other hobby like flower arrangement, piano, yoga, etc and it makes Kazuya think that Rina is indeed the ‘bride of the academy’. Kazuya then tells that other than photography, he also had another hobby like billiard, dart, and guitar. Rina is impressed by Kazuya’s hobbies because it sounds cool, which make Kazuya happy because he was doing those to impress girls back then. Kazuya then says if Rina wants he’ll bring her to play together, and Rina agrees. She also wants to hear Kazuya’s guitar which Kazuya avoids because he only played it for about 3 weeks and gave up, though in the end he promises he’ll play it if he has the chance.

Days later, when Kazuya goes to the Cooking Club again, Rina is feeling down because no one’s joining the club yet so she doesn't have anything to do. To cheer her up, Kazuya invites her to play darts on dart café. And it’s also the same the next day, Rina is feeling down once more so again Kazuya invites her to dart café but now to play billiard. The third time when Kazuya comes again and Rina still depressed, he wants to ask her for a bowling but she doesn’t want to, so Kazuya promises to help her finding a member for Cooking Club, and the first thing is to take picture of Rina’s home-made cook and put them on the school’s website since Rina is bad with computer. To thank Kazuya, Rina agrees to go on a date with Kazuya to theme park with a pair ticker she has.

But on the date day, Rina is coming with her little sister Erina who insist to come along with her big sister to play at the theme park. Kazuya doesn’t mind bringing Erina along because he says it likes he gets new little sister, which makes Rina blushes. After playing for some time, they’re having lunch together with bento (lunch box) Rina cooked. After tasting Rina’s delicious lunch box, Kazuya comments that Rina will become a great wife, which makes Rina blushes once more. Kazuya asks why Rina's face is red and Rina says that the three of them looks like a young newlywed couple. It's now Kazuya's turn to blush, imagining his future if he were marrying Rina. Erina is wondering why both of them has red face. After played and ate, Erina falls asleep and Kazuya starts to call Rina with her name, startling her but he says that it’s only for a play as newlywed couple, and so Rina calls Kazuya with ‘anata’ (roughly ‘dear’, but actually you can choose between ‘anata’, ‘darling’, or ‘goshujin-sama’ here). Then after they put Erina on child care facility, they go on their private date, with the first attraction is the zombie house which scares Rina since she’s bad with scary stuff like that. On their way back, Kazuya says that it was so fun to play with Rina and Erina and ate lunch box together, and he gets an idea to make people joins Cooking Club, which is ‘Bento Day’ for the school festival. The idea is everyone can bring their own lunch box and then eat it together on the school’s garden. Rina thinks it’s a good idea and she thanks Kazuya for everything, and before they part away, she whisper and bid him goodbye as his wife like when they role play back then.

One evening, Rina comes to Kazuya’s classroom, making all the boys jealous when Rina is asking Kazuya to go home together. On the way back Rina asks Kazuya to bring her somewhere, and that somewhere is Kazuya’s room, which of course surprises him. Can’t go against Rina’s will, Kazuya then agrees and then they are alone on Kazuya’s room since his parents and Kanon haven’t arrived home yet. Turns out the reason Rina wants to go to Kazuya’s room is so she can hear Kazuya’s guitar just like he promised. Rina says she won’t go home until she hears it but Kazuya says he’s fine with Rina stays in his room forever, so Rina threats him that she won’t give any food or drink when Kazuya comes to Cooking Club anymore. Kazuya then gives up seeing Rina gets mad like that and so he plays the guitar (you can choose to play the acoustic version of Pretty Ravi’s theme song or Kazuya’s original love song). Mid-way Kanon arrives, and hearing her big brother plays his guitar after so long, she then comes and sings along with Rina.

At the school festival, Kazuya comes to Rina’s Cooking Club’s Bento Day, where there are many that participates for the events. Haruka brings her sandwich, Kanon and Mai both cook omelet rice, Nonoka also bring her cook, Aki brings her healthy food, even Hikari and Momoko-sensei comes too. By the way, Rina is the only one who can calls Hikari by ‘Sane-chan’ since Hikari is big fan of Rina's home-made foods. The event is a big success since there are two juniors that also participate and says to Rina they want to join Cooking Club. Rina then says her thanks to Kazuya for everything he has done for her. Later, Kazuya shows Rina the picture he submits for Photography Club’s booth. His picture is when Rina’s wearing apron and serving her home-made cook, Kazuya says that it truly captures Rina’s “wife of the academy” image but Rina objects that she is nobody’s wife but Kazuya’s, making Kazuya surprised and Rina clumsily says with red face that she refers to when they did role play on the amusement park. Kazuya then confesses to her and she accepts, Rina also likes him and even though their hobbies are different, she says that as long as there is love between them, they will surely be happy to do those things together.

Misumi Tomoe


Kanon wants to launch a surprise attack on Kazuya one day, following him to his locker, but Kazuya hears the sound of the bell on Kanon’s phone strap and he is the one surprising her instead. Kazuya is more surprised Kanon still has that bell he gave her long time ago, and Kanon says that it’s the important item for her. For some days later, Kazuya remembers his old days with Kanon, recognizing that she becomes quite cute girl but he couldn’t say it to her despite she always acts cute in front of him.

One day, Kanon asks Kazuya to take her picture for her practice to fulfill her childhood dream to become an idol. For the first few pictures, Kanon does her usual cute poses like Pretty Ravi’s “usa peace”. Kazuya thinks Kanon should do another pose, one that more adult-ish so he suggests to do a pose like a girl in love. Kanon couldn’t do it so Kazuya suggests she thinks the boy she likes or thing like that and after that, Kanon did it pretty good. Kazuya wonders if Kanon already has a boy she likes.

The following days, Kanon keeps clinging to Kazuya as usual in the school like hugging him in the hall, asking to eat lunch together, eat together and feed other, etc. It makes Kazuya think more and more about Kanon. And one night, Kanon goes to Kazuya’s room because she couldn’t sleep. They then look into their childhood album, and after a while Kanon wonders why there aren’t pictures of them together when she was a baby and Kazuya says that at that time their father rarely took picture yet. Kazuya couldn’t say the truth that he and Kanon aren’t blood related as Kanon’s father marries Kazuya’s mother when they were very little.

Since summer is about to end and they haven’t gone anywhere together, Kazuya invites Kanon to go to the beach together. After play for quite awhile, Kanon then builds a sand castle. Kazuya asks about the castle and Kanon asks back if he already forget the castle of the star back then. Kazuya remembers about it, it was on the same beach that Kazuya and Kanon first met. One day, Kazuya found a little girl whom lost, crying to find her father. The little Kazuya then talks to the little girl who introduced her as Kanon. Kazuya asks why she’s not searching her mother as well, and Kanon says that her mother has gone to the star. Kazuya then helps Kanon to search for her father and after awhile, Kanon’s father and Kazuya’s mother found them. Their parents think it was fate that brought them together sooner than expected, that Kazuya is already become big brother for Kanon because the four of them will soon become a family. After that, when little Kanon is building a sand castle, which she named castle of star, which on her mind is what her mother’s home look like in the star, Kazuya gives her a bell so whenever Kanon’s missing again he can find her immediately. Then we go back to the present, it makes Kazuya knows that all this time Kanon remembers and knows their true relation. Kanon says that even though they aren’t blood related, but she really loves her ‘Mamarin’/Kazuya’s mother as her real mother who never made her feeling lonely.

Later, they go to school together and Kazuya asks if Kanon wants to have her picture taken again as more practice to be an idol, because Kazuya wants to supports his little sister’s dream. Kanon then says she's happy with Kazuya's thought but it’s only her childhood dream and she never really want to be an idol, for her it’s better to keep that dream just as dream. Kazuya then asks what her real dream is, and Kanon says, cheerfully, it’s to be Kazuya’s wife, startling him. One evening, when passing through a park, Kazuya hears the sound of Kanon’s bell and he finds Kanon’s writing something. When Kazuya appears in front of her, Kanon is surprised and trying to hide the paper, saying that it’s her test result and she doesn’t want anyone to find out the bad score. Kanon then says thanks to Kazuya for fulfilling his promise to find his way to her from the sound from the bell.

On the school festival, the only picture Kazuya contributes to his club’s booth is Kanon picture. Kazuya then asks Kanon to meet later after school festival ends on the park. There, Kazuya gives Kanon the album of her childhood, including the picture of her real mother whom she forgets her face looks like. Kanon asks if Kazuya will be on her side when she opens the album to see her real mother’s face once again, and Kazuya says he will. Later, it’s Kanon’s turn to give Kazuya something, and it was a love letter, the same letter she was writing days ago. Kanon asks Kazuya to read it after they’re both graduate from high school so Kanon can fully prepares her heart. When Kazuya promises it, Kanon makes the same expression Kazuya remembers as the one where he asked Kanon to think about the boy she likes. Kazuya asks that and Kanon says that Kazuya is indeed the boy she thought of that time, because Kazuya is the boy she likes, the type of her ideal boy who always kind and look after her. Kazuya teases Kanon that he doesn’t have to read her love letter anymore after that Kanon’s indirect confession. Kanon is panicked but then Kazuya says the word Kanon has been waiting for a long time, Kazuya says that she’s cute. Kazuya says that he couldn’t say it because he think of Kanon as her own little sister the whole time, and he thinks it’ll be weird for grown-up big brother to say his little sister is cute, but he doesn’t want to keep it anymore as for him, Kanon is really cute, the cutest girl in the world. Kanon sheds a happy tear and hugs Kazuya, after that she kisses him.

Kazuya never actually directly confessed to her and the epilogue didn't stated about their relationship after that. On the epilogue Kanon says that she believes in the fate and destiny, it was fate that brought them together on the beach that day, and it was her destiny to be met Kazuya. Kanon says that she will give Kazuya all of her feelings, both as his little sister and as a girl who loves him, and she believes the time when their feelings connected will come. In the final scene, Kanon goes to wake Kazuya up because she wants to go to school together, but as Kazuya still falls asleep, she's giving him a wake up kiss. On the Love Love Morning drama CD included on Photo Kano Kiss PSVita game, on Kanon part she said that Kazuya also shares the same feeling even though it also didn't mention about their relationship.

Ootani Momoko

Narita Ruu

Ruu has a dream to play volley ball in the same field with Katsumi, thus she was disappointed when Katsumi left Volleyball Club when her leg was injured. Didn’t want to leave her side, Ruu decides to join Photo Club Katsumi founded. Ruu hates boy, so when Kazuya joins Photo Club and asks for some photography input from Katsumi, it annoys Ruu and starts to call Kazuya “Ojamamushi-senpai” (more or less, “Thirdwheel-senpai”), even though Kazuya isn’t trying to get close to either Katsumi or Ruu.

Later, Kazuya learns Ruu’s dream to play volley with Katsumi and he wants to help her. He even asks Katsumi but even though Katsumi is already recovered from her injury, but she still doesn’t want to back playing volley yet. At one weekend, Kazuya goes to book store to read some books about camera and there’s a picture of beach volley ball tournament. Kazuya gets an idea so then he rushes to school hoping Ruu is still on her Volleyball Club weekend training. Kazuya then tells Ruu about his idea to ask Katsumi to form a beach volley ball team with her, since beach volley consist only of 2 people and sand is a softer surface so it won't burden Katsumi's ankle. Ruu thinks the idea is great but when she and Kazuya asks Katsumi, Katsumi still rejects the idea and tell Ruu to focus on her club practice instead. Ruu gets sad and days later Kazuya finds her ditching her club practice, saying she’s quitting Volleyball Club because she can’t fulfill her dream anymore. Katsumi hears it and so she gives up and agree to form beach volleyball team with Ruu, but on one condition that Ruu has to give Katsumi her best because Katsumi is targeting winning Olympic.

And so, begin the first tournament Team Beach Flash, the name of Katsumi and Ruu’s team, participated. Kazuya goes there to support them, as well as taking some pictures and Kudou is there as well, trying to get borderline erotic pictures of the athletes as usual. Unfortunately, they lose on their second match but Katsumi says it’s okay since their objective that day is not winning, but to see how far they can perform as they are right now. After that, Ruu is asking Kazuya if he wants to swim together with her, but Kazuya doesn’t bring his swim trunks and asks Ruu why she’s not asking Katsumi instead like usual. Ruu then points to Katsumi and Kudou on the other side of the beach. Kazuya asks if two of them are dating but it’s not the case. Katsumi is talking to her senpai on the phone, whom also Kudou’s friend. Katsumi’s senpai is the guy who made Katsumi got into photography when she was injured, even though he doesn’t share the whole ‘borderline erotic is an art’ ideal like Kudou. Katsumi tells that person that she’s finally make a comeback on volley like her senpai predicted before, thanks to her junior who looks like her senpai (referring to Kazuya). Even though Ruu never heard it directly from Katsumi, but she knows that her senpai is the one Katsumi likes, and for Ruu, just being able to be in Katsumi’s side like usual is enough.

On the school festival, Kazuya doesn’t submit any picture for Photo Club’s booth and so he just wandering around by himself, avoiding anyone, until the day ends. When he’s about to go home, he meets Ruu who's waiting for him on the front gate. Ruu says that he shouldn’t think too much about contributing for Photo Club’s booth since she knows he has tried his best on his own way, and then she asks Kazuya to go to the gym. On the gym Ruu stops calling Kazuya 'ojamamushi' and thanks him for everything he’s done for helping her achieving her dream. Ruu then kiss him on the cheek, surprising Kazuya, saying that it’s the first time she has that kind of feeling for a boy. She then asks Kazuya to always be her important senpai and then asks him to go home together.

“You're about to go home feeling depressed all alone anyway, aren't you? When other people see us, they might think we’re a couple.”

Uchida Yuuko

On Sunday, Kudou suddenly calls Kazuya to shopping mall because there is cosplay event where the number one cosplayer, Alice, is attending and Photography Club will take pictures there. On the event, Kudou teaches Kazuya some lessons to take picture of cosplayer, including how to approach them. And so Kazuya applies it to take picture of Alice, who cosplaying as the enemy of Pretty Ravi, Dark Juvier. On the whole event, Kazuya never seen Yuuko, but when the event is finished, the team meets Yuuko who said that she's always with them, Kazuya thinks she was in her stealth mode.

On next weekend, when Kazuya is about to do his homework, he forgets to bring home some of his stuffs so he goes to the school even though it’s already quite late. At the front gate when he arrives, there’s quiet strong wind and he hears a girl screams, and by instinct he looks at the direction of the scream and she sees Yuuko, quiet different than usual, as the wind blows her bangs and she can’t use her hand to cover it since she’s using it to hold her skirt. Yuuko is surprised Kazuya “able to see” her stealth, but she’s more surprised when Kazuya says she's quite charming so she’s immediately excusing herself and go back to her stealth mode.

Days later, Kazuya goes to Photography Club room but no one’s there. Since the weather is good, he opens the window but again, sudden wind blows stuffs at the room, including Yuuko’s belonging. When Kazuya tries to clean the mess, he recognizes Yuuko’s stuffs which include the same exact costume like Alice the cosplayer. Kazuya is suspicious about that, plus the fact that he didn't see Yuuko on the event even though she said she was there too. Later on the next weekend, Kudou calls Kazuya again for another cosplay event on the shopping mall which Alice is participated again. Kazuya wants to confirm his guess so when he has the chance, he asks Alice to talk in private and he throws the straight ball immediately, asking if Alice is Yuuko. At first Alice is avoiding Kazuya but eventually she admits that she is Yuuko.  Yuuko says that she likes cosplay, acting as other person/character, but then she admires Kudou whom able to bring the best of cosplayer or other object of his photography, so then she becomes photographer too to take picture that makes her heart beats faster and to be able to be a better cosplayer. Thinking Yuuko likes Kudou, Kazuya then says to her that stealth is good but she should be more assertive and initiates the attack instead to get what she wants. Yuuko is blushing and asks Kazuya to keep her cosplayer identity a secret from other club members, including Kudou.

The day of school festival, couldn’t contribute even single picture for Photography Club’s Miss Photogenic event, Kazuya is wandering alone until the day is about to end. He then meets Yuuko on the front gate, telling him he shouldn't have to worry about contributing that much, and Yuuko then asks her to go to the backyard. Yuuko then confesses suddenly that she likes Kazuya, doing what he told her days ago to attack and be more aggressive instead hiding her feeling in stealth. Kazuya is confused because he thinks Yuuko likes Kudou, but Yuuko says she only admires Kudou and the one she really likes is Kazuya, who is the first boy calling her beautiful when she is not cosplaying. Yuuko says that if Kazuya doesn’t has the same feeling yet, then she will wait silently and always follow him everywhere until he has the same feeling, Kazuya retorts that she’ll become a stalker that way. But Yuuko insists and she kisses Kazuya's forehead, saying it's the contract between Kazuya and her like what the villain on Pretty Ravi did. Afterwards she takes Kazuya to the stealth world, wanting him to be her stealth partner and taking stealth picture together as a couple.


  1. Hello, mon. Thx for a great work. I have only one question: There is PC version for this game? It Doesn't matter ENG or JAP. And if "yes" where i can download/buy it?
    Sry for my bad English, anyway. Hope for answer soon

    1. Thanks.

      Sadly, Photo Kano is only available on PSP and Photo Kano Kiss is only for PSVita. I heard there's already PSP emulator so maybe you can try finding the program and then the game ISO. I don't know where to find either of them though, sorry >.<

    2. Well, to bad D:
      I'll try to find emulator, but i don't know how AT and AGTH will be work with that... (And, i presume, ENG version of that game not show up in future =_= )
      Anyway, how you play at all this Date-SIMs? I mean, they are full ENG? With subs? Or you just can read Japan?

  2. What's AT and AGTH?

    Nope, date sims and visual novels are usually Japanese. There's only small amount of those officially translated, though there are some fan-translated version (like Love Plus). The reason I able to play is because I can read katakana, hiragana, and some few basic kanji. Combine with years of experiences watching tokusatsu, anime, and playing Japanese games help me to understand daily conversations. It helps a lot because these games are usually voiced because I understand the dialogues better from the voice compared to the text ^^

    1. AT and AGTH it is programms for hooking and machine-translating VN and Date sims games.
      Well, I got this. Same way i understand English (Im russian, after all).

      Hope AT and AGTH will be work at emulators... I wanna play PHoto Kano and Ore-Imouto so bad D:

  3. is photo kano somewhat similar to amagami ss?

    1. Do you mean the anime or the game? If you mean the anime, it's almost similar. Amagami SS is omnibus from the get go, you get dedicated episodes focused for each heroine from the start while on Photo Kano case, you get common route/introduction episodes for the first 4 episodes, while after that it becomes omnibus, 1 episode to cover 1 heroine arc, with the exception of Haruka arc that has 2 episodes.

      But if you mean the game, then yeah it's more similar. Two of them are love simulation game produced by Enterbrain :)

    2. i mean the anime. so maeda will try to make love to other characters just like in amagami ss.

    3. Ah, then yes.

      Eps 1-4: Act as common route to introduce all the characters and set things up, the end of eps 4 is 'the save point' before the story goes to each heroines arc.
      Eps 5-6: Niimi Haruka arc
      Eps 7: Sanehara Hikari arc, time resets back to after eps 4
      Eps 8: Muroto Aki arc, time resets back to after eps 4
      So on...

      The anime mixes story L and story H, but story H part is the dominate one so far.

    4. ok thanks. :))

  4. Is there a specific way to get support girls end? Yuuko Uchida, Narita Ruu.
    Only go to club (the 4 times per day) and avoid the girls is useless, go to club each 3rd time in a school day everyday is useless, (Pd. Nobody girl had a level above 5).
    Do you need unlock something?
    Does only count if you go to club, (if it is open), if you find someone?

    1. It's work for me, you'll notice the different on the club room when because the event is different. Usually, the generic events on club room are: You meet Kanon and you'll get +1 Usa Power icon, the room is locked so you can't go inside, or you meet Kudou or Katsumi to get unlockable bonus once you accumulate certain point, or you can go inside the club room but no one inside.

      If the flag event is triggered, the event is different and it's longer. Get this flag event about two or three times each week, but you can only get 1 flag event on one day so if you already get one then you have to wait until the day after to get the next one. If on the next day you only get the generic events above then it means you already get all the flag events necessary on that week, so just kill time until weekend. On Sunday if you don't have any date plan with any main girl, after you get all flag events then you will get another flag event for Supporting Girl route. Repeat these steps about 7 times until you get all the weekend events (Uchida's last event is when you confront her revealing her identity when she's cosplaying as Alice; Ruu's last event is when she and Katsumi have their first beach volley tournament), then make sure you don't have any Main Girl maxed by the end of the second month. Just kill time until the deadline for school festival is over because if you don't have maxed girl then you can't skip to school festival automatically.

      If done correctly, then at school festival you should get their ending. At last that how I get it, I don't know if I did another things I didn't notice that might be important ^^a

  5. Thanks a lot for your advice about the non-common club events, although the next try to get support girls ending it had a lot of differences (all girls unlocked, a few love, erotic and duck points). Have you ever tried combine support girl and one main girl in a walkthrough? Uchida hides below a wrench with her camera to get a photo (it looked like a Rina´s chapter manga with Uchida´s special appearance) and the best Yuko Uchida without her bangs with a purple background. Support girls have 6 different weekend events and you can go to until the 8th weekend.

    1. Ah so Ruu and Yuuko has different ending? I didn't know. And I never tried doing main and support girl on the same playthrough. I saw several pictures of Uchida without her bangs but I never got it. In fact on my accumulated playthrough, I mostly only get 60%-ish of events unlocked :(

      I think to unlock some sub-events (the one with "?" mark on the map) you need to use specific topic on talk mode. And I don't have time (nor I want to) to unlock all the events, haha.

      By the way, are you playing the PSP version or Vita? I only play the PSP one :(

    2. No, I did not mean that (Yuko & Ruu have different endings/events.
      I mistakenly think there is only one way to get Yuko’s face (only in her weekend events/her mini route).
      Conditions: Haruka’s route/total concentration, hearth event, more hearts than notes, even though that time I had chosen Kudou’s club, Niimi level 4 (I am not sure at 100 %) above in the pillars, and one more time a lot of the 3 different points.
      I had not thought about Yuko’s Stealth mode and MC/Maeda interventions to protect to Niimi from Kudou’s club members.
      PSP version


    3. Ah yes, I know the event you're talking about. It's one of Haruka's story H main event so you won't miss that. It was when Yuuko told MC that she (and other Photography Club member) is not a pervert who only want to take borderline erotic picture but want to take a picture that can make their heart beats fast like I wrote above, so Yuuko tried to make her point by taking off her scarf and revealing her eyes to make MC hearts beat ^^

      I thought you're playing the Vita version because I saw screenshot from Vita where Yuuko wears headbands, thus revealing her face completely:

    4. Etou, can I ask one thing? In the support girl unlock, who can unlock in the PSP version and who can unlock in the PSV version?

    5. Hmm, I don't know about the PSV version since I haven't played it. But as far as I know, aside from the 6 main heroines and 3 secret heroines, you can unlock the support girls for the Free Photo Session mode. Ie. Katsumi, Ruu, Yuuko, Erina, and Kitagawa-sensei ^^

  6. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  7. Hi!, I re-played the game but, I couldn´t get Prety Ravy dance/mini game for Rina & Sanahera (not before finish their routes neither unlock the extra to play it in the principal menu when I want it). I ask for your help if you know which conditions Do you need to get it? obviously in photo club (Happy route), for example the karaoke (after school day event) is necesary? but, I think the best in addition to get the minigame, is to get the opportunity to change the outfit of the girls to the cosplay oufit (Pretty Ravi).

  8. Hello BanAnki i have a question do you know if there's any way to see clips of the heroine routes from photo kano somewhere? i thought youtube was a good place but the players there only show some scenes of the game and i want to see more of the game. there's hardly people who upload the heroine routes so i wanted to ask if you know anything.

  9. Un save data porfa


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