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Sunday, April 14, 2013

[FiguReview]Assorted Figures April 2013

Okay so I'm finally back with new review, and since I was too lazy to make individual review for each figures, I'll mashing things like I did occasionally. So most of these figures below are those I bought during my time on Singapore, with exception of the first one which happened to arrive on my home the moment I arrive after my vacation. Well then, let's get to the figures, shall we :3

HDM Kamen Rider OOO Tatoba Combo
First one is one of Bandai's signature candy toy, HDM or Hyper Detail Molding. This line is about 3.75" and give you quite impressive of details and have been going for years, as "evolution" for High Detail and Ultimate Solid line. Each series have 4 or more characters, sometime have a secret figure which is a variant of one of the line-up. Before the box will tell you what's the inside but nowadays HDM is randomly boxed so unless you buy it from a store/seller who already open the box to check the content, you won't able to tell which figure you'll get.

As I said, the details are quite good for cheap candy toy. It doesn't have any articulation and sometime you have to assembly the parts although it's very simple even without reading the manual printed inside the card box you can do it. Most of the time though, the pose of these figures aren't the signature pose of the character but since OOO here doesn't really have signature pose so this pose I remember from the OP scene is quite good. Shame that even the figure I bought are in mint-in-plastic condition, but the colors of its head are already dull T_T

Lucky Kuji Kousaka Kirino as Meruru
The second figure on my loot review today is the tsundere imouto, Kousaka Kirino from popular series Ore no Imouto ga Konna ni Kawaii Wake ga Nai, cosplaying as Stardust Witch Meruru, the main character of anime-on-anime which Kirino is its huge fans of, manufactured by Sega. This is from one of the F set line-up, while there's also the non-SD version which from A prize and harder to get.

It's about the size of Good Smile Company's Nendoroid Petite or Bandai's Deformeister Petit. It's quite cute figure, quite well-made too. The staff isn't sculpted with the hand thus it's removable, and you can also spin the head to make Kirino look left or right, or even remove the head and swap it with other figures :3

LEGO MSH Spider-Man: Spider-Cycle
At this point, I'm already over my Lego hype, but for some reason I can't pass this one when I saw it on airport on the way back to Indonesia, y u so consumptive me? Oh well, it's been a loooong time since I have a set of Lego, albeit this one is small set. My first impression when I see open the box and see the manual is, why it's so thick? Apparently they waste pages for big picture just when we have to assemble two or three part each page, lol. But it's nice that they separate some parts with three small plastic bags so it's easier to find the part we need. And looks like I get the flawed one because on my set I didn't get Spider-Man's spider web part. I didn't bother to contact them since I don't really need that part anyway ^^;

On this set we get Spider-Man, Venom, and Nick Fury, all from the Ultimate Spider-Man cartoon instead the Raimi's movie or the Amazing's one though, that's why Spider-Man here have a ridiculous Spider-Cycle, courtesy of SHIELD. Anyway, it was fun to build Lego after very long time, but since the price is quite expensive and Lego is not even my first toy priority, it will be a looong time once more until I'll get my next Lego set.

Happy Tree Friends Mini Figure World
Have you ever watch Happy Tree Friends? It's very cute flash cartoon with many adorable characters....... until things go deadly and those characters were brutally wounded and dead, every episodes XD It's hilarious show, I loved it. That's why I was excited to see there's (trading) figure of the series, and from the box I think this is just released recently. Randomly packaged, there's 13 figures you can get including 1 secret figure. Out of those 13 figures, there's 4 figures with this show's signature 'shit', and those are I looking for. Fortunately the shop I bought these figures from already mark each box so I don't have to test my luck.

The figures I bought are the 'accident' version of Cuddles and Flaky, which are awesome. These figures are static one, you just have to put the figure on the included display base and then it's ready to be displayed on your desk or wherever you want.

Animal Soldier Set
I still can't believe I could find this figure cheaper on its original price! I was looking for this for months now. I missed the pre-order and when it's released I couldn't find it anywhere, one seller could but the price he offered is just crazy so I had to pass it. For those who didn't know Animal Soldier, this one is from Tentai Senshi Sunred series, and this figure set that manufactured by Phat Company is made in-scale to figma so you can display it together with figma Sunred and Vamp, also manufactured by Phat.

Each figures have a gimmick and comes with display stand because it's impossible for them to stand without it. Usacotts the rabbit comes with interchangeable right hand and lower body part, Devil Neko the cat comes with interchangeable horn part, Pii-chan Kai the duck comes with interchangeable mouth with missile on it, and finally Hellwolf the wolf comes with reversible balloon word that say its signature lines, "Korochu" (means 'kill') and "Chuki"(means 'love you'). Some part of the figures, namely head, arms, legs, and Usacotts's wings can be moved to give more posing option, albeit not much.


And so the short reviews are over, but photo fest is just about to begin! Enjoy the pictures :3
"So you want to be Avengers, kid? Congrats, you're
on Avengers cheer squad!"

 And that's it for today, thanks for visiting guys :3


  1. Haha love the Happy Tree Friends toys!

    1. Haha, I love it too. Quite pricey though, about Singapore $14 one, IIRC >,<

  2. Coolll.. HDM All Riders Heisei Era. :D (y)

    1. Thanks :D
      Didn't pre-order Wizard Flame, so I wonder if I could find it individually (and cheap!). Most popular character, especially main character and main form is quite hard to find >.<

    2. u'r welcome sir.. :)
      i didn't pre-order Wizard Flame/Wizard Dragon Flame set. but, my friend pre-order it. i just see his collection. XD very cool detail of Wizard Flame/Wizard Dragon Flame. :D you know, sir.


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