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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

[FiguReview]Composite Ver.Ka - Temjin

Remember a classic high speed mecha battle arcade game named Virtual On? I still remember, even though I sucked big time back then since I've played it during my elementary-middle school times, it was the first time I feel really control the mecha with the twin stick controller ala one in real mecha so it was awesome experience. And then 2 years ago, to celebrate the 15 anniversary of the series, Bandai collaborates with Sega and the original mecha designer of Virtual On, Katoki Hajime, release the poster mecha of the series, MBV-04 "Temjin" on Composite Ver. Ka line. If you still haven't bought the figure and want to know more about it, read this review out...while listening to this song. Get Ready?

Composite Ver. Ka - Temjin
5040 yen | October 2010 | Bandai

Character History
MBV-04 "Temjin" is the first of two original Virtuaroids or VR, the term of the mecha of this series. Temjin is well-balanced VR and serves as architecture basis of all other VRs. Temjin is well equipped with all long, mid, and close-range combat with its MPBL, or Multi Purpose Beam Laser, which can act as a rifle to shoot beam and energy sword for close-range combat. With it's straightforward nature, Temjin is favored by many pilots because there are no major situations that work against it, but on the other hand Temjin is inferior to other VR's in their respective specialty areas.

Packaged on a white-blue box that resembles Temjin's color scheme, the box of this figure is quite big and wide. As of other Japanese toys's packaging, you can see the figure inside from the window on the front of the box, where there's also part of new Katoki Hajime artwork of Temjin. And on the back side of the box, there are sample pictures of this figure showing its gimmick and poseability along with the short description of what Composite ver Ka, Virtual On, and Temjin really are if you haven't know, and of course they are written in Japanese. On the inside, all the contents are stored on one double-layered blister, that's why the box is not thick but quite wide. There's also an instruction manual paper stored on the back of the card so you know how to use the gimmicks properly.

Set Content
Here's the list of all the things you'll get from Temjin set:

  • Temjin figure
  • MPBL-7 mk3
  • Beam field extension part for MPBL-7 mk3
  • MPBL-7 mk2-d
  • Power bomb
  • Disc
  • Antennae
  • 2 pairs of interchangeable hand
  • Display stand set

MPBL-7 mk2-d, the railgun, actually never showed up on the actual game because it's only from Temjin's background story which it was initially planned for Temjin to be equipped with this, but because it's cumbersome and will cut Temjin's close-range combat ability, it's changed to the MPBL-7 mk3 weapon we all know.

The sculpt is awesome. Temjin looks very proportional and the joints are well-hidden. It stands taller than most of Robot Damashii, and even Super Robot Chogokin Alteisen if you don't count the latter's horn.

Even though it doesn't contain die-cast, but the plastic material are quite sturdy and feels great. Watch out for the horn though, it has quite high chance to be broken if Temjin falls, but fortunately Bandai is very kind to give one extra antennae part and this one is made from soft plastic type instead the default one sculpted from hard plastic.

And here's the size comparison I mention earlier for your visual.
Slightly taller than SRC Alteisen

The paint job is cool too. All the decals are applied well-done and looks great on Temjin. The visor and other parts on the body which are light blue will shine if it's shined by light so that's another nice touch. The finishing of overall paints are not let down, it can be classified as great even, only a little messy finishing here and there but you won't even bothered by it. The paint for the accessories are great too.

Here's where it goes downhill, albeit just a little bit. The head, arm, and even leg movements are very mobile, but it lacks of movement from the waist, though it's been a long time since I've played Virtual On (the last time was SRW Alpha 3 >.>) so I can't recall if Virtuaroid, or just Temjin, doesn't have waist movement.

Another let down is the ankle which doesn't have joint so it limits the overall posability of the leg and often make the figure hard to stand. The feet has hinge joint to move upward though, a nice touch if you want to pose Temjin's crouching. The knee also has separate armor so you can adjust its position and it also a nice addition to its poseability.

The first gimmick comes on its back, which is a VR converter that looks like a Sega Saturn, and have hinge movement to be open up, and then you can store the disc included on this set there. Pretty cool gimmick to enhance the authenticity from a Virtuaroid. And there's also beam field extension part which you can put on the MPBL-7 mk3 for more posing impact with that giant beam sword. The extension is quite heavy but Temjin's sturdy joint can handle it though I don't recommend to pose your Temjin raising its arm holding the beam sword for too long. The last gimmick is the interchangeable hand that has hole on both open hand to properly hold the Power Bomb. And of course there's also display stand which unfortunately not as dynamic as Tamashii Stage stand because it doesn't have joint on the pole stand part.

Lastly, here's more action shoot from my Temjin. And yes I may not do its pose justice since I already forget its signature action poses >,<

Now let's give Temjin some accessories from other figures :3

And lastly, Temjin's acting silly XP

End Verdict
I don't know how many Temjin figures out there, I only know Kotobukiya also made a model kit of Virtual On's Virtuaroids but for action figures, I think this one is a must for any Virtual On fans. It has great sculpt, great paint, good articulation, and nice gimmick and range of accessories to revisit your experience of this series. For me though, the lack of ankle joints is quite problem since it makes unnatural on some pose and make Temjin slightly hard to stand without it stand. It could be done better but it's not a bad figure. And anyway, I like the later version of Temjin, Oratorio Tangram is probably my favorite though the MARZ dark blue color looks really great <3


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  2. I'm going to buy this figure after read this review.


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