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Saturday, July 19, 2014

How Should You Pose Your Figure?

Whoa, it's been awhile yet again since the last time I post here, about half a year, huh? The bad news is I have stopped doing FiguReview segment. With my current daily activities, I hardly find time to do figure photography, let alone for complete photo session, editing, and writing a review; so nowadays I only do some shots and then post it on my Instagram account (@bakanki if you haven't followed it yet). But I find it more fun that way, rather than take a lot of standard shots, fewer but more interesting, themed shot is less time consuming and let's just face it, there's already tons of more talented guys doing more thorough review than I did, with better picture quality on top of that ^^;

But today, I would like to share an article to give you some ideas and inspirations to pose your figures by categorizing some themes. Nowadays, action figures have better, sturdy, and more dynamic joint engineering, accessories, and gimmicks so it's going to be a waste when we're not fully use all of those to make our figures looks more awesome and alive, isn't it? So, for you who is currently wondering what pose should you do to your figure for display, and later for photography, keep reading because I'm moving to theme #1 already~
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