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Friday, February 15, 2013

[FiguReview]Figma Nyarlko

Japanese has this super power to turn anything cute. They could make their war generals from Sengoku period or even their Gods cute, so it's not surprising when they can turn the super scary, malign deity from Cthulhu Myth, the Crawling Chaos Nyarlathotep, into a cute girl and alter the background completely and thus, born Nyaruko of "Haiyore! Nyaruko-san". After the success of the first season of the anime, Nyaruko comes in action figure in the form of figma and I'm here to review it, let's nya~!!

Figma Nyarlko
January 2013 | 3500 yen | Max Factory

Photo Kano Anime's Character Design

Wanted to give a space between my posts once in awhile so it's not all figures and figures, and the time was just perfect. The official TBS site for Photo Kano anime just made an update hours ago with new Niimi Haruka's picture giving Valentine's gift like above to celebrate the day (you can download the image here), new staff comment, an event schedule for March 17th which based on the name I think it's going to announce which route the anime will take between Photo Club or Photography Club, and more importantly the confirmation of the sub-characters with all their respective original seiyuus from the original game. And we also get the character design for all the characters, here they are~!!

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Valentine's Gift

On where I live, it's almost late but for someone on other side of the world it's maybe not even the day yet, or maybe you're not even celebrate it, but anyway here's your Valentine's gift in form of photo set from me, enjoy and happy Valentine's Day! Make peace, laughter, and love <3

Saori Hayami duo <3

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Nyarlkooo, Henshin!

"Haiyore! Nyarlko-san!" is filled with many anime and tokusatsu references, including the popular Mr. Karate Bugmen aka Kamen Rider, even most of the light novel cover arts are parody of Rider's signature pose. So, as a man who like to posing his figures, I tried to figure-ized the idea, making my Figma Nyarlko to do all main Kamen Riders, from Showa to new Heisei period, signature pose =3

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

[FiguReview]Figma Yuki Nagato Evil Witch Ver.

How are the chances an event exclusive figure is re-released as regular release? Not that many, at least nowadays. Usually even that figure is released, it's going to be as another exclusive but easier in form of web order exclusive. But this Yuki Nagato Evil Witch version is one of the rare case. Back then this figure can be bought early on Wonder Festival 2008 but then is released regularly, though the price tag nowadays are quite expensive for a Figma. Just in case you still want to get it but not that convinced yet, I'll help you with this review of mine.

Figma Yuki Nagato Evil Witch Ver.
September 2008 | 3000 yen | Max Factory

Thursday, February 7, 2013

[FiguReview]Nendoroid Hakase

One of my favorite genre is comedy, including on the anime. The first time I heard about "Nichijou" anime I'm not really interested though, but when episode 1 just aired and someone post screencap of one of the character saying "Selamat pagi" and "Selamat malam" literally in Bahasa Indonesia, I know I have to watch this anime, ahaha. My favorite characters are the adorable Hakase and Sakamoto-san, and luckily for me GSC is releasing those two on Nendoroid line!
Nendoroid Hakase
December 2012 | 3500 yen | Good Smile Company

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Moe Heroes wa Kizutsukanai

Week ago, I was bored and had time to think what to do next with my figure. With no idea for neither comic or 4koma, I thought of something else. Doing heroic pose on figures are very common, and I did many romantic/couple-themed pictures like Fourze & Nadeshiko one. By that time I was just finished replaying Photo Kano to write some summaries, and that got me thinking, 'why I didn't do some moe/girly pictures, but with the hero characters". And so with help from some covers of Photo Kano Your Eyes Only and Cure Peace's signature pose as references, I did 9 moe heroes pictures with SHFiguarts and Ultra-Act. It's actually harder to reenact these moe/girly/photomodel-ish pose compared to heroic pose due to limitation of the joints articulation.

Ore no Imouto Maker EX - Ayase Lesson Summary

Figure review, game summary, figure review, game summary, and so on. I didn't plan it this way but it's the pattern for my posts lately. And today I'm doing another summary, a.... spin-off of Ore no Imouto ga Konna ni Kawaii Wake ga Nai, this game is a bonus game included on the special edition of the first OreImo Portable PSP game, the complete titel is Ore no Imouto Maker EX: Imouto to Koi Shiyou! Portable. Phew, that's a long one.

Unlike the main game and its sequel, this bonus game is not really a visual novel, but more a love simulation, of course with a story for each heroine even though the basic premise is kinda absurd, where all the 5 available girls are now becomes Kyousuke's little sisters! Gameplay using slot system, where you pick one of the five girls, and then decide what activity you'll do with her, the extra partner, and the affection level, all are based on slot system. Depending on the activity and partner(s) chosen, you'll get a mini event which if you get too often the event will be skipped. This game has deadline and the ending you'll get will depends on which girl closest to you and her affection level. For a bonus game, it's quite nice even though it gets boring quickly because of the slot system, just don't expect good story like on the first main game or many lovey-dovey moments like on the sequel.

The truth is I've written this summary couple of years ago on Figure.fm but I figured I want to rewrite it again, since back then my writing is really suck (now it's just 'suck' XP) since it's very short compared to other reviews while I have extra time, and of course because this is Ayase! Gotta spread the love since we'll see more of her on the upcoming season 2 of the anime (I wish they will cover the story to the latest LN since Ayase's role becomes more active XP)

Monday, February 4, 2013

[FiguReview]Warung Nasi Ibu Ida

Even if it's a "FiguReview" segment, but the.... item I'm reviewing isn't really a figure, it's more a miniature or diorama. Remember some food miniatures I reviewed weeks ago? These items are made from the same shop, Little Things. I've been wanted to buy this set for couple of months so when I got some extra cash I bought it.

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