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Friday, February 15, 2013

Photo Kano Anime's Character Design

Wanted to give a space between my posts once in awhile so it's not all figures and figures, and the time was just perfect. The official TBS site for Photo Kano anime just made an update hours ago with new Niimi Haruka's picture giving Valentine's gift like above to celebrate the day (you can download the image here), new staff comment, an event schedule for March 17th which based on the name I think it's going to announce which route the anime will take between Photo Club or Photography Club, and more importantly the confirmation of the sub-characters with all their respective original seiyuus from the original game. And we also get the character design for all the characters, here they are~!!

Maeda Kazuya (CV: Nobunaga Shimazaki)

Niimi Haruka (CV: Itou Kanae)

Muroto Aki (CV: Nakahara Mai)

Sakura Mai (CV: Kanemoto Hisako)

Sanehara Hikari (CV: Mizuhashi Kaori)

Misaki Nonoka (CV: Saitou Chiwa)

Yunoki Rina (CV: Oogame Asuka)

Misumi Tomoe (CV: Sawashiro Miyuki)

Maeda Kanon (CV: Ise Mariya)

Ootani Momoko (CV: Endou Aya)

Kurebayashi Katsumi (CV: Mizuhara Kaoru)

Narita Ruu (CV: Hasegawa Akiko)

Uchida Yuuko (CV: Takagaki Ayahi)

Kudou Hiromichi (CV: Midorikawa Hikaru)

Nakagawa Itta (CV: Shiraishi Minoru)

Takashi Azuma (CV: Okamoto Nobuhiko)

Kitagawa Misa (CV: Seto Saori)
No character design for anime yet so far

That's it for today, I'm very excited to see the anime version of Photo Kano. I hope it's omnibus because there's a lot of interesting story and character to cover, and it will be disappointed if it's only cover Haruka route, because even though I like Haruka as character, her story isn't very interesting. I'm fine with either Story L or H, but I personally hope they will make Kazuya to join Photography Club so we can enter Story H =3

Oh if you want to know more about the character, I have written character summary with little spoiler as possible and the whole route summary of Ootani Momoko and Misumi Tomoe =D

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