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Thursday, July 2, 2015

SRW Z3 Tengoku Hen - 強き事は美しき哉II DLC Stage Summary

Holy cow, it's been almost a year since I posted here! Don't worry I'm still alive and well (no that anyone cares anyway) and I'm still collecting action figures but I don't do review anymore, didn't have the time and energy to do it but looks like in the near future I'll do it again though it's not for my personal blog.

Pic source: Pixiv
Anyway, today I'm doing summary again, but it's not Oreimo or Photo Kano related as the title of this post told you. But well, on the second thought it still have relation to two series I mentioned, because despite it's from SRW game, it's about girls! Yes, I do love me giant robots and pretty girls (who doesn't, right?) To be specific, it's the DLC stage for SRW Z3 Tengoku Hen you can get for 150 yen and playable if you have at least finished stage 50. The game itself is pretty good for SRW game (and I'm a fan so I'm biased) but it's pretty underwhelming for a grand finale so far I've played it. I'm currently on the intermission of final stage, by the way.

But you're not here for that so let's go straight to the summary. I'm assuming you guys here have knowledge of the series included on the game, as well as the original characters with major plot and character relationship, so I'm not gonna bother explaining stuffs but if you have question, don't be shy and just shoot 'em on comment box!
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