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Monday, April 22, 2013

Photo Kano - All Route Summary

To commemorate the 50,000 views, I want to do another game summary since the summary segment of my blog is one that contributes the most to the numbers of view (though I don't monetize my blog so pageview doesn't really mean anything, haha). So I decides to write short (and I really mean it, don’t expect dialogues translation like I usually did) summary of all routes from the original Photo Kano PSP game. I know that the anime is (very?) disappointing so far for most people, but I still love the series. And in the spirit of the soon-to-be-released Photo Kano Kiss sequel for PSVita, I want to spread the Photo Kano love.

Note that the 6 main heroines on this game have 2 story depending the club you choose. Join the Photo Club you’ll get the Story L(ove) which has more drama approach while if you choose to join Sasshin/Photography Club you’ll go to Story H(appy) which has comedy approach, both has the same basic premise though. So here’s the summary!

And of course spoiler alert. Oh yeah, I wrote this mostly based on my memory, and my memory wasn’t that good so I may screw some parts here and there, mostly Nonoka since I've only played it once, but I think I get 80-90% stuffs right. Was too lazy to replay, or even to see the event gallery for all route one by one, haha. Okay here comes the wall of text summary, happy reading :3

Thursday, April 18, 2013

[FiguReview]Composite Ver.Ka - Fei-Yen HD

Do you like cross-over? I freaking love it, that's why I love Super Robot Taisen/Wars (SRW) game series. And on one of the latest SRW, SRW UX for 3DS, there's this unique mecha series that's also a product of cross-over, Fei-Yen HD! Fan of Virtual-On series will know Fei-Yen, and what's the HD stands for? It's "Heart of Diva", and which diva it refers to? The virtual diva Hatsune Miku, of course! So yeah, after Fei-Yen module for Miku on Project Diva Extended PSP game, Vocaloid and Virtual-On make another crossover with Fei-Yen HD,  which based on Katoki Hajime's design for Newtype magazine and later turned into an action figure, which I'll review now :3 

Composite Ver.Ka - Fei-Yen HD
5040 yen | November 2011 | Bandai

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

[FiguReview]Composite Ver.Ka - Temjin

Remember a classic high speed mecha battle arcade game named Virtual On? I still remember, even though I sucked big time back then since I've played it during my elementary-middle school times, it was the first time I feel really control the mecha with the twin stick controller ala one in real mecha so it was awesome experience. And then 2 years ago, to celebrate the 15 anniversary of the series, Bandai collaborates with Sega and the original mecha designer of Virtual On, Katoki Hajime, release the poster mecha of the series, MBV-04 "Temjin" on Composite Ver. Ka line. If you still haven't bought the figure and want to know more about it, read this review out...while listening to this song. Get Ready?

Composite Ver. Ka - Temjin
5040 yen | October 2010 | Bandai

Monday, April 15, 2013

[FiguReview]Figutto Ryuk

Another review, yeaaaah! Today I'll brought you a new figure line I haven't reviewed here yet, Figutto line that manufactured by Griffon! They separate the line into 3 sub-lines, Figutto Girls, Figutto Characters, and Figutto Mechanicals which the title is speaking for itself. The one I'm going to review is one of important character from popular series Death Note, the shinigami Ryuk!

Figutto Ryuk
5700 yen | Dec 2011 | Griffon Enterprise

Sunday, April 14, 2013

[FiguReview]Assorted Figures April 2013

Okay so I'm finally back with new review, and since I was too lazy to make individual review for each figures, I'll mashing things like I did occasionally. So most of these figures below are those I bought during my time on Singapore, with exception of the first one which happened to arrive on my home the moment I arrive after my vacation. Well then, let's get to the figures, shall we :3

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Vacation to Singapore!!

Last (long) weekend, I along with my mother and her two colleagues from work went to Singapore for vacation. At first I don't really want to go but decided going to anyway in the end. We flew there on Wednesday evening, and so we went straight to the bed after we checked in at the apartment we lived there. The next day, I had to accompany my mother and her friends to Universal Studios. I'm not really that excited since I'm more Disney fan (Stitch!!!), but since they paid for the ticket and lunch, I had nothing to lose XD There though, I had to follow them all the way and take their pictures so I couldn't go on my own. Bought some merchandises like Shrek's headband, but the thing I really like the most is when I order my own caricature XD

The next day is free day for me since anyone wanted to go show on their own, and I already made appointment with two friends who live there. We promised to meet up in Bugis MRT Station and after that we went to The Falcon's Hangar nearby, which was......
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