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Sunday, December 30, 2012

[FiguReview]SIC Kiwami-Tamashii Kamen Rider Decade

Why world hasn't ended today just like the Mayan predicted? It must be Decade's fault!! Yes, for most probably the last review this month and this year, I'm doing the SIC Kiwami-Tamashii figure of the worlds destroyer and also world connector who always get blamed for everything, Kamen Rider Decade!!

SIC Kiwami-Tamashii Kamen Rider Decade
Nov 23rd release | 1575 yen | Bandai

Thursday, December 27, 2012

[FiguReview]LBX Custom Effect 005: Holy Lance

Yo! Even though I'm currently on middle of side-job I took for little more bonus, I have short leisure time to write short review, so here I am writing one with perfect...... 'figure' is not really a right term since it's only additional part for LBX plastic model kit produced by Bandai for Danball Senki series. I don't own any LBX plastic model, but this effect part really tick my interest since long time but it's hard to find, until weeks ago! And because this is not actually a figure (and because I'm technically in the middle of work, and also because I'm lazy :v), I'm not writing on my usual template :3

LBX Custom Effect 005 Holy Lance
August 2012 release | 450 yen | Bandai

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

[FiguReview]Figma Yuu Kawamura

On FiguReview of Figma Vamp month ago, I mention Figma Yuu Kawamura has an apron as one of its accessories that probably looks good on Vamp even though the design is different. And then on Dec 1st-2nd near where I live there's a Toys Fair and there, my friend offered me his Figma Yuu Kawamura on cheap price since it's used and not in its excellent condition. Because I only after Yuu's accessories I bought it so here's her review!! But do note I'm reviewing a used figure, so the mint condition will probably better.

Figma Yuu Kawamura School Uniform ver
Aug 2010 release | 3000 yen | Max Factory

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Family Fourze

Have posted these on Tumblr, but I love the set so I thought I'll repost it here too.

For the son role I couldn't decide between Kamen Rider Kids finger doll or Kamen Rider Collection trading figure so I used both of them. But now, I think I'll use the KRC one if I'm going to take more family picture in the future, beside with the little Nadeshiko from the same line they kinda look like a twin, lol.

Monday, December 17, 2012

[FiguReview]Ultra-Act Ultraman Max

Schwat!! After SHFiguarts and D-Arts for two previous reviews, today I present you another action figure line from Tamashii Nation division of Bandai, a line that focusing on Ultraman and other giant hero tokusatsu genre, Ultra-Act! And the one to get the honor to be the first Ultra-Act I review on this new blog of mine is....... MAX MAX MAX! MAX MAX MAX! ULTRAMAN MAX~!!!

Ultra-Act Ultraman Max
Aug 31st 2012 release | 3360 yen | Bandai

Friday, December 14, 2012

Sekiha Love Love Love Tenkyoken!!

I don't know why I made this, I guess I was having too much free time =A=;

At first I made Fourze-Nadeshiko ones, but at the half-way I realized Meteor would be more fit since Ryusei and Domon are both martial artist, so after finish with Fourze-Nadeshiko, I did the whole shots again from the beginning with Meteor and my usual Tomoko-wannabe using swapped Figma Kuroneko on Hirasawa Yui (K-On)'s body.

I wanted to upload the individual pictures but decided not to to save space.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

[FiguReview]D-Arts Knight Blazer

New review today!! This time it's a new figure line for me, D-Arts. It's Bandai-made too, but unlike SHFiguarts that mostly for a human/humanoid characters from Kamen Rider, Super Sentai, and anime, D-Arts line is for characters with digital background, mostly from video games. And so, as the title suggests, this review is for Knight Blazer from the classic popular RPG, Wild Arms 2nd Ignition!

D-Arts Knight Blazer
Sep 21st 2012 release | 3990 yen | Bandai

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

[FiguReview]SHFiguarts Kamen Rider Shin Ichigo

At last, tonight I'm back with new, properly written, FiguReview. This time, the figure I'm reviewing is already considered old, over a year old, but it just got its reissue released 2 months ago. I wasn't really want this the first time it released but after awhile I thought he's the first Rider ever, so what the hell, and as I had extra money to burn, I bought this when the reissue version released. So here it is, Masked Rider 1, or as I prefer (and probably most fans do too), Kamen Rider (Shin) Ichigo! Toh!!!

SHFiguarts Kamen Rider Shin Ichigo
July 23rd 2011 release (reissue on Oct 20th 2012) | 2940 yen | Bandai

Saturday, December 8, 2012

[FiguReview]Assorted LEGO Minifigures 01

Tonight, I'm going to write just a short review of LEGO Minifigures I bought month ago. Yeah, it's been quite awhile, thanks to my laziness I didn't post it until today. These are really quite addictive poison, at first I only want to buy licensed characters like Deadpool and Stormtroopers, but Stormtroopers are quite hard to find cheap on my country and so I started to buy the randomly packaged one just for fun. It was wrong, I bought many more after that XD

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

1/12 Die-Cast Honda CBR 600RR & SHF Akibaranger

I've been owned and took picture of this die-cast model for weeks, I think. I just don't have the will to post it here, even though I post some on Tumblr, until today. So here it is, pictures of die-cast model from Maisto, Honda CBR 600RR with SHF Akibaranger, since the color scheme is really matching with Akiba Red.

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