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Thursday, July 2, 2015

SRW Z3 Tengoku Hen - 強き事は美しき哉II DLC Stage Summary

Holy cow, it's been almost a year since I posted here! Don't worry I'm still alive and well (no that anyone cares anyway) and I'm still collecting action figures but I don't do review anymore, didn't have the time and energy to do it but looks like in the near future I'll do it again though it's not for my personal blog.

Pic source: Pixiv
Anyway, today I'm doing summary again, but it's not Oreimo or Photo Kano related as the title of this post told you. But well, on the second thought it still have relation to two series I mentioned, because despite it's from SRW game, it's about girls! Yes, I do love me giant robots and pretty girls (who doesn't, right?) To be specific, it's the DLC stage for SRW Z3 Tengoku Hen you can get for 150 yen and playable if you have at least finished stage 50. The game itself is pretty good for SRW game (and I'm a fan so I'm biased) but it's pretty underwhelming for a grand finale so far I've played it. I'm currently on the intermission of final stage, by the way.

But you're not here for that so let's go straight to the summary. I'm assuming you guys here have knowledge of the series included on the game, as well as the original characters with major plot and character relationship, so I'm not gonna bother explaining stuffs but if you have question, don't be shy and just shoot 'em on comment box!

The event took place after Z-BLUE has reach understanding with ELS. Back in Solarian hangar after the battle, the girls of Z-BLUE are approaching Hibiki and Suzune. Mao welcomes back Suzune again, Sayaka said they have been waiting for Suzune’s return for this very moment. The time where they can settle the score once and for all, said Klan. Hibiki didn’t catch it but Suzune immediately know what everyone’s talking about and she accepted their challenge, as the defending champion of Ms. Z-BLUE Contest. 

And so the new contest is held on an inhabited island, broadcasted live so all the gentlemen in Z-BLUE can watch too, with AG as the referee and several female sub-pilots as the guest referees, though they are all look in bad mood. Mome said that of course they are pissed, it’s unfair only female main pilot can joined the contest added Kei (of Shin Getter Robo), while Mail mentioned some girls like that monster-tits Xine can join when she was only Traia’s crew. Other girls like Mylene, Lunamaria,Sylvia, Ibuki, Soma, and Roze chimed their protest as well with the latter two said if they knew this would happen Soma would take the main pilot seat of Harute from Alleluya and Roze would take one of Gishin’s battle robot. Chidori also mention it’s odd in the first place since Suzune is only a sub-pilot of Genion. AG went meta saying adults have their own reason, while Dorothy said AG just play favoritism. Despite the protest, AG continues and make introduction for all the participant teams.

Entry #1 is the beautiful and brilliant demon professor, the Beautiful Fox, Traia Scott with Margueritte Pistel and Xine Espio. Xine said the three of them will make scary team with Margueritte’s “innocence”, Traia’s “intelligence”, and her “sexiness”, with AG retorts that back when Xine is Chimera member she could pull all three roles by herself.

Entry #2  is the one with tactic and elegance honed as her age increased, the Beautiful Tactician, Sumeragi Lee Noriega with Feldt Grace and Mileina Vasti. Sumeragi said she will save AG punishment for the harassment later, and Mileina comforted her by saying Sumeragi is still younger than her mother……. by a year, which makes Sumeragi more depressed.

Entry #3 is also Z-BLUE’s charming captain, the Beautiful Goddess of Victory, colonel Teletha Testarossa. Tessa orders Mardukas to load the missiles in all Tuatha de Danaan’s tubes. When the latter asked her order for such trivial competition, Tessa said this is the battle for her pride as a woman, and she won’t show her weakness in front of her rival, Chidori. Mardukas talked to himself that he won’t take responsibility if something goes south.

Entry #4 is the demon instructor who instills iron will to rookies, the Beautiful Trainer-Trainee Duo, Melissa Mao and Tycho Science. Mao forced her training lesson saying she will train her like a sumo wrestler with hard work and guts so Tycho won’t lose against Lal’c despite Tycho’s protest that Mao’s training made Casio’s coaching looks fun.

Entry #5 is the adored and reliable women, the Beautiful Senior, Ema Sheen and Canaria Belshtein. Canaria said that she shouldn’t be here since she’s no longer a “Ms” and Ema said she shouldn’t either because she won’t be one soon since she already engaged with Captain Henken.

Entry #6 is the Beautiful Instructors who will “squeeze” slacking students, Lucretia Noin who won’t lose to Suzune’s teaching and Yoko who will give personal lesson to any bad kids.

Entry #7 is tag team of the rose queen and queen of the sea, the Beautiful Empress, Oota Kazumi and Rackage. Both queens are bonding while Noriko asked why no one, even AG, seems to care about her existence.

Entry #8 is a team consists of iron woman and fighting girl, the Beautiful Pink-Haired Goddess, Haman Karn and Nono. Haman didn’t really care about the childish competition but she still hates losing and orders a quiet Nono to give her all. Nono shyly asked Haman’s permission to call her “Haman-sama” and after Haman allows her, Nono enthusiastically said she will devote her life for her Haman-sama, with Haman speaking to herself that it was Nono who give her a heavy pressure in the end.

Entry #9 is the two fresh girls, the fa-fi-fu-fe-fo love rival who form tag exclusively for today’s competition, Fa Yuiry and Four Murasame. At first Fa is concerned with AG’s role call but Four said it was AG’s usual joke so she shouldn’t mind it and give it her all so both of them will be praised by Kamille later.

Entry #10 is the team of supporters in both battle and private live, the Beautiful Partner, Sayaka Yumi and Mikono Suzushiro. Zessica cheered Mikono to give it her best as the representative of the Elements.

Entry #11 is the senior and junior duo from Volunteer Club who pilot red units symbolizing their courage, the Beautiful (Fan?)Service, Kozuki Kallen and Shikinami Asuka Langley. After Kallen said it was unlikely for Asuka who usually the most enthusiast one in event like this to look so half-hearted, Asuka back to her pre-3.0 self. “Let’s do it, Kallen-senpai! The victory will definitely be ours!!”

Entry #12 is the girls who won’t lose to boys when it comes to their calm, the Beautiful Silence, Titania Da Monte=Willz and Ayanami Rei. “….” ensues and in the end Titania said to herself that it was awkward, even for her.

Entry #13 is the two mysteries inside their pink units, the Beautiful and Mysterious, C.C. and Makinami Mari Illustrious. Mari comments that AG’s catchphrase for them is quite something but C.C. said it’s not bad since every woman have their own secret, including her age in which she doesn’t have intention to tell Mari when she asked.

Entry #14 is “Actually, I’m a…”, the Beautiful Wildness, Aoi Hidaka+Kurara Tachibana+Eida Rossa and Hilde Schbeiker. Hearing the catchphrase and comparing herself to the burned-with-passion-to-defeat-Suzune Team D, Hilde is wondering why she is paired with them. But the Team D girls said that they had heard from Duo that back during her times in OZ, Hilde is actually pretty wild girl with her blazing ideal to stand against the world.

Entry #15 is the cute, sweet, adorable loli team, the Beautiful Fairy, Klan Klang and Dary Adai. Klan then protest the catchphrase since her character is the stylish big sister, she even wanted to quit the competition so she can smack AG immediately but Dary calmed her that perhaps AG referred to her  team, Pixie Squad. Dary then said because she’s a sniper, she will make a good support for Klan who accustomed with one in Michel, even praising the pair as best partner which make Klan calm and even happy. Canaria and Yoko comment that Dary was the adult on the team to be able to calm Klan, a Zentradi who have her childish Micronized trait.

Entry #16 is two princess who doesn’t need to be protected, the Beautiful Princess, Quess Paraya and Lal’c Mellk Mal. Lal’c protested a little at first because the “princess” nickname Nicola has for her was only a joke, but Quess said that every girl will forever be a princess.

And last but not least, the entry #17 is the graceful duo, the Beautiful Heroine, Suzune Saijou and Setsuko Ohara. Setsuko was surpised to be called heroine but AG said it was decided after the recommendation of the Z-BLUE guys, which makes her embarrassed but happy. Suzune on the other hand is pouting, just as she expected Setsuko is her biggest rival she thought. Hibiki on the other hand didn’t have slight interest of the whole thing and look like a zombie, Setsuko thought it was because of his Sphere and Traia comments that he really look like dead inside and outside.

After the introduction of all participants, AG announced that the rule is just like before, every team for themselves and the last person standing will be declared as the Ms. Z-BLUE.

Shortly after AG begins the contest, EVERY unit is concentrating fire on Genion and Virgola. Kallen said Battle Royale 101 is eliminating the strongest first, making Hibiki happy everyone regards him as the strongest. But C.C. said he’s wrong, as Mao said their target is Suzune and Hibiki just her boy toy, just like he initially thought, yet still makes him depressed. Suzune then get more fired up, Klan and everyone thought Suzune finally got serious but Suzune said that she is pissed everyone is making fun and hurt Hibiki.

When she asked Hibiki to switch so she can pilot Genion by herself, bunch of Sidereal’s Antares mooks arrived. The contest then temporary withheld to get rid of Sidereal, with (Hibiki and)Suzune take the frontline, so they can show why she is the defending champion of the Ms Z-BLUE title. And everyone follow suit and engaging the enemies.

Four & Fa
Four said she will be the main attacker and leaving the support to Fa, the latter asks Four to be careful. Four comments they actually make a good  team, and she said she feels sorry for Kamille but today she will monopolize Fa for herself.

Noin & Yoko
Noin said creating future for children is remarkable thing and Yoko replied despite that the guys in the Dai Gurren-dan still act like children most of the time. Noin said boys will always be boys, and when Yoko asked if it’s the same for Zechs, Noin replied that it’s a secret to protect his image.

Mao & Chico
“Let’s do it Chico! If you don’t put your spirit and give it your all, I will kick your cute, sorry ass!”
“Hey, violence is off limit! Geez, this is why I hate military.”
“Enemy insight, follow me and open fire!”
“Oh what the hell! Gung ho, gung ho, gung ho!!”

Klan & Dary
Klan got fired up and went to front-line, showing the way of Zentran combat, leaving support fire to Dary. Dary is amazed to the fact that battle is the switch to Klan’s personality, wondering Klan would fit well if she were a Dai Gurren-dan member.

Titania & Rei
Titania asking Rei to speak since they need to communicate if they want to survive  on the battlefield, and Rei asked if they can’t understand each other if they don’t speak. Titania then correct herself that it’s true people can understand each other even without speaking, and she thanks Rei for reminding her.

Kallen & Asuka
Asuka now got fired up with his Volunteer Club spirit to throw away garbage that is Sidereal from Earth, and Kallen is happy to see Asuka she knew. Asuka speaks to herself, thanking Kallen who remind her the excitement she used to have.

Haman & Nono
“Let’s go Haman-sama! We'll protect our Earth from Sideral!”
“That’s a good spirit.”
“Of course! Nono is all about hard working and guts, after all!”
“I really envy your honesty.”
”What are you talking about, Haman-sama is also a cute girl when you’re talking to colonel Char!”
“Let’s go! Nono can be three times faster too, go go go!!”
“It’s probably more (than three  times) if it’s this girl.”

Kazumi (with Noriko) & Rackage
Noriko stuttered in front of the empress duo but both of them calm her, saying that she should do things her way and be her usual hard work and guts self.

Feldt commented that Sumeragi is at her best when she’s in command and lead everyone.

Tessa got serious and Mardukas speaking to himself that whatever everyone says, Tessa is their goddess of victory, and that is the consensus of everyone in Danaan.

Canaria & Ema
Canaria said she will destroy the enemies to to make the brighter future for Ema’s family as her wedding gift.
“Women may be weak, but a mother is strong!!”
“(So that’s lieutenant Kanaria’s source of strength)”

Lal’c & Quess
They’re speaking to each other, to show Sidereal the power of Topless’ ace and the newtype honed by the Red Comet who will protect everyone on Earth.

Aoi & Hilde
Hilde said that she is also Z-BLUE member, and for the enemy she will be a grim reaper after Aoi told her to give her all so they won’t lose to the guys in Z-BLUE.

Traia said she didn’t really care for the contest but she does like a merry festival, Margueritte said she didn’t mind put a little more show, and Xine added they will also go gracefully for this battle.

Mikono & Sayaka
Mi: “Let’s go, Amata-kun.”
Ze: “Hey, I’m also here, you know.”
Mi: “I-I’m sorry, Zessica. I was too excited…”
Sa: “…..”
Ze: “Whoa, even Sayaka is speechless.”
Sa: “Ah no. I was just envious of Mikono. I was imagining… if I could be more like that with Kouji-kun.”
Mi: “Y-you’re making me embarrassed.”
Sa: “Me too..”

Suzune & Setsuko
Hi: (Setsuko-san’s movement is really good, as expected…)
Su: “Focus Hibiki-kun! The enemy is right in front of us!”
Hi: “Sorry! I was amazed by Setsuko-san.”
Su: “Hmm…” <- portrait changed to Ambriel
Hi: “!!!”
Su: “So you dare say something like that in front of me…”
Hi: “I-I meant--“
Su: “After this ends, I would like to hear your explanation, down to the little details.”
Se: “Oh my… You two really make a good couple.”
Hi: (Which part of it make you think like that?)

After Sidereals been squashed, Suzune asked if the others still want to continue the competition and Tessa said it’s just what they want. Mardukas trying to stop them because he have something he must say but Tessa said that he should save it for later. Mardukas said it’s an immediate order from colonel Bright to return to the base, he added Bright sounds angry, shocking even Sumeragi. Tessa gives up and orders everyone to return to the base. And so, the competition is held off until they can find another peaceful time, said AG.

At the Solarian Tessa and Sumeragi letting out big sigh after they all got told by Bright. Tessa even said Bright was scarier than Vildark. The contest was stopped entirely, they aren’t allowed to vote to choose the winner like on the first contest. Due to this, Suzune said the winner from the 2nd contest would be her as the defending champion. Everyone boo-ing her, and she sought protection from everyone’s bullying to Hibiki, since Hibiki made a promise to protect Suzune. Hibiki shocked.

Quess then said it’s Hibiki’s fault anyway, Yoko added that it’s because Hibiki voted Suzune for the 1st contest this thing happened, thus Hibiki should take the responsibility said Klan. Suzune was rather happy when “taking responsibility” got brought up, much to Rand’s sighing to the couple. Setsuko comments that from his look Hibiki still have objection from all these and Crowe said that Hibiki would grow to be a fine short-end-of-the-stick group member.

Suzune: “… So, take the responsibility okay, Hibiki-kun.”
Hibiki: “Why, why does it come to this…”
AG: “And that’s a wrap! If there will be the 3rd Ms. Z-BLUE Contest, please support us that time!”

Pic source: Pixiv


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