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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Nyarlkooo, Henshin!

"Haiyore! Nyarlko-san!" is filled with many anime and tokusatsu references, including the popular Mr. Karate Bugmen aka Kamen Rider, even most of the light novel cover arts are parody of Rider's signature pose. So, as a man who like to posing his figures, I tried to figure-ized the idea, making my Figma Nyarlko to do all main Kamen Riders, from Showa to new Heisei period, signature pose =3

Aaand I think that's all. Did I miss one or two? It's quite troublesome for some pose since I don't have proper hand and/or the pose is impossible to reenacted perfectly using Figma's articulation, but it's been fun.

And oh yeah, expect the usual review for this Figma Nyarlko soon. Bye all!!


  1. You have very good taste on having Nyarlko (or Nyaruko?)!

    Can't wait to get mine and to see season 2!

    I hope they'll do another with school uniform, I like this outfit.

    And I never knew the website "NyaruReferences", I learned a lot of things so thank you :) (Hope that your review will have Nyarlko doing many Kamen Rider references xD)

    1. I don't know what the right/official spelling. I personally like Nyarlko since it's from NYARLathotep, but the box said "Nyaruko", so... ^^;

      I for one glad they don't do school uniform because it's already too many figma characters wearing school uniform. But with the figma quality, I don't mind if they release the school uniform version if it's included with different accessories (Shantak-kun!) and face plates ^^

      I also learnt about the website when the series almost end back then. I never knew the series had A LOT of references. I only got some several tokusatsu and mecha anime references if I didn't see that site XD


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