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Thursday, June 27, 2013

Photo Kano - Assorted Events Translation

It's been a month since I wrote a post here and now I'm writing Photo Kano-related stuff yet again. How much of Photo Kano fans am I?

As most of people noticed, the anime are rushing stuffs. They combine both story L and story H parts of each heroine arc on one episode, so of course they had to cut many interesting events from the game, especially from the sub events. Thus, on this entry I want to write some interesting events from the game that the anime cut, with the exception of Kanon route's events which I don't know whether the anime going to adapt or not tomorrow.

Take note that my PSP has broken recently, so I write this based on my memory. Check more of my Photo Kano summaries on this post or this post. Enjoy =D

"Gu~~~ess who~?"
"Huh? Ah, err... Kanon?"
"Eh? Muroto-senpai?"
"Why did you think I was your little sister?"
"Because she's the only one who I could think to pull this kind of prank, and also... T-the subtle pressure I felt on my back."
"Huh? H-how rude! No matter how small mine is, it's still bigger compared to first year's!... I think."


This is from Aki's sub-event. Kazuya is walking on the hall when he's hearing Aki and Katsumi's talking/

Ak: "Uugh, it doesn't grow yet again. These 3 years, it didn't grow at all, sigh."
Kt: "You don't have to think about it, Aki. You're quite charming as you are right now."
Ak: "You shut up Katsumi, a healthy girl like you won't understand my feelings."
Kt: "Ahaha, healthy..."
Ak: "So, what about you? As big as yours are, it can't possibly get any bigger, isn't it?"
Kt: "Actually it grows about 1.5 cm"
Ak: "W-WHAT?!! Seriously? Sheesh, sometimes God is so unfair."
Kt: "Ahahaha."
Kz: "Muroto-senpai, Katsumi-san, what are you talking about?"
Ak: "M-Maeda-kun?!"
Kt: "Oh, Maeda-kun. We're talking about our breast sizes."
Ak: "W-wait, Katsumi!!"
Kz: "Aah, I see. So yours don't grow even after these whole 3 years, Muroto-senpai?"
Ak: "Y-you've heard it?!"
Kz: "Muroto-senpai, you don't have to be so depressed. Breast size doesn't matter at all if you ask me, flat chest is the best!"
Ak: "Maeda-kun.... T-thank you, I guess..."
Kt: "Good for you, isn't it Aki. For him to feel that way."
Ak: "Shut up! This is your fault Katsumi, you know I'm sensitive about this kind of topic, and yet..."
Kt: "Sure, sure, haha."


Actually this is a CG of sub-event where Mai asked Kazuya to lend
her his sport uniform because she forgot hers. Kazuya was hesitant
because he just wore it hours ago and it may smell, but Mai said
she didn't mind since it was his.

This was from Mai's story L sub-event, after their date to theme park. At that date, after Kazuya made Mai gains confidence again, Mai kiss Kazuya in the cheek before they parted, and this event takes place day after that. Kazuya was walking around to find interesting picture object, and when he is on the school cafeteria he meets Mai.

"Mai-chan, what are you doing?"
"Ah, Maeda-senpai. I'm taking a break from club practice. What are you doing here too, senpai?"
"I'm trying interesting object for photography, but I haven't find one."
"Then if you don't mind, do you want to accompany me and talk for awhile senpai?"
"Of course, let's find somewhere to sit then."

After that, they sit on a table outside.

"The sunset today is beautiful as usual, isn't it senpai?"
"It reminds me of our date to the theme park days ago. Senpai, thank you very much for giving me delightful first date."
"Ah no, it was really fun for me too."
"Will you take me to another date again?"
"Of course."
"Thank you."

Kazuya then look at Mai's lips, remember the time when she kiss his cheek. Mai then notices.

"U-uhm, senpai? Why are you looking at me? Is there something on my face?"
"Ah, n-no, there isn't anything."
"T-thank God. I thought there's some left over on my cheek, I just had a bread not long ago."
"I see."
"Umm... Then, if there's nothing on my face, why are you looking at me just now?"
"Err....... I-I was remembering the time when Mai-chan kissed me on the cheek, so without realizing I stare at your lips."
"A-ah, no. Please forget it. You need to go back to your club practice, aren't you Mai-chan?"
"I wouldn't mind if you want to kiss me properly right now..."
"Hm? What did you just say Mai-chan?"
"A-AH NOTHING!! I have to go back to my club. Senpai, sorry for taking your time, excuse me!"
"Y-yeah, see you around."


This was from Mai's story L, not from story H the anime mostly cover because on Mai story H she didn't get selected. Kazuya is about to come home and when he comes out of his class, he bumps with Mai whom about to enters his class to find him.

"Senp-ouch ouch~"
"M-Mai-chan? I'm sorry, are you hurt?"
"Senfhaai~ I'm fhine... Uuuh, now my pug nose will become even shorter."
"I don't think Mai-chan's nose is that short."
"Do you mean it?"
"Yeah. It's perfect, it resembles Mai-chan's height."
"Doesn't in the end that mean I'm short and have pug nose?"
"Senpai, you meanie!!!"

Mai then hitting Kazuya's lightly.

"Ahahaha..... So, were you looking for me just now?"
"Oh yeah, I was wondering if Senpai is still here. Can we go home together? I have something I want to tell you."
"Okay, let's go."

In their way home, on the riverside.

"So, what are you going to tell me about Mai-chan?"
"Ehehe, don't be surprised, okay? I'm chosen as a substitute on the fall competition!!"
"Oh, congratulations Mai-chan!!"
"Thank you, ehehe. I may won't get chance to perform, but this way I can cheer on my team. It's because  Senpai's word that make me realize I should be more confident of myself and find my own beauty. I want to tell Senpai this news first than anyone else."
"Mai-chan... Then, do you want to eat something like parfait? I'll treat you anything as a reward."
"Ah, you're on a diet, aren't you. But it will be fine if it's just this one time."
"Senpai, thank you. But I don't think anything. Just being with Senpai like this, it already make me filled with warmth."
"Ah Senpai, look below. Our shadow is so long!"
"You're right. But Mai-chan's doesn't seems too different with your height."
"Mmuu, in the end you're saying I'm short again. Meanie~"

Mai then jumps forward, making her shadow overcomes Kazuya's.

"I beat Senpai's shadow now."

She then jumps again, now to Kazuya's side, and hugs him.

"Senpai, got you."
"Senpai... On the second thought, I do want my rewards... Can you... Kiss me?"
"Please... Can you give me my reward kiss."
"Are you fine with me?"
"Of course. I want my first kiss to be something I will always remember."

After that they kiss, and Kazuya invites Mai to see his picture on the Photo Club showcase on the school festival. Days later after school festival end, Kazuya confesses to Mai.


This was from one of Rina's after-school date event, where Kazuya and Rina go to variety shop at shopping mall. Rina is searching for note book and currently sight seeing on Ahogeappi corner while Kazuya is looking at cosplay goods corner.

"Maeda-kun, where are you~?"
"I'm here."
"Oh, there you are... Hm? A cosplay goods?"
"Ah, yes. Can you try to put this on?"

On the game you can choose a nekomimi, inumimi, or usamimi. I'm going with inumimi on this one.

"Hm? An inumimi? Sure... How do I look? Woof, woof~!"
"Ahaha, it really looks good on you."
"Really? Fufufu. Then, Maeda-kun should put it on too."
"Eh, me too?"
"Of course. Isn't it unfair if I'm the only one wearing it?"
"W-well then... Here, how do I look?"
"Ufufu, you look like a cute puppy."
"This is... Our first pair look, isn't it?"
"(P-pair look?) Y-yeah..."
"Maeda-kun, what do you think of pair look?"
"Umm... I don't hate or like it..."
"I see..."
"But if it's with Yunoki-san, it's fun. I like it."
"E-eh?... Fufu, then I look forward when we wear same shirt or something for our next pair look."
"(N-next time?)... S-sure. Ah, aren't you looking for a note book?"
"Oh yeah. It's because of Maeda-kun I forgot about it."
"Ahaha. Err Yunoki-san, wait a second, don't forget to put that inumimi first."
"A-Ah, right, I'm wearing it. Maeda-kun too, don't forget yours too."
"Oh yeah, I'm also wearing it, ahaha."


This is originally a sub-event of Yunoki Rina and Kanon. Kazuya goes to the rooftop to eat his lunch and he hears two girls talking not far from where he stands.

A: "Eating below the clear sky like this is so nice, isn't it Rina-senpai?"
B: "It sure is, Kanon-chan"
Kz: "Hmm, those voices are... Kanon and Yunoki-san?"

Kazuya walks toward the source of the voices.

Ka: "Oooh, Rina-senpai's lunch box seems so delicious!"
Ri: "Thank you Kanon-chan. Well then, let's eat."
Ka: "Okaa~y"
Ri: "Ah--!! Oops..."
Ka: "Eh?"
Ri: "Sa~fe. That was close *munch munch*"
Ka: "WA~WA!"
Ri: "Delicious~"
Ri: "W-what's wrong Kanon-chan?"
Kz: "Kanon? Why are you screaming?"
Ka: "Ah Niiyan, nice timing! Hear this, hear this."
Ri: "Oh, Maeda-kun."
Kz: "Hm, you're with Yunoki-san? Do you two know each other?"
Ri: "Yeah, I was introduced by Nono-chan. Sometimes they come to Cooking Club to play."
Ka: "That doesn't matter right now. Hear this Niiyan!"
Kz: "Hm?"
Ka: "Rina-senpai is eating karaage just now. And then... THAT KARAAGE FELL FROM THE CHOPSTICK, AND IT STUCKED ON SENPAI'S CLEAVAGE!!!"
Kz: "What... did you just say?!"
Ri: "Sheesh, you don't have to be so surprised."
Ka: "THERE'S NO WAY I'M NOT SURPRISED!! And then, she said it's safe, picked it up and eat it."
Ri: "Huh? Was it an out?"
Ka: "OF COURSE IT WAS AN OUT! That size... is OUTrageous!! If it were mine, I can't even make a peanut stays on mine!!"
Ri: "Kanon-chan, you don't have to be too bothered by it. Kanon-chan is still in first year so of course yours was a little bit smaller than mine whose in a second year."
Kz: "A-ahahaha..."
Ka: "I wonder if mine can grow up to be as huge as Rina-senpai's within just a year."
Kz: "That's impossible."
Ka: "That's quick!! And no hesitation too!! Shouldn't you console this little sister of yours a little?"
Kz: "Ahaha, my bad my bad. But think it this way Kanon: It's not only you who lose to Yunoki-san, the whole school loses to her. It's Yunoki-san's fault for being too big."
Ka: "Ah, I see. It's not only me who lose. I guess that's true." *in monologue tone*"
Ri: "Sh-sheesh, Maeda-kun..... L-let's continue our lunch before the break is over. Maeda-kun, why don't you join us too."
Kz: "Ah sure, thanks... Oh by the way Yunoki-san, how many karaage you have left?"
Ri: "Hmm, I have two left, what's wrong?"
Kz: "Nothing, just asking."
Ri: "Okay then, once again, let's eat~ *munch*"
Kz: "(Hmm, it's an egg roll first, I have to prepare my camera then)"
Ka: **staring at Rina**
Kz: "(Oh a karaage!)"
Kz&Ka: **staring at Rina**
Ri: "W-why are you two staring at me?"
Ka: "As a good little sister, I'm supporting my brother to witness and take another miracle event."
Ri: "Eeh?"
Kz: "Oh that's a nice cheering Kanon. KA~RA~AGE! KA~RA~AGE!!"
Ri: "Sheesh! I-I won't easily drop it again!!"


This conversation is not from a main or sub event, but happened when you choose Private segment during the Biorythm Talk at some point.

"Niiyan, your first love is Haru-chan right?"
"W-what are you asking out of nowhere?"
"C'mo~n, it's her, right? If it's Haru-chan, I will definitely support Niiyan."
"Geez... Then what about yourself? Who is your first love?"
"Mine? Of course it's Niiyan!❤"
"Sure, sure."
"Hey, I'm serious!"


Since my PSP is out of order, I couldn't replay this scene to
take the screenshot, so I had to settle with this scene
when Kanon asked Aki to lend her her glasses.

Kazuya is walking around on the hall when Kanon comes out from home economy class, wearing apron. She's asking for Kazuya's opinion.

"How is it Niiyan, my look wearing this apron? Cute, right? Do I look like a young wife?"
"Sure, sure."
"Aaah, what's with that respond!"
"You too, what are you doing showing off your appeal like that to your own brother?"
"So you want me to show and ask another boy?"
"Oooh I know! Do you prefer a naked apron look instead?"
"W-what are you saying!? How do you know something like that?"
"Sheesh, it's not a big deal. I know boys like that kind of thing, ehehe."


Kazuya is eating a bread he bought for lunch break on the rooftop when Kanon comes.

"Niiyan, how's that bread?"
"Oh Kanon. It's so-so, not really delicious but not that bad either."
"It is, isn't it. I just had that too. Do you want me to make you a lunch box for tomorrow then?"
"[Here's darling, your lunch box filled with my love]"
"Aww, don't get embarrassed, d-a-r-l-i-n-g❤"
"S-t-o-p i-t!"


This image is from "Photo Kano
Pentaprism Memory" light novel

School has ended, but it's raining. Kazuya meets Kanon on the shoes locker, both of them didn't bring umbrella and since it's already very late and the rain doesn't seem to stop anytime soon, they decide to run through it.

Arriving on the home, since they both drenched, they offered each other to go have bath first. But because neither of them didn't want to go first, Kanon suggested for them to go together like they used to be when they were little. Kazuya was against the idea, but since both of them starting to sneeze he gave up. Kazuya then went first while Kanon was changing outside.

"Niiyan, I'm going okay?"
"*gulp* O-okay."

Kanon then comes, but something surprising Kazuya.

"W-why are you wearing a swimsuit?!!"
"Huh?... AAAAH!! Did you think I'm going to be naked? Pervert Niiyan~"
"Y-you little. I'll show you!"

Kazuya then stands up suddenly from the bath.

"Police! Help me!! There's a pervert here!!"

Apparently Kazuya is also wearing his swim trunks.

"Ahahaha, so Niiyan was also thinking the same thing. As expected from siblings, we think alike."


Kanon asks Kazuya to go together to food court on shopping mall after school, saying she'll treat her something. Kanon then comes with only one soda drink, but with two straws. She says that she wants to feel what it's like to drink from the same glass like a couple with Kazuya, and although initially against her sister's embarrassing idea, Kazuya gives up.

"Ehehe, like a couple, like a couple~"
"Don't say embarrassing line like that"
"I'm so close with Niiyan's face."
"Uugh, it's so embarrassing."
"This distance... This is truly like a lovers."
"I said don't say embarrassing stuff like that!"
"Niiyan should drink too."
"It's like... We're kissing."
"*cough* You're purposedly saying that, aren't you!"
"Ehehe, like couple like a couple"


  1. few icons contains dialogue system?

    is that I got an icon of "touch" in gray

    1. The icons on dialogue/talk mode determine the topic you're talking with the girl.

      And yes, the third gray icon is "touch". On early part (when the girl's affection level is still about lv 1-4) when you touch them they will be surprised and you will talk that there's something on them. But on lv 6, when you touch them they will blushed and fine with it, even if you touch their breast XD

  2. I think you love the anime movies so much...

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  4. Do you know of any way to play these games in english w/ pc? I mean Photo Kano OreImo and others..

    1. I don't know about it, unfortunately. I heard Rinjinbu Translation is doing patch for first OreImo game, but that's as far as I know ^^a

  5. Hmm...these right here should be able to help English patch this game...?


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