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Thursday, January 2, 2014

OreImo Drama CD - Kanata Route Summary

Happy New Year guys! After lack of updates for some time (yet again), here’s a new entry for another summary, or more of almost-full translation of Oreimo, and this time it’s a drama CD that came from volume 2 of DVD/BD of the second season, about 20 minutes long. The complete title is 『俺の妹の友達の姉がこんなに可愛いわけがない』(Ore no Imouto no Tomodachi no Ane ga Konna ni Kawaii Wake ga Nai), or “My Little Sister’s Friend’s Older Sister Can’t Be This Cute”, referring to the one and only Kurusu Kanata!!

If you read my translation summary of Kanako route and/or Saori route from the Oreimo Portable Tsudzuku PSP game, you may remember that I wished for Kanata route, and this drama CD........ still didn’t deliver it, lol. So abandon ship right now if you don't want to get disappointed it's not the kind of story you expected. Anyway, I got interested after I watched the extra episodes from this DVD/BD vol 2 where Kanako and Kanata talked about this drama CD, and Kanata said that like the PSP game, it’s basically a Kanata route where Kyousuke and her met, getting to know each other, fell in love, married, and had a baby, made me took the bait. But even though it’s not really like Kanata said, the scenario was quite entertaining, maybe because I like Kanako and Kanata character after all, so I’d like to share the experience to many Oreimo fans out there of this interesting short story written by Fushimi Tsukasa himself.

Oh yeah, still have to remind you guys that my Japanese is still not improved that much even though some time has passed since the last time I wrote summary post for OreImo or Photo Kano, so I may make some mistakes here and there. But regardless, enjoy the story~!!

This story takes place when Kyousuke is in his 3rd year of high school, to be specific it’s during winter. Kyousuke says on the narration that to some people who haven’t watched the future episodes yet or who just know him up until spring, they can relax because this story won’t contain any spoiler but he just wanted to inform that on this story he has gotten along well with Kanako... kinda. One day, when Kyousuke is in the middle of studying, he receives a call from Kanako.

Knk: “Oi Kyousuke, listen, I need a life counseling from you.”
Kyo: “Life counseling? You are? From me?”
Knk: “Yup. You can’t?”
Kyo: “Not really, it's just... (How should I put it, after what happened recently, she sure recovered quickly.)* Are you fine talking about it on phone?”
Knk: “I prefer you come to my house if you can.”
Kyo: “Me? Going to your house?”
Knk: “Yup. I know you got your hands full right now, but if it's possible...”
Kyo: “I see. Fine then, when can I come over?”
Knk: “He? T-then tomorrow, I guess?”
Kyo: “OK. Then let’s meet somewhere since I don’t know where your house is.”
Knk: “Sure! By the way, you really are…..”
Kyo: “…Hm? What is it?”
Knk: “Nothing! Then it’s tomorrow, 11 AM in front of station, ok?!”

And so Kyousuke comes to the promised place the day after.

Knk: “Yo! Did you wait?”
Kyo: “Nope, I just got here too.”
Knk: “Good then. Hehe… This looks like, you know… A date, hehe!”
Kyo: “E-EH!!? A DATE?!”
Knk: “Hihihi, I’m kidding, I’m kidding! Why did you get so flustered, are you stupid?”
Kyo: “Grr…”
Knk: “Don’t get angry, let’s go!”
Kyo: “…… By the way, what’s your counseling about?”
Knk: “Actually, it’s about my big sis.”
Kyo: “Huh, you have an older sister?”
Knk: “I do. I haven’t told you yet?”
Kyo: “Hmm, now you mention it… I remember you said something along you didn’t get along with your parents and now you're living together with your older sister.”
Knk: “Yup. Hey, so you do remember! The thing is, Aneki is always feeling depressed lately, so I want to help cheer her up.”
Kyo: “Hmm, you’re such a good little sister. *sigh* If mine were as kind as you…..”
Knk: “Huh, won't Kirino cheer you up if you’re down too?”
Kyo: “If it’s Kirino, when I’m depressed she would say something that might make me angrier instead.”
Knk: “*sigh* She does have that side too, doesn’t she. But she is a good girl, you know.”
Kyo: “Hmm… (I knew she is, though). By the way, if that’s your life consultation, why do I have to come to your house?”
Knk: “If you meet Aneki you’ll know.”
Kyo: “How I suppose to understand with that answer. Errr then, what is the reason she becomes like that?”
Knk: “Well, this and that… I guess. You know, Aneki is an otaku so that one time after a meet-up she suddenly became depressed. I’m not so sure. Kyousuke you’re an otaku too, aren't you? So I’ll be helped if you can talk to Aneki. Kanako doesn’t have any otaku friend after all.”
Kyo: “(You have one very close, you know…. Though I can’t tell her that.) I understand. I can’t promise I can do anything about it but at the very least I will hear her problem.”
Knk: “Sure, thanks a ton!”
Kyo: “Ah, by the way you’re learning to cook, aren’t you? How’s the progress?”
Knk: “Ehehe, piece of cake!
Kyo: “I see. Then, how about you cook something for your older sister?”
Knk: “Huh?”
Kyo: “If she eats her little sister’s handmade cook, she will be happy, won’t she?”
Knk: “Aaah, now you mention it. But are you sure it can cheer her up?”
Kyo: “Of course she will be! As long you put your love and feeling to reach her.”
Knk: “I see. If you say that, I guess I’ll try it.”
Kyo: “Yeah, go for it!”
Knk: “Hehehe, don’t tell me that’s what you want Kirino to do when you’re in bad mood?

They then go to the supermarket first to buy groceries, and then they go to Kanako’s house.

Knk: “This is my house.”
Kyo: “Hoo. What a good-looking apartment.”
Knk: “Anekiii~ I’m home!”
Knt: “Welcome ho~me!
Knk: “I brought a friend. C’mere, let me introduce you!”
Knt: “Eh, seriously? W-w-w-wait for a second!”

Then come a girl who looks almost exactly like Kanako from the inside.

Knt: “Sorry for the wait~”
Kyo: “(She looks like a elementary grader, but I guess she IS Kanako’s older sister.)”
Knk: “This is my Aneki.”
Kyo: “Ah, errr… Nice to meet you, I’m Kousaka Kyousuke.”
Knk: “He’s not! I told you he’s just my friend, didn’t I.”
Knt: “Uwaa, a friend, a friend, huh?! Ah, sorry! My deep apologize sire, the person’s name in front of thou is Kurusu Kanata---“
Knk: “Oi, what’s with your speech pattern, it’s too weird!”
Knt: “B-because I’m panicking right now! Errr…. Kousaka Kyousuke-kun… Is it? Have we ever met before? I really feel this is not our first meet.”
Knk: “Oi, don’t hit on him on our entranceway!”
Knt: “I’m not~~ I really feel like we have met somewhere before!”
Knk: “Huuh? There’s no way something like that ever happened! Are you sure you’re not mistaking Kyousuke for your ex? I knew both of them really strike your ideal type.”
Knt: “You’re wrooo~ng!!”
Kyo: “(Hmm, this girl, maybe she is…) Ah, I think it is really not our first meeting.”
Knt: “Hueh?”
Knk: “Seriously?!”
Kyo: “Kanata-san… You were with Saori’s older sister before, weren’t you?”
Knt: “AAAH, I REMEMBER!! You were that boy with Saori back then!! I see!”
Knk: “Uee, you guys really knew each other?”
Kyo: “No, we have only met each other once.”
Knt: “Huaa, I know this already, but otaku world is really small.”
Kyo: “(Tell me about it. Who could guess the person admired by Saori is actually Kanako’s older sister.)”
Knt: “Ah sorry, p-please come in, come in. Errr…. I-is it okay if I call you Kyousuke-kun?”
Kyo: “Ah, errr… Y-yeah, sure…”
Knt: “Kyousuke-kuu~n. Ehehehe… Hyaah, this is may be the thing people calls fate.
Kyo: “E-errr… Psst, Kanako! Are you sure she is depressed? She looks really cheerful, doesn’t she?!”
Knk: “She just got cheerful now! I told you you’ll know when you two meet, didn’t I?”
Kyo: “I’ll know about what?”
Knk: “You still don’t get it? Seriously?”
Kyo: “(I heard Kanako said I’m Kanata-san’s ideal type, wasn’t that only a joke? Is there something else I didn’t notice?)… I don’t.”
Knk: “You are really something. Seriously unbelievable.”
Kyo: “Oi! Is that supposed to be a compliment?”
Knk: “Nope, I’m making fun of you~
Kyo: “G-grrr, this brat…”
Knt: “Hey hey, what are you doing you two? Come on, let’s get inside! I’m going to show Kyousuke-kun’s my works!
Knk: “Yeah yeah. C’mon, she calls us.”

Kyousuke then goes to the living room where he notices some stuff like a lot of paper with drawing and comic panels on it, desktop PC, and also he sees a lot of anime posters and figurines he knew on a room.

Kyo: “D-don’t tell me, Kanata-san, your job is…”
Knt: “Yup, a mangaka! Didn’t you already hear from Saorin-shi?”
Kyo: “I-I did, but I just didn’t know you are one of the big shots. And on top of that, it’s already become an anime!”
Knk: “What is it again, Mascara?”
Knt: “MASCHERA!! HOW MANY TIMES ARE YOU GOING TO MAKE THAT MISTAKE! You should at least remember the work of your beloved big sis, shouldn’t you?”
Knk: “That’s impossible, I’m not interested on that stuff after all. So Kyousuke, go talk with Aneki for a minute, I’m gonna get you some juice.”
Kyo: “O-okay.”
Knt: “Kyousuke-kun, c’mere c’mere. Please sit, please sit.

And so Kyousuke sits on the sofa and talk to his little sister’s friend’s older sister.

Kyo: “(What’s with this situation.)”
Knt: “Hey he~y. Kyousuke-kun, do you have a girlfriend?”
Kyo: “Waa!! W-why are sitting next to me?”
Knt: “Eeh, it’s fine, isn’t it? Ah~ Don’t tell me, your heart’s throbbing because Onee-chan’s sitting next to you?
Kyo: “(I’m not, it’s just it’s going to be troublesome if Kanako sees us like this.)”
Knt: “Kana-chan said you’re just her friend, but are you guys really not going out?”
Kyo: “We’re not, really.”
Knt: “Hmm, I see. This is the first time Kanako brought a boy friend home so I was like, “HE MUST BE HER BOYFRIEEEEND!!” for a moment there.”
Kyo: “That’s surprising. I actually imagined Kanako has a lot of male friends.”
Knt: “Ahaha, nope nope. Even if she’s looks like that, Kana-chan is actually suuu~per mean to opposite gender
Knk: “OI! What did you say about me? I can hear it!!”
Knt: “Ah! Kana-chan, I’m fine with orange juice~”
Knk: “Water should be enough for you!!”
Kyo: “(Does Kanako really mean to opposite gender?)… Ah, now you mention it, I think it’s true. When we just met for the first time, she said, “Don't get too close and talk to me, you creep!”to me after all. I thought, “What’s with this annoying brat”, but then a lot of stuffs happened and---”
Knt: “Ohoo, I see, I see Please elaborate the “a lot of stuffs” if you don’t mind, Kyousuke-shi. I really like to hear it.”
Kyo: “(What’s with that speech that sounds like Saori…. Oh wait, it’s actually Saori who imitated her, didn’t she.)… S-sure. Me and Kanako met last summer, it was when my little sister brought some of her friends home---“

Kyousuke then tells Kanata a lot of things that happened between him and Kanako. From the first time when Kanako thought Kyousuke is so plain, the first time Kanako cosplayed as Meruru, the time when Kanako was with Bridgette, and so on.

Knt: “I see. Hmm. So that’s it.”
Kyo: “What are you talking about?”
Knt: “You know, lately Kana-chan seems has changed and become kinder---“
Knk: “Geez, stop it! What were you guys talking about?! Here, water for you!”
Knt: “Uwaa, you really bring me water. I take it back, you’re not that kind~”
Knk: “Here’s for you Kyousuke.”
Kyo: “Oh, thanks.”
Knk: “Even though it’s worrisome, but talk some more with Aneki, will you? I have to prepare lunch.”
Knt: “He? What did you mean by preparing lunch?”
Knk: “Hm? I'm saying I’m going to cook for us, what about it?”
Knt: “Cooking? Kana-chan is?”
Knk: “Oi, do you have problem with that? Huh?”
Knt: “I don’t, but….. Can you cook?”
Kyo: “She can.”
Knt: “Eh?”
Kyo: “She can, you know. Right?”
Knk: “Y-yeah. Leave it to me. W-well then.”
Knt: “Hmmmmm~”
Kyo: “I-Is something’s wrong? Your face is too close.”
Knt: “Not really~~ It’s just, Kyousuke-kun sounds more like Kana-chan’s big brother than me, it irritates me a bit.”
Kyo: “What are you talking about. If you say something like that it will make her sad, you know. She cooks lunch to cheer you up after all.”
Knt: “Seriously? She does?”
Kyo: “Yes. She asked me for a consultation to cheer you up, and that’s reason I was brought here in the first place…. Ah! I probably shouldn’t tell you about this.”
Knt: “… That’s not true. Thank you for telling me. Hehe. I see. This is not time for me to get so depressed, is it.”
Kyo: “Yeah. I can understand because I also have a little sister.”
Knt: “Ah, that’s what I thought!... Ah, sorry for changing the topic, but...”
Kyo: “Yes?”
Knt: “Kyousuke-kun, are you Saori-chan’s boyfriend?”
Knt: “Because…. You were with Saori-chan before, so I thought you are.”
Kyo: “Errr, is it because I was with Saori when she was in herself, her shy true self?”
Knt: “Yup. So, are you really her boyfriend?”
Kyo: “I’m not. Saori is… a person who I and my little sister looked up to, as well as our best friend.”
Knt: “You know, it’s very surprising to me to know that that shy Saori-chan has become a great person and looked up by others.”
Kyo: “Yeah. She had done many things for me and my little sister, we owe her so much that I don’t think I can repay her ever, hehe.”
Knt: “Ahaha. I see, I see. To me, Saori-chan is like my own little sister so I got worried, but now I’m relieved once again. And now, what left is for her to reconcile with Kaori.”
Kyo: “Kaori-san is… Saori’s big sister, isn’t she?”
Knt: “Yup, she is. Those two are really in bad terms. Saori really hates Kaori.”
Kyo: “(Just like me and Kirino before.)… Kaori-san came half-heartedly to Saori’s birthday party too, right? But, I heard they already made up on Christmas?”
Knt: “They got in fight again.”
Kyo: “Seriously?”
Knt: “That was the big sis’s fault.”
Kyo: “Really?”
Knt: “Yeah, yeah. Kaori is actually super siscon big sister who really, really loves Saori sooo much, but she can’t be honest and always act like a jerk in front of Saori instead. It's because Kaori is stupid.”
Kyo: “(Uaah, it’s so hurt)”**
Knt: “Hmm, what do you think we can do so they can make up for good, Kyousuke-kun?”
Kyo: “Let’s see… How about making them play eroge together?”
Knt: “NO WAY! Where’s that absurd idea even came from?”
Kyo: “(That’s how the siblings from my house made up though.)… So that’s not good?”
Knt: “Of course. Rather, you weren’t joking?”
Kyo: “Hmm… Then, I guess in the end we have to make them talk it through. Just the two of them.”
Knt: “Make them talk privately?”
Kyo: “Yep. Outsiders like us can’t really do much I think, because it’s the problem between the two of them.”
Knt: “I see, nya~ To tell you the truth that’s what I thought too. While Kaori is still on Japan, I should set the stage for them.”
Kyo: “That’s nice. Please tell me if there’s something I can do. If it’s to help Saori, I’ll do anything it takes!”
Knt: “Sure, I’m countin’ on you!... Hey hey, Kyousuke-kun.”
Kyo: “Yes?”
Knt: “If you’re fine with it….Will you go out with Onee-san?
Kyo: “Of course, it’s okay.”
Knt: “Really?”
Kyo: “Yeah! Where will we go to?”
Knt: “Hueh?”
Kyo: “Heh?”
Knt: “…… Errr, Kyousuke-kun, what are you talking about?”
Kyo: “Eh? Aren’t we talking about helping Kaori-san and Saori make up?”
Kyo: “U-Ueh?!!”
Knk: “So noisy, what are you guys even talking about?”
Knt: “KANA-CHAAA~N!! Kyousuke-kun is sooo~ dense. Right now, I feel like a passionate love comedy heroine.”
Knk: “Sure sure. Just don’t get too noisy with a boy much younger than you.”
Kyo: “Y-yes?”
Kyo: “B-basically…”
Kyo: “EEHH?”
Knt: “In the first place, the main reason why I felt so depressed was when I met a new friend, a scriptwriter girl of Meruru, ah do you know about Meruru? Stardust Witch Meruru?”
Kyo: “Y-yeah…”
Knt: “That Meruru writer, that stinky writer, said this to me, “Eeeeh? Yamanashi-sensei still doesn’t have boyfriend? Even though it’s about time for Valentine? How saaa~d”. And then I went, “WHAT ARE YOU EVEN SAYING, DAMN ITTT!!! BASTARD!! I’LL DEFINITELY GET ME A YOUNGER, MORE HANDSOME BOYFRIEND THAN YOURS, YOU’LL SEE!! I’LL FIND IT BEFORE VALENTINE YOU’LL SEE!! BUT I JUST REALIZED I COULDN’T, FUGOGOGOGOGO, WHAT SHOULD I DOOOO??!!!!”. That was it more or less, fuuh, do you get it?”
Kyo: “Ah, errr.. Yeah, I think.”
Knt: “So, you will help me with this Valentine boyfriend problem~
Kyo: “Ah, Kanata-san so you want me---“
Knt: “Oh, you get it?
Kyo: “You want me to find you a boy for that, right?”
Knt: “…. *sigh* Seriously? I never thought he was already at this level-- Ah screw it. Kyousuke-kun, will you go on a date with me on Valentine?
Kyo: “Aah, sorry but I already have a plan that day with my little sister.”
Knt: “BADUUUUM~!!!........ E-Ehehe, I’m so sorry for suddenly ask for something impossible.”
Kyo: “Ah no, me too, I apologize.”
Knk: “Ahaha, you just got rejected, didn’t you, Aneki? C’mon, the lunch is ready so c’mere and eat!”
Knk: “Uwaaa-wa! Hey don’t cling to me, you’re going to make me drop the food, hey!!!”

And so after that, the three of them have lunch together. Later that night, Kyousuke said that this is something he wants to keep from Kirino, he had a weird dreams about marrying Kanata and they have a daughter.

Knt: “Kyousuke-kun~ I wuf you

Kyousuke thinks that if he introduces Kanata as his girlfriend to Kirino, Kirino will yell at him for a sexual harassment. And lastly, he thinks if he met Kanata earlier, his path may become different than the one he’s walking right now and may lead to other possible future he didn’t know, like this dream of marrying Kanata he just had.


That's it. Did you enjoy it? Like usual, you may not have the full enjoyment just reading the summary, because really, Rie Kugimiya was great in my opinion on this drama CD, she really perfect for Kanata. The part where she raged with Kyousuke's denseness and when she let out her stress were really awesome, I could hear those parts over and over and it will still make me smile. But I did disappointed just a little bit because Kanata on the Extra episode was (half)lied about this being Kanata route like the PSP game, haha. Okay then, see you on the next post~~

*  = I’m not really sure what Kyousuke meant, I think he meant Kanako’s confession so this story takes place probably after Kanako's confession but before the final exam. Because hen he was living alone, it was for mock exam, wasn't it? Hence he still needs to study on this part. I don't know when the final exam was supposed to happen, but according to this story that Kyousuke already knew Kaori and Saori had made up on Christmas, so it's probably after Christmas. The reason I bother to about the timeline is just in case people's wondering if this story can be considered canon or not.

** = The literal translation of Kyousuke’s dialogues here is “Uaa, that stings my ears”, an expression that more or less mean it hurts the listener because the stuffs said by the other person is actually the exact same stuff the listener does or did. On this case how Kyousuke is also a siscon who loves Kirino but rarely show it in front of her and act the other way most of the time instead, just like Kaori does to Saori.


  1. Happy New Year!

    Thanks a trillion for your Kanata route to wrap up your great Kanako one! Are you considering the Sword Art Online too? I'm hunting for any info on the Leafa route in Sword Art Online: Infinity Moment - Leafa Ending! Thanks for any hints and keep up the very entertaining site!



    1. You're welcome ^^

      As for Sword Arts Online, I don't even watch the show save for the Extra Episode, so I don't think I'm interested enough to play and write summary for the game, sorry ^^a

  2. No problem! You replied and that's 90% more than you get from a lot of bloggers! Thanks! BTW, what's the bloody story going on with Meruru there??

    1. I got the image from Oreimo HD PS3 game CG pack, since this drama CD didn't came with any picture. I used some Kanata pictures from the season 2 anime as well there. As for the story why Kanako's coughing blood there, I don't know since I don't own PS3 and I can't play the game :(

  3. wow, drama CD review?
    Bookmark first, read later. :3

    I hope you'll write Ayase Drama CD from bonus CD Vol.1 as well(hoping). :p
    You must try it too. :)

    1. Vol 1's drama CD is about Ayase too? Didn't know about that. There's Ayase drama CD on vol 3 but Ayase part wasn't that much and it's not that satisfying (for me, as Ayase fan, lol). Do you have link for that? The torrents I found don't have much seeders anymore >.<

    2. There's a drama cd about ayase on bonus CD vol 3 too? wow, that's great.
      It doesn't matter as long as Ayase's on it (lol), i should download it. :3

      If you're Ayase's fan, you must download bonus cd vol 1, it's worth(at least for me).
      Ayase's part is a lil' bit long, it's around 4-5 minutes, it's funny, but i still need to improve my japanese so i can understand the entire dialogue.
      It's title is "Love Touch 2, Ore no Kanojo no Zokuhen ga Hatsubai Sareru wake ga Nai." if i'm not mistaken.

      Oh link, i have one, try this one, it had 12 seeders.

      Or you can try to search ddl link at anime-mp3, animeost, or hikarinoakari.

    3. Thanks so much!

      I've listened to it, and I agree it was pretty hilarious! I'll probably do the translation for the first drama CD (the one with Ayase), but I'm afraid since it more dialogues that I didn't know what it means, I probably won't do as detailed as this one ^^a

  4. Nice, really good. Found this a while ago and I thought I should add here that I used this translation to sub with the actual Drama CD on YT (you got credit in the video and in the description). Well, my crappy edits with google translate may ruined some phrases for the untranslated parts, but thanks for the translation for the most part of the CD. I enjoyed it. :3


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