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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

[FiguReview]SIC Kiwami-Tamashii Kamen Rider Kuuga Rising Ultimate

SIC Kiwami-Tamashii was known for its habit to releases character which already has the normal SIC released, but lately this line releases new figure which normal SIC version hasn't released yet, and this one is included, though technically there's normal SIC version of Rising Ultimate Kuuga for SIC Hero Saga magazine story material but the figure itself is never released for public. So here it is, the upgraded final form of Kuuga with all its glories. No fear, no pain~!!

SIC Kiwami-Tamashii Kamen Rider Kuuga Rising Ultimate
December 8th 2012 | 1575 yen | Bandai

Character History
This form of Kamen Rider Kuuga is unique to Kamen Rider Decade incarnation of the said hero, marked his debut on All Rider vs Daishocker movie. Referencing original Kuuga which has 'Rising' upgraded form of all its 4 default forms, Yuusuke Onodera, Decade version of Kuuga got this form when High Priestess Bishium, which was Decade's little sister, used Stone of Earth power to unlock Kuuga's final potential, turning Yuusuke into Rising Ultimate Kuuga. At first, Yuusuke was under Bishium's control and his eyes were black, but when he finally regained control of himself the eyes turned red, another reference to original Kuuga and its Ultimate form. After said movie, Rising Ultimate Kuuga made a comeback on Movie War 2012 movie via Decade's power.

Packaging is the same, new Kiwami-Tamashii packaging since Kuuga Mighty. Dominated by black color and some gold, it really represents Rising Ultimate. The difference between Rising Ultimate's box and Kuuga Mighty (and Decade)'s is Rising Ultimate's thinner. And why's that? Move on to the next segment.

Set Content
Considering the same price tag with Kuuga Mighty and Decade, you may be disappointed because this is all you get from the set:
  • Kuuga Rising Ultimate figure
  • 1 interchangeable head part for Black Eyes version
  • 1 pair of interchangeable hand part
  • 1 thumb-up pose right hand part
  • 1 'Chou Henshin' pose right hand part
  • 1 belt part

Rising Ultimate looks great and better in the SIC form. The over-the-top design really suits SIC monstrous design better than the actual bulky suit. The details on the armor are also amazing and very awesome for a figure that stands only about 11 cm tall. Yeah, unfortunately Rising Ultimate still suffers from shorter height illness that started from Kuuga Mighty.

The shoulder armor, on the other news, does limit the arm movement, unfortunately, but Rising Ultimate is the kind of figure which looks superb even if you only display him standing normally, to be fair. He looks THAT good, I tell you, he even has the Kuuga logo sculpted on its right bottom feet, just as Kuuga Mighty. Buuut, there's sculpt problem that I think it's better to write it on Articulation segment, but for now on, we're proceeding to other first.

The paint quality is also good, though I have to admit my pictures here don't do it justice. Both the black and yellow/gold part are done well, but the horn seems shinier than the rest of gold parts on the body, making it little bit weird.

On the other hand the clear compound eyes, especially the red colored is awesome. But unfortunately, there's a paint defect on my figure, a gold paint is ruining the right eyes of the Red Eye head, and even if it's small but it's really noticeable. Hopefully yours don't come with any kind of defect.

Now here comes the bad news, the articulation is quite bad. Not to the point it's suck badly, but compared to most previously released Kiwami-Tamashii, it isn't as good. First is because of the shoulder armor blocking arm movement so it can't be raised 180', though it can't still be moved sideways almost 90'.

The second miss is it's very, VERY hard to move the swivel joint on its bicep. It's very hard to the point I'm not sure if it has one, because the feeling I get when I moved it is, it feels like it will breaks apart. And the fragility of right knee joint make things worse. The peg drops easily like it's not properly put. Lastly, Rising Ultimate lacks of ab joint so the stomach can't be crouched, making Rider Kick pose isn't as natural as other whom have ab joint. The rest of joint movements are mostly the same as other Kiwami-Tamashii.

As you can see above, Rising Ultimate only comes with standard accessory, saves for the interchangeable head. No effect part, no weapon (since he doesn't use/has any), or no special Tamashii Stage.

The head part can be removed pretty easily. Not like Decade which has square peg, Rising Ultimate here is the normal ball joint neck. Simply remove it without using too much force and replace with the other head to adjust which version of Rising Ultimate you want to display.

The belt part can be equipped if you don't want to use Tamashii Stage on its back, so the hole on its belt can be hidden. Yes, even if it doesn't come with any stand, but Rising Ultimate can be connected with Tamashii Stage the same way as Kuuga Mighty and Decade.

Let's start with the good Red Eye...

Then comes the evil Black Eye...

Using effect part. Though it's not perfectly placed, but Rising Ultimate can use Kuuga Mighty's Mighty Kick effect =D

Yuusuke and Tsukasa...

Lastly, the double Kuuga...

End Verdict
Sure Rising Ultimate looks awesome with its sculpt, but the paint defect and poor articulation makes me have to reduce my overall point for him. But again, for your second thought, this is one of Kiwami-Tamashii figure which normal SIC counterpart hasn't been announced for public release yet, so you may consider getting this little beast.


  1. Nice review. I'm not a fan of the Rising Ultimate but I'll still bought him because it's Kuuga, one of my favorite Heisei Rider.

    But there is one thing that is not good...
    It's his height. He's still short, even though the Ultimate Form should be taller than that.

    Like with the picture with Kuuga and Decade, it doesn't feel right that Kuuga is shorter.

    1. So do I. Not a fan of Rising Ultimate but since this doesn't have the normal SIC counterpart, for me the value is.... rising. Pun intended XP

      As for the height. Yeah it a shame since Kuuga Mighty they reduce the height, and it's very noticeable when we display it with other KTs >.<

  2. Yeah.

    And do you plan on getting his other 3 form?

    1. Definitely not. The effect parts are quite tempting, but since it's Tamashii Web exclusive, it's too pricey for me. I used to being completist on KT line, I even bought that DX Den-Liner Set, but after that SHF and Figma swayed me away from KT line so now I only strive to complete the main Rider, and other character/form I really like.

      I still waiting for them to release Ibuki. It's very frustrating for me as Hibiki fan, the main trio (or quartet, since Zanki is there too) cannot be completed without Ibuki >.<


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