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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Photo Kano - Misumi Tomoe Route Summary

Hi guys, today I'm doing another summary from game. Not OreImo anymore, I'm doing Photo Kano now. You probably know that I love this series, so I want to share the love to everyone since the anime will air about 3 months from now.

The route I'm doing now is Misumi Tomoe. She is the first of 3 hidden characters on the game. A quiet, introverted girl who hate to stands out and thinking she's just a plain girl. If you read the translation of Photo Kano Sweet Snap by Pretty Anon, on one of the April Extras there is one chapter that focusing on her.

I must say based on her looks and brief personality summary, she's not my type of 2D girl, but after I play her route, the story was great and it involved more about camera compared to most of other girls's route, put the "photo" on Photo Kano. I should warn you this will contains spoiler for the anime, even though I don't know if the anime will cover her route but both Tomoe and her seiyuu are already confirmed for the anime.

Now I will only cover the main events (with 3 after-school date events), since Photo Kano is not a visual novel but love simulation, there are many sub-events and dialogues during the talk segments which too much for me to cover, thus maybe the relationship development on my summary will feel too fast and unnatural.  Luckily, unlike the 6 original heroines, Tomoe only has 1 story doesn't matter the club you choose, but on this summary I choose Photo Club. Oh, and the MC name can be changed to anything, but on my summary I'll use the default name, Kazuya Maeda, even though on the screen cap pictures I use here the name changed to "Anki" because I use my own name on my game, so bear with it XP

Well then, that's about it for the introduction, enjoy the summary =D

Misumi Tomoe
(CV: Miyuki Sawashiro)

During summer holiday, Kazuya Maeda get a new DSLR camera from his father, so when the new semester starts he decides to take it to the school to see if he can find photography interesting.

On the evening of the first day of new semester, Maeda goes back to the classroom after looking for interesting pictures. When he enters the class, he notices there’s still one person inside.  That person is his classmate, Misumi Tomoe. The girl is sitting not on her seat, but on Niimi Haruka’s. Even more, Maeda hears that Tomoe is crying. Tomoe then realizes she isn’t alone anymore.

To breaks the ice, Maeda asks what Tomoe’s doing this late but she just plainly answer she had something to do. Tomoe then asks Maeda not to tell anyone, especially Haruka, that she just sat on Haruka’s seat. Maeda asks out of curiosity and Tomoe says she will tell the reason so Maeda keeps his mouth shut, even though Maeda isn’t planning to tell anyone in the first place.

Tomoe says it’s because she wants to be Haruka.

“It’s laughable, isn’t it? But she is pretty, kind, really good at tennis, smart, and popular with everyone… So by sitting on her seat, seeing the world just like she sees it…. Maybe even I can understand how it feels to be like her… Or so I thought. But, it’s completely useless. Rather, I begin to think all the things I don’t have and the things she has… I became envious, and the tears came out. I’m so mean, aren’t I? After all kind things she did to me all this time.”

But Maeda says that he understand what Tomoe feels. Tomoe doesn’t believe Maeda at first, and then Maeda tells that he really does. Maeda is Haruka’s childhood friend which back then was a tomboy little girl who like to play soccer together with boys but now Haruka grows up to be such beautiful, girly, smart, and popular person, creating gap between her and Maeda, so he does understand what Tomoe feels.

“I didn’t know Maeda-kun had to get through and feel something painful like that too… We are, the same, aren’t we?”
“Yeah, we are.”
“By the way, can you keep this conversation secret between us?”
“Of course.”

The next day, there’s still 10 minutes before class started, Maeda wants to buy drink first and walks toward the back door of the class, he then bumps with Tomoe who just came.

Maeda notices that Tomoe always use the back door every time and asks her why, and Tomoe says she just prefer using the rear door since there’s nothing good happen by standing out using front door. She then excuses herself to her seat.

Maeda can relates and understands her reason since he also thinks the same, nothing good coming from being stand out, but since the position of the locker to the main door of their class is closer, he never takes extra steps all the way just to comes from back door and not to be stand out like Tomoe did.

Afternoon homeroom class just ended, and with only 1 class remaining the student is on break. Maeda sees Tomoe’s walking out from class. Noticing that Tomoe always going out by herself on break, Maeda follows him. Tomoe is sitting on side stair outside while reading. Tomoe is surprise to see Maeda since usually there is hardly any people going to the side stair. Maeda admits that he follows Tomoe.

“So you’re always come here?”
“Because I…. like to read book here.”
“Why you didn’t read it on the class?”
“Because reading a book on the class while on the break will make me stand out. There’s nothing good to be stand out, and I hate to be tempered by other people.”
“Like when people asking, “What are you reading?” or “So you like to read those kinds of book?”… I hate when people asks something like that. If possible, I prefer they leave me be.”
“(That’s close. I almost ask her those questions.)”

Maeda then asks Tomoe if it’s okay to take her picture, since the setting is perfect for good picture and it feels really match Tomoe’s personality. Tomoe fine with it and so Maeda takes her picture. Since it’s the first time for Maeda to be on the side stair, he comments that the place is great. Tomoe agrees, since no one came and she likes to be alone. Realizing that he’s bothering Tomoe enough, Maeda then excuses himself.

“This is, my spot. If you want a not stand out place like this, can you please find another spot?”
“I-I understand.”

 Class 2-B just finished PE class. On the shoe lockers, Maeda sees Tomoe who just comes inside the building. The PE class was separated, the girls were doing soft ball outside while the boys were doing basket on the gym. Maeda notices that Tomoe’s loosen her shirt to hide the bloomers, she says she wears it that way because it’s embarrassing and doesn’t want anyone to see her. Maeda asks her to take her picture instead.

“Is hiding the bloomer, on the contrary is making me stand out?”
“Yeah, I guess.”
“Then, I’ll stop hiding it…”

But before she does it…

“Mmm… But still, showing my bloomer feels embarrassing so I’ll keep it this way.”

Tomoe agrees for Maeda to take her picture anyway. After that, she excuses herself to get change to the normal uniform for next class.

School just ends, and there’s heavy rain. Thinking the rain will last long and it’s already dark out there, Maeda decides to run through it. Half way, he’s already losing his breath so he stops for a while. He then notices there’s someone sitting on the river side, it’s Tomoe.

Tomoe is staring at her reflection on the river, and doing many expressions Maeda never seen, like pouting, angry, smiling, and laughing.

“What are you doing, Misumi-san?”

Tomoe is really surprised that Maeda sees the whole thing, but she tells him anyway.

“It’s… I was thinking my face is really plain. At first, I was hearing the sound of water from rain dropping into the river, but then I started to look at the reflection of my face on the river. Even with this plain face, if I can make many expression maybe I can be more cheerful. Maybe I can…… grow to like my own face.”
“But you did able to make many interesting expressions.”
“Nnn, please forget what you’ve seen.”
“I wonder if I can…”
“I-I understand. I’ll try as hard as I can to forget.”
“Thank you.”
“So you don’t like it? I mean, your face.”
“Yes. I hate it. This plain face.”

Maeda then asks if Tomoe likes rain, since she’s sitting nearby the river just to hear its sound.

“Yes, I like it. The city becomes… peaceful. The sky becomes dark. I like hearing the sound of the rain on the riverside.”
“Ah sorry, I make you listen to me speaking while it’s raining. You don’t bring an umbrella, do you?”
“Yeah. Ah but it’s fine if it’s only this much.”
“Do you want to…. Use mine together?”
“Is that okay?”
“When other people see us, won’t we stand out?”
“It’s…. my thanks for listening me to me. It’s strange… If it’s Maeda-kun, I feel I can talk to you…”
“I also don’t like to stands out, so maybe that’s why. Ah, here let me grab the umbrella.”

When Maeda tries to take the umbrella from Tomoe, their hands touch each other, and they become flustered. After that, they walk through the rain together.

One day at an intermission, Maeda notices Tomoe isn’t on the class, so he asks Haruka. Haruka tells Maeda that Tomoe isn’t feeling well, she gets anemia so Haruka took her to infirmary. Haruka thinks Tomoe is still sleeping so for now they should just let her rest. But Maeda can’t calm down so he decides to go to the infirmary to see Tomoe with his own eyes.

When he’s inside, Tomoe is already wakes up.

“Is it fine for you to stand up already?”
“Eh? Maeda-kun… Yeah, my head is still hurt a little bit but I’m fine. Why are you here?”
“Niimi-san told me you’re here.”
“I see. So you realized? That I wasn’t at class?”
“At the middle of class, if someone’s not there of course the other classmate will notice.”
“No. If it’s me, they won’t. No one other than you noticed, didn’t they?”
“I’m such a plain person. I’m not standing out, people won’t realize even if I’m not there. It’s better for me if they don’t notice me anyway.
“It makes me feel at ease. I started become like that since I’m on middle school, so it becomes a habit now.”
“But I realized you weren’t there.”
“Yes. That’s why…. I was surprised. It’s the same with Niimi-san. She noticed I felt sick and then she brought me here. I have to thanks her after this.”
“Niimi….-san always like to take care of other people. She always like that since we were kids.”
“I see. She is pretty…. Understanding…. Kind… She’s really a bright person.”
“…….. By the way, do you get anemia often?”
“My body isn’t that strong. My big and little sister are energetic, it’s only me who easily get sick.”
“Big and little sister? So you’re 3 person siblings?”
“Yes. My big sister is really a responsible girl so she’s assertive, while my little sister is cute and nice to people. While I’m….. not really assertive or nice, that’s why even on the house I’m just thin like an air. A trivial existence, whether I’m there or not.”
“Ah, sorry! I make you listen to boring story like this.”
“It’s okay. You know, it’s similar to my condition. I also have a little sister, her name is Kanon and she also student here on class 1-B. She always smiles and energetic, sometimes I also think I want to let out my energy like her.”
“Fufufu. We…. Really are similar, aren’t we.”

The bell for next lesson is ringing. Maeda then says he will back to class while Tomoe will stay at the infirmary a little longer until she heals completely. Before he goes, Maeda promises Tomoe to take note so she can copy it.

Day after that, on lunch time Maeda gets ready to go have a lunch on cafeteria but Tomoe goes to his seat and asks him to follow her. Tomoe brings Maeda to her spot on the side stair. There, she gives back Maeda’s note book she lent when she had to rest at infirmary.

“Is it troubling you when I have to lend your note book?”
“It’s okay. I rarely read it anyway.”
“Fufu, I thought so. Your note is mostly white.”

After that, Tomoe gives another thing to Maeda. It’s cupcakes, her token of thanks to Maeda for lending her his note book.

“I often bake cupcakes. It’s easy and not takes too long to make.”
“Thank you. Can I eat these right away?”
“It’s okay… Just don’t have high expectation.”
“(munching)… Oh! This is good!”
“It’s okay if you want to tell the truth.”
“No, it really is delicious! (munching)”
“I see. Thank God.”
“What’s on the inside?”
“Blueberry. It’s good for eyes. Maeda-kun always looks from the camera to take picture after all, so I thought your eyes will get tired.”
“Ah…. Thank you.”
“It’s okay. I also like Blueberry, since I want my eyesight to get better.”
“Is your eyesight bad?”
“About 0.7. It’s little bit hard for me to see things from distance.”
“Why don’t you just wear glasses?”
“I dislike it… If I’m wearing it, it feels I’ll be more plain than I am now.”
“How about contact lens?”
“It’s scary to think of putting something on my eyes. All of my family has good eyesight, that’s why I don’t want to let them know it’s only me who has a bad one.”
“I hate when I’m being compared to my big and little sister. My parents will probably disappointed when it’s only me who has bad eyesight.”
“I see. Ah, I feel bad if I’m only the one eating. Want to eat it together?”
“Eh? Yes, thank you. (munching) Un, it’s baked well.”

After that, both of them eat cupcakes together until the break’s over.

After school, Maeda asks Tomoe to go home together and she agrees. Before parting way, Maeda asks Tomoe to go somewhere like shopping mall, and again she agrees. Tomoe says that she never went to this shopping mall because she doesn’t like crowded place, and when Maeda thinks to go somewhere else she will enjoy, Tomoe says that since she’s not alone she wants to look around. Tomoe doesn’t really into fashion when Maeda asks if she wants to look for clothes, so they go to a variety shop selling cute items popular with girls.

After looking for Ahogeappi goods, they go to the party corner. Tomoe sees a nekomimi on cosplay goods section and says it is cute. Maeda then asks Tomoe to try to wear it. Tomoe wonders if she can be more cheerful by putting it, and Maeda says she’s already cheerful enough, making her flustered. Tomoe then wears it.

“How is it?”
“Great! It suits you very much!”
“N-no way…”
“(Shutter chance!)”
“Ah, please don’t take picture…”
“It’s fine. C’mon, say “nyaaa~n” for me.”
“Geez…. N-nyaaa~n”
“See this. It looks good on you, isn’t it? You look cute.”
“T-there’s no way!... B-but, thank you for your compliment. And thanks for brought me here, it was fun.”

One day, Maeda is walking around the swimming pool, when wind blows brings a towel with it. Not a long after that, Tomoe comes. It was Tomoe’s towel. Maeda gives Tomoe back her towel, but he then looks at Tomoe, who’s wearing swimsuit, quite intensely.

“W-what? Why are you looking at me like that?”
“Ah, n-no… I was thinking….. School’s swimsuit is…. Plain, isn’t it?”
“Because it’s me wearing it, it’s plain?”
“No, I didn’t mean it that way. The school’s swimsuit itself is plain, but by plain it doesn’t mean it’s not pretty. Misumi-san is….. You’re not plain as you think you are. You’re….. pretty… If you ask me.”
“When you compare yourself with me. I don’t look that masculine nor tall. No matter how you look, I’m more suitable to be called plain. But Misumi-san isn’t like that. You have….. charm.”
“Sorry to put it bluntly like that, it must be bothering you.”
“You sure are…”
“My bad.”
“Err…. Can I….. Take one picture of you right now?”
“T-that’s the reason you complimented me?”
“O-OF COURSE NOT! My compliment is honest. If any, that’s why I want to take picture of you.”
“No way. This is too embarrassing for me.”
“(Uugh, but shutter chance like this is…)”

Maeda takes her picture anyway.

“G-geez. I told you don’t take it!... But thank you for picking up my towel.”

After school ends, Maeda decides to go home early so he goes straight to shoes locker. When he opens his locker, there’s a envelope on it. He was very excited because he thinks it’s a love letter.

[Please come meet me at the rooftop right now. There’s something important I want to tell you.   –Tomoe]
“Tomoe? Tomoe…. Ah, Misumi-san! Wait, this ‘something important’. Don’t tell me!!!”

Maeda then rushes to the rooftop. There, Tomoe is waiting for him.

“Maeda-kun… You come.”
“Of course. I dashed my way here.”
“Thank you. If it’s Maeda-kun, I’m sure you won’t leave me out.”
“I won’t. There’s no way I’ll ever do that.”
“Yes… Thank you.”
“So… What’s the important thing you want to tell?”
“That’s…. T-there, look at the sky! The cloud becomes red because of the sunset, it’s pretty.”
“Eh?.... Ah, right. It’s pretty.”
“Soon….. Summer will end, right. It will be autumn soon.”
“Ah, I’ll take one picture of the clouds.”

Maeda realizes that Tomoe isn’t looking at the sunset like him.

“E, eh? Aren’t you looking at the sunset?”
“I always looked at you.”
“I-I see… How should I put it, to be looked at like that, it makes me embarrassed.”
“Maeda-kun is cool.”
“Before, Maeda-kun said that you thought of yourself as a normal, plain guy. But you’re not. I think… you’re cool.”
“Misumi-san… H-having someone told me that I’m cool, it’s the first time for me.”
“Me too. It’s…. My first time someone told me I’m pretty.”
“We really are look alike, after all.”
“We are, fufufu…”
“Maeda-kun. I’m… I have something I have to tell you. I never thought I’ll have this kind of feeling… That’s why… I have something important to tell….. For you only.”
“(Gulp)… W-what is it…”
“I…… I……… I will….. have to transfer.”
“……….. Hmm? W-what is it again?”
“I will… transfer out.”
“W-what are you saying all of the sudden? Don’t joke around.”
“No, it’s the truth. After the school festival ends, I…”
“EH!? S-school festival? It’s very soon, isn’t it!!”
“A-are you really going to transfer out from this school?”
“… Yeah.”
“N-no way… Just after we….”
“Because of my father’s job, every 2 or 3 years, my family will move out to other town. That’s why, since I was a kid, it’s been countless time for me already… That’s why… No matter which school I attended too… I don’t want to stand out… I feel I don’t need to make friend… I have to be careful… Because I know…. Parting away is really painful…. But despite that… You who always look after me. You who made me not feeling alone.”
“Every time I’m with you, I… I feel comfortable.”
“… It’s the same for me.”
“I want to be friend with you.”
“What’s with ’want to be’… We’re already friends, aren’t we?”
“Of course!”
“I’m so happy… It’s been so long since I’ve made friends. Since on the 2nd grade when I first had to transfer. Will you…. Accompany me until I move out?”
“Of course! Rather, let me accompany you! And then… And then… Aaargh!! What should I do!!”
“Just act like the usual. Don’t change and treat me specially because I’m going to transfer.”

Maeda then remember the first time he found Tomoe’s spot, where she said she doesn’t want to stand out and for people to leave her be.

“You…. Want me to leave you be?”
“I…. Don’t want to bother anyone knowing I’m going to transfer. So please act like the usual, and…”
“I know. I won’t tell anyone about this. It will be our secret.”
“Yes, thank you…. Well then, I’ll be going. I was called by Kitagawa-sensei about my transfer.”
“I…. see. Did you tell her not to tell anyone too?”
“Yes. She said I can do whatever I like. Then, see you next time.”

After Tomoe left, Maeda looks at the sky again. Sorting his feeling and thinking about what he should do from now.

Day after that, Maeda gets unmotivated knowing Tomoe will soon transfer out, just after he and her gets along well. He thinks of what he can do about that. And on a break, he suddenly gets a great idea. He will take many pictures of the school. Spot by spot, location by location, each detail of the school so Tomoe can always remembers the school and people on it. And so Tomoe can understand his feeling of her. Maeda then begins to take picture of many spots around the school.

When he’s taking picture of fountain and the park, Tomoe greets him. Tomoe’s asking what he’s doing but he avoids telling her the truth, only says he’s taking pictures for school festival.

“Do I bother you by staying here?”
“Of course you’re not.”
“Thank you. Then, please don’t mind me and continue taking picture.”

Maeda then keeps taking picture around the park, while Tomoe sits on the side of fountain.

“The sound of camera’s shutter is… heart-warming”
“It is?”
“Yes. Somehow it makes me feel relaxed.”
“Relaxing… huh? Ah, is it like before? When you said you like the sound of rain on the river?”
“Not really. The sound of rain gives both peaceful and sorrowful feel, but the sound of shutter Maeda-kun made really calming my heart.”
“Just being with you… Make me comfortable.”
“So do I.”
“Please let me hear more of your shutter sound.”

On the evening, Maeda still taking pictures for his plan. He’s now on the backyard, and again Tomoe finds him.

“So you’re also taking picture of the location where no one around?”
“Y-yeah. Even if no one is here, but something interesting might pop up sometimes.”
“Fufufu, I guess so.”
“Misumi-san too, what are you doing here?”
“When I walked at the hall, I saw you walk here.”
“I see… So you’re following me?”
“Yes. Hehe. It’s a payback for when you followed me back then.”
“Hahaha, you got me.”
“… Is it okay for me to be here?”
“Of course.”
“Thank you… Then, please don’t mind me and continue what you’re doing.”

Maeda then keeps taking pictures.

“Can I read book here?”
“I won’t get in your way, so please continue take pictures. I…. also want to hear your shutter sound.”

While hearing his shutter sound and the sound of Tomoe’s flipping pages on her book, Maeda thinks he wants to be like this forever but it’s impossible since Tomoe will soon transfer out. He thinks that he wants to do more with Tomoe, so he musters his courage.

“This weekend. Are you free on Sunday?”
“I don’t have any specific plan, why?”
“Then…. Do you want to go to sea together?”
“Err… I want us to create more memory together before you transfer out. Even if it’s late, but it’s still summer, and speaking about summer it should be sea, right?”
“Sea? Sea……… Sea…… Swimsuit…..”
“Aa-aah, if it’s troubling for you, it doesn’t have to be sea. Let’s think of other place! For example…..”
“No, it’s okay. Since you invited me, I’ll go… to the beach.”
“Yes…. This….. This is a date….. Right? It’s, it’s my first time to be invited to a date.”
“Ah, it’s your first time?”
“Because, I always by myself.”
“I see. Then, how about in front of the station this Sunday at 11 for the meeting time and place?”
“Yes. 11 o’clock this Sunday in front of station, I get it.”
“I’m looking forward to it.”
“Me too.”
“Ah, then can I have your phone number? It will make us easier to contact each other.”
“Ah yes, right.”

So they make date plan for the weekend.

After school Maeda and Tomoe goes home together again and Maeda wants to go together with Tomoe again, but this time he wants to go to game center. As expected, Tomoe who dislikes crowded place never been into game center before, but she wants to go there to take picture with Maeda on print seal/photo booth sticker.

“Fufufu, it’s true that I dislike crowded place, but I’m fine, don’t mind me. Because I’m with Maeda-kun, I’m not alone, so even if it’s crowded, I’ll be okay.”

At the game center, Tomoe surprised at how much people so fired up playing game. She herself does not have any interest on game. She tells Maeda that her little sister does play game sometime but she never played one.

“As for me, when I was still a kid, almost every time I played game, Kanon will told me, “Don’t just play video game, let’s play outside~!!””
“Fufu. I think your little sister was right, though I too wasn’t a type that like to play outside back then. I prefer staying at home and reading a book.”
“Not only at school, you also read books at home too?”
“Because either at school at home, I never had much time to read.”
“Misumi-san…. Well, let’s take a picture, shall we?”
“Yes. This…. Will be the first time, for us taking picture together, right?”
“What is it?”
“Photo booth feels…. Narrow. Since we’re inside together.”
“Misumi-san, look this way.”

Maeda then takes Tomoe picture with his camera.

“This to celebrate Misumi-san’s first experience to take picture inside photo booth.”

After take picture inside the photo booth, Maeda gives the half of the result to Tomoe.

“What’s wrong?”
“Our first two-shot…. I’m happy. This will be our memory, right. A memory of our meeting on this town, on Kouga High.”
“Yeah… Where will you put it?”
“I won’t put it anywhere. It’s going to be a waste. I’ll always keep it with me.”
“I see…”

At long last, the date day Maeda and Tomoe promised has came. Maeda was excited but also nervous. When he’s about to go out, Kanon is already on the living room.

“Eee~h, Niiyan, you’re going out~?”
“Y-yeah, a little bit.”
“I see. Niiyan always stay at home, so going out at weekend is great for you.”
“Have a nice triii~p!”

Maeda comes early, it’s 20 minutes before promised time, but when he comes to the front of the station, Tomoe is already there.

“It’s….. I was too nervous, so I went out from home faster than I should be. Maeda-kun too, you’re pretty early.”
“Same with me. I was nervous. I don’t even get enough sleep yesterday.”
“Fufufu, me too.”

Maeda then looks at Tomoe’s casual outfit, he then asks Tomoe to take a picture of her.

“E-eeh? R-right, I knew since it’s Maeda-kun, you’ll probably going to take my picture. I wish I had prettier clothes for today.”
“This one suits you well already.”
“Eh? Really? … Isn’t it plain? My big and little sister both told me so, after all.”
“Just because it looks plain, doesn’t mean it’s not pretty. I told you before, remember?”

Maeda then takes Tomoe picture.

“Your clothes also looks cool, Maeda-kun.”
“E-eh? T-thanks… Well then, let’s go.”

They then ride the train to the sea.

After arrive at the sea, they go separate way to change into swim wear. Maeda gets excited wondering what kind of swimsuit Tomoe will wear. She then comes, wearing a one piece. Maeda thinks it really fits Tomoe’s image.

“Y-you look pretty wearing that, Misumi-san…”
“Eh? N-no way…”
“I’m serious. You look…. Very pretty.”
“T-thank you… It’s been a long time since I wear other swim suit than the school’s one.”
“Is this the first time this year?”
“Not only this year. The previous year, and the one before too, I never worn any. Since it’s weird to come to pool or sea by myself.”
“I see. It’s my first time this year too.”
“We’re the same again.”
“Well then, let’s go swimming!”

They swim and play a lot, it’s already after noon and near sunset. 

“Today is really fun.”
“Yes, I have so much fun too… I wonder why time goes so fast on fun day like this, while every day at school it feels like forever. Especially on my first year at Kouga High, it was very hard. But, when new semester begins, after the day I met Maeda-kun. Since that day, every day begins feel different. I always look forward to go to school because it becomes so fun.”
“Me too.”

“This sea… This city… I wonder if it will be my last memory here.”
“Misumi-san… I won’t forget about today.”
“Me too…. *sob* Ehehe, I can’t stop my tears.”
“Do you…. Remember when I sat on Niimi-san’s seat and I cried?”
“Of course, I do.”
“At that time… I told you that I was envy of Niimi-san. But, the truth… It’s not like that.”
“Niimi-san is pretty and kind person. These 2 years, I was on the same class with her and she always helped me. She looks out for me and makes conversation with me… It makes me very happy. But my transfer was already decided, and I haven’t told her the news. Rather, after I thought about it, I began to make distance with her. Thinking about how weak I am, I began to cry. The feeling of jealousy I have of her is true, but it’s not an envy. But…. But…. It feels sad. I don’t want to show Maeda-kun my crying face anymore, so I have to be strong from now on. Can you believe me?”
“Of course. I believe Misumi-san isn’t envious of Niimi-san. Because Misumi-san is not plain. Misumi-san is pretty… and charming. That’s why, it’s impossible for Misumi-san to be envious of Niimi-san.”
“Maeda-kun, thank you… Thanks to you…. I feel I can muster my courage. I will….. tell our classmate….. about my transfer.”
“I…. I want to embrace my time with everyone on Kouga High. Because… Kouga High is the beautiful place where I met you. That’s why, I want to say proper good bye to everyone in the class. I want to muster my courage so I’ll be able to say, “Until the last second, please help me create last memory here.””
“Yeah, that will be great!”
“What is it?”
“… But, it’s scary. I never talked much with other classmates. I wonder if they will…”
“It will be okay, I’ll definitely be there. Even if I can’t do much, but I promise to be your strength.”
“Maeda-kun… Thank you. I….. I’m…. I’m thankful I able to know you.”
“Me too….. I also thankful to be able to know Misumi-san.”

After that, they’re going back. It’s still bright and Tomoe says that her house isn’t too far from station so there’s no need for Maeda to take her home. So, they say good bye to each other and go to their own home.

The day for Tomoe’s plan then comes, she will inform the class about her transfer. Kitagawa-sensei told the class to be silent as Tomoe will speak in front of them. Maeda can’t help being nervous himself.

Even after make her decision, Tomoe still having hard time to speak properly in front of the class and she stutters. Seeing Tomoe like that, Maeda wants to do something, and then it crosses his mind, a way to help Tomoe, which is by make her hear a sound that can calms her, the sound of his camera’s shutter.

To: “Ah…? A sound of shutter…”
Ma: “(You can do it!!)”
To: “(Maeda-kun… Thank you…) Err…. Everyone….. I….. I….. After school festival ends…. I…. I will transfer out from Kouga High.”
Ha: “EEH---!!?”

Among everyone on the class, Haruka is the one who lets huge reaction.

Ki: “Niimi-san, I know how you feel. But please, be quiet until Misumi-san finish talking.”
Ha: “I-I’m sorry.”
To: “Niimi-san, I’m sorry. I should… I should inform you this sooner… Err… I… Just as you can see I’m not stand out, and I don’t talk with everyone in the class often. I know very well asking this at this time will trouble everyone… But… If possible… Until the last second, please help me create many memories here.”
Ha: “Misumi-san…”
Ki: “Misumi-san, you did well. It was wonderfully spoken. Everyone, just like you heard from Misumi-san, she will moves out after school festival ends. Since she was little, she had to move out every once in a while and it left her with many lonely memories, so until her last second here please get along with her. And use the remaining time to create many wonderful memories for her.”

After that the homeroom is finished. Tomoe then goes to Maeda’s seat.

“Maeda-kun, thank you. I heard it, the sound of your shutter. Thanks for that I can calm down and speak in front of everyone.”
“I’m glad.”
“I…. What should I do from now on?”
“… You have everyone’s support now. Spend your time with everyone in the class, and have fun.”
“Do your best.”

Since that time, Tomoe spends her time with more and more people in the class, so Maeda has less time together with her. At breaks, Maeda gets jealous so he goes to Tomoe’s spot on the side stair outside to cool his head and remember the first time he knew this place and when Tomoe gave him the blueberry cupcakes.

Just when Maeda begins to try to shake off the jealousy and down feeling, the door is opened and Tomoe is there.

“Ah, just as I thought. I can’t see Maeda-kun on the class, so I thought you must come here.”
“I was remembering our memories here in this place.”
“I still remember all of our memories here. It was so fun.”
“Before my transfer, I want to make many more memories here with Maeda-kun.”
“What are you talking about. Just after you reached your feeling to everyone, you should spend your time with them.”
“…….. Maeda-kun. You see… Maybe it’s sounds bad coming from the girl, but…. I…. I want you….. To kiss me…”
“After the transfer… I’ll be alone by myself again… But I’ll do my best… So… I want you to give me courage.”
“Misumi-san… I-is it fine?”
“… If you’re fine with me…”
“Of course I’m fine with you. It’s more than fine…. I…. I….”
“No, it’s okay… You don’t have to force yourself… I… Maybe I won’t be on your side…. But, you will always be in my heart…. So please, accept my feeling… At the times on the future when I feel lonely… and when it hurts… I want to remember the time we have right now. Please kiss me…”

Maeda then kisses Tomoe.

“Aah *sob* Nn… I feel so happy… But why… I wonder why I can’t stop my tears… I won’t forget it. Right now, this time…. The time where you give me… My first…”
“Misumi-san… I have a request for you. At the day of school festival… At Misumi-san’s last day on this school. Can you come to the Photo Club’s showcase?”
“Photo Club’s showcase?”
“Yes. Just like the Photography Club. We at Photo Club will display many pictures our members took. Me too… I plan to submit pictures I like the most. So… I want Misumi-san to come see it.”
“Yes. I’ll go. Of course I’ll go.”
“Thank you.”
“School festival… The last day I’m going to this school. I’m looking forward what kind of picture you took.”

Before school festival, Maeda asks Tomoe to come home together for the last time. Maeda invites Tomoe to the park uphill. Tomoe hasn’t came to that park before since it’s only been 1 year since her family came to the town. Tomoe says it’s the shortest time they’re staying at one town, and most probably after this, her father won’t need to change location for his job again.

On the park, visitors can enjoy the view of whole town clearly from above. And since it’s sunset, the view becomes more beautiful. But for Maeda, the most beautiful view is not the town, but Tomoe.

“Maeda-kun, thank you for showing me these beautiful views. This sunset, this city… I won’t forget it.”

Tomoe then shows Maeda the mansion her family lives in. She tells him that even though her family consists of 5 people, but they usually live on 4 people since her big sister already goes to the college on the town they will move to by herself.

“Now I have to be strong like my big sister and my little sister. Even though it’s scary to be on whole new city, but I have to be strong.”
“The me back then is always a shut-in, scared, and never make any friends.,,”
“But now Misumi-san will be fine. You have many friends now on Kouga High. You’re definitely going to be fine.”
“But… You won’t be there. It’s thanks to you, I…. I was able to properly say good bye to everyone.”
“We can always talk in the phone or in the mail. And… We will definitely meet again soon. Like your big sister. Even if she goes to college on that other town, but she can goes back to your home now here, right?”
“Then, if Misumi-san goes to the same college like your big sister, once in a while if there’s time you can also definitely be able to come back here like her, right?”
“Ah… That may be true…. Is it fine…. For me…. to come back here?”
“I will also try to get into the same college like you. That way, I’ll be able to be together with Misumi-san once again.”
“… Please don’t force yourself for somebody like me…”
“I don’t! Because I…. I…”
“…. Thank you. I’m really happy with just the thought… I’ll be moving from here…. With all of your kindness inside me.”

At long last, the school festival day has came, as well as the last day Tomoe becomes Kouga High student. Maeda has decided that for Photo Club booth, he will only submit one picture. That one picture is the one he really likes the most. He then goes to school.

At the hall, Maeda meets Tomoe.

“Finally, this day has come. School festival. And also the day where I have to say good bye to everyone…. But I’m not only feeling sadness. Because today I’m also looking forward of what picture Maeda-kun displays. I’m excited. This is the first time on the day before transfer I feel this way. Thank you Maeda-kun, it’s because of you.”
“Ah, no. I don’t do much.”
“When can I see your picture?”
“I want it to be your last event today. The last event of the last day. Is it okay with you?”
“Yes… Me too. I thought the same way. For the last, by seeing your picture, I’ll say goodbye to this school.”

They then part away for awhile. Maeda comes to the Photo Club showcase on the cafeteria. There, Katsumi tells him that the only picture he submits will be printed on large size on the center of the club room. Maeda is surprised because he just started photography for about 2 months, but Katsumi tells him that his picture is so good and shows his feeling and he must be proud of it. Maeda then stays to look after the showcase.

After hours passed, Katsumi comes to Maeda again, saying it’s his turn to take a break and enjoy the rest of the festival. So Maeda then wanders around the school to see something interesting. After a while, he sees a Magic Café on class 2-A, class of his friend, Misaki Nonoka and Yunoki Rina. Interested to see what it’s like, Maeda comes inside. How surprised of him that the cosplaying maid who greets him is Tomoe.

“Uuuh… I was asked by Niimi-san and Yunoki-san. They said since this is my last day… I should do something interesting and different… Even after I said that cosplaying as magical girl and become a waitress is impossible, but they insisted… But I was happy to be asked… So, even though it’s embarrassing…. I thought I’ll give it a try.”
“But it really suits you.”
“N-no way…”
“It’s true. You look….. very cute.”
“…. T-thank you.”
“Can I take a picture?”
“I-I guess…. Ah, Niimi-san and Yunoki-san are also here, wait for a minute, I’ll call them.”
“No, it’s fine. I’m fine with only Misumi-san. I only want to take picture of Misumi-san.”
“Maeda-kun… Since Maeda-kun is here watching, I think…. I’ll do my best for next part.”
“Hm? What do you mean?”
“After this… It’s my turn for…. Stage Time…”
“Stage Time?!”
“Yes… I’ll…. Perform Pretty Rabbit theme song… Singing and dancing.”
“EEEEH!? In front of everyone?! Seriously?!... Will you be fine?!”
“Yes. If you’re also here with me, I feel like I can muster my courage… Will you watch too?”
“Of course! Not only watching, I’ll take your picture perfectly too!”
“Geez… But thank you. Even if I failed, promise me you won’t laugh, okay?”
“There’s no way I’ll laugh. I promise.”
“Thank you. Then, I’m going.”
“Break a leg!”

It’s already late, but Tomoe hasn’t come to Photo Club display yet. Maeda thinks maybe it because the farewell takes time. Not long after, Tomoe comes. She apologizes for being late and just like Maeda thought, it’s because of her farewell with everyone.

“Sorry for making you wait so long. This is the first time everyone bids me farewell. Usually, the last day for me is so lonely. But today… Everyone is crying… I too, cried a lot.”
“I see…”
“It’s painful… It’s sad… My chest hurts… But, I’m so thankful I could become friends with everyone.”
“Ah by the way, where’s the other club members?”
“Everyone went back. They had other things to attend to.”
“Eh, then it’s only Maeda-kun here alone waiting for me? I’m so sorry!”
“No, it’s fine. Rather, I like it this way because it’ll be only the two of us.”
“Ah… Yes. Me too. I’m happy. Well then, for the last… Can you show me your picture?”
“Ah sure. This way.”

Maeda then leads Tomoe to his picture. It was from the first time Maeda found Tomoe’s spot.

“Ah, this is…”
“Yeah. That first time, when I followed Misumi-san and found you on your spot. After that time, we spent many time together and I took a lot of your pictures. But for me, this picture is the one capture Misumi-san the best.”
“Yes… Me too. This picture… I like it. Fufufu, with this now everyone has known my secret spot.”
“Ah, crap! Is it bad?”
“No. I already…. Everyone here has changed my mind. So I think this is good.”
“Misumi-san… Misumi-san, do you still have time after this? Can we go to the place on this picture?”
“The side stair? It’s fine for me though, what’s wrong?”
“I have something important I want to tell you.”
“Eh?... O-okay.”

They then go to the side stair.

“The wind is blowing… This is, the autumn’s wind.”
“Are you cold?”
“Ah no, I’m fine…. The sunset is also beautiful. I never thought the sunset view from here will look this beautiful.”
“Then, what is it you want to talk about?”
“… Misumi-san. I….. I want you to take this.”

Maeda then gives Tomoe an album.

“Did you remember I always took many pictures of the school a little while ago? It was for this album. I want this school…. To always be with Misumi-san.”
“Maeda-kun…. Thank you.”
“It’s not only that. Before Misumi-san transfers, with everyone helps, I took all of our classmate picture and each of them write a message for you.”
“… I’m so happy. It feels like my own graduation album.”
“Graduation…. Yeah, you’re right. Today, Misumi-san will graduates from Kouga High.”
“Yeah…. What message did you write for me?”
“It’s….. none.”
“I didn’t write any message for you.”
“Because I won’t say goodbye to Misumi-san. I will text you every day from tomorrow. I will also take a lot of pictures. And then…. I will take part-time job and start saving. So when it’s holiday I can go there to meet you.”
“I… I…. Misumi-san. I….. I li…. I LIKE YOU! I LIKE YOU, MISUMI-SAN!”
“I know doing it this time when we will part away for a while, it will bother you. But even then….. Even then….. I… I… I like Misumi-san, I like you very much.”
“Maeda-kun…. *sob*…. Thank you…. I…. I…”
“Ah…. Sorry…. It did bother you…”
“No… Wrong… You’re wrong… You’re not bothering me… There’s no way it bothers me. I…. I’m happy. I’m so happy…. I can’t stop my tears.”
“I…. I…. Can I…. Can I always remember you?”
“Of course! Please don’t forget about me, please always remember me! I also…. I also won’t forget about Misumi-san.”
“Me too…. I also don’t want to forget about you. But… But… Are you sure? *sob* Is it fine for you…. *sob* To be with me?... A girl who isn’t pretty or cute… Me who doesn’t has any charm or specialty…. Are you sure?”
“I’ll tell you this no matter how many times. Misumi-san, you’re pretty, you’re cute, you has charm, and you always consider other people’s feeling above your own. Keeping everything for yourself, so no one will feel pain by parting away like you’ve experienced many times. I know you, I undersand you.”
“*sob*…. Uuuh, Maeda-kun…. I….. I…. like…”
“…. I like…. You.”
“Misumi-san…. Is it true? I don’t hear it wrong?”
“I…. Can I think the first kiss with you is not a goodbye kiss?”
“I never thought that as goodbye kiss. I will stand by you! Even we have to part away now, but I always be with you!”
“… *sob* It’s like a dream. To think the day when my feelings reach you can really come… I like you very much, Maeda-kun.”
“I like you too, Misumi-san.”

They hug.

“Please… Hug me tighter. No matter how far we are, I want to be connected to your heart.”
“Like this?”
“Graduation isn't long from now. We will be together again soon.”
“Yes. Come… Come to my side once again.”
“Ah…. My name...? *gulp*… I… I… ---ya… I’m sorry, it’s embarrassing for me.”
“It’s fine. Don’t push yourself. You have much time. We will always together from now on after all.”
“… Close your eyes.”
“… Yes.”

They kiss.

“….Ah… *sob* No matter how far we are, my heart will always be with you. I like you……. Kazuya-san.”

After that…. I’m moving out.

Unknown city, unknown school. I, who has hard time to fit in, alone, get to the new school.

But, the me who doesn’t want to connect with other people isn’t there anymore. Hurting people. And be hurt by people. It’s a natural thing. Now I can make friends.

Because my days at Kouga High was so fun. It was radiant.

I want my days here to be as fun and bright too. I have to make it happen with my power, I thought.

After school, someday I looked at the sunset from the window of my new school. I remember my time with you on the side stair.

Our… kiss.

The first kiss was… Painful. My chest was hurting thinking of what will happen after.

The second kiss…. I can feel our tears.

It’s a goodbye kiss, but it’s not a farewell. My chest was filled by happiness.

That feeling is, an irreplaceable gift you gave.

Even if we’re apart, but it’s the proof our heart connected. The heart of loving people.

You who always worry about me, every day always send me a text and call me. Of course you always put pictures on your text.

Not only that. On the winter holiday and spring holiday, spending your money from part-time job, you came to meet me.

Fufu. I’m fine, you don’t have to worry that much. It’s lonely, but I’ll do my best.

I’ll wait for the day, when you will come to pick me.

And then, time has passed…

“So beautiful… Seeing this… I remember our memory the first time we came here… Hmm? Is it cold? Fufu, I’m fine. I’m sorry being so selfish. Even if it’s too soon to swim on this time of the year, but I want to come here no matter what happen. Because this is…. My sea of memory with you. Kazuya-san, thank you for picking me up like you promised. When you told me we can go to university together, I’m so happy. I won’t…. go anywhere. I will stand on your side. I… love you.”



And that's it, the first summary of Photo Kano. How is it? Hope you guys enjoy it as much as I did write it. There's no manga adaptation that cover her route, so that's another reason I want to do summary of Tomoe's route. If I have time, I do want to write another summary of this game. Probably Momoko route, though I also love Mai, Aki, and Hikari H story, Rina L story, and Kanon route ^^;

Thank you for reading, until next post =D


  1. And this route ended with "Koishiteru" <3

    1. Yep, Tomoe said "Aishiteru" on the ending, unlike the rest of heroines, except for Momoko, who said "Daisuki" ^^
      The DVD/BD edition of her episode included the all-new epilogue scene on the beach as well, where they kissed :D

  2. Tomoe was my third favorite of the girls (behind Haruka and Nonoka), but I thought her route was the best.


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