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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Farewell 2012

Well I'm an action figure collector, so let's make this New Year post still figure related. Days ago friend on Whatsapp came up with talking about his loots through out 2012. But by then I was still on work so I couldn't participate, and now I'm actually at home, I don't have the motivation to rearrange all the boxes to take picture, so I just do this.

Sorting the list on MyFigureCollection and then add items that MFC didn't have. Thanks to those trading figures and LEGO Minifigures, the number became around 90! Damn I need to have self control, don't I? XD

It's probably impossible to completely stop, but to try to spend and buy less, I think I can do it, though I'm not really put it on my resolution list, lol. This is my main hobby for more than 8 years old now, after all. And the reason I can't stop is it's too much fun to take (silly) pictures and share it to other, and reading comment when people enjoy my work is the most delicious icing on the cake. Though I do have to learn more about photography since I still have waaaay to go (lighting, you're a bitch D:).

Well anyway, to all of the readers, HAPPY NEW YEAR 2013!!! Hoping 2013 will be better year despite the unlucky "13" things (we don't have to call it 2012A, right?). Thanks for reading this blog up till now, and look forward to my future posts. See you~

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