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Friday, January 11, 2013

[FiguRevew]Figma Araragi Tsukihi

Back to the usual review template, today I'm going to do review for recently released Figma from Monogatari series, more specifically Araragi Tsukihi from Nisemonogatari!

Figma Araragi Tsukihi
December 2012 release | 3500 yen | Max Factory

Character History
Tsukihi is the little sister of both Koyomi and Karen, making her the youngest member on Araragi family. She and Karen appeared on Bakemonogatari, albeit not as major role but they finally became the spotlight on the Nisemonogatari as Karen Bee and Tsukihi Phoenix are their respective story. As other girls around Koyomi, Tsukihi is also have connection with Oddity, as she is the reincarnation of the phoenix whom entered her body when baby Tsukihi was still on her mother's womb, making both phoenix and Tsukihi's mind one and granted her immortal life where she can't die unless it's from natural cause of an old age. Despite her calm, beauty look with the yukata and kimono she wears, Tsukihi is a short-tempered girl and also a brocon just as Karen where both of them made boyfriend so Koyomi would be jealous. Tsukihi and Karen are nicknamed Tsuga Second Junior High School's Fire Sisters.

Meh, nothing much to mention here as the packaging format is the same as most Figma released. You can open the box from the upper or bottom side, and you can see the content from the front side and see some sample pictures of what the figure has in store on the back side of the box. And as usual, each Figma has different art for the background of its front and both side part, and I don't have to explain what Tsukihi's since you can see it for yourself, do I?

Ah by the way I always forgot to mention on my previous Figma reviews, but actually the carton behind the blister can be used for di:stage decorator so it won't be plain.

Set Content
What you get from this set is:
  • Tsukihi figure
  • Kitchen knife
  • Awl
  • Pan lid
  • 1 interchangeable head/hair part
  • 2 interchangeable face parts
  • 1 pair of interchangeable foot part
  • 4 pairs of interchangeable optional hand parts
  • 1 pair of interchangeable 'holding-each-other-hand' hand part
  • Figma stand

Tsukihi's proportion is very good, and her yukata is well-sculpted, though if you pose his arm down the yukata's sleeves which are static will look weird and unnatural. The lower part of the kimono is made by soft plastic so even though it does limit the leg movement but there's still room to move the leg for her to do different pose. The obi/bow tie part unfortunately falls off very easily so I usually remove that part and put it back again after I finish posing.

It's just personal opinion, but I think they fail in sculpting Tsuki's front hair part on the short hair head, it makes her looks weird, not cute as the anime art. But well, that's just me.

The paint is very well-applied, Tsukihi's yukata looks beautiful, the flower pattern details are neat and her face are very very cute. I haven't fully watched Nisemonogatari yet, only skimmed every episodes and plan to watch later so I'm not attached to Tsukihi yet, but damn her smiling and sulking face plate make me fall for her. But I can't say the same for the angry expression, I can't really put it on words why (and you decide to write reviews, man!!) but I think it's her eyes are off. Other than that, hat off to Max Factory.

First thing first, I forgot to take pictures showing Tsukihi's joints movement <(>ω・) Seriously, what kind of reviewer I am, huh? First I'm at loss of words now forgot to take picture.

Anyway, the joints movement is basically the same as most Figma since the joints used are same as usual, the most noticeable difference is the leg since Tsukihi is the first Figma to wear yukata, albeit a short-skirt one. Fortunately, that bottom part is made from soft plastic though the room for leg movement is not as wide as most Figma's skirt, thus Tsukihi leg movement isn't as free as other Figma. The ab also can be bent forward-backward and left-right, to add more dynamic Other point worth noticing is the right hand for grabbing the knife doesn't have articulation, but it looks more natural without the obvious hinge joint.

In the end, to be fair she doesn't do flashy moves like Karen whom is martial artist so it shouldn't really be a problem for the minimum leg movement, but as a figure enthusiast who like his figure to be as poseable as possible, it's a let down, though an expected one.

Tsukihi doesn't have special gimmick, the gimmicks she has can be found on most Figma, which are interchangeable hair part and foot part. Monogatari series at some points have its characters to change image by changing their hair cut, and Tsukihi is a character who like to change hers too, so we get one other hair/head part on slightly long-haired as opposed to her default short-haired head part. For me personally I like the longer one better. To change this part, simply remove all head part including the joint and replace with the other one. Both part can equip all three available face plates, obviously; and you can swap the hair part for more variation, longer bang to short back hair or vice versa, though the result isn't look that good. There's also this 'holding-each-other' interchangeable hand perfect for Karen and Tsukihi (Karen has it too) or other two friendly characters from same series like I used on Ayase and Kirino below.

Another gimmick is to change its foot part, from default sandal-wore to bare foot one. I have longed for this bare foot part. Aside Figma Aya Kagura Morning Coffee, the other (female) Figma that has bare foot part is Hatsune Miku Append. Morning Coffee is too pricey nowadays and I don't really like Append, so Tsukihi who wear cute yukata AND has bare foot part is the obvious choice for me. To use this bare foot part, it's the same like the head part, just remove the default foot part, only this time you don't have remove it along with the joint, since the bare foot part doesn't come along with extra foot joint.

One picture speaks more than 1000 words, so pictures time!!

Part-swapping time =D
Bare foot Ayase prpr

Thanks to Tsukihi, now everyone can wear yukata, for example:

 ... and of course, lovely my angel Ayase-tan <3

Lastly, let's go back to Tsukihi...

End Verdict
A figure I'm really satisfied with, even though its leg movement is weak. But Tsukihi's plus points easily overwhelm its minus. Really cute facial expressions, beautiful yukata that almost every Figma can wear thanks to Figma joint, bare foot part, 'holding-each-other' hand part which can also be put to other Figma, and a knife for bullying or yandere pose. It's worth the money, a must if you're fan of Monogatari series and very recommended figure for those who don't watch the series.

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