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Monday, January 21, 2013

[FiguReview]Aquarion EVOL DXF Figure - Mikono Suzushiro

Despite many people said she's indecisive and useless, there's something that make me like Mikono quite much, better than Zessica. Funny since usually I like 2D girls whom are assertive, energetic, flirty like Zess (not to mention HanaKana's voice) but Mikono still cuter and better in my eyes. Oh well, here I'm not talking about the character, but to review the prize figure of the main heroine of Aquarion EVOL, Mikono Suzushiro. MIKONO-SAAAAAAAAAAAAAAN!!! 

Aquarion EVOL DXF Figure - Mikono Suzushiro
November 2012 | 1500 yen | Banpresto

Character History
Mikono is the main heroine of Aquarion EVOL. She is from Suzushiro family, who every members are Elements user. But it's only Mikono who never develops any form of Elements power, unlike his brother Cayenne that always ends up protecting her since they were kids. Later, when Mikono watched Skies of Aquaria movie in a theater, she met a boy named Amata Sora and after an accident on their date, together they triggered the forbidden combination of Aquarion so both of them enlisted on NEO-DEAVA, the military school for Elements user. It was revealed later that Mikono does have an Element power, the power to connect people, and that was she is the reincarnation of both Sylvia de Alisia and Celiane, making her a target of people from other world, especially Kagura who claimed Mikono is her girl.

The box doesn't have a window so you can't see the figure itself. Mainly black colored with the sample image of the figure so you can see what you can expect. On the rear side, there's also sample picture of Zessica figure from the same set. I like Shushu's white silhouette in the upper side serving as Mikono's logo.

What surprises me is how the figure is stored in the inside. There's no blister or anything except for two pieces of carton board and bubble wrap wrapping the figure and its stand. My God, I know prize item can't be compared with high-end PVC or statue, but isn't this cost efficiency is too stingy? I mean even Sega Prize's packaging looks better and give more secure feeling than this. Luckily, my Mikono comes out fine without any damage from shipment.

The sculpt was great and the proportion is accurate. Mikono stands about 16-17 cm high and looks really beautiful and cute. The pose is taken from one of her first official art, quite cute though one may wonder why she has to raise her skirt like that. Looks bold and playful, in contrast to her usual shy and innocent girl, haha.

Because of this pose, Mikono can't stand without the display stand. There's a hole in her feet to connect to the stand. The stand is quite big so maybe it will take quite space on your shelf. I was thinking maybe it's cuter if the display stand has some texts or images on it, but it's already look good, so I can live with it.

The details like her clothes's wrinkles, the buttons, zip line on her kneesocks, and my personal favorite, her butts (XD) are great. It truly catches her cuteness and make one want to scream, "MIKONO-SAAAAAAN" like Amata always does, lol.
Size comparison with Figma and Sega Prize

Paint job is for me when it's going down hill. At first glance she looks great. Sure there's some minor rough at some edge but almost every prize figures have it beside if you're not look it closely you won't notice those. But her eyes really seems off, especially the right one. It's smaller than the left and the position is too near the hair, making it weird from most angles, though from sideways, it looks perfect. Shame my pictures can't seem do her justice, but I can guarantee she looks better when you see the figure by yourself. And another thing worth noted is the paint defect. Yeah, unfortunately mine has a defect, which is a black paint on her right hair. And it's very noticeable :(

Last one is kinda trivial, but I feel like to mention it. On this figure, Mikono panties are plain white. Big deal, huh? No, I meant on the Figuarts Zero, it was a shimapan (striped). The anime never showed us what is supposed to be IIRC, but one of official art for magazine shows that Mikono wears a striped bra, so I guess it is supposed to be shimapan ^^;

Pictures Gallery
Since this is a static figure without articulation or gimmick, I'll go straight to pictures. Hope I can bring the cuteness of Mikono right =3
Zenryoku de mikansei kimi no tonari de~!!

Outside photo shoots...

Shall we dance?

Bad Woody! Bad, bad Woody!!

End Verdict
Since I'm a Mikono fan, this is probably bias, but this figure looks cute and beautiful. Aside from paint problem and packaging, I recommend this figure to other Mikono fans. It's the cheapest (by original yen price) Mikono figure but the quality is worth the price tag. Alternatively, you can look for the Figuarts Zero or the upcoming and more high-end Excellent Model of her.

Aishiteru yo zutto, futari hikari no fune ni noru, kimi no hajimari no oto kanadeyou~

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  1. I believe that dxf files are Drawing Exchange Format File that is created by Autodesk.


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