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Monday, January 14, 2013

[FiguReview]Figma Phantasmoon

After finding the page dedicated to the blood type comic on Facebook days ago, I reread "the requirement when looking for girlfriend" one, I'm O and there it says O likes big boobs, which I am for most of the time. Case in point, I bought this Figma because it's one of few Figma that has big boobs XD

Figma Phantasmoon
May 2012 | 3200 yen | Max Factory

Character History
Just like I mentioned above, I know nothing about the background story of the character, since I never watched/played any Type-Moon game. But well for completion sake, from what I gather, Phantasmoon is magical girl parody of  the main heroine of Tsukihime, Arcueid Brunestud. Its Figma official page said the figure is from Carnival Phantasm, a gag OVA mashing up Type-Moon series, mostly Fate and Tsukihime.

The blue background decorated by glittering stars and moon looks good and befitting the magical girl theme Phantasmoon has, while the rest of packaging format is the standard Figma has. You can open the box either from the upper or bottom side, and inside most of the contents are stored in two-layered blister to ensure safety, while the rest of the accessories like the stand, interchangeable hands, and effect parts are stored on plastic bag.

There are also sample images provided on the back of the box, showing most of the gimmicks this set has in store for you.

Set Content
Here's the list of what you'll get from this Phantasmoon set.

  • Phantasmoon figure
  • Phantasm Rod
  • 2 interchangeable face plates
  • 4 pairs interchangeable hand parts + 1 left pointing hand part
  • Plate of mapodon sculpted as right hand part
  • Effect part for waving rod
  • 2 bat familiars
  • Figma stand
  • 2 stands for the bat

DEM BOOBS. Ehem, I'm sorry, I mean the sculpt is good as always. Nice details on the moon hair ornament and the costume, Phantasmoon looks alluring and cute. But I can't say the same when we take a look from the rear view. The hole in her back, as well as joint on her knees and shoulders really such a turn off, mostly her shoulder which I don't really like when we move the hand upward and leave some space gap on her armpit, it's better to adjust the angle when you try to pose or display her so that thing won't bother our vision of her otherwise stunning body. Have I mention her boobs, by the way?

The paint is also very well-done. The gold parts on the hair ornament and costume are kinda rough but it's still more than acceptable, beside the white part is very clean, blue color for the skirt is also perfect, and the her skin color is also gorgeous.

What I really love is the face plate. Both smiling and wink expression are very perfect and looks cute, shame Figma face plates can't be freely swapped as Nendoroid's. The angry expression while properly painted, but just feels off for me, I think it's because of her crazy eyes @_@

I forgot to take picture of her articulation, teehee. But well, the joint movements are the same as most Figma ever released anyway, with most of the Figma joint, which combination of swivel and hinge, can be removed, it gives more possibility and dynamic to pose Phantasmoon doing her famous, memorable pose. And don't worry about the leg movement since the skirt is made from soft plastic so even if indeed limit the movement a little bit but you can still do so much with her, be it normal girly pose or flashy magical girl pose with the accessories she comes with.

Being Figma, Phantasmoon has the standard swapping gimmick, including changing face plate (though not universally with other Figma), hands, heads, arm, etc. With the three included face plates, there's more possible variation for you to display her. There's also unique interchangeable hand sculpted with mapodon on it, what mapodon is I don't really know but on this figure, it looks kinda disgusting. She also comes with Phantasm Rod and an effect part so it looks like she just wave the rod to do magic ala magical girl. To use this effect part, simple put the hole on the peg on one of the side of the heart-shaped part on the rod. Last gimmick for Phantasmoon is two bats as her familiars. They are not solid 3D figures though, but only flat item printed on clear paper. They, however, come with their own stand and you can pose them beside Phantasmoon like she's leading them.

Moon Prism Power, Pics Up~!!

Card created by Clow, discard your old form and be reborn,
Under the name of Phantasmoon, the new mistress!

Ayase wants to be magical girl too :3

And more, Sailor Ayase~!!

Phantasmoon has fairy friends...

Clash of the two moons...

Shadowmoon is a chuunibyou...

End Verdict
Bought it for the boobs, but I got more. Phantasmoon is great and fun thanks to the Phantasm Rod and its effect part, cute facial expressions, awesome body, really you can't go wrong with this beauty. Except maybe for its shoulder, but just adjust its position and the angle, the problem will go away. Recommended buy, キラッ☆!!

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