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Friday, August 31, 2012

Meeting with Aki Takanori!

So yeah, I'm working as one of staff for Figma circle/community I joined, Figmania, for AFA-ID that will be held tomorrow and Sunday. When we're loading, preparing for our booth, Aki Takanori-san, the big man from Good Smile Company himself came and praised our collection, even though the language barrier was there, haha.

We're taking picture together and asking for his sign, of course :D

Since I'm the one taking the picture, I wasn't on the frame D:
Aki-san's signing our banner
Signed Ayase! I the one designed the banner, btw XD

And just the moment after that, Aki-san tweeted our meeting, including the picture he took with his own phone! http://twitpic.com/aphdmr
Now I'm also there!!

Even though it wasn't that long, but it was very nice to meet him and show him that there's a solid fan base of Figma (which is product distributed by GSC) here on Indonesia. Hope we can meet him again if we have another chance.

Until the next blog guys! And if you're on Jakarta, don't forget to come to Anime Festival Asia - Indonesia 2012 on Jakarta International Expo (Pekan Raya Jakarta) on September 1st & 2nd! Let us meet on Figmania booth! (though I'm also a member of SHFiguarts Indonesia and Nendonesia community whose booth are side by side with Figmania XD)

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