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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

OreImo Portable 2 - Kirino Route Summary

This is the summary for Kousaka Kirino route from the 'Ore no Imouto ga Konna ni Kawaii Wake ga Nai Portable ga Tsudzuku Wake ga Nai" PSP game. Read at your own risk because it contains spoilers. And do note this is only a fan translation, my Japanese is still sucks and my English writing isn't any better ^^;

Her following story is not a continuation of any of her route from the previous game, but it takes alternate take of same condition of her Alternate If route where she and Kyousuke aren't blood related, as Kyousuke is the son of Yoshino's sibling (whose status never stated further). On the first game, at the end Kirino already called Kyousuke by his name and later confessed that she likes him, but on the second game she hasn't done those yet, as they remain consider each other sibling when the story starts here. Well then, on to the summary~


To get Kirino route, you can either answer you haven’t played the first game or you don’t have girlfriend yet on the common route/Destiny Record when Kiririn and Kuronyan asked you. You’ll get the ORE Item to unlock it, and you can use it shortly after.

Waking up in a summer and don’t really have anything to do, Kyousuke decides to ask Kirino out to play.

"Hey, Kirino. Do you want to go to the sea?"
"Eh? With Saori and the others?"
"Nope. I was planning just the two of us"
"But, inviting Saori and others don't sound like bad idea at all"
"E-- Hold it, wait!"
"Well if that's what you want"
"I said wait!! Why do you decide it by yourself?!" *throws cushion*
"You don't have to hit me with cushion"
"Zip it! So, what? Do you want to go to the sea together with me that bad?"
“ (What the hell with that annoying attitude) Not at all, it's fine to invite Saori and others as well"
"But the truth is you want to go just together with me, aren't you?"
"Not really"
"Haaa? Don't lie! You asked for only two of us in the beginning!"
"Why do you get angry?"
"I'm not angry!!"
"Liar, you obviously in bad mood now!"
"My mood is fine! So, what are you going to do?"
"Hhh. Well, let's go together"
"Un. Can't help it. If you're so desperate asking me to go with you, then I'll go"
"......... (This girl. Really, this girl...)"
“Since you’re always giving your best, so consider this a reward from me”
“Sure, sure. I feel like I’m going to cry anytime soon.”
“Hehe, be grateful.”
“Oh yeah, Kirino.”
“Going to the sea together by itself is great, but we’re not related by blood anymore, are we?”
“Wh-what’s with that topic? And such a bad timing to bring it up!”
“I wonder why I mention it.”
“You... Pervert! Siscon! What were you thinking?”
“Oi, oi. Why do you get panic like that? I only said that we’re not related by blood anymore, I wonder what exactly were you thinking yourself.”

So they go to the beach together. Kirino takes so long to change, it makes Kyousuke remembers a time back then when they were young , when their parents brought them to the beach. The same thing happen, the young Kirino took forever to changed into her swimsuit because she was embarrassed. Back then, it was the first time Kirino wore an more adult-like bikini, and young Kyousuke mocked her.
Kyousuke: “Aaah, Kirino you’re so late!”
Kirino: “B-because... *sob* it’s embarrassing.”
Yoshino: “Fufu, that’s why I told you, you don’t have to push yourself to wear bikini.”
Kyousuke: “Oh right. What’s with you, even though you’re still a little girl but you wear something like that, hahaha. Are you stupid?”
Kirino: “IT’S BECAUSE IT’S CUTE!!! *sob* Look, it’s cute, isn’t it?”
Kyousuke: “Uwaaa! I’m sorry. Ye-yeah, you’re right. It’s cute.”

Hearing her big brother said that she’s cute, a smile came out from young Kirino’s face.
Kirino: “Riii~ght?? Hehe”
Kyousuke: “Err. Yeah, sure, it's cute. Geez, laughing soon after cried, what a busy person”
Daisuke: “Let me take a picture.”

Reminiscing the past, Kyousuke’s heart beats faster as he realizes again that Kirino this time is not his little sister anymore. Suddenly Kirino appears in front of him, shocking Kyousuke.
“So, how is it?”

“(As expected, if I answer "What's it?" she'll get angry) Aren't you cute.”
“Ah… O-obviously, right?”
“Yep. Compared to when I see it on a magazine, as expected it looks much better if I see it with my own eyes.”
“That line sounds pervert though.”

Looking at Kirino in swimsuit, he can’t help staring at her and remembering the past again.
“And your stare is pervert too.”
“Stupid. I’m not thinking that kind of thing. I was remembering the time when we came here when we were kids.”
“Oh so you did too? I was thinking about it too. When I recall, your attitude really pissed me off back then.”
“Haha. Well if it comes to their little sister, every big brothers would be like that, I guess.”
“Hmph. But at that time, we were still close, right? And to think that we’re able to go to beach together one more time after all we've been through, I wonder if we have changed a lot since back then.”
“Well, of course we've changed. (And there’s also one big change for us recently)”

Later at that night, Kyousuke is studying on his room and Kirino comes inside.
“Oh you’re studying for the exam. Aren't you diligent.”
“I am diligent.”
“It doesn’t feel right when you’re saying it yourself. So, am I interrupting?”
“Not at all. It’s perfect, I was thinking to take a break for a while.”
“So how’s your preparation?”
“So far so good. I don’t want to fail so I can hear you mock, “Is It because you’re playing at the beach too much on summer holiday?” or something.”
“Haha, even I’m not that evil.”
Kyousuke asks Kirino what she wants to talk, he thinks Kirino has another life counseling but turns out Kirino wants to go with Kyousuke again tomorrow, and the place she wants to go is Meruru Cosplay Party as she has two VIP with back pass tickets for the event.
“You invited me to the beach, so…. This time I want to invite you.”
“I see…. Well then, I’ll go with you.”
“One more thing. Lately, I feel you seems different,.”
“I am?”
“Right. Usually when I asked you to accompany me, you will…. How should I put it, grumbling before agreed to it. Like when we went to Akiba or Shibuya. The you now seems not honest compared to you those times. It seems your siscon has already on dangerous levelwww.”
Kyousuke wants to say something since he too notices that Kirino herself has changed. The Kirino he knows back then wouldn’t want to go to the beach together with him. Rather than agreeing she would say thing like, “Disgusting, I definitely won’t go anywhere with you.”, or something like that. But doesn’t want to start a fight, Kyousuke asks how Kirino get such a rare ticket instead.
“I got it from Kanako.”
Kyousuke surprised when he heard that. Kirino then explained that her otaku hobby was discovered by Kanako. Kirino said that she felt that everything has ended for her that time but turns out even though Kanako felt disgusted of otaku hobby but she still thinks Kirino as her best friend and gave her the tickets.
“Kanako-san is seriously cool, isn’t she?”
“Right? Right? I seriously become her fan!”
“But you were already her fan when she first started cosplay.”

So Kyousuke goes to the Meruru event with Kirino.
“That was the best! But it’s so rare for Kanako to did a mistake like that, like there’s something caught her off guard.”
“It was probably because of you.”
“Huh? Ah more importantly, let’s go meet her on the backstage!”
Kyousuke thinks it’s not good for him to meet Kanako with Kirino since he fooled Kanako once as Ayase’s manager with Ayase to get a Meruru figure for Kirino, but Kirino says it’s okay since Kanako already knew about that too.
Ki: “Great job, Kanakana-chaaaan!♥ “
Ka: “Ugh!”
Ki: “Why do you avoid my hug?”
Ka: “Of course because it’s disgusting. Not because Kirino is an otaku, but because Kirino is Kirino.”
Ky: “Yo!”
Ka: “Oh, chee~rs!”
Ky: “You know who I am?”
Ka: “Yeah yeah, I heard from Kirino. You’re her boyfriend!”
Kyousuke asks Kirino what is going on about the misunderstanding, but Kirino casually answers it’s because one thing lead to another, she was having hard time to explain everything clearly to Kanako. So before she knew, Kanako believes Kyousuke is Kirino’s boyfriend, yet Kirino didn't try to correct Kanako because it's too troublesome.
Ka: “So to sum up; Kirino is otaku, manager is Kirino’s big brother, his name is Kyousuke, but Kirino and Kyousuke is not related by blood, and on top of that you guys are going out, right?”
Ky: “ONLY THE LAST PART IS WRONG!! Listen Kanako, you have it wrong. We’re not in relationship. Right, Kirino?”
Ki: “Yeah, yeah we're not.”
Ky: "What's with that half-ass answer?!"
Ka: “Ah I see. How boring. But whatever, it doesn’t have anything to do with Kanako anyway. It’s just, rather than a sibling, you guys look more like a lover to me.”

After the conversation with Kanako, everything becomes awkward with Kyousuke and Kirino as they both think what Kanako just said, that they are look like a lover. They rarely talk to each other again.
One night, after taking a bath in the middle of changing on his room, Kyousuke is playing imouto galge and he thinks of the situation on that galge where the protagonist can become a lover with his little sister.
“That kind of situation can only happen on the game, right? It’s impossible on the real life…”
Kirino then knocks his door to enters, before Kyousuke can says anything Kirino is already entering his room and she is shocking to see him naked, while the laptop’s showing he is playing galge. Doesn’t know what appropriate reaction for this situation, Kyousuke does what he thinks Ayase would do.
“Do-don’t stare at me like that, ecchi!”
Kirino’s first reaction? She’s drooling to see Kyousuke naked, but she immediately regain her sense.
“Ah this? I was playing eroge, the sister-in-law route and it made me think of something.”
“……. Do you really understand what you just said? You just knew we are not related by blood recently, and then you’re naked in front of your sister while playing sister-in-law eroge!”
“What’s with that judging line? This is the game you played to soothe your mind and you asked me to play it, right? It can be applied to you too, you know we just learned that we are not related by blood and you bought the game with sister-in-law route on it and had me play it. Wasn’t that bad by itself?”
“I-It doesn’t have that kind of meaning, I just like that game!”
As Kyousuke says he want to finish changing, the chaos situation is delayed for a while. After Kyousuke finishes changing, Kirino comes back to his room.

"I'll come in, but you won't do anything weird, right?"
"I won't, I won't."
"If you do, I'll kill you."

After they calm down, they both say to each other they have trouble on their mind lately. Kyousuke says his piece first, he wants Kirino to do a life counseling for him, reversing what they usually do.
“Before, you said that it's like I’m not honest with myself right? I have my reason for that. You see, we were always in bad term with each other but lately we did pretty good. Even though we still fought here and there, but at least we’re not pretending the other is not exist anymore. But then we learned that we’re not related by blood. You’re still act normally but I become afraid, I’m afraid you will leave me and I don’t want that. I don’t care if you make fun of me because I still want to be honest with you. It’s true that we’re not related by blood, but please…. Please always be my little sister. That is, my life counseling to you.”
“Don’t wanna.”
“Eh, why?”
“ Because I also have a life counseling I want you to hear. The last, an all-out life counseling. Can you listen?”
“You see….. I…. I like you. That’s why…. I don’t want to be your little sister. Please, can you be my boyfriend?”
“…….. I see. I didn’t realize your feeling. With our current condition, it’s possible.”
“Yeah. Realizing that they are not really blood related in the middle of the story, it's too cheap. If this is a game I'll return it.”
“Hey, don’t lump game with real life together, haha. But…. Kirino, if we become a couple, we will always be together, right?”
And thus, they have become a couple.

“So Kirino, now we have became a couple, what should we do?”
“Right now, I feel like I’m regretting my decision to be your girlfriend.”
“What the-? It’s not even 5 minutes since we became a couple and you’re already regretting it?!”
“A boyfriend will always have a plan, won't he?”
“Well sorry about that, but this is my first time. I haven’t had any girlfriend before.”
“What with that sorry face? Speak for yourself, you don’t have any boyfriend before, do you?”
“I’m fine because I’m a girl, it’s pathetic for you because you’re a boy.”
“What’s with that logic? (My girlfriend is such a big S)”
Kyousuke and Kirino then agree to think about what they’re going to do together.
“Let’s find an article about dating on book store tomorrow.”
“HAAAA? Are you really that stupid? Why do you have to immediately relying on a manual?”
After arguing, Kyousuke then gives Kirino idea to imitate what the characters on the game Kirino likes do after they are in the relationship, and Kirino likes the idea.
“So, what do they do after they become a couple?”
“It’s obviously an ecchi scene!!!
“……… Err...”
“Ah!… H-HAA?! W-what did you make me say, you hentai!!!”
Even though the situation turn into their usual chaos, but in the end both of them agree to do it.

Kirino then push Kyousuke to the bed.
“I don’t care anymore.”
“He-hey what are you doing all of a sudden.”
“What am I doing? Of course I'm trying to do what a couple does. This is your fault.”
“I see, so it’s my fault.”
“Then it can’t be helped”

Kyousuke suddenly kisses Kirino.
“Wh-wh-wh-wh-wha….. Y-y-y-y-you…”
“Ah, I just remember what was happened one year ago.”
“Are you trying to change the subject?!”
“It’s not like that. It’s just occurred to me when you first woke me to do your first life counseling, we were in the same position. Hey, what do you think would happen if we were doing thing like we do now?”
“Of course I’m going to kill you.”
“How about now? Are you going to hit me too?”
“You’re really annoying.”
Kirino then smacks Kyousuke. But then after that, she let out a soft, kind voice.
They kiss again.

The next day, they’re going for their first date. The location they pick, however, is Akihabara! Kirino is very excited to be on Akiba.
“Let’s hold hand Kirino. That way, we’ll look more like a couple, right?”
“As expected this is so embarrassing, it makes me blush.”
“You don't have to say it!”
Kyousuke remembers the first time they went to Akiba for Kirino’s first meet up with her internet friends. That time Kirino ordered Kyousuke to keep distance from her so anyone wouldn’t think they are a couple.
“So now we've became a real couple, how do you feel?”
“It’s still creepy.”
“Eeeh? What horrible line to say to your boyfriend!”
“Well it’s creepy but since it’s you I don’t mind.”
“That’s really complicated.”
“Ah right. From now on, I’ll call you “Kyousuke”, okay? That makes us sounds more like a couple.”
They then go into the manga store where Kirino goes excited with the new released mangas, especially the one with sibling love them. She then recommend the book to Kyousuke so he can read it too, but Kyousuke answers her half-heartedly.
“What’s with that reply?”
“Because I’m satisfied of what I’m having right now, it’s much better than what’s the book about”
“Wha--? I-I see…”
They then goes to the maid café, the same exact one where Kirino met Saori and Kuroneko for the first time. Both of them remembering the event that time.
“Hey Kyousuke, do you remember what you did to me when I was depressed after the gathering with the girls?”
“Huh? What did I do?”
“Unbelievable! You don’t remember about that time?”
“Well I’m sorry. If I remember then I'd say it already. Please tell me, what did I do at that time?”
“Y-you… You pat my head.”
“…. Aaah! I remember you slapped my hand that time!”
“I’m sorry. I… My pride couldn’t stand it at that time.”
“Don’t mind it. I’m sure deep inside the me of that time already understand.”
“You pat my head and said I had done my best, comforting me. Right now I can say it. At that time…. You were so cool.”

Standing in the good mood between them, the usual maid of the café, Kirara comes to get their order.
“Welcome, ojou-sama, onii-chan♪ Getting along is good, but isn’t it about time to tell me your order?“

After Kirara goes back, Kirino gets little pissed off because the maid really gets along with Kyousuke, and moreover she calls him “onii-chan” and when Kyousuke said he order the usual, it’s referring to the “Imouto Handmade Curry” menu. Kyousuke defends himself saying he just went with the flow of what Kirara said when he came there the first time. While they’re arguing, Saori, who happen to be on the cafe too, sees them and join their table for chat. Saori tells them that today she is meeting with her older sister she rarely sees and her old otaku circle.
Sa: “So now you know why I’m here, how about Kyousuke-shi and Kiririn-shi? Ohoho, as usual both of you are getting along nicely. Are you on sibling date again today?”
Ky: “Yeah we are.”
Ki: “We have became a real couple now.”
Sa: “...Pardon me?”
Ki: “Eh, you didn’t hear it? We-have-became-a-real-couple.”
Sa: “Err….”
Ky: “(Don’t look at me) *sigh* W-what she said.”

Ky: “Calm down Saori! Your identity, you’re going to expose your identity! There, glasses!”
Sa: “That doesn’t matter right now! How could you sibling become a real couple? Are you seriously can’t separate game and reality anymore?”
Ky: “I-it's not like that! I can explain it to you. So the truth is, we’re not related by blood.”
Sa: “Come back to your sense, Kyousuke-shi! This is not an eroge!!”
Ki: “Yup yup, it's not.”
Ky: “Oi, you! Come help me explain too!”
Ki: “Saori~, me and Kyousuke, we’re really not related by blood, you know.”
Ky: “Your explanation sounds like a lie, what the hell with that nonchalant tone?!”
Ki: "Because I can't help it, it is the truth, isn't it?"
Somehow, even though with their current situation and chaos explanation, Saori finally manages to understand that Kyousuke and Kirino are telling the truth. She reverts back to her true ojou persona.
“Fu fu. So Kyousuke-san and Kiririn-san is really become a couple. Life is sure full of surprise. You’re so lucky, aren’t you Kiririn-san? Be sure to thank for this wonderful world. And of course, I will support both of you from the bottom of my heart.”

On their way back, they talk about how their new relationship has been found by Saori and how she was so surprise she forgot her usual way of speaking. And in the end they decide to tell everyone about their relationship, including Ayase.
“I might die.”
“It’s fine, you won’t die.”
THE HELL IT’S FINE! THAT GIRL PROBABLY WILL KILL ME BY HIGH KICKING ME SO HARD!! She high kicked me before, just so you know”
“Huh? It’s definitely because your own fault, isn't it?!”
“I only told her to cosplay as Thanatos Eros!”
“I said that for your sake!!”
“Huh? What did you mean? You’re just a pervert. Haaah, whatever. Anyway, Ayase will be fine. Though I can’t guarantee your safety since there’s still possibility she will beat the crap out of you.”
The next day, Kirino really called Ayase to their house. Kyousuke open the door and greets her. Kirino then comes.
Ki: “Hey Kyousuke, why are you still standing there, it’s rude to Ayase. Go to the kitchen and bring us drinks!”
Ky: “Sure sure…”
Ay: “Kirino… Just now, did you just called Onii-san “Kyousuke”?”
Ki: “Yep, I did.”
Ayase wants to hear the truth immediately so she doesn’t give Kyousuke the chance to go to the kitchen. Without any way to escape, Kyousuke then tells Ayase the truth, that they are a couple now.
“Uoh, I’ve prepared for that kick. Enough with that one-pattern reaction!”
“Wha-? Don’t dodge it, you coward!”
“C-coward? It’s really hurt if I don’t dodge it, so I'm sorry but I’ll pass. And if you kill me, you can't hear the explanation”
Kyousuke then tells Ayase the fact that he and Kirino are not related by blood.
Ky: “Asks Kirino if you don’t believe me.”
Ki: “He’s right, somehow we are not.”
Ky: “O-oi, please answer more seriously, this is Ayase we’re talking to.”
Ki: "It's sounds like a lie, isn't it Ayase? It's laughable, but it's really the truth."
Ay: “... Kirino, you’re not being fooled by Onii-san, right?”
Kirino successfully convinces Ayase. A smile appears in Ayase’s face, and Kyousuke almost doesn’t believe it.
Ay: “Good for you, Kirino. Really, I’m happy for you.”
Ky: “A-are you…. Are you really Ayase?”
Ay: “Fufu. How rude, who did you think I am, Onii-san?”
Ky: “Haha…… (A shinigami)”
Ay: “What I was against of is the incestuous relationship if you’re a real brother and sister. But if you’re not related by blood, I lost most of my reasons to be angry.”
Ky: “Most of?”
Ay: “I still little bit angry, I feels anxious since my best friend Kirino has been taken away by Onii-san.”
Ki: “That’s not true. Ayase is my best friend and Kyousuke is my boyfriend. Both are very important for me, no one is higher than the other.”
Ay: “Thank you, Kirino. Then Onii-san, I still have questions for you, will you answer it?”
Ky: “I will if I can.”
Ay: “Thank you. Then Onii-san, do you really like Kirino?”
Ky: “Of course, I like her very much.”
Ay: “I see. I know that. Then the next question. Onii-san, do you love Kirino?”
Ki: “A-Ayase!! It’s embarrassing!”
Ay: “Fufu. Sorry Kirino, but I need to hear Onii-san’s answer. So, how is it, Onii-san?”
Ky: “Yeah. I… I love Kirino.”
Ki: “Ua… Aaaa…”
Ay: “I also know that.”
Ky: “Eh?”
Ay: “Since the first time I met you, I have the feeling that you really like and love Kirino. And if you aren’t related by blood somehow I feel it will turn out like this. But, even though I know that [Onii-san] likes and loves Kirino, but can I ask [Kyousuke-san] to stop being Kirino’s onii-san?”
Ky: “Of course I’ll stop. Because now... I’m Kirino’s boyfriend.”
Ki: “Kyousuke…”
Ay: “I understand. I hope you can really live up my expectation”
Ky: “Of course.”
Ay: “Onii-san. If you don’t make Kirino happy……… I’ll kill you♥“

After gave them her blessing, Ayase then comes home.
“Ah, finally the biggest crisis has been averted. Hm? Kirino, what’s wrong, you don’t look good.”
“It’s not “what’s wrong”, you were too blunt!!!”
“O-oi, you didn’t have to throw the cushion. What’s going on?”
“What’s with that big words you said to Ayase. You likes me very much?! You love me?! You have to take responsibility!!”
“Responsibility? What for?”
“You made my heart’s racing this fast!”
Kyousuke then comes close to Kirino, and then he kisses her.

“Have I taken the responsibility?”
“…. Stupid. It’s not even enough.”

“Hehe….. Ehehe. Hey Kyousuke. Do you really like me?”
“Of course. I like you.”
“Seriously? Even though I’m your sister?”
“You’re not my sister. You’re my girlfriend.”
“… Un. I see. I’m…. Your girlfriend. Hehe. Ehehehehe. I like you too.”
“I know.”

“….. Hey, you know. Somehow, you really smell good.”
“I-I do? (For me you smell a lot nicer, Kirino. Aaah, girls are sure sly. They can say something like that, but when us boys say it they will tell us that we’re a hentai.) I don’t really get it but if you like it, I’ll hug you like this every time you want.”
“Somehow, to be like this….. It’s feel nice, isn’t it?”
“You can tell that this is what happiness feels like.”
“I knew it, so you really stole my pants, didn’t you?”
“Now now. I’m not angry. You’re my girlfriend, after all.”
“I didn’t steal your pants! Don’t lump your fantasy with reality! I’ll kick your sorry butt!!”
“Hey hey, you’re ruining the mood.”
“You started it! Geez… Really, you’re beyond help. I bet there isn’t any girls on the planet that can stand your attitude without leaving you except for me.”
“I don’t need any girl but you.”
“……Uu. Yeah, yeah. Next time, take your responsibility better, okay?”

The point of view changed to Kirino’s on this part.
Back on her room, Kirino goes nuts remembering all the words Kyousuke just said, declaring his love to her.
“HHHNNNGHHHHHHH. Did he want to kill me? Is he stupid, what’s with those big words. UUUU!!! UOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!ManohmanohmanohmanOHMAN!!!
Annoyed by his girlfriend whose room is only separated by a thin wall, Kyousuke knocked the wall from his side.
“Kirino, you stupid girl! Stop being so noisy! You’re playing eroge, aren’t you?!”
“Wha-?! O-o-o-of course I’m not! What’s wrong with you and your brain?!!”
“Liar! You were saying the exact same thing when you were playing eroge back then!!”
“I seriously not playing eroge!”
“Then what are you doing?”
LIKE HELL I CAN TELL YOU!!!! (……Ah crap! The way I said it, it sounds like I’m doing something bad)”
“W-why are you stay silent all of sudden?”
“I’m sorry. I won't asking question anymore.”
“I don’t know what are you thinking I’m doing, but IT’S COMPLETELY WRONG!!!”
Doesn’t have energy to clear the misunderstanding, Kirino decides to play the new imouto eroge she bought. She plays the game for 3 hours non-stop. It’s another godly game for her.
“*slurp* Akane-tan seriously moe”
“Onii-chan, welcome back! Do you want have dinner first? Bath first? Or me?”
“I’ll have Akane-tan, I’ll have Akane-tan!! Oh, I have to save before the ecchi scene.” *click*
“Onii-chan's ecchi! It’s obviously a joke!”
“Wha-? Seriously? You’re kidding, right Akane-tan? Huh, it’s seriously only a joke?!”
“Please sit, onii-chan. Otherwise the food will be cold.”
“Oh? Akane-tan handmade cooking? Then I’ll forgive you…….. But, cooking eh?”
Kirino remembers that cooking is one of her specialty, because one time on Valentine’s Day Ayase praised her cooking ability, Ayase ate a lot of her chococakes.
“U-uooo, delicious! It’s so goooo---d! As expected from Kirino! *cough cough* H-hey Kirino. C-can I eat….. a-all of these?”
That what's Ayase said back then. So, Kirino decides to do the same thing like her Akane-tan to Kyousuke.
“Oh maaaa~nwww. If I cook for him like Akane-tan did, Kyousuke will probably die (of happiness), hehe! Fuhihihihi. I'll show him the taste of cooking master Kiririn’s power”

The next day, Kyousuke has finished his study early so he can goes on a date with Kirino.
“Good good, you know how to use your time wisely.”
“Thanks to you.”
“Well then, where are you going to take me?”
“Let’s go to Akiba again.”
“Haaaa? I can’t really hear that? Where are you going to take me agaaaa~in?”
“L-let’s go, to Akiba.”
“*tsk*Are you really stupid? It’s the same place like before, isn’t it?”
“But you were having so much fun before, so I thought…”
“I did, but it’s really pathetic for a boyfriend to take his girlfriend to the same place for a date!”
“So you want me to always take you to different places for our date, right? (Seriously, this girl is bothersome)”
“Oh so you do understand, good. But since today there’s a place I want to go to, I’ll specially forgive you this time.”
So Kyousuke then accompanies Kirino to the place she wants to go, which is the front of station. Kyousuke looks little bit worries that they might bump into someone they know like when they met Saori on Akiba, and Kirino notices that.
“Hey, don’t tell me that you feel embarrassed to go out with me?”
“That’s impossible! On the contrary, you can say that I feel so proud to be able to going out with the cute girl whose cuteness make the prettiest flower looks plain”
“W-what are you saying? S-stupid, so rotten.”
“Hahaha, you’re blushing.”
“Uuuu…. You’re doing that on purpose, aren’t you?!”
“(I am) Of course I’m not.”
“Liar, it’s obviously on purpose.”
“I’m just honestly praising you (Now this isn't a lie).”
“That’s why I told you don’t tell me something like that so casually, haah…”

Feels out of energy, Kirino lean on Kyousuke’s body.

“Eh Kirino, what’s wrong?”
“It’s your fault. Recharge me.”
“Recharge you? How? Is groping your breast will do it?”
“What’s wrong with your head?! You’re seriously don’t know?”
“If I know I would have done it already!”
“I-it’s…… I’m talking about kiss.”
“WHA-?!.......... Sorry Kirino, even I won’t go that far becoming stupid couple of that level.”
“You just thought of something pervert again, didn’t you?”
“B-but you said…”
“Like hell we’re doing it right here! Do you think we’re a hentai couple?”
So after clearly know what Kirino wants, Kyousuke and Kirino go all the way from their initial location to quiet park just to kiss. That moment Kyousuke thinks to be able to do this, they have already reached high level of stupid couple.
But then, after found a quiet place where nobody's around, just a short moment before their lips are touching, a familiar voice calls them.

“Oh, if it isn’t Kousaka!”

“Yo, it’s your best friend. Lovely your angel Kouhei-kun!”
“Seriously, stop with that disgusting introduction.”
Apparently, Akagi Kouhei was searching for Sena, his little sister who also Kyousuke’s junior at the game club room and friend of Kuroneko. Akagi and Sena was in the middle of their date to the movie theatre while suddenly Sena disappeared.
Ak: “You’re jealous of me, aren’t you? I’m on a date with my sister.”
Ky: “Not in slightest. I’m also on a date with my sister. Let me introduce you. This is a really rare privilege, so be grateful.”
Ki: “My name is Kousaka Kirino. Nice to meet you. Thank you for always taking care of my brother.”
Ak: “A-ah, sure. I’m Akagi Kouhei. Me too, thank you for always taking care of my sister. Psst, Kousaka. Aren’t you in bad term with your sister? She’s really different than what you always said! Good for you, man!”
Ky: “To be honest, I’m also surprised (This is not Kirino at all!!! Ah well, so this is how she acts in front of her other friends.)”
Ki: “Hmm?”
Ky: “You're sure a show-off girlfriend.”
Ki: “…. Stupid.”
Ak: “Sorry for interrupting your date. I shall take my leave, by then~”
Ki: “I hope you can find Senacchi soon.”

Kyousuke just realized that Kirino had knew Sena from that “Senacchi” nickname she used. Kirino mentions that Kuroneko introduced her to Sena on the comicket, and Kirino get along with Sena pretty well since both of them are otaku.
“Just don’t imitate her weird hobby, okay? Let me told you from this moment, I won’t help you buy those fujoushi and BL stuffs ever, even if you beg me to.”
“Eh? Ah, un… Of course! W-what are you saying? I’m not into that stuff....... Probably.”
Just when they think the hindrance has gone and they start to kiss again, they hear a random brat asking his mother if they are kissing. Embarrassed, Kirino grabs Kyousuke’s hand and pulls him to moves away from their location and try to find another quiet place.
Ky: “Y-you’re so full of energy already.”
Ki: “S-shut up! Once I’ve decided to do something, I'll do it.”
Ky: “W-well then, I’m going to……”
KyKi: “HIII?!”

Another Akagi suddenly appears in front of Kyousuke and Kirino, but this time Akagi Sena clearly saw that Kyousuke is trying to kiss his own little sister.
Se: “Aaaaaaaaa! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!! What are you sibling is DOINGGGGGGG?!!!” Hentaihentaihentaihentaihentai! I’ll call the police!”
Ky: “Don’t steal other people’s catchphrase! (t/l: it was Ayase’s)
Ki: “It’s not time to do a tsukkomi, stupid!”
Se: “To lay hand your hand on your own little sister, YOU BARBARIC HENTAI BIG BROTHER!!!
Ky: “No, no! Listen to me!!”
Se: “Kyaaaa~!!! I’m being stained by sexual-harassing senpai!! He’s not satisfy with just Kirino-chan, he even targets me!!”
Ky: “Listen to what people try to tell you, damn it! Kirino, talk some sense to her, you’re getting along with her right?”
Ki: “Oh right. If we let her like this, other people will come here. Hey hey, Senachhi!”
Se: “W-what should I do? Whatshoulidowhatshouldidowhatshouldido!! If I let this, Kousaka-senpai will left Onii-chan alone!”
Ki: “AAAH!! There's a macho homo couple over there!”
Se: “WHAAAAAAAAA~TTTTT!!!!? WHEREEEEEEE?! Kirino-chan, where is itttt?”
Ky: “It’s obviously a lie, moron.”
Se: “CRUEL!!! Playing with innocent girl's heart, you guys are too cruelllll!! *sobs*”
Ky: “It’s not a crying matter!!”
After letting such huge reaction, finally Sena calms down. Kyousuke and Kirino tell Sena about their current situation and relationship.
Se: “I honestly want to congratulate you both, but…….”
Ky: “Seems like you have something on your mind. Is it possible that you li……”
Se: “No, I don’t feel that way about Kousaka-senpai. Because IT’S IMPOSSIBLE! Though, I’m sure Onii-chan does feel that way about you.”
Ky: “SHUT UP!”
Se: “What I’m thinking is….. If the same situation were happened to me, if I and Onii-chan is not related by blood, I think I still won’t be in relationship with Onii-chan. Because even if we’re not related by blood, we’re still a sibling. What I want is a boy who can like me and understand me completely like Onii-chan, not Onii-chan himself.”
Ki: “I see. So it’s like that for Senacchi. But it’s different for us. We were like a complete stranger.”
Se: “What does that mean?”
Ky: “On the past, me and Kirino were always in bad term. We never talked to each other and never think each other exists. That’s what Kirino means by complete stranger. So we never felt what is it to be a true sibling for so long. It’s more like……… How should I put it, meeting an osananajimi after never met for such a long time. But that’s just me, how about you Kirino?”
Ki: “It's different for me. I can’t really put it into words nor I want to tell you, so I won’t say any words.”
Ky: “Then I won't asking you about that anymore.”
Se: “Fufu, I see. I’m really jealous of both of you. But Senpai, Kirino-chan. I’ll support both of you, I will always, always support both of you.”

After all those things, time has passed and it’s already evening.
“I guess it’s too late for a movie.”
“Then at the very least, how about cloth?” Wanna see some?”
“Oh, you can use your head once in a while after all, but it’s no good. I told you I have the place I want to go to, right?”
“Where is it?”
“Supermarket? Place to buy daily things, supermarket?”
“Is there any other place called supermarket?”
“Oh well, if that’s the place you want to go to…”
“Yep, help me carry the bags, will you?”
“Sure thing, sure thing…”
Later at the night when it’s about time for dinner, Kyousuke is sleeping on his room so Kirino wakes him up, by slapping him.
“Your attitude sure still remains the same even after we became a couple.”
“Hush. More importantly, listen to what I’m going to say. *cough*”
*speaks with cute voice* “Welcome back, Kyousuke. Do you want to have dinner first? Bath first? Or... do-you-want to-have-me?”
“.... What the hell are you doing?”
“Hehe, how is it? How is it? You’re happy, aren’t you? You’re going to die because of the moe overdose of your super cute girlfriend saying those lines, right?”
“Not really. In fact I feel really uneasy of your act.”
“Haaah? What’s that supposed to mean?”
“Up until now, and it’s also just happened again, you who always being harsh to me and abused me, suddenly change your attitude with that soft voice, it’s just somewhat scary.”
“Huh? A kind voice came from a girlfriend to her boyfriend, it’s cute!”
“Then the choice of line is really weird. What’s with “welcome back”, I always been in my room in the first place, where do you think I was from? Dream world?”
“The setting is clearly you came back from work!”
“How could I know that setting if you suddenly come to me, slapped me to wake me? And you expected me to adlib?”
“AH I SEE! To think that I purposely come here so far to say that lines for you. Tsk, annoying! Anyway, you better come down fast!”

It's dinner, without knowing who's making dinner, Kyousuke tries Kirino’s cooking. It is beyond awful.
Ky: “*cough cough cough* Wh-what with this thing? It’s not even worth to be called a food!!”
Ki: “Haa? It’s delicious, isn’t it? Since I’m the one who cook it!”
Ky: “It tastes like hell.”
Ki: “Don’t tell such lie! Look at father, he eats it like it's a feast!”
Da: “I won’t leave the cook made by my own daughter.”
Ky: “Pops. Is this…….. thing, tasty for you?”
Da: “Not at all.”
Ki: “EEEEH?!”
Ky: “And to think you eat the whole thing with such poker face.”
Da: “I’ve gotten used to this taste. Or rather, this brings so many memories. It reminds me of how your mother’s cooking back then.”
Yo: “Mine wasn’t this horrible.”
Ki: “How could this be? Ayase told me that I’m good at cooking.”
Ky: “Then taste it for yourself, here.”
Ki: “*gulp* BLEARGH!”
Da: “Kirino, next time be sure to taste it yourself before serve it to others.”
Kyousuke then recalls that he did see Ayase around time of Valentine’s Day holding her stomach in pain. He realizes it that it was because Kirino’s bad cooking.
Ki: “W-what are you looking at? I’m sorry I blew today’s dinner.”
Ky: “Ah no. Thank you Kirino. You made it with your all, didn’t you? I’m more than happy just to know that. Right, pops?”
Da: “Right.”
Yo: “Kyousuke is right. Next time, I’ll teach you how to cook curry.”
Ki: “U-un... Thank you. H-hey, I’ll definitely learn how to cook better. So... W-will you… Eat my cook again?”
Ky: “Well of course. I’m looking forward to it.”
Ki: “Hehe. Leave it to me!”
Yo: “Hmmm…”
Da: “Huh? You guys are getting along well, aren’t you? See mother, I told you you don’t have to worry about them.”
Ki: “E-eeh?”
Ky: “Looks like we made you worry all these times. Sorry. We’re getting along just fine so don’t worry anymore.”
Da: “Now I’m relieved.”
Yo: “… I wonder. Father, you’re too slow. Kyousuke, Kirino. You have something important you haven’t tell us, right?”
Da: “Is that true? Kyousuke, Kirino?”
Without nowhere to run, Kirino almost says something but Kyousuke stops him. He tells her that it’s better if he’s the one who does the talking.
Ky: “Pops, moms. I have something important to tell to both of you.”
Da: “Let us hear it, then.”
Ky: “*inhale* I…….. I LIKE KIRINO!!! That’s why, I have decided to be together with her.”
Da: “Is that all?”
Ky: “… That is all.”
Da: “I see… Hm……… Well, isn’t that great? Right, mother?”
Yo: “Sure, isn’t this good news.”
Yo: “Because we don’t have any real reason to be in your way. Of course if you are real blood-related sibling we won't have this kind of talk.”
Da: “If it’s you, I can rest assure to make Kirino a bride.”
Ki: “Father…… Thank you.”
Da: “But I have one condition. Don’t forget what you just said for the rest of your life.”
Ky: “Of course. You don’t have to remind me. I will definitely…… make Kirino happy!”
Da: “Right. Don’t just say it, prove it with your action.”
KyKi: “Yes!!”

After received the blessing from their parents, at the night Kyousuke is in Kirino's room but no one's talking.
“............ Hey, Kyousuke… Shall we kiss?”
“*spit* What are you saying on this timing?”
“Be-because I can’t help it. Even though I feel like I have a lot to talk to you, but just seeing your face makes me feel like I’m going to fly. I’m so happy I feel like I’m going to die.”
“I-I see…”
“H-hey….. From today onward, l-let’s sleep together.”
“*spit* asdfghjkl;;’!! C-calm down, me.”
“Are you ok?”
“Uwaa, what a strong yell…”
“P-please just don’t talk something like that anymore. Seriously, you made me feel like I’m having a heart attack.”
“B-but I just asked you to sleep together, didn’t I?”
“That’s why, what's with that “just”, it’s a huge thing for me! Is it different for a girl?”
“He? Wha-……….. Ah, AHHHH!!! Y-you, you just thought of lewd stuff again, didn’t you?! Disgusting, how far of a beast are you?”
“This time it’s not my fault! After playing so many eroge, I'm amazed you can say ambiguous line like that so casually. You're too bold. It’s your fault.”
“I’m not wrong! I’m fine being bold…. If it’s you.”
“(Hnnnnnnnnnngh) ... Listen, Kirino. I have promised to make you happy, ok? To pops and moms. To Ayase. And above all, to myself.”
“U… um”
“That’s why… Those ecchi things on your beloved eroge, I’m not going to do it anytime soon!!”
“EEEEEEEH? Why? I don’t understand! Just when we have gotten this far, what with that cowardly resolve?”
“Any reason is fine. I just won’t do it. At least until we’re both graduate.”
“Am I a child to you?”
“You are still a child! As well as I am!”
Kyousuke then holds Kirino’s hands.
“W-what now?”
“Even though I can’t agree to sleep together, but this far is fine.”
“A-are we an elementary grader?”
“M-maybe. But for us, it’s enough to make our heart race, right?”
“Err then... Also…….”
Kyousuke suddenly grabs Kirino’s shoulders and kisses her.

“It’s also okay if it’s only this far.”
“Y-y-y-y-y….. you! Saying those things and do something like this, you’re targeting it, aren’t you?”
“I-I’m not. But Kirino, we’ve been through so many things since we start dating, but let’s get along from now on, okay?”

The point is view is changed to Kirino’s again.
Kirino calls Kuroneko to talk about what just happened between her and Kyousuke.
“I swear that what I’m going to say is not a lie. So can you believe me?”
“Fine. I’m not going to promise that I will believe what you’re going to say, but at least I can promise I will listen to you until the very end.”
“Thank you. (If it’s her. If it’s Kuroneko… She gives unpleasant feel sometimes, but if it comes to a person who always think the best for me, she is the same like Ayase. A person I can trust. Even though I thought she was a weirdo the first time I met here, but now she is an irreplaceable best friend. That’s why if it’s her, she will believe me, that’s why I have to tell it myself.)”
“What’s wrong?”
“Nothing, it’s fine. I just think the first time I met you.”
“What’s with that all of a sudden? Ah!! Don’t tell me, you’re going to go aboard again?”
“Eh? Ah, no. You’re wrong, you’re wrong!”
“I-I see. What’s with you, really. Don’t surprise me like that.”
“Hmm… So you really don’t want to get separated from me that much?”
“Kuhh…. I told you, didn’t I? I can’t make any friends, that’s why you have to take responsibility. If you’re not here, who knows what I’m going to do. If I’m die then it’s your fault.”
“What’s with your way of thinking…”
Kirino then tells Kuroneko about her and Kyousuke. How they are not blood related, and after many things happened, they have became couple now.
“—I see. Congratulations. Good for you then.”
Tears come from Kuroneko’s eyes, but she also smiles. The warmest smile Kirino has ever seen.
“But… I know, that you.....”
“I understand what are you going to say. I also like that person. So what? Please don’t look down on me.”
“Well I thought you were going to say that.”
“I want you to know that I like the way that person struggles and does his best for his little sister’s sake. I’ve fallen for him thanks to that side of him. That’s why the miraculous result like this… I trust it from the bottom of my heart. So once again, congratulations Kirino.”
“And beside, please don’t think that this is already over.”
“You’re seriously hate to lose, aren’t you?”
“Silent. I understand that currently I don’t have any chance, but I’ll use any openings if you’re become careless.”
“--- Interesting. I’m not going to lose to you even if it takes years.”
“Fu fu. Looks like it’s going to be a long battle. It’s probably our destiny to stand as enemy, even in our next life.”
"(As always, her talks scale is so big)"

Kyousuke comes open the door for Kirino who just come back home. Kirino tells Kyousuke that she just told Kuroneko about their relationship.
“I have received a great power from her. Since there will be a great battle in front of us soon.”
“Haha. What’s with that, Kirino? It sounds like we will face a last boss on some RPG.”
“That’s not completely wrong. Since we’re in relationship, we talked to a lot of people, right? And all of them gave us their support.”
“But still… There’s one more important person left.”
“Kirino... Do you mean…?”
“Let’s go. I have called that person to meet us.”
“Hehe. The park when the three of us used to play together back then.”
The person Kirino refers was Manami. After that Kyousuke and Kirino meet Manami on the said park.
Ki: “Good day, Manami-san”
Ma: “Eh?”
Ky: “Hey, what’s with that call?”
Ki: “Hm? What’s wrong with that? I can’t call her “Mana-chan” like I used to, it’s too childish. So “Manami-san” sounds good.”
Kyousuke remembers the time when he invited Manami to come to his house to cook for him and Kirino. At that time Kirino said she didn’t remember Manami because she was too young back then, but now turns out Kirino does remember about Manami after all.
Ky: “Kirino, so you do remember our past and Manami? I even don’t remember about “Mana-chan” call you used.”
Ki: “Ah, err…. I just remember about that. Recently.”
Ma: “Thank you for remember me, Kirino-chan.”
Ki: “Un. I have to apologize to you about before. I gave you hard time when you came to our place.”
Ma: “Don’t worry about that Kirino-chan. I know your feeling.”
Ki: “--- T-Thank you Manami-san. You always so kind.“
Ky: “(Hm? Just now, Kirino is..... Is it only me?)”
Ma: “Haha I’m not, just ordinary. Then again, rather than a childhood friend, I always see Kirino as my little sister, so I’m happy. I wonder if we can get along like we used to once more, is it not late to do that now?”
Ki: “That’s…… I think we can. After all I can get along with Kyousuke again.”
Ma: “R-really? Then, let’s try to get along again from now on, Kirino-chan.”
But suddenly, Kirino starts acting weird, laughing.
Ki: “Fuhi, hihihihihi. Before that Manami-san, there’s something I want to inform you. Hihi.”
Ma: “Hmm? What is it?”
Ki: “You know, me and Kyousuke~ We are not blood-related~♪ Seriously, hihihi. If you don’t believe it, you can ask Kyousuke♪”
Ma: “Eeh? I-is it true, Kyou-chan?”
Ky: “Y-yeah.”
Ma: “I see…. How shocking.”
Ky: “Are you really surprised?”
Ma: “Yeah. I’m soooo~oo, surprised.”
Ki: “Right? Right? But it hasn’t ended yet, the next thing is the actual bomb.”
Kirino then comes close to Kyousuke and hugs his arm.
Ki: “We’re now going out♥ Right, Kyou~suke?♥“
Ky: “Y-yeah…”
Ma: “………………. EEEEEEEEEEEEEH---??”
Ki: “Fuh…. Fufufu. Khuhuhuhhu….”
Ky: “O-oi? Kirino?”
Ki: “Fuhahahahahahahahaha!! I did it---!!!! Kiririn's greatest victory!!! Hihihihi, I'm always looking forward to that face!! Gyahaha! Gyaa---hahahaha! Hihihi, hihihi! Hey, how’s that feel? Hey hey Manami-san, how's that feel to you when Kyousuke is taken from you? Hmm, hmm?”
Ma: “I-it’s…… the worst…”
Ki: “Right? Right? RIIIIIGHT? Of course it is, riii~ght? ♪ Now that you have felt it, let's put all behind us and let’s get along from now on, Manami-san.“
Ky: “Stop it right this instant, moron”
Ki: “OUCHIE! What’s that smack for?”
Ky: “Shut up, apologize to Manami right now! How can someone stand up doing nothing while seeing his best friend is being bullied? Even if it’s my own girlfriend, if you don’t apologize immediately I won’t give any mercy.”
Ki: “B-but… It’s my long time grudge….”
Ky: “I see. Well forget it then, I will br—“
Ki: “WHA- WAIT!!! Ughh… I understand…… I’m sorry.”
Ky: “Not to me. Say it to Manami.”
Ki: “Ugh… I’m sorry, Manami-san.”
Ma: “………………”
Ky: “Manami?”
Ma: “Lots of informations in a short time. I see, so Kirino-chan is always want to say that to me.”
Ki: “YUP! Now I feel really good.”
Ma: “I see, so you have your revenge paid.”
Ky: “Hmm? What’s revenge?”
Ma: “Ah no, nothing. It’s our secret.”
Ki: “Yep, it’s our secret. It doesn’t have anything to do with you.”
Ma: “At that time, I didn’t feel I have done anything bad. And even now, I still don’t feel that way.”
Ki: “I see. But you don’t have any objection with me and Kyousuke relationship now, right?”
Ma: “Hmmm……………. Not really, I do have objection.”
Ki: “Eeeh? Why?!!!”

The first person to really object Kyousuke and Kirino relationship is Manami.
Ma: “Because, I think it’s not right for sibling to be in relationship.”
Ki: “That’s why, I told you that we are not related by blood, didn’t I?”
Ma: “Even if you’re not related by blood, for me a sibling is still a sibling.”
Ky: “Manami, so you’re against my relationship with Kirino.”
Ma: “Yup. Of course I against it.”
Ky: “I see……. Well, that’s troublesome.”
Ma: “Yeah, I do think so too. I will support whoever the girl who become Kyou-chan’s girlfriend, except just for Kirino-chan. Kyou-chan always say I’m [normal], so I just give a [normal] thought for your relationship.”
Ky: “I see. But…..”
Ma: “But? Are you going to shout “That doesn’t have anything to do with meee~!!” like before? Like what you did when you were with Ayase? Like when you were with your father? You think you can convince me with just your spirit and zeal?”
Ky: “Well I do think it’s impossible. I understand. For me your acceptance is more important than any other person’s, even my parent’s. So if you won’t give yours…”
Ma: “Yup. If it’s Kyou-chan, I know you’re thinking like that. Then….. Fufufu. If I’m against it, you can’t be in relationship with Kirino-chan, right?”
Ki: “You……..”
Ma: “Hm? But he’s simply like that, right? What can you do about it?”
Ki: “It’s just like you said. Hey, let’s ditch this plain girl and have some fun, Kyousuke!..... is what you think I’m going to say? Even if it’s unpleasant I’ll be sure to convince you to give your blessing for us.”
Ma: “Sorry Kirino-chan, but I think it’s impossible.”
Ki: “I see, but you won’t know until I try.”
Ky: “Kirino…”
Ki: “Right here, right now--- I won’t let you do it alone. If we’re together, we can do it!”
Ky: “I understand. You’re such a great girlfriend.”
Ma: “Sorry, but I still don’t think I’ll be easily convinced even if with the two of you. And I think it’s better for you sibling to stop being in relationship, the road ahead will be hard for you.”
Ki: “What do you mean?”
Ma: “If a sibling is in relationship, it’s going to be very hard when they’re break up, you know?”
Ky: “We won’t break up so it’s okay.”
Ma: “Kyou-chan is sure full of confidence.”
Ky: “Well we’re super lovey dovey so it’s impossible for us to break up, right Kirino?”
Ki: “Wha-… Y-you... B-but y-yeah, we are…”
Ma: “I see… But Kirino-chan, Kyou-can will probably cheating on you.”
Ky: “OIII!!!!”
Ma: “There’s Ayase-chan. There’s Kuroneko-san. Even he will probably flirting with me. Ah no, he’ll definitely do it.”
Ky: “NO I WON’T!!!!”
Ki: “That’s probably going to happen.”
Ky: “Oi, are you really my ally on this one?”
Ki: “Because I always think that you and Manami-san are going out. And usually you’re always surrounded by many girls and close to them, aren’t you?”
Ky: “I-I am?”
Ki: “You are, you are. And just now you didn’t even say you’re going out with me.”
Ky: “W-well let’s talk about that later, just now let’s focus on Manami, shall we?”
Ki: “How you can convince her if you can’t convince your own ally? Geez. But anyway Manami-san, thank you for worrying about us but it’s not a problem. It’s weird coming from myself, but I’m super cute so we’re going to be fine. And so, everyone else has accepted our relationship. Ayase, Saori, Kuroneko, and our parents have given us their blessing, so it’s only you left.”
Ma: “I see. But I will still going against it for everyone’s part too.”
Ki: “What’s with that? You’re always like that. Everytime everytime everytime, every single time, you’ve always stood in my way!”
Ma: “Even if you think like that, I can’t help it. Although I don’t have any bad intention about it.”
Ki: “That I understand the best!”
Ma: “Eh?”
Ki: “Mana-chan is a super nice person! You’ve always thought what the best for both of us, trying to ensure us happy and don’t care about yourself. I know that part of you the best!! But…. But…. I’m sorry. I like him. I like him, I like him, I like him, I REALLY LIKE HIM! I… I like my onii-chan, I LOVE KYOUSUKE!! I won’t regret my decision ever, if you still don’t believe me then you can always come and see for yourself!”
Ma: “…. Haaah, as expected it’s impossible. Now I understand the feeling of all people who accepted your relationship and gave you their blessing, I really do. So sly, eh? Not related by blood. It’s frustrating. If it’s not for that, hehe.”
Ki: “Then, will you approve us?”
Ma: “Nooo~ way. I said I can’t easily give you my approval. Because starting today I will change to a veee~ry bad person. Those people who accepted you, they are so naïve, aren’t they?”
Ki: “I see…”
Ky: “(… She’s lying. I know her the best, Manami is not that kind of person) -- Manami, you..”

Manami then touches Kyousuke’s lips with her finger to stop him.
Ma: “Please don’t say unimportant things. You’re her boyfriend, right? That kindness, you should give it all to Kirino-chan. Because in the future, I’m sure I won’t be the only person who will stand in your way. You have to protect Kirino-chan.”
Ky: “-- Yes”
Ma: “Fufu. Good boy. Then Kirino-chan, please take care of Kyou-chan.”
Ki: “…. Un. Un!!! Thank you very much, Manami-san.”
They cry. They can’t stop the flowing tears from their eyes.

After then, years has passed. Kirino has graduated from middle school and entered high school. And then she has graduated from high school and entered college. Right now, Kirino lives on an apartment together with Kuroneko.
Ki: “---You hear that? That Kyousuke is really annoying, isn’t he? He’s beyond help, right?”
Ku: “True. Then how about you break up with him? The time when he will be dumped by his girlfriend, I can’t miss this chance.”
Ki: “A-are you still targeting him?”
Ku: “Oh, are you forgetting our promise. This is our long battle, isn’t it?”
Ki: “No way, go find a boyfriend already!”
Ku: “Rejected. More importantly, do you think I’m who having such a hard time to made just one friend will be able to find a boyfriend?”
Ki: “WHAT’S WITH THAT TWISTING CONFIDENCE? Aaah geez, am I wrong to ask you for love counseling?”
Ku: “What are you talking about, you big fool. That talk is not a love counseling, you’re just talking about your childish fight.”
Ki: “---uuuu”
Ku: “If you’re really having fight with that person, it’s impossible for us to casually talk about it like this.”
Ki: “Well that’s true. If he seriously said horrible things to me, you must be angry, don’t you~?”
Ku: “Isn’t it obvious?”
Ki: “To think about it, it’s really weird. This means you’re standing in your own way to make your targeted man single, right?”
Ku: “Well it is weird. But even if our situation is reversed, I believe you will do the same thing.”
Ki: “Yeah, that’s probably true.”

The door bell rings. It’s Ayase.
Ay: “Kirinooooo~♪ “
Ki: “Geh?!”
Ay: “Geez Kirino, what’s with that “Geh?!”?”
Ki: “Ah n-no, nothing, hehe. W-what’s the occasion, Ayase? To come here so sudden.”
Ay: “I’m doing a job around here, so I thought I want to see Kirino’s face.”
Ki: “You saw me everyday, didn’t you?”
Ku: “What’s wrong Kirino? If it’s a guest then hurry prepare te--- Ugh… ”
Ay: “Helloo~”
Ku: “Ah? What business do you have here?”
Ay: “Today, I come to see Kirino’s face.”
Ku: “I see. Then now you have done what you come for, we don’t have to prepare anything for her, right Kirino?”
Ay: “Ah, actually I brought some snack.”
Ki: “(Really these two. Since they have met they’ve always been like this, never get along. Well I am happy Ayase comes here often but obviously these two will start fight anytime soon, aren't they?)… Oh! If it isn’t a cake!!”
Ay: “Ehehehe. This is from Onee-san’s.”
Ki: “Seriously? I always like cake from Tamura Shop.”
Ku: “*sigh*”
Ki: “(Don’t see me with that look!!!)”
Ay: “Really? Then I’m not interrupting?”
Ki: “Of course not. Then please sit down there.”
Ay: “Ah, shall I help?”
Ku: “I’ll do it, [Ms. Guest] please just sit down.”
Ay: “…muu. What a rude way of speaking.”
Ku: “Ah, does it sound like that to you? Pardon me, then.”
Ay: “Aaa~ah, I am so jealous of Kuroneko-san who lives together with Kirino. You have one empty room here, right? maybe I should move here too.”
Ku: “…. Wh-what did you just say? Don’t joke around, please stop.”
Ay: “Hee? But didn’t you say [Let’s get along from now on] before? Was that a lie?”
Ku: “Of course it was a lie. I was just being polite.”
Ay: “You admitted it?! Kirinooooo, I'm being bullied by Kuroneko-san!”
Ki: “(Uwah, she hugged me) A-ah, there, there. So Kuroneko, I’ll trust the preparation of tea to you.”

The door bell rings again. This time, it’s Saori and Kanako.
Ka: “Cheer~s!”
Sa: “Pardon the intrusion.”
Ki: “Oh! Both of you, welcome!”
Ay: “Kirino! Your attitude is really different when it was me!”
Ki: “I-is that true?”
Ka: “Here some snack.”
Sa: “Sorry if it’s not good enough.”
Ka: “Of course it’s good, I’m the one who chose it. It’s a manju from Tamura Shop. Kirino likes it, don’t you? I remember, hehe.”
Ki: “Yeah, thank you Kanako, Saori.”
They talked about how Kanako is getting along very well with Saori lately. Ayase then tells Kirino it’s because Kanako has taken bridal lesson.
Ki: “Seriously? Kanako, are you getting married soon?”
Ka: "No, of course I'm not! Geez Ayase, that's why I don't want you to tell it."
They tell Kirino that the reason Kanako was taking bridal lesson is not because she is getting married, but she takes it for her parent’s sake.
Ka: “I always never get along with my parent. But lately some stuffs happened, so it made me think I should try to fix our relationship. You know what kind of person I am, right? While my parent is so strict. So I thought I have to be act more properly before I met them. So even though it’s bridal lesson, it’s completely for different purpose. I’ve been troubling many people.”
Sa: “And lately, we learn the same things.”
Ki: “I see, so that’s why you’re getting along well. Good girl, aren’t you Kanako?”
Ka: “Not at all, isn’t it ordinary for someone to want to get along with their parent? Well I just haven’t done that ordinary thing up until now.”
Ki: “(Kanako has been through so many things, hasn’t she? It’s the same for both of us. We have been through so many things and feel like we have been matured.)”
For the third time, the door bell rings again.
Ki: “Wait for a moment!”
Ku: “Geez, what a busy day.”

The next guest is Manami.
Ma: “Good day.”
Ki: “Oh Manami-san, welcome.”
Ma: “Ah, so everyone has came?”
Ki: “Eh? Aren’t you guys here by accident?”
Ma: “Ah!”
Ay: “O-Onee-san!!!”
Ma: “S-sorry, Ayase-chaa~n.”
Ki: “Eh? What? What’s happen here?”

Sa: “Fufufu…”
Ku: “Haah, seriously…”
Ka: “Hehe. Well then, should we start now?”
Ay: “Yup, I think it’s okay now.”
Ki: “Eh? Eeeh? What are you guys talking about?”
Ku: “Kirino. Can you close your eyes for a moment?”
Ki: “Heh? Why? Are you going to kiss me?”
Ku: “O-of course not! Seriously…. That pervert part is really what make you guys a sibling.”
Ka: “Not related by blood, though.”
Ku: “*cough* A-Anyway, just close your eyes.”
Ki: “Okaa~y. Like this?”
Ma: “Yep. Then, wait there for a moment okay?”
Ki: “………………… Can I open my eyes now?”
Ay: “You can’t.”
Ki: “…………………. Now?”
Ma: “Wait just a little bit.”
Ki: “........................ Still?”
Sa: “Fufufu…. It’s still not the time, Kiririn-shi.”
Ki: “..... Hey now, how long are you guys going to make me wait?”
??: “It’s fine now, you can open your eyes.”
Ki: “(Finally. Seriously, what are these guys planning. Wait, that voice just now?!) … Kyous---“
Kirino hurriedly open her eyes.
Ka: “One, two…”
Ky: “What is it Kirino?”
Ki: “Just now… I remember many things that have happened in the past.”
Ky: “What a coincidence. Me too.”
Ki: “It feels weird, doesn’t it?”
Ky: “You’re right.”
Ki: “The moment we were born we were a sibling. Even now we’re still a sibling, but we’re also a lovers. And starting from now we’re husband and wife. Father and mother accepted our relationship, and everyone also support us. If we’re really a sibling all of those are impossible, right? But still, back then I would never think what if this could really happen.”
Ky: “I understand your feeling. I also feel the same. I would never think this will be truly happen. To marry my own sister, that’s only happen inside the game.”
Ki: “Yeah. That’s why…. This is definitely a miracle.”
Ky: “Yeah, perhaps…… Kirino, I love you.”
Ki: “Me too.”

Years later in the future---
??: “Father— Hey, father!!“
Ky: “Hmm? What is it, Yuuno?”
Yu: “Don’t put your shirt together with mine on the laundry!”
Ky: “—Haaa? F-finally, the time where my own daughter say that line to me has came.”
Yu: “What are you blabbering about? Disgusting!”
Ky: “Geez, you really look like a certain someone. Ah damn, you’re so cute.”
Yu: “W-why are you patting my head? I don’t get it!!”
Ky: “Ahahahaha”
Yu: “S-stop it! I said stop it!!”
Kousaka Yuuno. The daughter of Kyousuke and Kirino whose name is adopted by Kirino after a character from an eroge. She is the second child, while the first child, Kousaka Ryousuke just enters the room.
Ry: “Yuuno. You’re noisy!”
Yu: “O-Onii-chan.”
Ry: “Don’t say rude thing to our parent.”
Yu: “B-but, it's because..... A, aaah! Father, it’s your fault! I’m being scolded!”
Ky: “Ooh, my position is so low in the family”
Ry: “You’re being scolded because your own fault, moron! Apologize to pops, and then starting now put your own clothes on the laundry by yourself!”
Yu: “Eeeh? Why do I have to do it?”
Ry: “Noisy. Shut up and just do it!”
Yu: “Ha? What’s with that attitude, super annoying! Just because you were born little bit faster, don’t get cocky and stop ordering me around!”
Ry: “Doesn’t matter you're my little sister or older sister, I won’t change my attitude.”
Ky: “Enough enough. Don’t fight in front of your father.”
Ry: “Yeee~s.”
Yu: “It doesn’t have anything to do with father!”
Ry: “Oi! Seriously, just reflect on your fault already, stupid.”
Yu: “Ha? The one’s saying stupid is the bigger stupid!”
Ky: “Ah geez, why are you guys never get along even though you’re just the only sibling? (Well, I’m not in the place to say that though)”
Ry: “Yuuno is too noisy, so I’ll go study outside.”
Ky: “Today the library is closing.”
Ry: “I’ll go to sensei’s place.”
Ky: “I see. Then say hi to her from me.”
Ry: “Sure.”
Yu: “Tsk, what a good boy.”
Ry: “Did you just say something?”
Yu: “Not at all. Tell old lady I say hi.”
Ry: “Sensei is still on her 20!”
Yu: “But she always wearing that cloth from Taisho period, doesn’t she?”
Ry: “Leave her be, it’s fine, isn’t it?!”
Just before Ryousuke goes out, the mother of household, Kirino, who now working as model, comes home.
Ki: “I’m hooo~me! What, are you guys fighting again? When will you guys give up?”
Yu: “Mom! Because Onii-chan is always…”
Ki: “Hihihi, you’re so cute. I understand your feeling. Yuu-chan wants your beloved onii-chan to pay attention to you, so you’re acting like that, right?”
Yu: “Wha-? N-no, I-I’m not!!”
Ki: “Sure sure. Mama knows whatever on your mind.”
Yu: “Uuu, I said I’m not!!”
Ry: “…. Disgusting.”
Yu: “Ha?! Mmmmmmuuuuuuuuuu……!”
Seeing their children that looks exactly like him and Kirino in the past, Kyousuke smiles.
Ky: “Kirino.”
Ki: “Hm? What is it, Kyousuke?”
Ky: “Right now….. Are you happy?”
Ki: “Of course I am. Just like you.”


  1. Good work bakanki, good to see you.

  2. Thank you! I enjoyed your summary.
    Do you plan to do a summary of Ayase route?

    1. You're welcome. I glad if my work can be enjoyed by others :)

      And of course I'll post Ayase route here too, she's my favorite after all XD
      I just need some time to move the post from my previous blog ^^

    2. Aah~ I can't wait to read Ayase's route. I really like her too except when she's in her Yandere mode, her glare is really frightening...

      I have just finished reading the summary of Kanako's route and I laugh so much. Now I'll start reading the summary of Hinata and Tamaki's route.

      BTW, in the 2nd game, did they include more characters to be the main heroine like Kanako?

    3. We have the same feeling of Ayase, I too don't like when she's being yandere. Not really a fan of yandere ^^;

      I'm glad you enjoy summaries I wrote, made me feel what I've done is worthed ^^

      Aside from Kanako who got promoted into main heroine and has full route, there's also Sena who didn't appear on the first game. There are also Hinata, Kanata, and Kaori who appeared on light novel but haven't appeared on anime yet. Kanata is voiced by Rie Kugimiya, btw.

  3. I just recently finished the episode 14, 15, and 16 on CrunchyRoll, and I must say, after reading this, i feel all happy and giggly inside. After watching the Ova's I felt so confused on how everything ended. Especially that last 3 minutes of the ending, where Kyousuke kisses Kirino on the cheek rather than kissing her on the lips. After doing some research the Author was also pretty upset about that to, and wanted Ky to kiss Kirino on the lips. But thank you so much, after reading this, I felt like that one price of the puzzle that has gone missing, has now been found and placed into it certain place. Thank you once again :D

    1. Ahaha, you're welcome.

      The ending was really surprising. I was shocked too the first time I read the spoiler when the last volume of LN came out. Never thought the author have the balls to make it Kirino ending, but I understand since it was a major title from major publisher, they have to avoid with delicate and controversial theme like incest and had to be subtle about it ^^a

  4. bakAnki ga ada niatan bantuin project translasi disc 2 oreimo,biar bisa di patch masuk ke game?


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