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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

OreImo Portable 2 - CG Commentary Translation

This time it's not summary, but as the title said it's the translation for the CG commentary of the Ore no Imouto ga Konna ni Kawaii Wake ga Nai Portable ga Tsudzuku Wake ga Nai (wow, that's mouthful). On this game, there's omake part where we can see all the CG artworks we've unlocked and there's a function to hear the commentary spoken by certain characters regarding the picture.

Now, I'm not covering all the CG because my Japanese is sucks as hell so I just cover all those I understand and of course interesting/funny. Well then, enjoy~


Kanata: “Kanakana-chan, cuuuteww”
Kanako: “Shut up! I thought I’m going to die”
Kanata: “But but, thanks to that you’re being rescued by your cool boyfriend, didn’t you? How nice, I’d like to being buried too”
Kanako: “Aneki, you don’t have boyfriend, do you?”
Kanata: “Huh? Oh yeah, I don’t”

Kirino: “Heee, so Kanako is really doing her best, isn’t she?”
Yoshino: “She really is a good girl, right? At first I’m really worried but in the future she will definitely be a good bride.”
Daisuke: “Heh, how about both of you learn to improve your cooking too?”
Yoshino: “Hmmm, so Father has something to say about my cooking, you don’t like it?”
Daisuke: “N-Not like that, I meant it’s a good to improve it so our family will be happier.”
Yoshino: “Well, you have a point. Maybe I should ask Manami-chan to teach me too? Want to do it together, Kirino? Let’s ask Manami-chan.”
Kirino: “Haha, no way Mother. I already a great cook, anyway”
Yoshino: “Are you?”
Daisuke: “Kirino. Your cooking is terrible.”
Kirino: "HEEE?"

Kanata: “Light novel reader, it’s been a while! Anime-only viewer, nice to meet you! It’s Kurusu Kanata~! My mangaka pen name is Yamanashi Ganma”
Kirara: “Sensei’s work is Maschera, it has been adaptated into anime too”
Kanata: “Blu-Ray and DVD, don’t forget to buy it, okay? The anime adaptation has ended, but the original manga is still on going”
Kaori: “Don’t promote your non-existence stuff in CG commentary!”

Ayase: “Congatulation, Kanako”
Kanako: “Ou, thank you”
Ayase: “Onee-san.... Really, that person is too kind to other person”
Kanako: “She really is. Too kind she’s stupid. I won’t forgive her. I will repay her someday”

Kyousuke: “Honestly, give me a break...”
Kanako: “Haaa? Isn’t this normal, we’re just kissing on the park”
Kyousuke: “No no, please consider our surrounding. There were too many people around us”
Kanako: “So what?”
Kyousuke: “That’s why, what’s with “so what””
Kanako: “It’s fine........ We’re a lover, after all” 

Kirino: “USHYOOOOO!! Seriously moe, who is this girl? If a little sister like this really exist”
Kyousuke: “You’re so full of yourself as always, aren’t you?”

Kanako: “Hm? What’s this? Is this what Kanako and others look on the future?”
Bridgette: “Kanakana-chan really become a mother, aren’t you? And Kanami-chan really looks like you”
Kanako: “And you, your change is too much”
Bridgette: “Is it?”
Kanako: “Big breast, that’s my dream! Someone do something!!”

Kirino: “This is too much. Inside a cafe where there’s many people around you and feeding your boyfriend saying [aaahn], even I won’t do that”
Kanako:  “L-leave me alone!”
Kirino: *speak in cute voice ala Kanako* “[Okaaay, say aaaah. Delichioush?] *speak normally* Eeew”
Kanako: “Stoooop!! Don’t imitate my voice!!”

Kanako: “DAAAAAAA. This is too embarrassing, don’t show this picture!”
Kyousuke: “It’s embarrassing for me too! Aah, I blushed too much I’d like to die”
Kanako: “This is a secret between the two of us, okay?”

Kirino: "Wa-? Wh-who is she? This super cute imouto! Ooopsie, when I take a good look she was me, fu fu fu."
Kyousuke: "So annoying I lost my energy to do a tsukkomi."
Kirino: "Here, you should take a good look too! I was sooo cute when I was little girl, right? Though I am very cute now too. You understand, right?"
Kyousuke: "*sarcasm tone* Sure sure, you're right. So cute."
Kirino: "Oh God, I feel moe of myself."
Kyousuke: "Yeah yeah, It's a sickness, let's go to a hospital."

Ayase: “Geez. If only he always looks this manly”
Kuroneko: “Talk about waste”
Manami: “Fufu. For me, rather than manly Kyou-chan, I like persistant Kyou-chan more”
Kuroneko: “Hm, and why’s that?”
Manami: “When Kyou-chan shows this face, it’s when he will do something reckless for someone else”
Kuroneko: “That’s what makes him cool. Don’t you agree?”
Ayase: “It’s not that I hat….. Ah forget it!”

Kyousuke: “Hey Kirino~”
Kirino: “Wh-what?”
Kyousuke: “If we show this CG to ourselves 1 year ago, what do you think would happen?”
Kirino: “I-I don’t really understand, but that would be dangerous, right?”
Kyousuke: “If me from 1 year ago see this, I probably die because of shock”

Kirino: “Just you remember…”
Kyousuke: “Eh, what?”
Kirino: “I DEFINITELY pay this humiliation back”
Kyousuke: “Oi, exactly what are you talking about?”
Kirino: “Hmph!”

Kuroneko: "Fu fu fu, I saw it."
Kirino: "Wh-what did you see?"
Kuroneko: "Once again you said, *imitating excited Kirino* "Sniff sniff, haa haaa, it's Onii-chan's scent!!!""

Kirino: “So, the two creates their own warm family and embrace happiness”
Kyousuke: “And they live happily ever after, right?”
Kirino: “Yep. Although after this on some occasion they still fight”
Kyousuke: “Oi!”
Kirino: “It’s fine. That sounds more like us”

Kyousuke: “Hmmmm”
Kirino: “What, looking at my swimsuit picture so seriously, it’s disgusting. What a pervert”
Kyousuke: “DAAAAAAH!! Pervert, pervert, shut up!! I’m just honestly praising you!”
Kirino: “Hmm, so you don’t think of anything while seeing my swimsuit picture?”
Kyousuke: “Ghhhh”
Kirino: “Geez. Our aniki is embarrassing brother and such a siscon”
Kyousuke: “Yeah, yeah, I am…”

Kuroneko: *spitting chuunibyou stuff like destiny, soul, etc*
Kyousuke: “Oooi Kuroneko, come back heeere~”
Kuroneko: “But it’s not a problem. It’s difficult to break through the darkness if I’m alone, but if it’s the two of us then nothing to be afraid of.”
Kyousuke: “*sigh* She’s beyond help”

Kuroneko: “This form is, the holy angel Yamineko. From the being of darkness, I transformed into the white angel. But where there is light, shadow lurks. But it’s fine, with these materialized wings, it will bring me to his place!”
Hinata: *suddenly open the door* Ruri-nee, the food is rea- WHA*cough cough* Hahaha, what’s with that cloth”
Kuroneko: “So you saw it…”
Hinata: “HIIIII!!!!”

Kyousuke: “This give [ikka danran] feels, isn’t it?” (t/l: roughly “one family all together”)
Kuroneko: “Yes. Just as I hope, the future I want.”
Kyousuke: “That’s good then”
Kuroneko: “It’s all thanks to you.”
Kyousuke: “If you say it like that… Haha, I’m blushing”

Kyousuke: “So this is what they call “swimsuit event”, right?”
Kuroneko: “You really have learned otaku culture, aren’t you Senpai?”
Kyousuke: “A-am I? I’m trying not to, though *sigh*”
Kuroneko: “At the very least, behave yourself when you’re around Hinata and Tamaki.”
Kyousuke: “I-I know……………………….. But if Hinata-chan and Tamaki-chan aren’t around, i-is it fine?”

Kyousuke: “Now I look at this again, it’s too embarrassing”
Kuroneko: “T-that’s because you picked such line” (t/l: the text is read "dai suki")
Kyousuke: “You did too! By the way, will you put this picture somewhere?”
Kuroneko: “No way. If someone see this, it’s the same as the world ends for me”
Kyousuke: “That’s right”

Kuroneko: “D-Destiny Record, can you erase this past event from existence?”
Hinata: “T-there there, it’s useless to think too much about it now. And Kousaka-kun doesn’t really bothered by it anyway.”
Kuroneko: “Hoo. Then let’s do the same thing to Hinata.”
Hinata: “HIII!!! Stop it, I can’t become a bride if you do that!”

Kuroneko: “Err… Please don’t stare at this picture”
Kyousuke: “Ah, s-sorry”
Kuroneko: “Geez, how could I fallen into my little sister like this. Senpai too, please forget this.”
Kyousuke: “Sorry, that won’t happen”

Kuroneko: “This is Destiny Record’s judgement. Our future.”
Kyousuke: “Err Kuroneko, I’m fine with that, but isn’t our daughter too different on each route?”
Kuroneko: “That’s true. I wonder if the soul is different”
Note: Ruri has 2 stories, normal one and Yamineko one (branched from Ayase route from first game).
On normal story the daughter on the ending isn't a chuunibyou like her, rather a normal cute, shy girl; but
on Yamineko story her daughter is a chuunibyou and taking the mantle of Kuroneko.

Kyousuke: “Hmmm”
Kuroneko: “What are you thinking about, such a serious face?”
Kyousuke: “Ah, I’m just thinking about what it means to look like a couple really is”
Kuroneko: “Oh so that what’s bothering you. At that time you really treat me like your girlfriend without any flaw. You’re doing it perfectly.”
Kyousuke: “I-I see”

Saori: “Did you see, Kyousuke-shi? It’s my “moe moe kyuu~n” kiss scene! I wonder if the player skip their heart beat seeing this defenseless form of me”
Kyousuke: “By the way I did skip mine too”

Saori: “Errr, Kyousuke-san. Can you please not staring me like that, it’s embarrassing.”
Kyousuke: “Ah, sorry”
Saori: “And you’re also looks like a pervert”
Kyousuke: “Don’t say it like that!!”

Kyousuke: “At that time, you really well armed, aren’t you”
Saori: “Haha, if it’s Akiba then it should with this form. Or does Kyousuke-shi prefers my ojou-sama form?”
Kyousuke: “Nope. Wither form, Saori is Saori. And it’s relaxing for me to be with your current form.”
Saori: “A-aah, if you say it like that, I can't speak anything anymore.”

Saori: “This is when we were in Yokohama together, isn’t it?”
Kyousuke: “At that time, you were in ojou-sama mode, weren’t you?”
Saori: “Yeah. Is it awkward for you unlike when we went to Akiba?”
Kyousuke: “At first, yeah. But after that it’s really fun.”
Saori: “I see.”

Kaori: “This is what the true Rider Kick really is!”
Kyousuke: “Don’t say it proudly like that, it’s dangerous!”
Kaori: *speak in cute voice* “Sowwy, I won’t do it too often anymore”
Kyousuke: “I won’t forgive you even if you speak cute like that. And more importantly are you still going to do it again?”
Kaori: “Yeah. If you make my little sister cries, the next time you’ll be dead.”
Kyousuke: “Geez, I have myself a scary big sister.”

Kyousuke: “Your surprise plan is really crappy”
Kirino: “Wha-?! T-that’s not my fault”
Kuroneko: “I-It can’t be helped. More importantly, why don’t you let us know”
Kyousuke: “Okay okay, I understand, sorry. Still, thank you guys”
Kirino: “W-well..”
Kuroneko: “Y-You’re welcome, I guess”
Note: This is from Saori route where Kyousuke and Saori is in relationship but both haven't
told Kirino and Kuroneko. But the girls saw Kyousuke and Saoir on Yokohama and get it so
they decide to make a surprise congratulating party the day after, although it's a mess.

Kirino: “LOLI SAORIN KITAAAAA!! It’s irresistible, and to think she grows so tall after this”
Kuroneko: “Geez, this is a serious scene. Your commentary really ruins it”

Saori: “To think Kaori-neesan has such a condition”
Kirino: “Err, so Saori always in bad term with your big sister, right?. Do you think you can make up with her after this?”
Saori: “Well, I wonder. At the very least I don’t think I can in such short time”
Kirino: “Of course, right? It’s not that easy, right?”
Saori: “Fufu. So it’s the same case for you too”
Note: Kaori is diagnosed a sickness so she won't live much more, that's why she decided to live
her life to its fullest full of freedom. One of her new hobby is otaku where she introduce Saori to
her circle. But after that Kaori went aboard and her circle (which already become Saori's friends too)
never met again, thus making Saori blames everything to Kaori and hates her, without knowing Kaori's sickness. 

Kyousuke: “Geez, even after becoming adult, those girls are really noisy”
Saori: “Fufu. To be able to stay in touch with everyone and be friends even after becoming adult, it’s wonderful”
Kyousuke: “Our circle manages to find new friend too.”
Saori: “Yes. And there will be a new cute little member to join soon too”
Kyousuke: “Eh? Don’t tell me you want to make our daughter an otaku too?”
Saori: “Fufu”

Kirino: “HAAA? There’s nothing to explain for a guy who touched a girl’s breasts. It will be better for the world if you were caught by police. Why are you coming back?”
Kyousuke: “I-I can’t do anything…”

Ayase: “Err, Onii-san. Don’t stare at me so much, i-it’s bothering me”
Kyousuke: “Ah, sorry”
Ayase: “Geez. Please understand that it’s also embarrassing for me to do it, okay?”
Kyousuke: “But most of the time it was Ayase who asking for a kiss”
Ayase: “ONII-SAN!!”

Ayase: “I definitely, won’t come to this shop again”
Kyousuke: “Well, wait for a minute. After this, why won’t we learn more about cosplay for our otaku research?”
Ayase: “That’s just to see me wearing other costume, isn’t it?”
Kyousuke: “Of course……. IT IS!!”
Ayase: “Don’t admit it proudly like that!!!”

Kyousuke: “Just seeing this picture, I can feel my old wound”
Ayase: “Aren’t you exaggerating, Onii-san”
Kyousuke: “LIKE HELL I’M EXAGGERATING! You kicked me so hard I flew and lost my conscious for a while!”
Ayase: “I-I’m… sorry for that”
Kyousuke: “Geez, I only get excited and want to touch Ayase when you’re cosplaying”
Ayase: “So after all that, you still don’t get why you deserve that kick, do you, Onii-san?”

Ayase:  “That shop  is really great, isn’t it? I saw many weapons I haven’t seen”
Kyousuke: “D-did you?”
Ayase: “Please bring me to that shop again, okay?”
Kyousuke: “O-okay. I-if I have the time”
Ayase: “Hmm? Onii-san, are you all right? You’re shaking since little while ago”

Ayase: “Onii-san really sleep well at that time, didn’t you?”
Kyousuke: “It’s because Ayase’s lap feels so great”
Ayase: “Ge-geez, again with such embarrassing line. But…. Well, maybe… I can occasionally let you do it again”
Kyousuke: “SERIOUSLY?!”

Kyousuke: “When I think about it, at this time Ayase let out erotic sign, didn’t you?”
Kyousuke: “But I just tell you my honest observation from that time”
Ayase: “I-I’m not!! It’s only your imagination! Even if I did, it’s because Onii-san’s hand is lewd. Definitely”

Ayase: “Even if it’s because the manjuu, to think I’m doing thing like that. Uuu, I’m so embarrassed I’d like to die”
Kyousuke: “Don’t sulk like that. Nothing happen after all, right?”
Ayase: “Well… that’s true. But, that by itself is disappointing.”

Ayase: “Now when I think about it, we really said a cheesy, embarrassing lines that time, aren’t we?”
Kyousuke: “We are”
Ayase: “But I’m happy. Really really happy.”
Kyousuke: “You are? Well then please say it again to me”

Kyousuke: “*siiiigh*”
Ayase: “What is it?”
Kyousuke: “Just thinking about something, ah no, forget it”
Ayase: “Fufu. Weird Kyousuke-san”
Note: So yeah, the entire game we never heard Ayase calls Kyousuke by his name, she still calls him
"Onii-san", with the exception of one time when she forced herself after a shop lady thought Ayase
and Kyousuke are sibling. Even on the prologue, we can only hear she's calling him "anata"

Sena: “I thought Senpai was only sexual harassing me with words, but to think you raise it to the next level”
Sena: “And then after this, Senpai will be a sexual offender”

Sena: “Err Senpai, what are you trying to tell me by having me see this picture?”
Kyousuke: “Sorry Sena, but you have to undersand that this is a guy’s romance!”
Sena: “So basically you’re just delusional, aren’t you?”
Kyousuke: “Don’t put it that way”

Kyousuke: “Looking at it, this club really trying our best, don’t it?”
Sena: “Right. Everyone put their best, it’s really isn’t bad at all”
Kyousuke: “The game we made are BL though”
Sena: “Ah pardon me Senpai, could you replicate this scene with Onii-chan?”
Kyousuke: “I’LL PASS!!”

Kyousuke: “I have many things I’d like to say, but first thing first please stop this one-pattern act”
Sena: “Because I can’t think other place to hide”
Kyousuke: “Then you don’t have to peek”
Sena: “How could I miss the opportunity to see Senpai doing that with Onii-chan on his bed”

Sena: “How about it Senpai, your first experience on butler café?”
Kyousuke: “It’s really tiring. Though on the other side you really look energetic, aren’t you?”
Sena: “Thanks to Senpai’s uke aura I can see great delusion. The food tastes better too!”
Kyousuke: “Seriously, please give me a break”

Kyousuke: “So there’s no other way than fighting…”
Kouhei: “Talking is futile. Farewell, my dear friend”
Kyousuke: “Please wait, I’m still…”
Sena: “With that, both of them then... Ufufu”
Kyousuke: “Can you just stay silent for a while. Pretty please?”

Sena: “To think I can do this with Senpai, I never thought about it”
Kyousuke: “So you regret it?”
Sena: “Not like that. I told you, didn’t I? I really like Senpai”
Kyousuke: “I-I see…”

Sena: “With this, I can make more game with Senpai. It’s like a dream. But with Senpai’s super uke aura, it makes me delusion too much I have hard time to do my work”
Kyousuke: “You really like BL that much, aren’t you”
Sena: “Yes! As much as I like Senpai”

Kyousuke: “World is really works in mysterious way, isn’t it?”
Kouhei: “Well it’s not that bad. Let’s make our dream comes true!”
Makabe: “Right. Even though it’s little bit sad with only boys like this”
Kyousuke: “Don’t say anything further, Makabe-kun. It can’t be helped…. IT CAN’T BE HELPED!!”

Kirino: “Hohooooo. TAMA-CHAN HAPPY END KITAAA. Fuhihi, geez, elementary school is really the best…. Do you think I'd really say that? What’s with this scene? Explain!”
Kyousuke: “That’s why I said we’re only playing house!”
Kirino: “That why, why she’s doing it with you? Normally she should do it with me, uuuu. I’m so jealous. Now is fine too, switch place with me!!”
Kyousuke: “Is it really that frustrating for you?”

Kirino: “Congratulation for completing Ore no Imouto ga Konna ni Wake ga Nai Portable ga Tsudzuku Wake ga Nai!”
Kuroneko: “Congratulation”
Kirino: “All of the girls are really cute. It’s fine to take one of them, right?”
Kuroneko: “S-stop! You will make a time paradox!!”
Kirino: “Cih, what a shame”
Note: From left to right = Nao, Chitose, Mio, Rino, Yuri, Ryousuke, Tomoka, Yuuno, Kanami


  1. Will youalso post the route of Ruri (Kuroneko) and Manami?

    1. Sorry, but I won't.
      I don't find their routes interesting, and I'm not a fan of either of them in the first place ^^;

    2. sir manami route please

    3. Sorry anon, not gonna do it ^^a
      Perhaps zidanechoo will do her route on his project. IIRC he has begin the second game with Kuroneko and Ayase route on YT.

  2. I'm sad that you aren't making all of them, but thanks for making the translations to the routes you did. I saw the anime and became interested in the different endings possible in the game. Do you know if anyone else translated the routes you won't be doing? ..not anon above.

    1. You're welcome :D

      Hmm, I don't know other people who made full/detailed summary. Have you checked zidanechoo's YT channel? They've almost completed the first game and last time I checked they're doing the second game.

      I did write very short summary of Yamineko and Manami route though on Animesuki board.
      Yamineko: http://forums.animesuki.com/showpost.php?p=4173972&postcount=408
      Manami: http://forums.animesuki.com/showpost.php?p=4182869&postcount=457
      Omake scenarios: http://forums.animesuki.com/showpost.php?p=4186588&postcount=475


    1. Sorry for the (very) late reply, didn't notice it till just now >.>
      I actually enjoy the canon ending, but yeah the PSP version of Ayase route was much better for us Ayase fans, haha...

  4. hello bakanki this is the first time i've been on your summary site and it's impressive but there's something i want to talk about. you said you won't do ruri(kuroneko) route because it doesn't interest you but i thought since it was a summary you'd do the routes you can do so us viewers can see the whole thing. for your summary on photo kano you did all the heroines routes and that didn't seem like there was one that didn't interest you so is there a difference or something. i'm not trying to be mean it's just something i want to ask.

    1. It's okay, I don't feel offended.

      The problem is even with my detailed summaries (like I did with Ayase, Saori, Kanako, etc route) if the readers didn't play the game by themselves they can't really see the whole thing, or to put it better word, they can't feel the full experiences. Even with video translation that zidanechoo did on his Youtube channel (so you can hear the character's talking with their own respective seiyuus, all the dialogues unlike my summaries where sometimes I skip some because I couldn't fully understand the meaning, etc) some people would still ask for the patch, so they can play the game with English text so they can get the full enjoyment and experiences from the game.

      And if you see the All Routes Summary Photo Kano entry I made again, you can notice that some of characters didn't get many texts as the others because even though in term of romantic interaction/development I do like Photo Kano better than Oreimo, I still has few heroines I don't really like (my least favorite would be Nonoka). And I intended to cover all route there as comparison for the anime-viewer-only fans who hasn't play the game so they can know what's the original story the game had to offer, whereas on Oreimo PSP the stories are all 'only' original what-if scenarios.

      Besides, I did write (very)short summaries of Kamineko, Kuroneko, and Manami routes (plus the detailed climax of Sena route) from the 2nd Oreimo PSP game on Animesuki forum ^^


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