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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Here's To a New Start

I've been having account here since year ago, but I never used it. Why? Because I'm already use to my previous blog on Multiply. But again, why suddenly I start blogging here? Unfortunately Multiply's new CEO decide to change its direction to e-commerce and deleting all sharing and blogging functions there, starting this December. So here I am now.

But I never introduced myself, am I? You can call me Anki. I'm Indonesian and just like written on my profile on the right side, I'm an action figure collector and a casual Japanese and Western pop culture fan, especially anime, manga, and tokusatsu. So in the future if I decide to keep blogging here, you can expect posts filled with my action figure photo collection, a review or thought about anime/manga/tokusatsu I'm following, and some randomness revolving those themes on this blog.

Well, that's all for the introduction, hope I can bring you something to enjoy and forget real life for a while. Here's to a new start~

Pardon my shyness :3

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