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Friday, August 10, 2012

OreImo Portable 2 - Hinata & Tamaki Route Summary

This is the summary for the other Gokou sibling, the little sisters of Kuroneko, Gokou Hinata and Gokou Tamaki from the 'Ore no Imouto ga Konna ni Kawaii Wake ga Nai Portable ga Tsudzuku Wake ga Nai" PSP game. Read at your own risk because it contains spoilers. And do note this is only a fan translation, my Japanese is still sucks and my English writing skill isn't any better :3.

This route can be considered as secret route, since you have to beat another route first before unlocking this route. I never noticed before but apparently Hinata is also voiced by Hanazawa Kana like Kuroneko; Has Hinata appeared on the anime, I forgot. Anyway, on to the summary!!


To be able to get to this route, you have to go to Kanako route first to get the ‘Lolicon’ ORE Item. After you get it, start the game from the beginning and answer Kiririn and Kuronyan question that you have played the first game and you have a girlfriend already, but when they ask you whether you girlfriend is on middle school or high school don’t pick neither, just get through with it. Then the ‘Lolicon’ ORE Item will appear so you can choose it.

Ki: “N? Hmm? Your girlfriend isn’t on middle school or high school? Wai--- Wh-wh-wh-wh-wh-wh-what does that mean!?”
Ku: “Do-do-do-do-don’t tell me….. She’s…….. still on elementary school?”
Ki: “You’re going out with elementary grader?”
Ku: “You really are the worst garbage.”
Ki: “Hentaihentaihentaihentai HENTAI!!! Just go from our sight already----!!!”

It was summer holiday. Kyousuke then wakes up on his room.
“Fuaaah….. I feel like I was having some amazing dream. Well then, I wonder what should I do today.”
Kyousuke then goes to living room. There, Kirino is waiting for him.
“Ah, you’ve finally woken up!”
“Uooh. W-what is it?”
“I have important thing to talk to you. Sit.”
“What? Don’t tell me you’re going to ask me to buy eroge for you again?”
“That’s not it. You… You have gone to that black girl’s house, haven’t you?”
“Hm, ah yeah, I have.”
“…. Disgusting. Don’t tell me you’re trying to get close to her?”
“I’m not, geez. It was only for our club activity.”
“I wonder.”
“I’m serious. I swear to you. I don’t have that kind of relationship with Kuroneko.”
“Fuu~n. Well then it’s okay.”
“And why do you always have to check up on me like that?”
“H-HAAAA?!!! I-I was only wondering if you’re bothering my friend, i-it worries me.”
“Fine fine, I understand. So that’s the important thing you want to ask me?”
“No. The real question is…. Since you…. Since you have visited that black girl’s house, so…. How is it?”
“Wh-what’s “it”?”
“I-I’m talking about……. Little sister.”
“Little sister?”
“--- Aaah (I see. I understand all of it. This stupid girl here who really into “imouto moe” is interested with Kuroneko’s little sisters.). Well they’re cute.”
“Y-yeah… Their name are Hinata-chan and Tamaki-chan. Both of them are good gi--- Ki-Kirino?”
“So it’s Hina-chan and Tama-chan? *slurp*”
“She’s seriously beyond help.”
“…. I’ll go.”
“Pardon me?”
“I’ll go to that black girl’s house too!”
“Well, just go then?”
“Don’t say it like it’s easy job for me!”
“… You can just ask Kuroneko you want to play to her house.”
“It’s impossible. Somehow she never allowed me to come to her house and introduce me to her little sisters. That’s why, bring me along with you and we’ll go to her house.”
“I want to meet Hina-chan and Tama-chan too!”
“But you see…”
“Please, I’m begging you! I want to, I have to meet them whatever it takes!”
“So rare to see you like this.”
“This is my once-in-lifetime request! I will listen to whatever Onii-sama says!”
“*sigh* ….Can’t be helped.”

So after that, they go to Kuroneko’s house.
Ki: “Heee, so this is her house.”
Ky: “Since we’re suddenly come here, I don’t know if they’re home or not. If they’re out, just give it up, okay?”
Ki: “Then, I’ll use the interphone♪ “
After ringing the bell, a person comes. It’s Tamaki, the youngest of Gokou sisters.
Ta: “Yees?”
Ki: “*holding breath* ?!?!?!?!”
Ta: “Ah, Onii-chan.”
Ky: “Yep. Hello, Tamaki-chan.”
Ta: “Hello!!”
Tamaki then rushes to Kyousuke.
Ki: “Hohohoooooo... What’s with this girl... She’s too cute, oh man….”
Ky: “(Yep yep. She sure is cute. Really different compared to a certain rude little sister.)”
Looking at stranger she hasn’t knew yet, Tamaki hesitantly keeps her distance from Kirino. But Kirino excitedly gets closer to her instead, like a pervert old man.
Ki: “Nice to meet you, Tama-chan♪ My name is Kirino. Call me Kirino-onee-chan, okay? ♥ “
Ta: “…..uuuu”
Ky: “Oi, don’t scare her.”
Ki: “S-scare her?”
Ky: “That, stop moving that hands of yours that look like going to grope her.”
Ki: “Ah!.. S-sorry.”
Ky: “I-It’s okay Tamaki-chan, she’s not going to bite you.”
Ta: “…. Nice to meet you. I’m Gokou Tamaki.”
Ki: "*sounds of gun shoot to Kirino’s heart* ---hhnnngh--- Haaah, haah….”
Ky: “Oi Kirino, don’t lose your consciousness!”
Ki: “I-I know…”
Ta: “Onii-chan. Are you come here to play?”
Ky: “Yeah, we are.”
Ta: “Waaaaah…”
Ky: “So, is your onee-chan home?”
Ta: “Un! I will call here.”
Tamaki then goes back inside to her house to call her big sister.

Ki: “Oh man, that was close….. Just a little bit there, I was going to ignore anything else on the world and dive to Tama-chan.”
Ky: “You seriously have to go home.”
Ki: “Why? I’ve came this far!”
Ky: “Because I just realized I can’t let an existence like you to stands close to Tamaki-chan.”
Shortly after, someone else comes from the inside of the house. It was Hinata, the second daughter on Gokou family.
Hi: “Ah! Kousaka-kun, chee~rs!”
Ky: “Chee~rs. So, the “onee-chan” Tamaki-chan mention was you?”
Hi: “He? You don’t want to play with me?”
Ky: “Yeah, just call Kuroneko already.”
Hi: “Geez, Kousaka-kun is sure cold with me.”
Ky: “I’m not. In fact I seriously think you’re the one I’m getting along the best on your entire family.”
Hi: “Uoooo…. Man, a high school boy just make his move with me.”
Ky: “Oi, watch that mouth of yours.”
Ta: “Onii-chan, Nee-sama is not home.”
Ky: “Ah, I see…”
Sudenly, Hinata screams after she sees Kirino.
Hi: “AAAAAAAH!!! D-don’t tell me you are…..”
Ki: “E-eh?”
Hi: “Bitch-san, cheers!! I-I always wanted to meet you!!!”
Ki: “Heh?”

Looking at Kirino makes scary expression after Hinata greeted Kirino, Tamaki goes away looking for a cover.
Ki: “What did you just call me, you br—“
Ky: “Hey, stop. Calm down for awhile.”
Ki: “B-but this brat here is…”
Ky: “It’s must be Kuroneko’s doing, isn’t it?”
Ki: “M-muuu…. B-but!”
Ky: “It must be! Look! Look at these sparkling, innocent eyes!”
Hi: “Kirakiraaa~☆“
Ki: “Ah, this brat is definitely making fun of me!”
Ky: “Calm down, calm down, calm down! (Aah, so Kirino still hates an annoying brat even if the girl is a little sister.) Just let us hear her explanation first.”
Ki: “G-Grrrrrrrr……….”
Ky: “Oi Hinata-chan, why do you call her ‘bitch’?”
Hi: “Eh? Because ‘bitch’ means [cool girl], right?”
Ky: “Who told you that?”
Hi: “Ruri-nee.”
Ky: “All the mysteries have been solved.”
Ki: “Uuuuu….. Damn it, that jyagikan chuunibyou girl!!”

Kyousuke and Kirino then explain the real meaning to Hinata, and after that she apologizes.
Hi: “I’m really sorry!”
Ki: “Aaah, it’s fine, it’s fine. It’s not your fault anyway. Well, nice to meet you, I’m Kousaka Kirino. Let’s get along from now on, okay?”
Hi: “Ah yes, nice to meet you too. My name is Gokou Hinata.”
Ki: “Then I’ll call you Hinata-chan. Fuhihi…”
Hi: “’Fuhihi’?”
Ki: “*slurp* N-no, it’s nothing. Ehehehehehe.”
Ky: “(….. Creep)”
Hi: “Err, Kirino-san. You’re onee-chan’s friend, right?”
Ki: “Yep, we’re friends…….. Even though what we did most of the time is fighting.”
Hi: “I see…… Kirino-chan, thank you very much for becoming onee-chan’s friend.”
Ki: “--- Eh? Why do you thank me?”
Hi: “Because…… After that offline meeting on that day, onee-chan came home and said she made friends. She was looking very happy back then. That’s why, thank you.”
Ki: “Your welcome. Even though you don’t have to thank me and so formal about that. It's our own decision to befriends each other.”
Hi: “I see….. Err Kirino-san…. Can you be my friend too?”
Ki: “Of course! Then first thing first, stop with that stiff ‘Kirino-san’ call. I’m going to call you ‘Hina-chan’ from now on.”
Hi: “Un! Well then, what should I call you?”
Ki: “Call me ‘onii-chan’!”
Hi: “..... Pardon me?”
Ky: “You moron, what did you think you just said to elementary grader?” *smacks Kirino’s head*
Ki: “Ouch…”
Ky: “Hinata-chan, you don’t have to listen to this girl, okay?”
Ki: “H-hey! Don’t stand in people’s dream!!”
Ky: “Throw away disgusting dream like that right now!”
Ki: “EEEEH?”
Hi: “So what should I call her, then?”
Ky: “Just use whatever you comfortable with.”
Hi: “Hmm~ Then…. I’ll call you Kiri-nee, okay?”

After that chaotic introduction, Kuroneko hasn’t arrived yet.
Ky: “Well, since Kuroneko isn’t home, I guess we will take our leave then.”
Ta: “*staring at Kyousuke*”
Hi: “Ahahaha, looks like Tamaki wants you to come inside.”
Ky: “Is it okay?”
Hi: “Sure, sure. It’s only the two of us right now, anyway.”
Ky: “You guys are really defenseless.”
Ki: “Kuhihihi… Lucky~”

Kyousuke and Kirino then come inside to Gokou house.
Ki: “Hee, so this is her house. Somehow it’s relaxing here.”
Ky: “It’s kinda feel like Manami’s house, isn’t it?”
Ky: “You’re noisy… Ah, hey hey Tama-chan. Come here♪ I'll hug you♥”
Ta: “...uuu”
Ki: “Don’t be like that *slurp*♪ Come heeee~re♥“
Ky: “(She won’t be convinced if you call her disgustingly like that. Ah look, now she looks at you just like she’s seeing a cockroach.)”
Ta: “…..uuu”

Tamaki then runs away from Kirino and hops on Kyousuke instead.
Ta: “Ehehe.”
Ky: “(Oh crap. This little sister is so cuuu~te.)”
Ki: “---khuuuuuuuuu---“
Ky: “(Oh crap. That little sister is so scary)”
Hi: “Kiri-nee, Kiri-nee!”
Ki: “Hm? What is it?”
Hi: “Do you want to see what Ruri-nee’s room looks?”
Ki: “Ah! Fuhihihi…. Hina-chan, you thought of something interesting.”
Hi: “Hihihi, Kiri-nee knows the stuff too.”
Ky: “(Those two, they just met but already getting along) Both of you stop it, that’s a bad habit.”
Hi: “Kousaka-kun, you’re so boring.”
Ki: “Yeah, yeah. Just shut up, I won’t let interesting chance like this slips away.”
Ky: “…. You guys really are perfectly matched little sisters combi who never listened to what people said.”
Hi: “Inside Ruri-nee’s room, there is Kiri-nee’s picture, you know?”
Ki: “Seriously? I really want to see it.”
Hi: “And then, and then…”
Ki: “Let’s go, let’s go. Before she comes home.”
Hi: “Well then, Kousaka-kun, now it’s been settled, please take care of Tama-chan.”
Hinata and Kirino left Kyousuke alone with Tamaki and went to Kuroneko's room.

Ky: “Ah crap, they’ve left. I’m not taking responsibility if anything happened.”
Ta: “…hmm”
Ky: “Ah. Errr.. Do you want to play?”
Ta: “YES!”
Ky: “Okay. So what do you want to play?”
Ta: “Meruru!!”
Ky: “Hm? We’re playing Meruru?”
Ta: “Dee-fee-dee.”
Ky: “Huh?”
Ta: “Dee! Fee! Dee!”
Ky: “Ah! Do you mean DVD?”
Ta: “YES!”
Ky: “Eh? Does Kuroneko has Meruru DVD? Ah, aaa~h…”
Kyousuke then remembers the time when Kirino lent Kuroneko her Meruru DVD collection so Kuroneko can understand the awesomeness of Meruru long time ago.
Ky: “Haha, that sure is nostalgic. Okay then, let’s watch Meruru.”
Ta: “YE~S!!”
The opening song then kicks in. Tamaki sings along.
Ta: “Me~rumerume Me~rumerumerume! Ehehe.”
Ky: “Haha.”
Ta: “Onii-chan, you sing too.”
Ky: “Eh? Me too?”
Ta: “Me~rumerume Me~rumerumerume!”
Ky: *sings horribly* “Me….. Me~rumerume Me~rumerumerume…… (Damn it, it’s so embarrassing.)”
Ta: “Kyahaha.”
Ky: “... Heh (Ah, if it makes Tamaki-chan happy, it’s fine then)”

They have finished watch one disc.
Narrator: “[Stardust Witch☆Meruru], be sure to watch next episode, okay?☆“
Ta: “Yee~s.”
Ky: “So, is it fun?”
Ta: “Yes!”
Ky: “What do you want to do next? Do you want to watch the next episode?”
Ta: “Hmm…. Playing house!”
Ky: “Okay. Let’s play house. How about the role?”
Ta: “Onii-chan, you be the father.”
Ky: “Oh, I’m the father? Okay. And Tamaki-chan?”
Ta: “Mother!”
Ky: “I see, haha. Then we’re husband and wife, right?”
Ta: “Ehehe. Father?”
Ky: “What is it, mother?”
Ta: “Let’s kiss♥”
Ky: “Hahahaha..... HAAAAAAAAA!? J-just now, what did you say, Tamaki-chan?”
Ta: “Let’s kiss♥”
Ky: “… Errr (I can’t let her do that, even if this is only playing house!)”
Ta: “You don’t want to?”
Ky: “I-It’s still bright out there~”
Ta: “We can’t do it until it’s night?”
Ky: “Y-yeah! (What the hell did I just teach her)”
Ta: “But… My father and mother always kiss even though it’s still bright?”
Ky: “(Damn you Gokou father and mother, what did you do in front of your own daughter?!! Aaah, what to do here, what to do here... Be calm, Kyousuke)... Err, you know Tamaki-chan, only the true married couple can kiss.”
Ta: “Hooo…”
Ky: “That’s why, we can’t kiss.”
Ta: “Umm, okaa~y…”
Ky: “If it’s anything else, we probably can.”
Ta: “Thee~n… Please carry me up high!”
Ky: “Okay. Come here, come here.”
Ta: “Nnn~!!!”

They play house for awhile.
Ta: “Onii-chan.”
Ky: “Hm? We don’t play house anymore?”
Ta: “Let’s draw picture together.”
Ky: “Drawing? Fine, let’s do it.”
After spending time drawing, Kyousuke then asks Tamaki what she want to play next, but Tamaki falls asleep.
Ky: “… Haha. I should find futon for her. Fuaaah, neither Kuroneko or Kirino and Hinata come.”
Feels bored, Kyousuke falls asleep too.
Ky: “Zzzzzzzzzzzzz, zzzzzzzzzzzz….”
Ta: “Onii-chan.”
Ky: “Hnnn….?”
Ta: “Onii-chan, please wake up.”
Ky: “…..hnn…. ah? Ah crap, I fell asleep too. Sorry Tamaki-chan------- eh?”
Ta: “Onii-chan. Ehehehehe……. I’m having a baby♥”

Ky: “BUH!!! *cough cough cough* Wh-wh-wh-wh-wh-wha-----“
Ki: “…… What the hell are you doing?”
Ky: “HIII?! Ki-Kirino---- T-this is not what it looks like!”
Ku: “So what exactly it supposed to be then?”
Ky: “GEEE------?!!!!
Not only Kirino, Kuroneko comes to the living room too.
Ky: “J-Just looking at it you can understand, right? I-It’s only me and Tamaki-chan doing that.”
Hi: “Un, I know. Playing house, right?”
Hinata comes too.
Ki: “Y-y-y-you…. Playing house……. And with pregnant elementary grader…… I’m so jealous!!! UNFORGIVABLE!!”
Ky: “That’s why I told you it’s misunderstanding!”
Ku: “Ku ku ku…. Misunderstanding…. Misunderstanding, huh?... Why are you so panic if it's only a misunderstanding?”
Ta: “Nee-sama. I played lot of things together with Onii-chan!”
Ku: “D-did you? It’s good, then?”
Ky: “(Nice follow, Tamaki-chan.)”
Ku: “Ah well if isn’t it great then. Looking at Tamaki’s eyes, looks like she truly had fun. Thank for taking care of Tamaki.”
Ky: “It’s not big deal.”
Ku: “To get along with Tamaki like that….. Senpai is sure great with children.”
Ky: “I-I wonder?”
Ki: “Eeh--? Isn’t it only because he’s a lolicon?”
Ky: “The lolicon is you!”
Hi: “From now, feel free to come here to play with us, Kousaka-kun. Along with Kiri-nee.”
Ky: “Sure. If you’re not bothered by us.”
Hi: “Of course it’s fine. Tamaki-chan looks like having fun, and Ruri-nee looks happy too. Ah, for me…. I-I also don’t hate talking with Kousaka-kun.”
Ky: “Well thank you.”
Ta: “Onii-chan.”
Ky: “Hm? What is it?”
Ta: “Ehehe. Let’s play house again, with everyone.”
Ky: “What do you guys say?”
Ki: “Sure. Then, let’s do it.”
Ku: “... Geez. Fine, I’m in. Only for a while, okay?”
Hi: “How about the role? Tama-chan, what do you want to be?”
Ta: “Mother!”
Hi: “Roger!”
Ta: “Onee-chan is…. Cat!”
Hi: “I’m a cat!?..... Well it’s fine, though.”
Ta: “Nee-sama is…. Baby!”
Ku: “…. What….. I’m…… a baby?”
Ki: “Tama-chan! Me! How about me?”
Ta: “A stranger!”
Ki: “…..uu… UHUUUUUUUUUUUUU *sob*”
Ky: “(Oi Kirino, it’s not a crying matter. Does she really wants to play house with elementary grader THAT much?)”

Even Tamaki can’t stand to see Kirino’s crying that much so she offers Kirino another role.
Ta: “…u….. Do you want to be a dog?”
Ki: “I do! I’ll be the dog!!”
Ky: “(Good for you, Kirino.)”
Ku: “……………”
Ta: “Ehehehe…. Today we play a lot and have so much fun, I’m very happy.”


  1. Nice translation =) I really enjoy reading it. Well actually I accidentally unlock this route yesterday and I play it. Tamaki is epic lol XD

    1. Thanks ^^

      I enjoyed this route too, it's more fun than Kuroneko own route for me ^^;
      But I kinda want Hinata (and Kanata) to have her own route x3


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