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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Huckebein is Also a Gundam

Just Setsuna's being Setsuna :3

If you don't know anything about Huckebein, it's an original mecha from Super Robot Wars series. And if you wonder why it really resembles Gundam, it's because it was based on many Gundam designs and the designer is the famous Katoki Hajime himself.

Although I don't have any article or image to prove it, but many has said that Huckebein design is banned to appear in every official SRW adaptations anymore (video game, anime, figure/model kit, etc) because Sunrise sued due to Huckebein's strong resemblance to Gundam. That's why at the latest SRW OG The Inspector anime, two units of Huckebein Mk-III that supposed to appeared were replaced by Guarbein Mk-III Trombe and Exbein.


  1. as far as I know.
    they just won't come out in the anime.
    since they're still in the SRW game

    1. But at this time, we haven't seen any form/model of Huckebein on the upcoming SRW OG2 on the PS3 yet. The new Ash/Asche/Ashe is a modified Exbein :\

  2. Thx for da info of the retirement of Huckebein series in SRW. Thx God that they're only considered as 'grunt', & I've never used either one of them as my main unit...

  3. Recently I asked about Huckebein on Gamefaqs board, many said that the ban wasn't true, it just Terada (SRW series producer) basically trolled the fanbase following the assumptions that Huckie won't appear on OGs back then.

    But on the other hand, Huckebein did retire on Dai-2-Ji SRW OG on PS3, because all of Huckebein is destroyed on one event, so all the technologies inside the mark I to mark III can be stolen and then used to built Excessbein (or Ex-Exbeine), the successor of Huckebein series.

    Huckebein, aside the mass-produced Mark II, is never to be considered 'grunt'. Sure there are more than 1 units for each generations/mark, but the power is much greater than mass-produced one, especially Mark I and III. Mark I has over-terrestrial engine called Black Hole Engine which very powerful while Mark III has Tronium Engine generator. In fact, the big bad of Dai-2-Ji SRW OG destroyed all those Huckebeins for these technology so he could build one uber powerful unit (that Excessbein) so he could steal it and make it power battery for his own unit.


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