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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Game demo Papa no Iu Koto wo Kikinasai - Sora Route Summary

This is the summary from PapaKiki PSP game of Takanashi Sora route. Be warned for spoiler, and this is only a fan summary as I'm not really fluent in both Japanese and English, pardon for some mistakes here and there.


At the Parent Day on Hina's kindergarten, Yuuta was called 'papa' by Hina, Miu, and Sora since he become the parent for Hina.But shortly after that Sora called him 'onii-chan' back, because she needs Yuuta to be Yuuta, not her papa.

Days later, aunt Yoshiko came to their apartment and acknowledged Yuuta worth to be the girls guardian and now they can live together. Sora then plans to make dinner for Yuuta, using Yuri's pumpkin soup recipe. But she has hard time preparing it so Miu whom overheard her plan calls Nimura and Raika to help her; and Miu said to Sora she also has surprise for Sora that she won't reveal yet. So as Sora's preparing the dinner with Raika and Nimura, Miu and Hina make Yuuta busy outside so he won't come inside.
When Yuuta comes back, Miu said she will stay over at Raika's house with Hina. Her surprise for Sora is to let Sora and Yuuta have time together. Sora then prepares the food for Yuuta after she embarrassed she's alone with Yuuta. When Yuuta tasted her cooking, he said that it reminds him of Yuri's, making Sora happy. After taking a bath (of course separately xP), they decide to sleep, with the usual using curtain as the partition.
Both of them can't sleep because they've used to sleep while being cramped, and since Miu and Hina are not there it feels different. Sora then asks if it's okay to move to Yuuta's side.
"Even though I was fine sleeping alone in Ikebukuro, I can't sleep with this wide space"
"Haha, it's the same for me. It feels lonely without Miu and Hina"
"Even when we are always causing trouble?"
"We are family, I'm not troubled. I think having family is a good thing"
"Hehe, I'm happy to hear that. But speaking of family, why did onii-chan hardly visit us on Ikebukuro back then?"
"Err... (I can't say I'm jealous with onee-san's marrying, it will be embarrassing to admit it in front of Sora-chan for me as her papa) I was busy with my college back then, haha"
"Aah, I see. Onii-chan just enter college as first year student that time, right? College life, is it? It still feels long time for me to experience it"
"For Sora-chan it will be high school first, right? Have you made your plan about your high school?"
"I'll apply to all-girl school..... I guess"
"(Oooh, all-girl school. There will be no boys, it's relieving) That will be great, I'll fully support you!"
"Why do you get worked up like that about all-girl school?"
"Err, no reason, haha. I'm just hoping you'll get good experience for your high school"
"Thank you. But I still *yaawn*... worry about it. Even though.... *yawn* I.... want to.... grow up *yawn*... quickly *yawn*"
"(Ah, she falls sleep. From now on, I'm sure Sora-chan will grow up into a great woman.... Eh? Why my heart beats faster? No way, this is probably I'm worry about her future, like what Shingo-san felt)"

Yuuta then also falls asleep.

In the middle of the night, Sora wakes up. Her face instantly red when she realized Yuuta's face is so close in front of her.

"(U.... Onii-chan's face is close. Oh yeah, we were sleeping in the same futon. But no way, uwaaa, it's too close. My heart beats too fast)"
"(If it beats this fast and loud, onii-chan will probably awake. Be calm, be calm, my heart)"
"(Ah, looks like he won't wakes anytime soon, thank God. Fufu, onii-chan looks really tired with his part-time job and college. You work so hard for our sake, please don't overwork yourself too much, onii-chan. You can rely on me, even though for just a little. Thank you for every thing. I...... really love you)"
Sora then kisses the sleeping Yuuta.

4 years has passed after that day. Yuuta and Sora is now on their wedding ceremony, walking together in the virgin road. Yuuta never thought he will marry Sora back then
"(That idiot Nimura will probably call me, "Yo, Hikaru Genji!" or something stupid like that from now on)"
"Onii-chan, look at your front properly. Don't go in your delusion while escorting the bride"
"Haha, sorry. I just think I'm so happy that this day finally hapen"
"The road was long, wasn't it"
"Yeah, there were many things in our way. Even uncle Nobuyoshi was against the idea when we were dating"
"Ahahaha. But I think it was fine to let uncle Nobuyoshi escorts me to the altar"
"No way, it's should be me to do the job as Sora-chan's papa!"
"The one who escort me to the altar is papa onii-chan. The one who will stands beside me in the altar is my future husband onii-chan. It's puzzling, isn't it?"
"But it's feel like what we would do, wouldn't it? Isn't it good?"
 They are then saying their marriage vow in the altar. The reverend then told them to seal it with a kiss.

Since their complicated relationship, Yuuta and Sora haven't even kissed yet when they were in relationship so this will be their first kiss as a couple.
Y: ("Uu, so the time has came, my first kiss with Sora-chan. It makes me nervous. But I can't be, it will make Sora-chan nervous as well")
M: "Do your best, ojii-san!!"
H: "Do your best, onee-chan!"
But before they kiss, Sora said something to Yuuta.
"Onii-chan, actually with this kiss it will be our second kiss, you know"
"Do you remember when we spent the night just the two of us in Hachiouji apartment 4 years ago?"
"(Aah, yeah I remember that time)"
"At that time, you know, the truth is I kissed you"
"My heart felt like going to explode at that time"
"(So Sora-chan already had feeling for me by that time..? No wonder everyone always call me dense)"
"Please take care for me from now on, onii-chan♥"
"(For her to call me by my name, it probably takes time) I'll definitely make you happy, Sora-chan"
"If I can be together with onii-chan, I'll definitely be happy. I really love you, onii-chan. At last my first love has bloomed"
"Me too. I love you, Sora-chan (Thank you for always wait the dense me to realize my own feeling)"

They then finally do their promised kiss, followed by applause and yell from all of their family and friends.
From now on, their new life begins.

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  1. I would prefer the ending where yuuta nad raika married, because this ending ended after their marriage while the other ending ended with yuuta and raika having babies


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