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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Game demo, Papa no Iu Koto wo Kikinasai! - Miu Route Summary

This is the summary from PapaKiki PSP game of Takanashi Miu route. Be warned for spoiler, and this is only a fan summary as I'm not really fluent in both Japanese and English, pardon for some mistakes here and there.


The next night after Parents Day at Hina's kindergarten, from the apartment Miu sees Yuuta on the outside so she comes to him.
"What are you doing here ojii-san? Ojii-san looks melancholy"
"I am? Hahaha, well that's seems to be true"
"Am I..... bothering you here?"
"No you're not. I like talking with Miu-chan, it's always fun"
"Ahaha, I always like to talk with ojii-san too"
"By they way, don't you feel cold wearing pajama like that here?"
"We-well I was about going to bed but I saw you, that's why I came here wearing only pajama"
"I know, but I just wonder if you're cold"
"Ah see. Let's go, it's time to come back inside"
"Please wait. I want to be here just for a little longer"
"You'll catch cold, it's not good"
"The~n, it'll be alright if I do this"
Miu then comes closer to Yuuta and hugs him. "Can we be like this for just a little longer?"
Yuuta recognize that these times Miu always try her best to act normally holding her feeling about the hardship she has been through, "Yes sure"

Days later, they are having relaxed time because they will soon move back to Ikebukuro. But Yuuta looks not really relaxed, because in front of him Nimura and Miu are play together and looks really close.
Y: "(Why I feel so unpleasant to see both of them getting along like that. Ugh, too close. Nimura your distance is too close with Miu-chan. And why Miu-chan looks so happy? Even though he's playing with too many girls but I know basically he's god guy, and he has helped us a lot, but..... as expected if it comes to my three cute daughters I have to say it!) Nimura, you're being too close with Miu-chan! Make some more space!"
N: "Segawa-chan, your apartment is too narrow, we can't help it"
M: "Nimura-san is right, ojii-san. The space is too narrow here"
H: "Ish nawwow, oi-tan!"
Y: "Uuu, the space is sure narrow here, but... (Even though it's too narrow with 5 of us here, but can't you make more distance, Nimura?)"
M: "Fu fu. Our apartment is narrow and crowded but I really like it now. It's probably bad thing for me we have to go back to Ikebukuro."
Y: "Ahahaha.... Thanks, I guess, Miu-chan"
M: "Oh by the way Nimura-san, aren't you supposed to go on a date? Is it fine if you still here now?"
N: "I will go soon, Miu-chan. I still have time before the scheduled time."
Y: "You have date today Nimura?"
N: "Yes. Oh come to think of it, why do you know I have date today, Miu-chan? I didn't tell anybody about it"
M: "Fu fu. I just happen to know. Since Nimura-san's wearing nicer cloth than usual"
Y: "Is he? Looks like the same if you ask me"
M: "Haah, you're no good ojii-san. You really lack of delicacy, you know?"
N: "As expected from Miu-chan, you're really good"
H: "Miu-neetan ish good"
M: "Hehe, thank you Hina. Ojii-san, I honestly think you should learn one thing or two from Nimura-san"
Y: "Ummm... That would be hard (Sigh, I feel like I fail once again. Stupid Nimura)"
Later that day Yuuta talk to Sora about Miu and Nimura.
"I don't think Miu looks Nimura-san as a boy she likes"
"Well that's good if that's the case"
"Onii-chan you're starting to sounds like father. I don't think it's good if you blindly jealous of Nimura-san like that"
Being told he looks like Shingo, Yuuta can't help feel like that as he now understand how it is to be a father of three good-looking girls, always worry about her daughters, present and for their future. The next day, Nimura comes to Yuuta's apartment again, he has cream puffs for Yuuta and the girls.
N: "Segawa-chan, c'mon. Don't make scary face like that. Here's little souvenir for you"
The girls: "Wooow, it's cream puffs! Thank you Nimura-san!"
M: "Ah, I know this place. The shop sold this cream puffs is popular nowadays. As expected from Nimura-san!"
Y: "(Even though I'm thankful but I wonder why I can't honestly feel happy today. I know Nimura is popular with girls not only because of his good-looking face, but...) Well, I guess I will prepare tea for everyone"
M: "Ojii-san. We're eating cream puffs"
S: "To drink tea with it is kinda..."
N: "For time like this it should be black tea or coffee instead, Segawa-chan"
H: "Oitan, tea ish okay! Hina wantsh to dwink tea!"
Y: "(Oooh Hina, you're really an angel, aren't you? But I guess I really lack of delicaly, am I? Ugh)"
N: "Well here, I prepared you black tea. You know Segawa-chan, Oda-senpai really like this"
Y: "For real? Let me try. Ah that's nice. I think I start to like black tea too now"
S: "...... Stupid onii-chan""
Y: "Eh? Sora-chan did you just say something?"
M: "Ojii-san, you are really lack of delicacy. If you have it just a little bit, you'll understand how onee-chan feels right now"
Y: "Err... well, I'm sorry then"
H: "Oitan, don't mind! Hina will wub wub oitan's head"
Y: "Oh Hina, you really are the best 3 years old in the whole world!"
S: "Eh Hina, there are creams in your hand"
Y: "EEEEEH? My hair, ah Hina! Stop!"
Then as Nimura start to go, Miu looks sad. Yuuta is thinking Miu likes Nimura after all but turn out Miu only want to go out to window shopping.
N: "Well I'm going to Shinjuku, but I can accompany you for awhile, Miu-chan"
Y: "Hey wait for a second here Nimura!"
N: "It's okay for me Segawa-chan. I still have time before my date anyway"
Y: "That is not the problem"
S: "Onii-chan, your eyes is scary. Please calm down"
M: "Relax ojii-san. I won't go to Shinjuku at time like this. I only want to go around Hachiouji until 6 since house chore is already done"
Y: "Eeh, but still..."
N: "It's okay Segawa-chan. I'll be responsible and go with her until she ride the bus to go home. So you can relax"
Y: "(It's because she goes with you, I can't relax, Nimura)"
Awhile after Miu and Nimura go, Yuuta can't hold it anymore.
"Sora-chan, I'm going outside for awhile to buy something!"
"Onii-chan, that's why I said you have to stop saying thing like father said"
"But I can't help it. I understand Shingo-san's feeling right now. I have to protect my precious daughters from evil hands"
"Okay, okay. Geez..... But why it feels a bit different, it's like onii-chan is...... About Miu..."
Day later, Yuuta start to feel like doesn't want to lose from Nimura about his look so he wants to be more fashionable and start asking about male fashion to Sora.
"I.... I don't know about anything like that. Miu will probably know it better"
"Yep, Miu-neetan likesh fashion! But oitan, hewe. Oitan will look cool with thish"
"Hina, how can oitan looks cool wearing pink towel like that?"
"I think Onii-chan looks good with your current look. Is there something bothering you?"
"Ah yes, thanks. But no, not really"
Yuuta then talk about it to Sako and Raika.
R: "I think you look alright. The three like you right now after all"
Y: "Well, I was told lot of things by Miu-chan about my fashion"
S: "You're wrong Oda-kun. Segawa-kun is now finally understand the attractiveness and awesomeness of Miu-sama. To want to improve oneself after being told by angel is GWARGH!!"
R: "President, you're too noisy. Yuuta?"
Y: "(Miu-chan's attractiveness?... Well, she is indeed very cute and attractive but so do Sora-chan and Hina, so...)"
R: "Yuuta, your face is red"
Y: "N-no.... It's not I'm a lolicon or anything! Pardon me!!"
On the apartment, Yuuta decides to pick cloth to make him more attractive. And while he's having hard time to pick, Miu comes and want to help.
M: "I always help father to pick cloth for him to make him look dandy after all, though I did it together with Yuri-san"
Y: "For real? I didn't know"
M: "Ojii-san always pick the cloth without much thought. If you think about color, model, and more, I think you will look cooler"
Y: "Ahaha, so after all I don't look cool right now, haha"
M: "No. I don't think you can judge someone cool or not by his appearance only. For me, ojii-san looks cool"
Y: "Mi-Miu-chan... Are you serious?"
M: "You always work hard for our sake, never angry at us, always so kind, you got so much good points in you that make you cool. You are our beloved ojii-san, have some confidence in yourself"
Y: "Thank you, Miu-chan. (Uugh, I feel embarrassed for wanting to be more like Nimura. To be acknowledged by Miu-chan that far, I'll try my best again from now on) Well then, I have part-time job soon, I'll be going okay"
M: "Stoooooo--p!! Ojii-san, wait for a second! Are you seriously going outside with jeans and shirt like that?"
Y: "Yes, I guess. You just said you can't judge people by their appearance, didn't you?"
M: "That and this are different matters. Fashion is fashion, after all!"
Y: "Eeeeh?"
M: "Our ojii-san has to looks cool in his appearance too. So I think you have to be more fashionable"
Y: "I-I'll try my best..."
On the outside, Sora and Hina overheard that.
"Uwaah, onii-chan is scolded by Miu. He looks shocked, Miu is strict after all"
"Nee-tan, oitan ish scold by Miu-neetan like papa"
"Looks like it (But for Miu to go that far for someone....) Uuuu, is this means Miu has became my rival too? It can't be, can it? (But lately... Onii-chan is also...)"

One night after Yuuta comes back from his part-time job, he sees Miu's standing in front of the apartment, alone, with no sign of her usual smile on her face. But as Yuuta calls her and Miu realized Yuuta comes home she smiles at him.
"Is there anything wrong?"
"No, everything is alright"
"But Miu-chan is always try his best, but sometime even I know you can be.... You know Miu-chan, I may not be that reliable but I still want to listen to your problem and help you. We are family, right?"
"Well......... I just....... Feels scared. We are going back to Ikebukuro soon"
"On that house we have many wonderful memories of father and Yuri-san. I wonder.... If I'll be alright. But, I am Hina's big sister, right? I have to be stronger for her. I don't want to bother onee-chan too because if she know I'm like this..."
"You know Miu-chan. I'm sure when we're going back to Ikebukuro you will keep remember the time Shingo-san and big sister was there. But this time I'll be there. Even though big brother and big sister aren't there anymore, I will always be there. I will be there and protect every one of you. Sora-chan, Hina, and of course Miu-chan."
"Miu-chan is always try too hard. You can depend more on me as your papa"
"*sob* Fufu, ojii-san as papa? That sounds wonderful."
Tears are starting to fall from Miu's eyes. It is the first time Yuuta sees Miu cries.
"Eh? No way... This is, it's... You know... I, I'm not crying. Th-this is tear of joy. Errr.... *sob* I-I wonder what's happen with me. Ojii-san, I-I'm embarrassed"
"Let me say it again, you can depend on me more. I won't ever let Miu-chan go away. Miu-chan can't always hide your crying face, right?"
"*sob* I just went sentimental for a second. I'll be okay tomorrow, hehe"
"I know. Miu-chan is the sun of Takanashi family, after all. With your radiant smile, you always supporting us every single time. Thank you, Miu-chan"
"Being told that from a person I can depend on, I feel like I'm stronger now. But still, it feels embarrassed to be seen crying like this"
"It's okay. It will be my and Miu-chan secret"
"Hmmm.... But then it will be only me who have a secret? That's why I think it will be fair if both of us have each other secret. So, this will be ojii-san's secret"
Miu then kisses Yuuta.
"Wha-- Mi-mi-mi-mi-mi-Miu-chan?!"
"It's our secret. Don't tell anyone, okay?"

8 years has passed after that day.
It's now the wedding day of Yuuta and Miu.
"Ojii-san, you looks wonderful in that tuxedo"
While Yuuta at lost of words to see his bride.

On the room, there's also Sora with them.
S: "Uuugh, since the opponent is Miu, even though it's little bit depressing but I have to admit it"
Yuuta, as dense as ever, doesn't really get what Sora means by that. He thinks Sora is feeling bit down because she hasn't seen Yuuta as dependable man.
Y: "Err, Sora-chan. I will do my best to make Miu-chan happy"
S: "Geez. Onii-chan, you still don't get it until the end. But since I believe you can make Miu happy, I forgive you"
Y: "Thank you, Sora-chan"
M: "Thank you, onee-chan"
S: "A~ah, I lost"
The bell then has rung.
Y: "Oh, it's already the time"
S: "I need to find Hina, since she is the ring girl. Oh, I also have to find Sasha-san, since she will escort Miu on the virgin road"
M: "I wonder if mama has finished her make-up"
S: "Leave it to me, I'll go find them both. See you at the chapel, onii-chan, Miu"

"Let's find our happiness from now on, ojii-san"
"Err... Isn't this the time to finally change that 'ojii-san' call?"
"Ah, you're right. Well then..... I love you, Yuuta-san♥"
"I love you too, Miu-chan"

As they start to kiss, the memory of 8 years ago of their first kiss crossed on Yuuta's mind.
"Hm? What is it, Yuuta-san?"
"Just now... I remember our first kiss 8 years ago"
"Ah. I wonder if I had already fallen for Yuuta-san when I was that young"
Yuuta then start wonder himself if he was jealous of Nimura that time because he already likes Miu as a girl.
"No way, no way. That couldn't be it. I looked Miu-chan as my daughter back then, I was her papa!"

"Fu fu. You're not my papa anymore, Yuuta-san♥"
"Haha, you're right. But up until now, and from now on, we are loving family"

That 'Sasha' in the epilogue Sora talked about, if you haven't known yet, is Miu biological mother. She is Russian. Actually Miu is not Shingo's daughter as Sasha's boyfriend left her when he know Sasha was pregnant so Shingo marry Sasha to help her. After Miu was born, Sasha had to went back to Russia because her family is sick (due to war, or something) so she divorced with Shingo so Shingo can get custody to raise Miu. Sasha even introduced Shingo to her friend, Yuri, and pushed them to be a couple which later become his new wife. So it makes Miu as the only daughter not related by blood with anyone. Sasha came back to Japan by the way, to see if Yuuta has what it takes to become Miu and the girls's guardian. Spoiler ends.

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