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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Game demo, Papa no Iu Koto wo Kikinasai! - Hina Route Summary

This is the summary from PapaKiki PSP game of Takanashi Hina route. Be warned for spoiler, and this is only a fan summary as I'm not really fluent in both Japanese and English, pardon for some mistakes here and there.


Days after the Parents Day, Yuuta come home and find Hina. Yuuta then asks Hina to take bath together.

"...Uuu, oitan not huwt Hina?"
"(Uwa, she remember the first time I took bath with her) No, oitan won't hurt Hina. Oitan has became better now!"
"Woow, then Hina want! Bath, bath♪ Oitan and Hina bath togethew♫"
"Yaay! Bath, bath♪ Oitan and Hina bath together♫"
In the bathroom, Hina finishes earlier so she take the towel and go out earlier. After Yuuta finishes, he finds Hina already wears her pajama.

"Oh, Hina is already wearing pajama? Have you dried properly?"
"Who dry you, by the way? Sora-chan or is it Miu-chan?"
"Wwooo~ng, ish Hina!"
"Eeh? Don't tell me you dried and wore the pajama yourself, Hina?"
"Ehehehe, yep!"
"Waah, Hina is great. You properly done it"
"Yep! Hina, ish gwow! Now Hina can do evwy thing!"
"(I wonder how much longer I can do thing like this anymore) Ah, but your hair is still wet Hina. Come here, Oitan will dry it with hair dryer. (Please let Oitan take care of you like this just for little longer, okay Hina?)"

And now Yuuta has been blessed by Takanashi relatives to be the official guardian for Sora, Miu, and Hina, they will live on Shingo's house on Ikebukuro since it will be easier for the girls. It means they have to move from Yuuta's apartment on Hachiouji and change their lifestyle, including Hina and her kindergarten. Both Sora and Miu went to their usual school even when they lived on Hachiouji so when they move back to Ikebukuro nothing will change, but for Hina it's impossible for her to go to the same kindergarten after they move back to Ikebukuro since the distance is far and there's already closer kindergarten for her that she went to before they move to Hachiouji.
Yuuta then talked about the plan to move with Hina's teacher when he picked Hina up. The teacher said that Hina friends there will miss her since turn out Hina is so popular. Looking at happy Hina while they are on way home, Yuuta can't tell Hina she has to say goodbye to her friends because they will move soon. And back at apartment, neither Sora or Miu has the courage to explain it to Hina too since they are afraid Hina will sad and cry. Yuuta told them both that it's his responsibility to tell it to Hina himself, since he is their papa.
The day after Yuuta bring Hina to family restaurant and let her order whatever she wants to make her in good mood so it will make him easier to tell their plan to move. Hina orders lot of food and she said some of that are for Sora and Miu who can't come since they are studying at school.
"How is the food Hina? Is it delicious?"
"Yesh, but..... if neetan also come, Hina thinks it will mow mow dewicioush!"
"(Uuugh, Hina is so kind. I can't bring the topic and make her sad if this continue) Well then, next time we'll go here with everyone, okay?"
"Yaaay. Hina loves oitan!!!"
The scene changed to the cafeteria at Yuuta college. He asked for help to Nimura, Raika, and Sako since he can't tell Hina after what happen on family restaurant.
N: "Well, a 3 years old girl is out of my specialty area. I can't really help you but if you don't tell her sooner, wouldn't it be bad?"
R: "Yuuta"
Y: "Raika-san? Do you have any idea?"
R: "To went to family restaurant alone with Hina. You're so sly. Why didn't you call me?"
Y: "(I'm asking for help here)"
But in the end Nimura and Sako tell Yuuta that tell Hina straight is the best even there's a possibility Hina will cry. Raika also said that Hina will be okay. Even Hanamura-senpai (the one from strawberry cake part-time job) also say to just tell her, because with every meeting there will be parting, the best thing one could do is to make it a good parting. So Yuuta resolves to tell Hina.
Yuuta then tell Hina their plan to move back to Ikebukuro and Hina has to part way with her friends on the kindergarten. And as expected, Hina burst into tears because she didn't want to say goodbye to her friends.
Y: "Oitan is so sorry, Hina. After you made friends with everyone, now you have to say goodbye. The bad one is oitan. If oitan can do things better, Hina won't feel sad like this. I'm very sorry"
H: "Uuuuu..."
S: "Onii-chan"
H: "Ish.... Ish evewyone will foget Hina?"
M: "There's no way everyone will forget Hina. Hina thinks about it too much"
H: "But..... Uuuuu"
Y: "(Even though Hina is still so young but she already understand that saying good bye is sad, but the most hurtful is being forgotten) Ah, Hina. How about if we make present? Whatever is fine. Key holder, mail, or whatever Hina wants. So if Hina's friend look at it, they will always remember Hina"
M: "Ah, that's good idea"
S: "If Hina's friend get present from Hina, they must be happy, Hina"
H: "U.. Yesh! Hina will give pwesent!"
S: "What do you want to give, Hina?"
M: "If it's from Hina, than of course it's a bunny, right Hina?"
H: "Yep, bunny!"
That is, after Hina understands and decided to give her friends a bunny present, Yuuta further consult it what the best present is. The day after Sako suggested a little bunny doll and seems fired up to make it, since it's for Hina-sama. As much as he doesn't want to admit it, Yuuta also think it's a good idea and then later that night everyone is making a little bunny doll together for the present from Hina. Hina is helping by putting the eyes for each finished doll.

Then finally the day comes. Hina's last day on the kindergarten, the day when she has to say goodbye to her friends. All of her friends are surprised when the teacher tell them the news. All of them didn't want Hina to move. Hina then give every one of her friends the bunny doll.
Hina: "This ish Usagi-tan Hina made. Usagi-tan fow evewyone! This ish fow Hiro-kun"
Hiro: "Thank you, Hina-chan"
Hina: "This ish fow Takashi-kun"
Takashi: "Hina-chan, hueeeeeeee"
Hina: "This ish for teachew"
Teacher: "Eh? No way, we teachers get it too? I'll cry too"
Hina: "Evewyone, don't fowget about Hina, kay?"
Takashi: "Hina-chaaaaan!! Huaaaaaaaaaa"
Hiro: "Hina-chan, bye-bye!!"
Teacher: "Take care Hina. Let's play again sometime!"
Hina: "Bye-bye! Evewyone, bye-bye!!"
Hina manages to hold her tears in front of her friends. And when she holds Yuuta hand and go from the kindergarten she started to burst into tears again. "I'm sorry, Hina"
Some time after that, in the Ikebukuro house---
S: "Hina, come here, come here. Look at this"
M: "What are you holding, onee-chan?"
S: "Look Hina, this is comes from the previous kindergarten. It's from Hina friends"
H: "Waaa. Ish gweat!"
M: "Hey look at this Hina, this is from Takashi"
H: "Takashi-kun?"
Y: "What did you say? Takashi-kun? (That damned Takashi, the one who laid his hand on our cute Hina and teach her filthy thing like kissing!)"
M: "And this is from Hiro-kun"
H: "Waa, it ish fwom Hiro-kun!"
M: "Wow, this boy wrote a heart mark. Hina sure is popular"
H: "Ehehehe"
Y: "Unforgivable you damn kid"
S: "Onii-chan, don't get seriously jealous with little boys"
H: "Evewyone ish not fowget Hina, hehe"
Y: "(Well, Hina looks really happy so just for today I'll let it go)"

12 years has passed---
S: "Onii-chan, hurry up! Hina's graduation ceremony will start soon"
Y: "I-I know, I just having problem choosing a necktie"
S: "Aah, let me decide it for you. Here, wear this!"
Y: "Ah, thank you"
M: "Haha, both of you haven't changed even little bit. And you still call him 'onii-chan', fu fu"
S: "Mi-Miu! Don't laugh!"
Y: "Both of you, this is not the time for fighting"
At her middle school graduation ceremony, Hina is giving a speech representing other student. Yuuta, Sora, and Miu is fascinated by her speech.
S: "... Hina.... She looks great"
M: "Yeah, she really is"
S: "Thinking how she was so little, our cute Hina. Right, onii-chan?"
Y: "(N-no good.... I think I'm going to cry. It's no good if everyone see I'm crying)"
Hina's continuing her speech. She really grateful and thanked her two older sisters who also graduated from the same middle school and always give her guidance until she can graduate herself.
H: "When I was 3 years old, my parents were got in the accident. At that time, my uncle who just a college student took me and my sisters. Suddenly become a papa for three daughters..... I think it was really difficult for uncle. But uncle was always smile, he always think what the best for all three of us. And it's also difficult for my sisters, but they always smile for me and that's why I never felt lonely. I want to be an amazing person like uncle,... like papa. I want to be an amazing person like my sisters."

Y: "(Big sis and Shingo-san, Hina has grown into great girl. You don't have to worry anymore. Thank you very much for having wonderful girl that is her)"
Hina sees Yuuta's crying, and she talks using her nostalgic 3-years-old-girl accent. "Ehehe. Papa, cwying ish bad, kay?"
As he hear that, Yuuta see Hina is crying herself and then hugs her, "... Hey, you're still our little girl, don't get too cocky"

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