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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

1/12 Die-Cast Honda CBR 600RR & SHF Akibaranger

I've been owned and took picture of this die-cast model for weeks, I think. I just don't have the will to post it here, even though I post some on Tumblr, until today. So here it is, pictures of die-cast model from Maisto, Honda CBR 600RR with SHF Akibaranger, since the color scheme is really matching with Akiba Red.

For about $13, I think the bike is really good. The details are nice, you can bend the steer and front wheel, speedometer is also nice touch, but you can't turn on the lamp. 

As seen below, it's pretty much in-scale with SHFiguarts, and Akiba Red can both sit and grab the handlebar well.

And lastly, group pictures~
Blue and Yellow want their own vehicle too!
All of the pictures above are only Red's delusion?!!


  1. Greetings from a fellow Nendonesian (^ o ^)/

    I've been willing to get all SHFs of Akibaranger, and seeing this post made even more intrigued to do so! =D

    How much did it cost you to get them, btw? Just for references, of course. :3

    1. Oh, hi there! ^_^

      I pre-ordered them, so I got it by their normal pre-order price, IIRC Rp 350rb each. But I think it doesn't sell that well on Indonesia, since I've seen several sellers sell them less than 300 recently (I forgot where, but I've seen one seller sold two of them around 250 each). Good luck hunting them ^^ (I've checked your blog first to see where you live to confirm if I have to write the price on US$ or IDR XD)

      I've written reviews for each SHF Akibaranger too if you interested. And picture gallery when I had received all of them:

  2. Thanks for the information! =D
    Gonna take my time on hunting them :3

  3. WOW! This is so nice. I really like it. Thanks!


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