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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Family Fourze

Have posted these on Tumblr, but I love the set so I thought I'll repost it here too.

For the son role I couldn't decide between Kamen Rider Kids finger doll or Kamen Rider Collection trading figure so I used both of them. But now, I think I'll use the KRC one if I'm going to take more family picture in the future, beside with the little Nadeshiko from the same line they kinda look like a twin, lol.


  1. Fourze no Kazoku....Kitaaa.....!!

  2. What the...kapan ni nikahnya sampe punya anak 2 lagi. Jangan2 MBA lg. Btw foto yg byak lagi dong figure2 lainnya....Mantap foto2nya.

    1. Thanks ^^

      Di Blogspot gw seringnya cuman posting photoset untuk review, klo yg foto-foto one-shot gitu biasanya posting di Tumblr. Silahkan cek di sana buat foto-foto lainnya :D

      Tadinya aktifnya di Multiply sih, cuman karena mereka announce mo nutup fitur blog semenjak 1 Desember (tapi sekarang masih jalan terus) akhirnya pindah ke Blogspot. Silahkan cek page MP buat foto-foto lama :D

  3. Next Couple....Ryuki & Femme...
    Kan di movie-nya Femme naksir Shinji tuh...


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