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Saturday, December 8, 2012

[FiguReview]Assorted LEGO Minifigures 01

Tonight, I'm going to write just a short review of LEGO Minifigures I bought month ago. Yeah, it's been quite awhile, thanks to my laziness I didn't post it until today. These are really quite addictive poison, at first I only want to buy licensed characters like Deadpool and Stormtroopers, but Stormtroopers are quite hard to find cheap on my country and so I started to buy the randomly packaged one just for fun. It was wrong, I bought many more after that XD

Yup, bought 5 series 6 and 2 series 8. Here's the whole line-up for both series:

From the series 6 I wanted the pajama boy (no 3), Liberty statue (no 4), and Genie (no 16) while from series 8 I wanted fairy (no 9), Santa (no 10), and cheerleader girl (no 13). I got some of those I wanted, fortunately, though I also got one twin >.>

The Genie was really hard to find despite the obvious one-of-a-kind lower body part. And I got fooled by the spacesuit woman, got two of them. My groping skill is still pretty much bad, proofed by the knight from series 8 I thought Santa =A='

The pajama boy's face is double-sided, so you can turn it to change the expression from sleepy face to sleeping face. Spacesuit woman's helmet can be worn by swapping it with her hair, and laser beam effect is also included to be put on the pistol. Lastly, the fairy's skirt is from real cloth.
All Minifigures I have so far :3

I got most of the primary figures I wanted, and those extras I don't really want are still nice. It's still pain in the ass to find the genie around where I live though @_@


  1. I am rather ignorant about the Lego line, but why are they called Mini-Figures?
    Is it because they are smaller than the average Lego figure? - Though I don't think the typical Lego figure can get smaller than it already is, lol.

    1. I don't know either. I (or my parent) used to buy many sets back then when I was kid, and I just recently into the individual figure because my friends on Multiply influenced me couple of months ago XD

      The size is the same as the figures that come from building set (or the magnet-figure set), so maybe the "Minifigures" term is used to separate other LEGO figures to these random-box/separately-sold figures, make it catchier or something? ^^;

  2. Oh I see! A little misleading in my opinion, to have the word "mini" in. =P

    I used to also own a fairly sizable collection of LEGO but when my family moved to a different place when I was 12, my father just didn't bring any of my LEGO to the new house. T_T

    I originally thought of buying LEGO bricks so I could build diorama out of them for my figma... but LEGO sets sure are costly ~_~

  3. I collected some of these too but decide to stop couple months ago ^^ the last one i got was vampire bat series 8


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