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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

[FiguReview]Figma Yuu Kawamura

On FiguReview of Figma Vamp month ago, I mention Figma Yuu Kawamura has an apron as one of its accessories that probably looks good on Vamp even though the design is different. And then on Dec 1st-2nd near where I live there's a Toys Fair and there, my friend offered me his Figma Yuu Kawamura on cheap price since it's used and not in its excellent condition. Because I only after Yuu's accessories I bought it so here's her review!! But do note I'm reviewing a used figure, so the mint condition will probably better.

Figma Yuu Kawamura School Uniform ver
Aug 2010 release | 3000 yen | Max Factory

Character History
Yuu Kawamura is one of heroine from "se.Kirara", a freely distributed adult visual novel game, mostly called 'eroge'. Like most visual novel, we take control and make choice for the protagonist so he can get a girlfriend from many available heroines. Since I never played the game and I'm too lazy to digging some information, the only thing I knew about the girl is, Yuu is one of Saki, the main character's childhood friend and she's also a very good on cooking.

The design of the Yuu's box is the same like other se.Kirara Figma, with the exception of Aya Kagura Morning Coffee ver, with the sky background for the front and both sides and leafs as border line on the front. The rest of packaging format is just the same like most Figma.

The content is stored on layered blister, and some of accessories gets another blister cover to ensure it won't scatter around since they are small. The interchangeable hand parts and the display stand are stored on plastic box.

Set Content
Yuu comes with many accessories, it's her best selling point I think, and yes just like I said above, it's the reason why I wanted to get her in the first place. So, to list what you'll get on Yuu set: 
  • Yuu Kawamura figure
  • Two extra interchangeable face plates
  • Set of interchangeable hand parts
  • Apron
  • Frying pan
  • Cooking board
  • Three different-sized knives
  • Spatula
  • Pot with removable lid
  • Soup spoon
  • Pair of mitten
  • Interchangeable right hand for holding chopstick

What a buttload of accessories, eh? No wonder most, if not all, of her accessories are cooking-related, she's a super chef, indeed!

Just like what you can expect from Figma, the sculpt are great to little details like her hairpins and the skirt's frills. But if you look closely, the right hairpin is missing. One of the loss from the used figure I bought. Her cheek is also kinda make her chubbier compared to the artwork I saw from the game, but maybe it's just me.

Unlike most of Figma the characters wore short skirt that used soft plastic, Yuu's skirt is actually made from hard plastic, thus the skirt won't allow you to move the leg too much, but it still has enough room. The other minus point is how the joints are obvious, mostly the elbow and knee ones. I don't like how the knee joints look from side view, it's hideous. Yuu's back also has a hole so you can connect it to Figma stand.

Just as the sculpt, the paint is also great and pay attention to the details her uniform has, like the ribbon, hairpins, skirt motif, and even the apron which has cat paw images on it. Very cute and it looks great on her, though sadly, again the used figure I have has the big cat paw image comes off partially.

What I don't like is the job done on her open-mouth smiling facial expression face plate. I don't know it's just me or what, but it makes her look like she's a psychopath, a yandere, or something creepy like those @_@

And to all the pervs, her underwear is also painted so don't worry. I don't know if it's true to the game though XD 

The articulation is pretty Figma standard. It's quite versatile but still below SHFiguarts line, since Figma joint is still not double-high like SHF has. The hard-plastic material for Yuu's skirt also limit her legs movement though it still has enough room like shown on above pictures. Overall, it's still quite enough for you to make many possibilities of pose with the articulation she has.

One thing to note though, the peg connecting the upper body to the torso is very loose on my figure, it's very hard move the joint without removing the whole leg. I don't know if it's only my figure since it's an used, or all Yuu are like this, it's very annoying.

Without any doubt, Yuu's gimmicks are her kitchen utensils. It's very fun and probably the reason people who don't know her character buy her XD

Putting the apron is very simple, you just need to remove Yuu's head first (LOL, sounds scary) and then remove the peg on the apron, put it on her, and put back the peg and her head. All of the kitchen utensils can be grabbed by her, you just need to find the matching interchangeable hand part that can hold the item, though some won't be perfectly grabbed and will easier to fall. Speaking of falling, the lid of the pot is quite frustrating to hold and not make it falls, more if you use the mittens interchangeable hand part. And lastly, even though Yuu has the slicing/cooking board, but she doesn't come with any cooking materials so maybe you can use Re-Ment figures for it.

Here's more Yuu showing her superb cooking skills =D

The reason I bought Yuu, give Vamp cooking utensils!

If I don't swap any female Figma I just bought to Ayase, then I no longer me XP
Yandereeee D:
"Hai Onii-san, aaa~hn <3"

Other random pictures XD

And lastly, the childhood friend duo with Izumi Shizuno =3

End Verdict
I don't think it's fair for me to give score for an used figure, so I won't. But the bottom line is, Yuu is fun Figma to have. She's quite cute though not my type, but doesn't mean she's bad figure. Like I wrote above, her quality is basically great, but it's her cooking utensils accessories the one that sold me. Well, that and cheap price my friend offered me, ahaha. I recommend her, and other se.Kirara Figma characters if you want Figma with unique daily life accessories and basically cute character.

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