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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

[FiguReview]SHFiguarts Kamen Rider Shin Ichigo

At last, tonight I'm back with new, properly written, FiguReview. This time, the figure I'm reviewing is already considered old, over a year old, but it just got its reissue released 2 months ago. I wasn't really want this the first time it released but after awhile I thought he's the first Rider ever, so what the hell, and as I had extra money to burn, I bought this when the reissue version released. So here it is, Masked Rider 1, or as I prefer (and probably most fans do too), Kamen Rider (Shin) Ichigo! Toh!!!

SHFiguarts Kamen Rider Shin Ichigo
July 23rd 2011 release (reissue on Oct 20th 2012) | 2940 yen | Bandai

Character History
As if I have to explain it to you guys, you should know the general idea of who this man is, shouldn't you? But well, since I have extra time I'll just spill it for you. This man is the very first karate bug man the world ever seen. The name is Takeshi Hongo, a biochemist who have IQ of 600 (yes I know, dafuq), all-rounded athlete, and also enjoy riding motorcycles. Because of those, Shocker, a mysterious terrorist organization that strive to world domination, kidnap him and turning him into a super-powered cyborg. Lucky for him, before the final phase to brainwash him (why they didn't brainwash him first is beyond me), he escaped from Shocker. So, with his new power but his humanity intact, he fight against Shocker and other evil organization ever since. By the way, this Shin/New costume of him is the third 'form' ('costume' is more appropriate, though), debut on episode 53 and marked the true come back of Ichigo and his new power.

Unlike Black, Black RX, and Shadow Moon which were a Showa Rider characters that have the real costume picture on the box, Ichigo here doesn't have that, instead we got a silhouette of its SHFiguarts. The box is dominant black just like Ichigo suit and also has two white stripes on the side, also just like his costume. Other than that, it's basically the usual SHFiguarts box packaging. You can see the figure itself and most of its accessories through the windowed blister on the front, and you can see the gimmicks this figure have on the rear. On the inside, the figure and the accessories are stored on double-layered blisters.

Set Content
Even if he's a hand-to-hand fighter, by the time Ichigo is first released, Bandai is already into effect part, so unlike those SHFiguarts main Riders before him, even it's only one but Ichigo comes with an effect part. Here's the full list of the content of this set:
  • Kamen Rider Ichigo figure
  • Interchangeable extra scarf
  • Rider Kick effect part
  • 3 pairs of interchangeable hand parts + 1 right hand for "Rider Henshin" pose interchangeable hand part
  • Shocker foot soldier's sword

He looks awesome. Sure Shin Ichigo doesn't really have much details in his suit design, but thanks to that he looks great and quite accurate. The wrinkle on some parts of his suit is also a nice touch. Beside the elbow and knee, the joints are well-hidden and again, he looks stunning.

Just like the sculpt, the paint is also great. The clear, compound eyes are beautiful, as well as the metallic silver color on the gloves and boots. I don't see major flaw or any quality control defects on my figures, it's very very well done and I'm very satisfy with the result. The only weak point is the joint on the hand is still black-colored instead of silver like the rest of the gloves, making it really stands out on some poses.

Sadly, the articulation lower the overall quality of this figure for me. For one, Ichigo loses the swivel movement for on his bicep/upper arms, he only got the standard hinge joint on his shoulder that has not much swivel movement. And because of the scarf, it's impossible for him to look down, making Rider Kick pose and some other poses weird. But then again when I look at some clip and even Kamen Rider Spirits manga, Ichigo does not look down, so even it's still a loss but it's accurate. The other joints though, fortunately, are still solid, dynamic, and easy to use just like most SHFiguarts. The joint on his torso is able to bend sideways or forward, making Rider Kick pose more natural.

The gimmicks Ichigo have are the scarf and the Rider Kick effect part. You get two interchangeable scarf, for normal 'combined' and separated-by-wind. And to add more dynamic feel to Ichigo pose, the scarf part can be rotated. As for the effect part, actually the normal Rider Kick doesn't have visual/CGI effect, but Bandai decides to give you one anyway. This effect part is to be put on Ichigo's right feet, and only right feet. It looks cool and again, adding more dynamic feel to Rider Kick pose but still looks weird. I personally think it will be better if they give you Denko Rider Kick (Lightning Rider Kick) effect instead.

Another thing is worth mentioned, though not really a gimmick but mere accessory, is a sword (or is it a pole?) that hold by a Shocker soldiers. It's a little fuzzy, but I recall on one of Kamen Rider Decade Net Movie, this become one of (joke) quiz Narutaki asked us, "Which Rider is the one to fight with weapon?" or something, and the answer is Ichigo since he's grabbing and using this weapon to fight. And that after Narutaki mocked most of Riders nowadays that fight using weapon and should take example from Ichigo whom fight bare-hand XD

After all the texts, now it's pictures time!!
I forgot the name, but this is supposed to
be one of his throw/grappling technique,
Rider Kirimomi Shoot, I think?

Using effect parts...

 And with other effect parts from another figures...
Denko Rider Kiiick!!

Just because he's a legend, doesn't mean I can't destroy his image XD
Riderium Kohsen!!

Ichigo is voiced by Tetsu Inada most of the time nowadays, and since I'm big SRW fan...
Run Trombe, just like your name is!!
"My friend, it's the time to show our power!"

Professor Ichigo has something to teach youngsters...
Looking at you, Fourze...

End Verdict
Despite the downside on articulation department, Shin Ichigo is still a great figure to have. You can still do his trademark pose just like shown above, so there's that (but for me, it still an issue). There's room of improvement, definitely, mostly on the upper arm articulation and properly colored hand joints; but I really enjoy posing Ichigo. If you missed the first release, after the reissue 2 months ago it's should be easier to find him now =D


  1. Figuarts Shin Ichigo looks cooler than I expect, I hope can see figuarts ichigo not the shin one the original one ^^

    1. Ah, good to see you here too X3

      IIRC, there's the Sakurajima version coming up. No word for the original costume yet though. But knowing Bandai, since the original and Sakurajima doesn't have too much difference sculpt-wise, might be wise to prepare ourselves for a Tamashii Web exclusive >.<


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