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Sunday, December 30, 2012

[FiguReview]SIC Kiwami-Tamashii Kamen Rider Decade

Why world hasn't ended today just like the Mayan predicted? It must be Decade's fault!! Yes, for most probably the last review this month and this year, I'm doing the SIC Kiwami-Tamashii figure of the worlds destroyer and also world connector who always get blamed for everything, Kamen Rider Decade!!

SIC Kiwami-Tamashii Kamen Rider Decade
Nov 23rd release | 1575 yen | Bandai

Character History
I'm sure Decade is pretty well-known character and doesn't need anymore explanation, but just in sake for completion, I'm doing it. Behind the mask of Kamen Rider Decade is Kadoya Tsukasa, young man without any memory of his past and want to "catch the world" by using his photos, though it's never turned well making him believe he doesn't belong to the world he lives. Later, he is given task by Wataru, Kamen Rider Kiva, to visit the nine worlds to prevent the unification of all worlds. As Kamen Rider Decade, via Rider Cards he can transform into the past nine Heisei Kamen Riders and their power. On the Movie War 2010 movie, Tsukasa accepts his role as destroyer of the world, transforming Decade into Violent Emotion version.

Using Kiwami-Tamashii's new card packaging format, the card is mostly black with some lines with same white and magenta color scheme like Decade's armor and barcode also like Decade's theme. Front side allows you to see the figure and some accessories inside while back side of the card provides some sample images of the product. On the inside, the content is stored on double-layered blister.

Set Content
Even without the ability of transform and using previous nine Heisei Kamen Riders power, Decade already has his own weapon. And here's the list of what this Kiwami-Tamashii figure gives you:
  • Kamen Rider Decade figure
  • RideBooker Book Mode
  • Set of parts to change RideBooker
  • Violent Emotion interchangeable head part
  • 2 pairs of interchangeable hand part
  • Belt connecting part
  • Tamashii Stage

Most of Kiwami-Tamashii mirrors its design with the normal SIC's, and it's also the case on Decade. For better or worse, Decade becomes more robotic and bulky. In the first place I don't really like Decade's suit design, and the SIC design is worse, but I don't know, after a while posing this Kiwami-Tamashii version, the design is grow on me and now I get use to it.

What amazing is all the details added into the design, which like I mention above, making him more robotic. But it's superb considering the figure only stands about 12 cm. And the design also manages to hide almost all the joints, making it better on my eyes, and probably the majority of figure collectors. Though there's one thing Kiwami-Tamashii annoys me, which is the ball joint for the hand part. Maybe it's only me because I have snapped my Kiwami-Tamashii Garo and Agito's ball joints so it makes me nervous when I tried to change its hand the first time because first time is always harder.

I love the paint! It's so clean, well-applied, and looks great. Even with the small size, his compound eyes are painted in clear green and looks gorgeous. I don't see any major flaws or quality cont onrol failure on paint department unlike most of the time I had on my SIC figure. Except the lack 10 Rider Symbols on the Decadriver, but to be fair even the larger normal-scale SIC didn't have it too so I can let it slide.

Nothing's perfect. As imbalance as Decade is, this Kiwami-Tamashii figure has a downside too.The bulkiness of the upper body design, particularly the shoulder, limits the movement of the arm, though it's still better than Blade (well, nothing can exceed Kiwami-Tamashii Blade in term of bad articulation), because now you can slide the arm to have better arm movement. The maximum movement of the arm can be seen on the picture. The head part is able to look forward but it can't look down. The leg movement on the other side is satisfying with ball-hinge joint on the feet. The swivel-hinge torso joint is great too, though little bit unfortunate the shoulder only have usual hinge joint unlike SHF's double-hinge joint.

The SIC line is also know with its stick-to-the-original gimmick. By this I mean, like you know SHF Faiz gives you different variation of Faiz Phone for belt-use and gun-use where the SIC version only give one which has accurate transformable gimmick. It's almost the same on Kiwami-Tamashii where we only get one RideBooker but it's transformable even though via part changing.

The other gimmick it has is to change Decade "form" into Violent Emotion by changing the head part. To do so, just remove the head by pulling it straight forward, DO NOT snap it like when you change hand part. We also get special Tamashii Stage with pi.... magenta base color and Decade barcode design. The stand part is smaller though to match Kiwami-Tamashii's height.

Attack Ride: Action Pose!!!

Form Ride: Violent Emotion!

Connect everything...

Destroy everything!

Ever wonder if Decade comes to Marvel Comic's World? XD

End Verdict
Kiwami-Tamashii Decade is great. Still not uber-awesome but it's great. The articulation is inferior to SHF but with cheaper price tag, the sculpt, paint, and accessory the figure has is worth the money spent. Though if you ask me, I hope they include holding-card interchangeable hand ala Ryuki. But overall, it's a figure I can recommend.


  1. Nice photo shot.

    I got him 2 days ago and I have to say this is good quality for such a small figure.

    Next will be Kuuga Rising Ultimate. I still hesitate if I buy the other 3 form of Kuuga.

    By the way, what kind of software do you use to do the 4koma, dialogue and effect? I'm interested on doing the same.

    1. Thanks ^o^

      I already have my Kuuga Rising Ultimate, but due to side-job I took at the end of the year, I can't have time to review it even though it's holiday XD

      I use PhotoScape, it's freeware and quite good. Although sometimes I also use Photoshop.

  2. Can i know what is the diference between shf,sic and sic kiwami tamashi?


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