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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Photo Kano (フォトカノ) Visual Works - Sample Pictures

Good evening guys! It's Photo Kano related post again. Hours ago we just got amazing news that Photo Kano will get an anime adaptation. The air date is still TBA but we get the information regarding the airing station, company who produce it, and the casts. On the same time, they also announce that they will make a renewed version of the game, titled Photo Kano Kiss for PSVita, with improved graphics, new photo session gameplay implementing Vita's hardware, and also new scenario called "Love Love Days" which take time a week after the confession on the original game. The latter part is the one that make me frustrated because I don't have Vita >.>
I'm not going to talk about it further since that's not why I'm posting today. You can read the news on Famitsu, or if you can't read Japanese then on ANN or other anime news site. The reason I'm posting here is to share a sample pictures of Photo Kano Visual Works! My friend bought this and I begged asked him to take picture of some pages. And so, to share it with the internet as well to make new fans get interested on this series, here are the pictures.

credit to: Paman Aldrinyan :3

Update (Dec 4th 2012)
Met my friend whom own the book days ago so I borrow it and took more pictures. Posting all the images here is too much pain in the ass so I'll just link you to the Photobucket library here:

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