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Monday, November 5, 2012

[FiguReview]Figma Vamp Shogun

Good day guys, here I am, back with new review for today. After SHFiguarts Lunatic week ago, I'm still doing villain character, from comedy series Tentai Senshi Sunred, or here known as Astro Fighter Sunred, comes Vamp Shogun (or General Vamp) on Figma line!

Figma Vamp Shogun
July 2012 release | 3800 yen | Phat! Company

Character History
General Vamp is the Kawasaki branch leader of evil organization Florsheim which strives to world domination. To achieve that, he's leading his subordinates to settle the score once and for all against the ally of justice, Tentai Senshi Sunred. But what Vamp's doing when he's not fighting Sunred? He's doing all the house chores on their base, serving like a housewife. Yes, just like all the (supposed-to-be) villains on the series, Vamp is actually a kind, helping, caring, and polite person who contributes to society despite their vision to world domination. Vamp, and all his subordinates, only goes to 'villain mode' in front of Sunred, and even then it's only when they're on the scheduled fight, since Sunred usually hang out on Florsheim base if he's bored and Vamp is actually get along really well with Kayoko, Sunred's girlfriend. This granny-like general has his own 'simple cooking' short corner on the anime.

Pretty much like all previously-released Figma, the packaging format is the same as always, windowed box. And like Sunred box, Max Factory logo on upper right is replaced by Phat! Company (though technically it's the other way since Vamp released before Sunred), because two of them are manufactured by Phat! Company instead. Through the window on the front you can see Vamp and some accessories he comes with while on the back you can see pose he can do and some gimmicks he has with all sample pictures shown. And instead Kawasaki's city scenery Sunred box used, the background used on Vamp box is the riverside of Kawasaki.

Set Content
Are you expecting Vamp comes with a lot of accessories? Good news, he does come with quite numbers of accessories to increase the play value but the bad news is, if you expect him to comes with kitchen ware and his apron to recreate his simple cooking short corner, then you're in for a disappointment. The list of what you'll get on this set is:

  • Vamp figure
  • Spear
  • Shield
  • Shopping bag
  • Leek
  • 1 pair of interchangeable feet part
  • Set of interchangeable hand parts, including one with cellphone molded on it
  • Figma stand and stand for the shield
  • Figma plastic bag

Yeah, it's a bum we don't get the apron and kitchen ware plus vacuum cleaner, but if you have money to burn and really really want those accessories, other Figma has it. Figma Yuu Kawamura from se.Kirara comes with apron and kitchen utensils while Figma Izumi Shizuno from the same series comes with vacuum cleaner. Though I don't guarantee it fits Vamp since all Figma doesn't have same proportion.

Just like Sunred, the purple cloak of Vamp is actually made from real cloth! The cloak fits him well and look good from the front view, while on the rear view it's worse since you can clearly see the stitches. Yeah, don't compare it with 1/6 figure line, this is the cheap version of it, lol.

The cloth is removable, and inside it there's the usual Figma body. Vamp is wearing red-white striped swimsuit painted on the body so for all perverts out there, you can't pose him fully naked like Billy, lol. The sculpt are great as always, I really like the job done on his face, really detailed though I feel the head part is out of proportion since it's a little bit too big. Oh and Vamp leg is made so that he can't stand straight. It makes him like an old guy (or lady XD), haha.

Since Vamp is actually doesn't much detail, it makes the paint job easier and the result looks well-done though nothing special. And yes, Vamp doesn't have an eyeball, it's emphasize his evil role even though he's a nice guy, haha.

The body articulation of Vamp is the same as most Figma. I think it's better if you're new to Figma to remove the cloth before moving the joint so you have clear vision of the joint and the direction of it. These 'smooth yet poseable' Figma joints, which combines swivel and hinge joint, allows you to move and pose Vamp greatly though it's not as poseable as SHFs. But then again, old Vamp never really do hard/complicated pose so Figma joints are more than enough to recreate most of his memorable pose including the kneeling down pose.

The main gimmick Vamp has is undoubtedly the removable real-cloth cloak. Unlike Sunred's, it's fairly easy to remove his cloak and put it back. You can also wear his cloak to other Figma if you want since it's big and loose. With the cloak wore, if you want to do complicated pose, you can use the Figma stand on Vamp using the grapple part; but if you make your Vamp doesn't wear his cloak, you can simply connect the stand connector on the hole on Vamp's back. The other gimmick he has is the bare feet interchangeable feet part, so you can replace the shoe part if you want to recreate the situation where Vamp is in his Florsheim base or inside the room.

And the last gimmick is his big shield, ala Gelgoog's shield from Gundam series. The shield is so big and heavy, Phat! Company include the dedicated stand for the shield. There's a grip part behind the stand so Vamp can hold onto it using one of interchangeable hand, though for me since I already use the shield stand, I just put the stand in front of Vamp and it already look he's holding it from the front view. The shield also has a secret compartment, just like shown on one of the story. Vamp usually stores some items unnecessary for the battle like his shopping bag on it, pissing Sunred. And you can do the same with the Figma. Nice detail =3

Vamp-sama, strike a pose please :3

Using accessories from other figure I have...

Errr.... Sexy shot? XD

Vamp and Sunred. This is the glorious story between good and evil on Kawasaki riverside on Kanagawa...... or so I remember the usual narration line XD

Vamp and Miku, because the two of them come with a leek XD

And because there isn't Figma Ichigo & Nigo combatant to accompany Vamp-sama, so I used my mass-produced Bonta-kun instead. "Kii kii" no more, it's "fumo fumo" now XD

And meet the new Florsheim XDD

End Verdict
Vamp is a fun figure, mainly because the real-cloth gimmick. It's more fun if you know the character and a fan of the series. The figure itself has good quality. The sculpt is great, the paint is good, the articulation is more than enough to recreate the pose Vamp usually does, only the accessories may lower his value since he doesn't come with the apron, vacuum cleaner, and the kitchen utensils. Fan of the series, you should get this because a figure of Tentai Senshi Sunred characters are quite rare to see.


  1. Yeah, where's his apron ?
    Vamp-sama must have his signature apron!!!

  2. He looks really fun to have as a figma. Maybe when I have cash to spare then I might get him. But then again, while Sunred is quite common to find in Singapore stores, I don't remember anywhere here selling Vamp. =/

  3. @DarkFaiz: I was the one suggesting to get Yuu Kawamura for her apron and kitchen utensils up there, but now I'm resisting the urge to find someone who sell her. Crap, why I'm so weak >.<

    @clementtea: It's actually hard to find shop who sell both of them on stock here too. I'm lucky I could still late order them after I missed the first pre-order session. The harder one is finding the Animal Soldier set, though. I found a seller who can get it for me but it's very expensive T_T

    1. But Yuu Kawamura's apron is a cute type apron, while Vamp's apron is an obasan type apron....
      Maybe you can sew one from leftover cloth or something XP

  4. where can i find this in jakarta?? or where do you buy it? thx

    1. I got this by ordered it from a seller named Bigdonvito on Neo KG forum. Another seller called Draculy on Neo KG (also known as Japanfreakz) was also offer me one too, so maybe you can try them to get Vamp :D

    2. thx dude,, i know bigdonvito too from kaskus,, i usually searh from kaskus..
      and i cant find draculy from neo KG.. can u give me the link?? thx

    3. Ah sorry, Draculy is his old nick from the original KG, he changed it to Japanfreakz apparently ^^;
      Here's the link: http://neokg.com/threads/27-WWW.JAPANFREAKZ.COM-gt-gt-Yahoo-Auction-Japan-amp-Hongkong-Anime-Tokusatsu-Game-Proxy-ETC

    4. thx so much dude.. but to bad i still cant find figma vamp, maybe already sold out.. hehe


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