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Sunday, November 4, 2012

SHFiguarts Akibaranger Gallery

Good evening guys! Tonight, I'm not posting a review, but a photo gallery instead. I've posted these on my Tumblr, dividing it by several parts, so consider this entry as the full gallery. And I know I haven't written review of SHFiguarts Akiba Blue and Akiba Yellow yet, but rest assure because I'll write it soon (well, you guys must have been received your figure by now, anyway XD).

So well, without further BS, here are those pictures =D


  1. Had to do a double take at the "unmasked" photos, as I initially thought you got your hands on the heads of the actual akibarangers. You fooled me there for a second, haha! Nice head choice for the rangers~

    Just wondering, do the figma heads fit well onto the SHF bodies?

  2. So... Hatte Saburo's real identity is Anki ? Onoreeee!!!

  3. @clementtea: Haha, I didn't mean to fool anyone though XD
    I don't have black-haired male Figma, I think Touma from To Aru series fit Akiba Red better ^^

    It's not perfect, since sometimes Figma proportion is different from each series. Like Takane Manaka head I use for Blue here, it's actually smaller than the other two Figma. But yeah, after you remove the joint on the head, the hole on Figma head fits to SHF neck joint. Maybe not every Figma and SHF fit though, just don't force it if it turns out those you have don't fit ^^

    @DarkFaiz: Nope, that's SHF Hatte Saburo I used :))


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