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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

[FiguReview]SHFiguarts Akiba Yellow

Yaaa, finally the last SHFiguarts of the last member of Akibaranger, Akiba Yellow is ready to be reviewed. She actually shipped at the same time with previously reviewed Akiba Blue by the way, because their release date was only separated within 2 weeks. Well, the faster the group completes the better for us. Here the review~

SHFiguarts Akiba Yellow
August 11st 2012 release | 3360 yen | Bandai

Character History
The last Akibaranger member to be scouted, the real identity of Akiba Yellow is Moegi Yumeria, a cosplayer. Her name is actually an cosplayer alias, and her real name is Yamada Yuko. She has been cosplaying for long time and always goes perfectly into the character she cosplayed, even after she transformed to Akiba Yellow; like when she cosplayed as Mele from Jyuken Sentai Gekiranger and had to transform while still wearing Mele costume, after become Akiba Yellow she still act and even fight like Mele did. Worked as office lady during the day, Yumeria is also a sentai otaku though not as much as Akagi/Akiba Red, so she has good knowledge about Super Sentai and its tropes. Lastly, she's also a fujoushi who easily got into her delusion when find characters to be paired.

Same old, same old. The packaging format is just the same as her two previously released teammates so there's nothing much to say here. She's also the same as Blue, which doesn't come with any first release bonus. Oh, but I noticed that the character description on the back of the box is actually written as how she speaks, which is "Eeeto, Nya (re: how she usually refers to herself) wa Yellow... Ah! Akiba Yellow nandakedo...." Well as I can't read much of Japanese texts, that as far as I willing to read the character description. And when I checked Red and Blue's box, it also written like they respectively write their own character description. It's a nice touch for those who can read Japanese, I don't know, and didn't check, if other SHFs are the same or it's only in Akibaranger case.

Set Content
The set content of Akiba Yellow is also pretty much the same as her teammates since they don't really have special weapon for themselves beside the generic MMZ-01 Moe Moe Zukyuun gun, and Akiba Pylon is not really real weapon so there's that, haha. The list of the content of this set is this:

  • Akiba Yellow figure
  • MMZ-01 Moe Moe Zukyuun gun mode
  • 3 interchangeable scarfs
  • 3 sets of interchangeable hand parts + 1 'v sign' left hand part
Yep, the only difference from Akiba Blue is their interchangeable hand parts. All set Akiba Yellow get can be found on Blue too, except the special 'v sign' hand that exclusive for Yellow. Shame it doesn't come in pair, only for her left hand.

Yellow used the same basic body sculpt like Blue, for better or worse. The proportion is quite accurate in my eyes, though I did read there's fans who don't quite like how thin their arms are while how fat their thighs are. The differences between Blue and Yellow, obviously beside their color, are their head sculpt which Yellow has twin tail instead of ponytail, the position of scarf connector which located on her right just like red, Yellow has bigger chest (despite Yumeria is actually flat-chested), and her short skirt doesn't have side cleavages unlike Blue. I don't hate Yellow design, I think it's cute and quite match Yumeria personality, but I just like Blue design far better.

The overall details are well-done like Blue. The chest part just like I mentioned is far bigger than Blue but it also made from clear parts like both Red and Blue and looks as great. The skirt part is made by soft plastic and even though it does limit her leg movement but you can still do much. Unfortunately her neck is also easily popped off like Blue, thought it's little bit better and thank God that her scarf is not as annoyingly hard to put like my Blue. Ah, forgot to mention that Yellow's mouth is.... how should I put it, it's more puffed, like she's teasing or want to kiss something/someone ^^a

Again, just like Blue (and also Red), the painting is really good. No major paint defect unlike the usual rough lining here and there, but not really visible unless you get a really close-up look. The yellow paint used is also spot-on to the actual costume.

The MMZ-01 is also painted well. At first I thought they lazily only painted one side, but after do a quick search turns out it's indeed only one side that has Akibaranger logo and stripe.

Since it uses the same basic body sculpt as Blue, the articulation is also the same. We lost all the swivel joint on both arms and legs and also the sliding joint on her shoulder, making her just like a Figma though the double-hinge elbow joint and knee are the same as usual SHF. The ab joint can be bend back and forth as well as left and right so you can recreate Yellow's cat-ish bending pose. But even though the skirt is made from soft plastic, it still slightly limit the leg movement; unfortunately Yellow is not a martial artist like Blue which usually do high kick pose so it's not really a problem if you only want to pose her in-character.

Again and again, just like Red and Blue, Yellow doesn't have special gimmick as a figure beside the moveable scarf which you can choose from 3 interchangeable scarfs, for which is the best suit for a pose you want to do. Though if you have SHF Deka Red, Bouken Red, and Red Hawk you can get additional weapon included from each of them and then combined into the Daisoreta Cannon for the Akibaranger to use. Other than that though, you're stuck with the limited accessories Yellow get. But due to the same body sculpt used, you can use those interchangeable hands that included exclusively on Blue for Yellow or vice versa, though you can also use it on Red or any recent SHFiguarts.

So after you had with all the texts, now it's pictures time~

 Mama Yellow sexy poses =3


Yellow with Red and Blue =3

Fujoushi mode, activated!!
"Can I join your team? I'm sure I... ehm, we'll get so much fun!"

And the last, Yellow using parts from other figures...

End Verdict
My end verdict is (again and again) the same as Blue. Yellow looks really great and accurate as the real costume but the articulations disappoint me, though it still can does poses she usally do all right. It's not a bad figure, it's great to have and not disappointing if you want to complete all three Akibaranger SHFs. but at least include the 'v sign' hand for the right hand too, Bandai D:


  1. Haha, Yumeria joining Tiger & Bunny would be amusing. And that Yellow helmet on Mikuru's combat maid body was just too weird...

    A pity on the articulation. I thought I might want to pick this up just because she is yellow (in colour theme), but meh. Better to watch my budget and not spend randomly.

  2. how do you swap the head with figma?

    1. Simply remove the head part of SHF. It's not that hard, it's kinda like when you remove SHF's interchangeable hand part.

      Then just put the figma head (pull the joint first, it's maybe hard for the first time Figma joint is removeable) on SHF's body. Of course it won't perfectly fit though (as in the joint on SHF neck fit the hole on figma's head).

    2. but how do you pull the joint inside the neck?i pull the head then theres a joint in the neck

    3. You're talking about figma, right?

      First after pulling the head from the body, remove the bang and face part so you can pull the joint from the back head part. It is removable though it will be hard for the first time. Just shake/rotate it to make loosen it and then pull it. It's like when you try to change the feet part of figma, the joints are the same.

    4. ah i see now i get it,thanks a lot


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