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Monday, March 18, 2013

[FiguReview]Assorted Figures March 2013 pt II

I initially wanted put these on the same post with the review, but so it won't be too long at the last moment I decided to separate it. So here are some more pictures of last reviewed figures, enjoy =3

First the piggy and the owner, Hunter-san :3

Chibi Rathalos is jealous of the attention Hunter-san gave to piggy XD

Kuroyukihime finds her a cuter pig XD

Shoo, Bad Banana! Stay away from my Ayase!!

But then again Ayase can take care of herself, can't she? <3

Amazon wants to eat some banana too. Though the image of Amazon eating "that" Bad Banana's part is kinda disturbing >.>

 I wonder if this counted as NSFW, ahaha...

Dex-Starr vs Pikachu, the new Tom and Jerry! XD

I watch too much H to know where this is going...

Suck it, Zero!

Let's switch Modules between candy toy and SHF :3

Like father like son :3

New family <3

Maji ka maji de magic da, showtime~!!!

Chou ii ne, Kick Strike! Saikooooo!!

Fourze hasn't befriend Wizard yet, or maybe he has on Ultimatum?

Magician Sentai, Wizardger!!

It's like he's riding bicycle for child XD

 Remember Kiva's Dogabaki form? XD

Kamen Rider Wizard Tatoba Style!!

And that's a wrap, thank you for reading and coming here. Next review will be SHFiguarts Kamen Rider Wizard Flame Style, I still can't promise exactly when though :3

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