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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

OreImo Portable 2 - Ayase Route Summary

This is the summary for Aragaki Ayase route from the 'Ore no Imouto ga Konna ni Kawaii Wake ga Nai Portable ga Tsudzuku Wake ga Nai" PSP game. Read at your own risk because it contains spoilers. And do note this is only a fan translation, my Japanese is still sucks and my English writing skill isn't any better :3

The story here is direct sequel of her route on the previous game. I have written the summary of her previous route but I recommend you to watch the translated video by zidanechoo and his Rinjinbu Translation instead. Since most of 'heavy plot' are taken care on the previous game, this time the story isn't as great but it's still guaranteed to make you grin like stupid if you're Ayase fan, like me XD Okay then without further bull, this is the summary for you to enjoy :D


After chose “I have played the first game”, “I have a girlfriend”, “My girlfriend is in middle school”, and “My girlfriend doesn’t have brother or sister”, the destiny fairy Kiririn and Kuronyan on Kyousuke’s “dream” will give you the pass to go, or in this case to continue, to Ayase’s route, congrats!!

One day on the summer, Kyousuke wakes up on his room. With nothing to do, he decides to go see his girlfriend, Aragaki Ayase, so he goes to the park where Ayase is doing photo session for her model job.
As Kyousuke doesn’t want to interrupt her job, he only looks from afar. Ayase notices Kyousuke and a cute smile appears in her face.

The usual thought he recently has crosses on Kyousuke’s mind. “To think I can be Ayase’s boyfriend, life sure works in mysterious way”
Kyousuke reminiscences all the events before he’s in relationship with Ayase, like when Ayase asked a life consultation about Kirino, when she hid below his bed on his room, when she was forced to wear maid uniform by Saori, when they went to summer comicket together, and when Ayase confessed to him. Thinking all those embarrassing moments, time flew and Ayase had finished her job and runs to Kyousuke.
“Onii-saaaa~n!! You’ve came!”
“Yeah! Has your job finished?”
“Well then, let’s go home.”
“Okay…. Ah, I have to get my bag first.”
“You don’t have to rush.”
“No way, if I don’t then I will have less time together with Onii-san.”
“I-I see…”
They walk home together while chatting and holding hand, but Kyousuke gets nervous with their surrounding as Ayase is really cute, and top of that, a model.
“Err Ayase, do we have to go while holding hands like this? It makes me nervous.”
“It’s fine, since we’re couple.”
“Ahaha, you’re making me blush.”
“… uu, now you’re making it embarrassing for me too.”
“But you’re right. It’s fine since we're a couple, we can do things couple do!”
“It sounds naughty when Onii-san’s saying it. I only said it’s okay to hold hand because we are couple. No other intention.”
Ayase then pulled Kyousuke’s hand and they walk to the usual park they come to, the park where they confessed to each other. Without saying anything, Ayase walks little closer to Kyousuke.


Ayase then closes her eyes, still saying nothing.Kyousuke then kisses his girlfriend.

“Ummm…. Please don’t stare at me that much…. It’s embarrassing.”
“Ah, m-my bad.”
“A kiss between lovers is not a strange thing, you know.”
“W-well yeah.”
“T-then, let’s decide a place for our next date. Usually we always go to places I want, so for once I want to go the place Onii-san likes.”
“The place I like?”
“I don’t know anything about what Onii-san’s hobbies are or what you like to do, so I want to know. With the exception for otaku things.”
“Aaah, I get it. But lately I never did anything else other than study when I’m not with you.”
“Ah right! You will have exams soon so you don’t have much time to go out.”
“But you don’t have to worry about it, I don’t have problem to go outside once in awhile.”
“Please don’t push yourself too hard, okay?”
“Got it. Well then... Place I want to go, eh?”
“Yes, if you have time to go out then it’s the best if we go to the place you like.”
“But I don’t have that kind of place now.”
“Muu, Onii-san is always like that. You’re always pick the same locations. This park, movie theatre, and shopping mall. Those places over and over since our first date.”
“But those places are relaxing, right?”
“Well that much I understand, but to go over and over again…..”
“Why you don’t tell me about that until now?”
“Because…. If Onii-san wanted to go, then it can’t be helped. Onii-san picked those locations after thinking about me, how can I oppose it.”
“I see. Then, from now on let’s try to go to new places we’ve never been.”
“Ah, sorry. It sounds like I’m forcing you.”
“No, no. To be honest I’m happy and thankful for your honesty. Then do you have any place you want to go, Ayase?”
“Eh? Me?”
“Just for today, please. I’ll seriously think about the place I want to go next time.”
“Fufu, can’t be helped. The place I want to go to… Ah yes. Onii-san♪ How about Akihabara?”
“EEEEH? Why Akiba?”
“No wa~y. Onii-san how can you forget. I said before that I want to understand Kirino’s hobby, right?”
“Ah you’re still on to that…”

Then the date day is come. Kyousuke is little worry because all guys around them are looking at Ayase, his girlfriend. He never thought he will come to Akiba again with Ayase. Ayase on the other hand seems fired up, she even studied about recent otaku culture.
“I have done research about Meruru, you know. The third season is also about to air soon, Kanako told me about it. And then Mas…..chera, was it? Its hardcore fans are still not giving up and demanding for the second season, and th-...”
“I get it, I get it. Let’s go to the nearest interesting shop already, okay?”
When they’re walking Ayase voiced her thought of lot of people’s wearing different costumes and maids on Akiba. Kyousuke then explain that sort of things are common on Akiba, there are even café where the maid will clean the customer’s ear.
“O-Onii-san, your information is too detailed!”
“Eh? Not really, I think”
“YES IT IS!... T-to clean other people’s ear, don’t tell me Onii-san likes to go to that kind of shop?”
“N-no I don't, I haven’t been there! And even if I want someone to clean my ear, I want you to do it!”
“O-Onii-san, how could you say embarrassing thing like that…”
“You don’t want to?”
“Ah… Err… Geez, saying it like it’s casual thing, obviously I can’t.”
“Aaah, so it’s a no?.”
“Of course, I’m a serious person. But how could you know detailed thing like that? When we first come you’ve never said anything like that”
“Well since my girlfriend want to go to Akiba, I have to be more prepared.”
Kyousuke then takes out an Akihabara map Saori gave him. He then suggests Ayase to go to doujinshi shop. Ayase gets excited when she sees Meruru doujinshi. After doujinshi shop, they go to replica shop. There, Ayase seems really enjoying all the weapon replicas, and it freaks Kyousuke out!
“… These are really great. Just like the real thing.”
“He-hello, Ayase-san…?”
“What’s the matter Onii-san? Don’t stand that far, come here. I don’t know why, but I really like this shop
“H-hey Ayase, it’s about time we go to see other shop!”
“Already? But wait, just for little bit…”
“Sorry! But I’m getting really hungry, let’s go find place to eat!”

They eat kebab and Kyousuke asks Ayase where to go next, and Kyousuke said all the “light” shops have been visited. Ayase surprises those shops they have been visited are only considered “light”. Ayase then notices that there are some food left on Kyousuke’s cheek and she takes it with her mouth.
“…. *chu*”
“Wh-What did you do just now?”
“Geez, I only took the food on your cheek”
“Ayase-san sure is bold”
“Wh-what are you saying?! I seriously only took the food on your cheek”
Seeing Ayase uses her seriousness as the reason, Kyousuke thinks her girlfriend is very cute. But before they can speak further, Kyousuke’s phone’s ringing as he gets a mail, from Saori.
“How is your date going, Kyousuke-shi? | ω・’) Have you gone to the places I marked on the map? Since I made it on short notice I get little worry if it’s really useful. And more importantly, have you done ‘this and that’ with your girlfriend?! I have spot for lover I can recommend to you--”
Kyousuke does the tsukkomi to Saori on his mind. Ayase then asks him about the mail and just when she hears it’s from Saori, she goes into yandere mode and wants Kyousuke to lend her his phone to read it. Since he gets nothing to hide, Kyousuke lends it.
“Geez, please don’t make me read this embarrassing mail!”
“M-my bad, but you were the one asking me to!”
“W-well, that’s true but can’t you find some reason not to?”
“(I can’t because, seriously, you were soooo scary) ...”
“But I understand, I’m sorry for forcing you.”
“As long as it clears the misunderstanding, it’s okay.”
“I’m happy, because Onii-san didn’t mind to let me see your phone. Now I can believe you.”
“Well then, let’s continue our date.”
And just for your information, if you choose not to show Kyousuke's phone, prepare to meet your first dead end D:

Kyousuke then sees the image of Thanatos, antagonist from Meruru series, on a cosplay shop and asks Ayase to come inside. Ayase voices her objection.
“Don’t you know that Kirino also likes to do cosplay?”
“Don’t make up such convenient lie!”
“It’s true, one time I’ve seen her doing cosplay.”
“Seriously? Err…. Onii-san, do you still have picture of it?”
“Sometimes I really think you like Kirino more than you like me.”
“What are you saying Onii-san, I really like both of you.”
“Why do I feel you’re only saying that to comfort me…”
“A-anyway, don’t staring at that shop so intensely!”
“Oi oi Ayase, why do you make it like I want you to do cosplay?”
“What’s with that attitude, I know exactly what you’re thinking.”
“But it’s for understanding otaku culture like you want.”
“T-this is an exception, I don't want to!”
“I’m sorry Ayase. Of course you don’t want to, right. Even if it’s for understanding otaku culture further.”
“Ye-yes, of course.”
“Even though you wore maid uniform before.”
“T-that was because Saori-san forced me…”
“Aaah, I want to see Ayase as Thanatos. Oh well, at the very least you don’t mind if we only come inside, right?”
“Hmm that’s true, if it’s only looking what’s inside… I can study otaku culture further.”
But after agreeing to come inside, looking at her boyfriend’s face, Ayase can’t help it to offer herself.
“Onii-san, do you really want to look at me cosplaying that much?”
“We-well yeah. Are you fine with it?”
“Ye-yeah. As a pay back for suspecting you and Saori-san’s mail.”
“You don’t have to force yourself if you don’t want to…”
“Said the one who just forced me a minute ago.”
“Well that was me joking. Well... Half joking.”
“A-anyway, ju-just for today, okay?!”
Ayase then grabs Kyousuke’s hand and they both go inside the cosplay shop and goes to the fitting room.
“Eh? Are these all the parts I’m wearing? And I have to get out wearing this embarrassing outfit, even on the model job I never felt this embarassed…”
Ayase then comes out from the fitting room.
“Ho-how does it look?”

“O…. Oh….”
“LOVELY MY ANGEL AYASE-TAN HAS CAME!!!!!!!! (…. She is seriously too cute, and so sexy too! Oh this is too bad, feels like I don’t mind if I’m going to die any minutes now)”

“He-hey Onii-san, you’re too loud…”
“It’s impossible for someone to be this cute!”
“Onii-san? Why does your voice sounds lewd? Are you really okay Onii-san?”
“Of course, Ayase! Leave it to me, I’ll take your picture perfectly! So now Ayase, strike a pose, Thanatos’s pose!! Squeeze your breast with your arm, here, like this!”

Ayase then gives the usual high kick to her perverted boyfriend…

After the chaos at the cosplay shop, the baccouple (t/l: baka/stupid couple) takes rest in maid café.
“Geez, Onii-san is always gets seriously silly with ecchi things. Do you have that much fun giving me embarrassing memory like that?”
“Ahahaha, of course not. I’m sorry.”
“Onii-san is always give me hard time, every single time.”
“That’s why I apologized. “
“Haaa, well it’s fine now.”
“You’re going to forgive me?”
“Yes, let’s make up.”
“Thanks. Well then, where should we go now?”
“Then, can we rest just a lit--- Ah no, let’s get going, any place Onii-san wants is fine.”
“...... Ayase. Thank you.”
“Wh-why do you thank me all of sudden?”
“Because all day, you really pushed yourself, didn’t you? You don’t have to hide it, I can tell since we were on the doujinshi shop. When you smiled and laughed holding Meruru doujinshi, I became happy just seeing you. You’ve done such great job just to make me feel relaxed, you’ve worked hard for my sake. That’s why, thank you.”
“Well, it’s because for Onii-san’s sake. But I also feel relieved, because it means Onii-san really paid attention of me.”
“Of course I do.”
“If you say you like me, I’ll be more relieved.”
“The only girl I like is you…!”
“Y-You don’t have to say it with loud voice.”
“I thought you’ll be more relieved if I did that, hehe.”
“Geez… But I’m happy.”
“I like you, Ayase.”
“More than Kirino? More than Onee-san?.... And, more than that Kuroneko person?”
“Of course.”
“… I’m so happy I feel like I’ll forgive everything silly Onii-san does now.”
Kyousuke then moves himself and prepares to kiss Ayase.
“No way, it’s too embarrassing to do it on this place.”
“Didn’t you said you’ll forgive everything I’m gonna do?”
“It’s still a no since you’re not paying attention to time and place.”
“I see, haha. Then, can I at least move to your side? I want to be closer to you.”
“I’m happy with the thought, but it’s still a no.”
“Eh? Why?”
“Because, if you do that--- Ah please forget it.”
“Eeeh? If you’re stopping half-way it makes me more curious.”
“But it’s too embarrassing… I-if you sit on my side, t-then I can’t see Onii-san’s face.”
“I-I see…”
“I’m really happy when you said you like me, please say it more from now on, okay?”
If you don't choose to recognize Ayase's hard work here though, prepare to see Kyousuke mortally wounded by Yandere-Ayase on the second dead end. Anyway, moving on, they then leaves the café.
“As expected, going on different place than usual spot we’ve been is really exhausting, right Onii-san? That’s why, next, I have place I want to go to with Onii-san.”
Kyousuke thinks that he has raised ‘that’ flag, now he’ll be able to go to ‘that place’ with Ayase together.
“UWOOOOOOO!! FINALLY THE TIME HAS CAME!!! Leave it to me, I’ll take you to anywhere you want”
“You will?”
“A man won’t take back their words”
“Well then--- for our next date, let’s go to Odaiba.”
“…….. Eh?”
“Next……. date, you said?”
“You don’t want to?”
“Of course I want to!”
“Well then, I’ll inform you the time and place to meet up by phone, see you then!”

The day of Odaiba date has came. Kyousuke arrives first on the meeting place, Ayase then comes. She brings a big basket on her hand.
“Sorry for the wait, Onii-san. Or rather, you came earlier. We still have 10 minutes before the promised time.”
“It's because I can’t wait to see you any longer.”
“Geez, Onii-san is always saying thing like that. Well then, let’s go.”
While walking, Kyousuke see their surrounding where there are lots of couple. He then grins.
“Why are you grinning?”
“To be able to go on a date with the cute Ayase as my girlfriend, I’m feeling very happy right now.”
“Ge-geez, what are you saying all of sudden.”
“But it was the truth—“
“… Onii-san is seriously always acting silly. But don’t you know that you’re handsome yourself?”
“For me, Onii-san is the most handsome. More than anyone else.”
Kyousuke is at loss of word hearing girlfriend praising him.
“We-well then, let’s go to the cloth shop first.”
“I’m going to take my time seeing around, so prepare yourself Onii-san.”
They then go inside the shopping mall, where Ayase takes Kyousuke to the place she usually go for the model job. She immediately looking for clothes and show it to Kyousuke.
“Onii-san, which one do you think is better?”
“Err, I don’t know.”
“Don’t say that, which cloth Onii-san wants to see me wear?”
“I-I want to see you wear both.”
“Geez, please answer it seriously.”
Kyousuke then pick one of the cloth and Ayase immediately goes to fitting room, and show it to Kyousuke afterwards.
“How do I look? Does it looks good on me?”
“Is it true? Then I think I’ll buy this.”
“Oh, then I’ll buy it for you, since I think it really looks great on Ayase.”
“Onii-san…. Thank you very much! Then I will wear this for the rest of our date today.”
After they finish the transaction, Ayase asks Kyousuke to go to the next place.
“Eh? You’re done shopping? I thought you still want to go see other shops.”
“It’s fine. Because…. My objective to be called cute by Onii-san is already accomplished. Ehehe.”

The next spot is a café. Ayase heard this café was good and she always wants to go with Kyousuke.
“Seems like the recommended menu on this café is the cheesecake.”
“Then I’ll have that.”
“Okay. But since we’re going to have lunch after this, don’t eat too much okay?”
The next place they’re going is outside park.
“Let’s sit at the bench right there.”
“Hey Ayase, seems like there aren’t any restaurant around here, what should we eat for lunch?”
“Ah for lunch, I have prepared it..”
Ayase then gives Kyousuke the basket she’s holding all this time and asks him to open it. On the inside there are plenty of sandwiches.
“Oh it’s tasty. Don’t tell me you made this yourself?”
“Of course I did. Well, mother helped me little bit though. Ah right, Onii-san here, say “aaah~”"
“Eh? What?”
“Hurry, say “aaah~"”
“A-aaah” *eat the sandwich*
“H-how is it?”
After finishes eating, Kyousuke wants to do something with Ayase but he’s afraid Ayase will say that he’s hentai again, but in the end he decides to brave himself and ask.
“H-hey Ayase, can I sleep on your lap?”
“W-wh-wh-wh-wh-what did you say?”
“Is it not good?”
“O-of course it’s not good… It’s too soon for us to do that, beside there are lot of people around us.”
“If Ayase don’t want to, I guess it can’t be helped, haah…”
“Ah, what with that disappointed face. Don’t look me with those puppy eyes!”
“To be able to sleep on his girlfriend’s lap, it’s the dream of every men on this planet. A~aaah, if I can sleep on Ayase’s lap, I’ll be very happy.”
“It’s too embarrassing.”
“Well that’s true, but it’s what lovers do, isn’t it? I always look forward to be able to do it.”
“Well even if we will do it, where do you think we’re gonna do it? It’s too crowded in here.”
“I’m thinking below the tree over there. People can’t really see us there.”
“Well I guess that’s true.”
“If Ayase doesn’t want to, then I guess I can’t force you.”
“…………… It’s fine, let’s do it”
“Se-seriously? Ayase-san, you’re not joking, aren’t you?”
“Ge-geez, if you say thing like that I won’t do it.”
“Ah sorry. Please let me sleep on your lap.”
“You’re only get serious when it comes to thing like this, geez. I only do it because Onii-san asked me to, get it? I’m a serious person, after all.”
“G-got it.”
“Well then, come here.”
They walk to the tree and then Ayase let Kyousuke to sleep on her lap.
“Oh, ooooh”
“O-Onii-san, don’t make such a weird voice!”
Putting her hand on Kyousuke’s head, Ayase sees the sleeping face of her boyfriend.
“Fufu, he's so cute.”

After a while, Ayase's trying to wake Kyousuke up.
“Onii-san? Onii-saaa~n. It’s time to wake up now.”
“Geez, he completely falls asleep. If you don’t wake up soon..... I’ll kiss you. Kidding.”
Hearing the kiss word, the half-asleep Kyousuke immediately regain conscious.
“Uwoh, Ayase-san… Just now, did you say...?!”
“Wha-? Onii-san, you have woken up?”

Ayase stands up in a reflex, Kyousuke’s head bumps into the ground.
“O-o-o-o-o-Onii-san, that thing just now is…”
“Ouch ouch ouch…”
“Ah sorry, are you okay?”
“I’m fine, don’t worry.”
“Geez, why don’t you tell me if you already wake up.”
“Well I just wake up recently. But more importantly, the kiss you mention…?”
“That was if you were still sle--- ah no! I mean it’s probably your dream, I didn’t say it!”
“Ohoho, don’t lie. I perfectly heard you say you’re going to kiss me with my own ear."

“Geez, Onii-san is always get fired up for silly thing like this. But can’t be helped, I don’t want to continue our date if you still half-asleep”
“Th-then it’s okay?”
“I-in exchange, be sure to fully wake up so we can continue our date.”
They then kiss.
“How is it? Have you open your eyes completely now?”
“I see, but looks like you’re still sleepy, fufu.”

Their sweet moment is interrupted once again by Kyousuke’s phone. He gets yet another mail, but it’s from Kanako now.
“Manager-san, are you free right now? Of course you’re free, aren’t you? I want to ask you for consultation.”
Ayase looks very irritated about it. She asks who it was and Kyousuke answers honestly it is from Kanako, he even asks if Ayase wants to see it again.

“Ah you don’t have to go that far. I believe in you.”
Kyousuke still worry about Ayase but Ayase then says she remember there is a shop sell tasty ice cream around so she is going to buy it.
“Don’t worry, I’ll buy it. In exchange when I come back, please smile, Onii-san.”
Ayase then come back with the ice cream, but she only buy one.
“Let’s eat this together, Onii-san.”
“Eh, but…”
“E-eh? You don’t want to?”
“But to eat an ice cream together… (It’s like an indirect kiss, right?)”
“I-I usually did it with Kirino. Is it weird for lovers?”
Kyousuke then eats the ice cream.
“So sweet”
“You can eat more if you want.”
Since it’s late for them to go anywhere far, they decide to ride a ferris wheel before go home.
“Onii-san looks, it’s so high. Ah, there is the park we’ve been, if we look it from this height it feels so small. Hey, are you looking at it too, Onii-san?”
“Sorry, I’m busy looking at you, Ayase.”
“..Eh? O-Onii-san, please don’t say embarrassing thing like that.”
“Can I sit on your side?”
“Ah? Yes you can… Ah my heart is racing so fast.”
“Me too……. Can I hold your hand too?”
“Ehhh?... Y-yes, you can. Ah, as expected you’re making me embarrassed, b-but not that I hate it”
“I-I see.”
“Whoa, we’re so high right now.”
“Are you afraid of height?”
“No, but with this height, yeah it’s little bit scary. How about Onii-san?”
“Me? Well, I admit it does scary.”
“That honest part of Onii-san, I think it’s cute.”
“Ugh, men won’t be happy if you say we’re cute.”
“You’re not? Fufu, okay, I’ll remember it… But it’s very interesting to see scenery from the sky. Let’s ride this again next time, okay?”
“Then you’re fine to come here at Odaiba for our date again?”
“Of course. Doesn't matter how many time you take me.”
“I see. Well then, let’s go home.”
Before parting away, Ayase thanks Kyousuke.
“Thanks for today. I really had fun the whole day.”
“What are you thanking me for. I also had fun today, really."
“Hehe, I just want to say it.”
Looking at his girlfriend cuteness, Kyousuke can’t resist the temptation so he decides to take the risk and touches Ayase.
“Wai- It’s dangerous!!”
For once, Kyousuke manages to avoid Ayase’s high kick.

“Wha-? I missed?!”
“Oi, I just touched you a little bit!!”
“I-it was because Onii-san suddenly doing ecchi stuff. Even if we’re lovers but you have to be aware of our surrounding!”
“But did you have to high kick me?”
“Well it was…… Ah right, it’s my sign of love to you! It’s my love so it’s okay!”
“That’s….. your love?”
“That’s why if you try to avoid it again, I won’t go on a date with you ever again!”
“Now we’re clear…… EN GARDE!”
And there goes Ayase high kick to Kyousuke’s face.

“Ouch ouch ouch. Ayase, you sly. I’ll definitely pay this humiliation next time. Just wait, I’ll do more ecchi stuff on our next date. Fuhahaha, wahahahahaha!!!!”
But apparently Kyousuke is not alone like he thought on his way back home, Kanako hears his maniacal laugh.
“Uwah, so creepy.”
“What are you doing here?”
“Nothing, I’m just passing by.”
“I see, well then I’m going back home, I’m really tired. Bye~”
“Eeh, why are you deciding to go home by yourself? I texted you I have a problem right? Let’s talk about it on some place.”
Kyousuke and Kanako then talk about Kanako problem on near café. Kanako’s problem is about her current manager and staff from work that irritate her. On the middle of talk, Kyousuke’s phone is ringing. He receives a text, from Ayase, asking if he has reached home yet. Knowing it was Ayase, Kanako gets scared.
“It was from Ayase? Then hurry text her back, but don’t tell me I’m with you.”
But being honest, Kyousuke text her back informing he is with Kanako, continuing to hear Kanako’s problem she texted before. Ayase’s reply surprises Kyousuke.
“Please look behind♥ “
Turn out Ayase is on the same café with Kyousuke and Kanako. When she just came home, Ayase’s mother asked Ayase to buy her something and on her way shop, she saw Kyousuke and Kanako walked inside to the café so she followed them.
Ay: “Kanako, you were trying to covered up yourself, weren’t you?”
Ka: “I-I don’t understand what are you saying”
Ay: “Don’t lie, I heard what you said.”
Ka: “Uwaah, hellish ear”
Ay: “Onii-san too, you’re always like this! Always easily accepting to hear and help other girl’s problem. It’s like you’re leaving me out.”
Ky: “I’m just hearing Kanako’s problem. And if it’s for your problem, I’m going to come for you instantly wherever I am.”
Ay: “Geez. But that part of you is…”
Ka: “Tsk, stupid couple.”
Another friendly warn, you lie to Ayase on this part, meet Yandere Ayase again and prepare to get yet another dead end.

The point of view is changed to Ayase’s on this part.
Kyousuke went home and after that Kanako suddenly in bad mood. Ayase feels that Kanako’s attitude that casually asked her boyfriend to talk with her was too much. But as Kyousuke himself didn’t really feel bugged to help Kanako’s problem, Ayase feels that she shouldn’t get this narrow-minded.
“By the way Ayase…”
“So you do really going out with him.”
“What’s that supposed to means?” (No matter how you look, me and Onii-san is obviously a l….lover!)
“Ah n-no, what Kanako meant isn’t like that, don’t get angry. I meant so you really care about him, didn’t you?”
“Of course I am!” (Geez, what this girl’s saying. The fact that I really like Onii-san can be understand just by looking at us)
“Chased your boyfriend so intensely like that without getting embarrassed, so boring, I can’t tease you”
“What did you just say?”
“Ah nothing. By they way, is it okay for you? I noticed there are lot of girls around him.”
“Th-that…” (Well I do think about that. Before I don’t really care, but after we became a couple I got worry so much about that. I can’t hide that fact.)
“Well he is my first fan for me but how about you and the others?”
“Me? Onii-san is obviously my boyfriend.”
“And how about the others? Is there someone who still won’t give up on him? Well you can count me out on that though”
“Ugh….” (That’s true that there is probably someone like that. For example that…… Kuroneko-san person who gave me unpleasant feeling. What if those kind of persons seduce Onii-san and snatch him away from me. But that won’t happen, will it? That thing…… Uuuu, now I can’t stop thinking about it.)
“Hey Ayase. If you really worry about it, why then you just go do ‘it’ with him? If you do that, you don’t have to think about these things again!”
“WHA-WHAT ARE YOU SAYING KANAKO?!” (Seriously, is this girl's head fine? But I wonder if it’s a good way to solve this problem…? – No way! That kind of ecchi stuff is forbidden! I’m not going to do it!!)
“But you know? If you don’t hurry up, you’re going to regret it later. But since Ayase is such a serious person I don’t think you can do it.”
“…” (Why are you grinning like that, seriously this girl is. But her word is true, I wonder if Onii-san thinks me as strict and boring girl, or rather he already thought it?)
“Eh? Oooi, Ayase? Do-don’t get silent like that, my bad. Hee~y, I said I’m sorry.”
“Kanako, I’m going home first.”
Leaving Kanako behind, even though Ayase remembers she should buy the thing her mother asked her, but the thing she thinks the most is about Kyousuke.
“I think I leave it like this for awhile. But... if I don’t do something about our current condition. Uuuuu…… Just a little bit…. I think I’m going to do more just a little bit. So for the first thing, I should looking for new swimsuit. Be-because, yeah, it because it’s still summer, it’s perfectly normal to go to beach. Please wait just a little longer, Onii-san. I’ll bring out my courage!”

We get back to Kyousuke’s point of view. He is on his room, taking a break after playing galge Kirino told him to. He feels that he’s doing a bad thing to Ayase by playing galge and see other girls, but he can’t help it as it is for Kirino plus he still think her Ayase is much much cuter than any girl on the galge. Even then he still wants to hear Ayase’s voice to soothe his mind, but just as he thinks that he gets call from Ayase.
“Good evening Onii-san, sorry to call you this late.”
“No, it’s fine. I was just about to call you. I want to hear your voice.”
“I-is that true?”
“So, do you need something?”
“What? Can’t I call you if I don’t need something from you?”
“N-no no, of course you can. If any, it’s my pleasure!”
“Is that true? I’m happy. Ah but well, I do need something from you. I want to ask you something.”
“Okay, I’ll listen to whatever you want to say.”
“Th-then…. Onii-san, on the next holiday, err how should I say it…. A-are you free?”
“Free, free. I’m so totally very free!...... So?”
“Err, so… D-do you want to go to... t-the beach, together?”
“Yes, I’m planning for a day trip to Atami so…”
“I-I see. I’m relieved.”
“But why suddenly Atami?”
“No real reason. But I just think I want to go to beach together with Onii-san.”
“I understand. So when we’re going?”
“H-hey Onii-san, it’s only a one-day trip, understand? We’re not staying over!”
“Of course I get it!”
“Well then, I call you again for further information. Good night Onii-san”
“Good night, Ayase”
Kyousuke noticed that Ayase is really nervous on that call, and even emphasized that the trip is only a one-day even though their dates since the beginning were always day trip. Kyousuke thinks that maybe the truth is Ayase is planning to stay over somewhere with him.
“Onii-san….. Today, I…… I don’t want to come back home….”
Kyousuke’s imagining Ayase says that and he goes crazy about it.

Can’t calm down, Kyousuke’s doing headbutt on the wall. It becomes too noisy it bothers Kirino, making her comes to Kyousuke’s room.
“Noisy! What time do you think now is?!”
“M-my bad.”
“Seriously, stop being ridiculous already! If you repeat it, I’ll tell Ayase that you attack me!”
Kirino then notices that Kyousuke is playing galge, and she is happy with it.
“Let me know your opinion when you clear it.”
“Yeah yeah, please get out already.”
“So cold. I get it, I get it. But seriously, stop being noisy, okay? Good night.”

Finally the day for the beach trip is come. Kyousuke just about to take off of the house when he also see Kirino prepares to go out.
“You’re going out? Ah I see, today is the date day.”
“Why do you know?”
“Ayase told me.”
“I see. You’re going out too?”
“Yep, I have promise with Kanako today.”
Kyousuke is still has not get used to this new friendly atmosphere with Kirino after they honest about their feeling to each other. He still can’t believe Kirino can act civilized with him.
“Wait, you just think of a rude thing about me, aren’t you?”
Kirino going out first. Kyousuke then meets Ayase in the station. Both of them are still nervous about the trip. Ayase has bought the ticket for the train, and as the train to Atami will leave in 10 minutes they prepare to leave. On the Atami they see a lot of people around. They see souvenir shops too but decide to go to the beach first and sight seeing later.
On the beach, Kyousuke waits for Ayase to change, but she hasn’t came yet. It’s too long even for girl so Kyousuke decide to search for her. When he’s searching for Ayase, Kyousuke is surprise to see Kanako, head only as her whole body is buried inside the sand, here on Atami.
Ky: “What are you doing here?”
Ka: “Y-You take too long to recognize me! Hurry up and save me!”
Ky: “Ah seems like you still have a lot of energy, so I’ll go now, bye~!”
Ka: “Wha-? You’re seriously leaving me! You’re not serious right? Aren’t we friends? Save me quickly, before she comes!”
Ky: “’She’?” (I wonder who this girl she refers to, no matter you look at it, to believe a girl could do something terrible like this to someone…)
Ay: “Onii-san? Why are you here?”
Ky: “…. A-Ayase? Err, can you please explain this chaotic situation?”
Ay: “Looks like Kanako is trying to get in our date today to mock us…”
Ky: “Seriously? She follows us all the way to Atami?”
Ay: “As you can see.”
Ka: “Whatever, just let me out!”
Ky: “No matter how you look at it, this time it's your fault.”
Ka: “You’re gonna leave me? You’re joking, right?”
Ky: “Hey Ayase, can I let her out?”
Ay: “You can’t, Onii-san.”
Ka: “Uwaaa! Wa-wait, at the very least, make the same person who come with me suffer this too!”
Ky: “You’re not alone?”
Ka: “If you want to tell me who the other person is….. You understand, right?”
Ky: “I get it. Hey Ayase, looks like Kanako has reflected on her wrong, please let her go already.”
Ay: “O-Onii-san? Geez. Just for today then.”

They then let Kanako out from the hellish sand punishment.
Ay: “Well then, who is this other person you were talking about?”
Ka: “There, that person over there.”
A person Kanako's pointing to is a girl, she is surprised when she realizes her identity is exposed.
Ay: “Ki… Kirino?!”
Ki: “No way! They noticed me?”
Kirino then runs away and Kyousuke leaves Ayase to catch Kirino. But as expected from Kirino the top runner, Kyousuke can’t match her speed and she gets away.

When Kyousuke back to Ayase, she is all alone. Apparently Kanako manages to run away too.
“You’re so cruel, Onii-san! You left me alone here.”
“I’m really sorry, Ayase.”
“Are you really sorry? Just when I got through so much to pick this swimsuit.”
“Of course I’m really sorry, I won’t leave you again. And by the way, that swimsuit looks good on you, Ayase.”
“Wha-? It’s not the time to say that!”
“I-I can’t help it, right? Until now, I don’t have the chance to say it.”
“Well that’s true. B-but does it really look good on me?”
“Without any objection you look very cute!”
“But in the end--- Onii-san was still chasing after Kirino.”
“Well I was curious why Kirino came here.”
“And you left me.”
“Well that’s……”
“What if…… What if my position and Kirino’s are reversed, will you chase after me too, Onii-san?”
“Well of course! I’ll definitely try to catch you!”
“Even though that means you have to left Kirino?”
“Ah well…. After I catch up and talk with you, I probably come to her afterwards like I did to you now.”
“Fufufu. When that time really comes, please bring me along too, okay?”
“That will be reassuring, thank you.”
“Let’s ask Kirino what that was about later, and for now, let’s go play and swim.”
“Right, since we have came here to beach.”

“Ah Onii-san, before that…… C-can you… Please…. P-put the sun oil on me?”
“Eh? Errrr…… Is it really okay?”
“It can’t be helped, right? I can’t reach my back, and if I left it like that I might get sunburned.”
“Ah right, Ayase is model after all.”
“R-right!.... T-then, c-can you?”
“But why you have to be that nervous? It just putting sun oil…”
“Y-You’re not going to do ecchi thing, right? Since usually Onii-san will do ecchi things to me if there is any opening.”
“Even I won’t go that far.”
“Just do it seriously, okay?”
“Relax, it’s impossible for me to do things that betray your trust!”
“Well I guess you’re right…. Geez, anyway just put it on me and don’t do anything weird!”
“Fine fine. Then, where do you want me to put it?”
“My back. It’s the only place I can’t reach by myself.”

Kyousuke then put the sun oil on his girlfriend's back.
“Uwooo?! Do-don’t let out such weird voice all of sudden!”
“E-even if you say that…. Onii-san’s hand is lewd! Just please finish it soon!”
“I-I get it, but please don’t scream again, okay?”

“Nnngh….. Aaaah…. Hnnn…. Haaaa……”
“….” (Eh? I’m only putting sun oil on her, right? Why she sounds that…. erotic?)
“Ah, that place is…… Hnnnnn….”
“*gulp*” (Be calm, Kousaka Kyousuke! You are a rock. You have to be strong like a rock. That’s right, you’re rock hard because of the slippery oil and smooth skin of Aya--- wait no!!)
“Hnnn, no way… That place is….. Hngh, it’s tickle….”
“*gulppppp*” (Uwoooooooooooo. I’m a rock, I’m a rock, I’m a rock, I’m a rock, I’m a rock, I'M A ROCK!!)
Kyousuke finally finished putting the oil on Ayase.
“Th-thank you… very much”
“Well then what should we do?... Oi, Ayase?”
“Ah y-yes, what is it?”
“That’s my line. Are you okay?”
“Ye-yes, I’m completely fine!”
“But, your face is really red…”
“Do-don’t mind it, I was just imagining something for a little bit…”
“Imagining what?”
“... I-it’s a secret. Well then, let’s go!”
“Go? Where are we going?”
“Geez, isn’t it obvious now we’re on a beach? Let’s go swim!”

After they had fun swimming and playing on the beach, before going home, they decide to walk around the shopping district, of course while holding hand.
“Ah today we’re also had so much fun.”
“Yeah, it feels like I can sleep tight tonight.”
“Onii-san, since we came this far, how about buying souvenirs?”
“Oh, good idea!”
The shopkeeper lady notice how close Kyousuke and Ayase are.
“Hoo, you look get along really well, holding hand like that. Are you two a sibling?”
Hearing that, Ayase gets closer to Kyousuke and holds his arm.
Ky: “O-oi Ayase?”
Ay: “W-what it is? It’s not a big deal right? We always do this, right On—Kyousuke-san?”
Lady: “Oh, pardon me”
Kyousuke goes blank hearing Ayase calls him by his name the first time.
After that they walk around some more they are lost. While searching the way back to the main road, Kyousuke is thinking of touching Ayase again. As he does that, Ayase doesn’t give him the usual high kick.
“Geez, Onii-san is really beyond help.”
“Eh? Are you fine with it?”
“…. Because if we do this, we will look more like a couple.”
They find the main road but suddenly there’s a heavy rain and wind. The train can’t move so that night they have to stay over in Atami. Luckily they still manage to find an inn with empty room. After take a bath, they take a break on their room but both of them are nervous.
“Somehow, it really quiet in here.”
“Yeah, I hope the typhoon will finish soon.”
“Yes, so the train can be operable again”
“You’re right.”
“Ah Onii-san, since we’re staying in this inn, let’s eat these manjus! *eats one manjuu* Oh, these manjus are really delicious.”
“Then let me have one as well.”

Ayase keeps eating the manjus and start to feel weird.
“Are you okay, Ayase?”
“Ye-yeah, somehow”
But then Ayase comes closer to Kyousuke.
“O-oi, Ayase!”
“Hey Onii-san. Can I…. hold your hand?”
“I wonder why, but suddenly I feel hot… It must be because of Onii-san. Ah, I can feel Onii-san’s heart racing so fast. We’re just holding hands but I feel like I’m really connecting with Onii-san. Onii-san, will you…. hug me?”
“O-oi…! Please stop joking, Ayase-san.”
“Hey. Don’t you want to embrace me? Onii-san”
“A…. AYASE!!!”
As Kyousuke starts to losing to the temptation himself, Ayase is falling all of sudden.
“Eh? Ayase? Ayase? Ayase-saaa~n?... She completely falls asleep.”
Because he can’t really understand the sudden change of Ayase’s behavior, Kyousuke checks the wrapping of the manju.
“Sake manju? So it’s because of these things Ayase was saying thing like that?”

The next day, the weather has recovered as the typhoon is apparently only passing through, so the train is back operable too. Without saying anything of the last night’s event, Kyousuke and Ayase part away, awkwardly.
Days later, Ayase invites Kyousuke to come to her house.
“Onii-san, I’m so sorry for what happened on Atami. I’m really embarrassed of myself.”
“… I also want to apologize.”
“Eh? What for?”
“I didn’t notice when you’re saying those strange things, nor I tried to stop you. I got carried over with the situation, so I’m really sorry.”
“No way, Onii-san wasn’t doing anything wrong. It’s all because of my carelessness. And also… I always being too serious, I always wonder why I’m too strict with everything. I want to apologize for being suspicious on our date before too, I’m so sorry for being selfish. I should change these bad habits.”
“You don’t have to.”
“Because, that who Ayase really is. I don’t really troubled even if you’re being too serious. I honestly think that part of Ayase is very cute.”
“And compared to that, I'm the one who have to apologize to you. You’re always scold me because I’m still not good. Let’s make up for it and do better from now on, okay?”
After that, Kyousuke notices that Ayase still have worry on her mind.
“What is it, Ayase?”
“Err no, it’s…. I wonder if men is…. I WONDER IF MEN LIKE ‘THAT’ KIND OF THING!
“*spit*..... Y-you see, Ayase…”
“I like Ayase! I want to know everything about Ayase! But I don’t want anyone else to see you!”
“Eeeh? O-Onii-san, what are saying all of sudden?”
“My true feeling.”
“Your true feeling…… sounds like sexual harassment.”
“Men are that sort of creature. We want to know everything abour our beloved girl but we don’t want anyone else to know it. The Ayase who is doing the model job, for me it’s like a poison.”
“I-I see…”
“I’m so sorry, Ayase.”
“Why do you apologize, Onii-san?”
“I… don’t want to let you go anymore.”
“Geez…. If you say something like that, it’s impossible for me to get mad or not get mad at you. It looks like I can’t be separated from Onii-san anymore.”
“At the very least, it’s impossible for me to let you go.”
“…Then, it can’t be helped.”
“Onii-san, the truth is…. My parent is staying over outside so they won’t come home tonight.”
“Err… Ayase-san?”
“I haven’t fully prepared my heart yet, but…… But since we’ll be together forever, it can’t be helped, right?”
“….. No. You don’t have to force yourself, and you don’t have to rush it.”
“But… If Onii-san…”
“I like you. I love you, Ayase.”
“That won’t change until I die, and even I have died I will still always love you."
“That’s why we will always have the time. I’ll wait for you for however long it takes for you until you’re ready.”
“Onii-san……. I’m so happy. Ah Onii-san, I have a favor to ask.”
“Hm? What is it?”
“Back then on Odaiba, you slept on my lap, right?”
“That time I was thinking that, if boys’s dream is to be able to sleep on their girlfriend’s lap, girls also have a dream. I… want to….. sleep in Onii-san’s arm.”
“Okay. You can ask for it anytime and I’ll do it for you how many times you want.”
“Fufu… Lately we always do embarrassing things, don’t we?”
“Haha, we do.”
“Onii-san………. I love you.”
“Me too. I really love Ayase.”
Before we skip to the future, sorry to ruin the happy moment but if we choose not to be honest with Ayase to not liking ecchi things, Ayase will get angry because she thinks Kyousuke is not really interested on her while Kyousuke have stacks of ecchi megane-fetish magazine. She will mortally wounds Kyousuke on her own room D:

Years later in the future—
Ky: “It’s no good. I really am no good.”
Ay: “Geez… Be prepared already!”
Ky: “Even if you said that, I can’t help being this nervous.”
Ay: “You’ve been through much difficult moments than this, right? For example, on your job.”
Ky: “Well that’s true, but… How should I put it, the pressure is different. I was always being busy so this will be my first time. To be nervous like this, it’s almost like when Chitose was born”
Ay: “What’s with that, fussing over small thing like this.”
Ky: “Just for the record, I also felt this kind of sensation when I met your parents the first time. I thought I’m going to die back then.”
Ay: “Yeah yeah, I remember, fufu.”
Ki: “Hey, are you still haven’t prepared yet? Just be hurry, what are we going to do if we miss it?”
Ky: “Why are you the most excited one? And what’s with that stupid video camera?”
Ki: “Obviously, I bought it specially for today, to record Chii-chan!”
Ay: “Uwaa, it really huge. How much you bought that for?”
Ki: “2.500.000 yen”
Ky: “…… (Moron. There’s a moron over here.)"
Ay: “*monotone laugh* Ahaha…. Ahahahaha….. As expected from Kirino.”
That day is an important day for Kyousuke’s family. That day is the day when his daughter advance to next grade.
Ki: “Haaa….. Haaaa…. Good girl, good girl. Chii-chan is sure a good girl. Oh here she comes! Chii-chan ‘s turn is coming! Kyaaa, an angel is coming! Ah pardon me, can I take this spot? I want to take a shot of my girl.”

Ch: “Hey! Please stop! You're troubling everyone!”
Ki : “--- Aaaa”
Ky: “That stupid girl. She just got scolded by her own nephew.”
Ki: “I-I’m sorry, Chii-chan.”
Ch: “P-please stop and go outside, hmph”
Ki: “--- *sob*”

Ky: “Hey Ayase, why Kirino is hated by Chitose?”
Ay: “Kirino just came back to Japan again recently because of her work, right? The moment Kirino was aboard, looks like Chitose completely forgot who she is.”
Ky: “Poor her. And to think that she likes Chitose that much.”
Ay: “Yeah. When Kirino just came back, that kid misunderstood her because you’re so close with Kirino.”
Ky: “What’s with that?”
Ay: “Chitose is jealous of Kirino. She even said, “I’m the one who will marry father, you know!” to Kirino, fufu.”
Ky: “… Aha, ahahaha. I wonder why she got misunderstand like that.”
Ay: “Of course it’s because you’re such a siscon.”
Ky: “Ugh!”
Ay: “--- The one you love the most is me, though.”
Ky: “Well that’s true.”


  1. "but it's still guaranteed to make you grin like stupid if you're Ayase fan" : I was already grinning when I saw that you made the summary :3

    But wow! I really enjoy reading it. But why did they have to cut and directly jump on the future? I wanted to know what happened before that xD

    And Chitose's sentence "I’m the one who will marry father, you know!", aawww, so cute! Just don't become a Yandere.

    But I must that this route has a lot of bad end, does that finish in the same way as the bad end from the first game? I mean, the sound of stabbing?

    1. Thanks <3

      What happened before that is more or less you can get on doujinshi XD
      But speaking of doujinshi, there's a non-H doujinshi centered of Ayase by Ntype. The title is "My Angel Ayase ga Konna ni Kawaii". The first book has been translated by Japanzai while the second book that just been released weeks ago hasn't been scanned yet so far I'm searching >,<

      Growing with yandere mother, yeah I hope she won't inherit that trait of Ayase. Kirino would be in danger if she is XD

      I only tried all the dead ends once, as I'm not fan of yandere, and it's been a while since I played so I'm not really sure. But I think yeah, all 5 dead ends involving Kyousuke mortally wounded; I remember hearing sound of stabbing on some of it. They are called DEAD ends, after all. It was creepy already to think Ayase stabbed Kyousuke in front of Kirino on the first game, and now most of the time she did that out in public (only the last dead end took place in her room) D:

    2. Nice idea, but they're not so many doujinshi about Ayase, that's too bad ^^"

      About the non-H doujinshi, yeah, I saw that before. I never thought there will be a second book until I found it in Mandarake (I tried to find an Ayase figma figure and there is none >_< ).

      Killing in her own room... The perfect crime xD
      But that's crazy that she can stab like that in public (they should include a hand with a knife in her figma set then xD).

      BTW, do you read Oreimo's novel too?

    3. Yeah, she still lose against Kirino and Kuroneko popularity, though she gains more after what happen on LN vol 10.
      I didn't read the LN, only the translated summary from CETranslation. I can understand what's happen on the PSP game since it's voiced, if it's all text I'm just as clueless ^^;

      Her Figma did come with optional hand to hold something, but yeah they only included yandere face and handcuff, without the knife. You can get the knife if you buy other Figma that has it though, a character from Figma Se.Kirara series came with kitchenware accessories including knife ^^

  2. "(Be calm, Kousaka Kyousuke! You are a rock. You have to be strong like a rock. That’s right, you’re rock hard because of the slippery oil and smooth skin of Aya--- wait no!!)" <--- best line in this walkthrough. XD

    1. Ahaha, thanks. Both English and Japanese aren't my first language so I was not sure if my summary can emulate all the dialogues on the game ^^

      Btw, zidanechoo has begun the Oreimo Portable 2 video translation on Youtube, I recommend you to see his channel to get more experience you can't have just from mere summary I wrote ^^

  3. can you tell me the link for the ayase route in the previous game? And i appreciate the awesome work you do to post this.

    1. I have better, you can watch the video translation for Ayase route both from the first and second game on zidanechoo2 channel on YT. They have translated almost everything Ayase related from both game :D

  4. Hmm, i've played the game first disc, i played on Ayase route and get normal ending, after that i got an item that looks alike Oreimo logo, it's ORE Item number 64.
    But i don't know why that item didn't pop out when i played Ayase route on the second run, so i can't get a Ayase-tan happy end. TAT
    Please tell me, how to make that ORE Item number 64 to pop out on the last event? TwT

    BTW, i've read all of your Summary, thanks a lot.
    It's because of your summary i start to play this game, and this game is really exciting.

    1. I kinda forget, but as far as I remember, to get Ayase best/happy end you have to beat Kirino happy end first. It was the one where Kirino sang together with Kuroneko and Saori in the end of the story. Then you'll get the ORE Item "Ore no Imouto ga Konna ni Kawaii Wake ga Nai". I'm not sure if it's the same that you mentioned, but the icon is indeed look alike Oreimo logo, so let's assume you have the required item already. What you have to do now is start a new game (ie. do not load your save data, completely start the game from the very beginning), and then go to Ayase route. At the climax 'battle' with Kirino, new option will appear where you can use that item to unlock Ayase happy end.

      Hope that can help you, and glad to know someone like my summary and enjoy the game ^o^
      I wish I have PS3 to play the upcoming Happy End game though T_T


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