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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

[FiguReview] SHFiguarts Origami Cyclone

Shushutto sanjou, shushutto ninja ja~!!! Oh wait, that's a theme for different ninja. Ninja? Yes, this time it's a review of photobombing shape-shifting young Russian(?!) ninja-slash-samurai-slash-kabuki performer, Origami Cyclone from the very popular anime, Tiger & Bunny!
"I made it into the background!"

Character History
The man, or boy, behind the Origami Cyclone suit is young Russian(?!) named Ivan Karelin. Ivan really fond of Japanese culture, thus his suit is very much Japan-ish with with kabuki performer look and two katanas plus one big shuriken on his back. The suit is the one that give him battle ability boost since his NEXT power is not really for engaging battle, as Ivan has shape-shifting ability to copy others appearance and voice but not their power, or he can transform into object like a poster in the wall too. Starting as hero who doesn't have confidence due to his NEXT power is useless for the job and guilt with his old classmate, Ivan only tried to please his sponsors and company by showing on background, making himself walking (or should I say, photobombing) billboard. It was until Ouroboros and Jake incident that made him man up and take his hero job seriously, granted him 3 more sponsors and boosted popularity, though him appearing on background still happen as running gag.

The design of the packaging is similar to all previously released T&B's SHFiguarts, with difference of color choice. You can see brief explanation of Origami Cyclone character and the features of this SHF, that if you can read Japanese XD Other than that you can see some sample pictures that show what this figure can do. Oh, the sticker on the front's upper left is a mark of T&B merchandise campaign for Singaporean. Why me, an Indonesian, got this instead? Well that because the shop I bought Origami from sold the Singapore version.

Set and Accessories
Since Origami relies on his weapons for his battle, we can expect him to comes with those weapons. And he did, there's quite number of accessories for him. So what will you get when you open the box are:
  • Origami Cyclone figure
  • 2 extra pairs of interchangeable hands
  • 2 katanas
  • 2 katanas holder for his waist
  • Normal-sized shuriken
  • 2 big-sized shurikens; one used for weapon and another to be mounted on his back
  • Big shuriken holder for his back
  • Tamashii Stage Act 4
The Tamashii Stage Act 4 of course has the same design with previously released T&B's SHF. The base is clear blue-colored just like Origami suit's main color, marked with Origami Cyclone and Ivan Karelin name with the logo of his company, Helperides Finance.

With how sophisticated and highly decorative Origami suit is, Bandai did really great job on sculpt department to make excellent highly-detailed figure of Origami, and well-hidden joints on that too, well except for the knee joints when you see it from the side or rear as the screws are visible. The only major flaw for me is how Origami is almost as high, and big, as Wild Tiger when Ivan should be shorter than Koutetsu. But on his own, Origami is just great.

Ditto with the sculpt, Origami is beautifully painted with almost no major flaw. Sure his mouth is not really properly paint red, there's still bit white paint on it but you won't notice it unless you see it really close. My biggest concern of his paint, yet it still doesn't really matter, is the sloppy gold-ish paint for his hand that supposed to show detail but made it looks bad instead. Other than that, I'm happy with Origami, and the icing on the cake is Bandai used the second-part version of Origami where he got 3 more sponsors on his suit, those are Livedoor and Katsuya Takasu Clinic on inside part of his shuriken, and NAM-Chara Cheer Squad on his chest, other than old .ANIME sponsor on the outer part of the shuriken.

Even with those sophisticated look of his suit, especially the waist, Origami still packed with wide range of articulation that makes him highly poseable. That's what I love about SHF. All of the joints are durable and easy to move. Well scratch durable part from the hand's ball joint since I kinda hate how fragile it looks since the first day I own a SHF. But fortunately nowadays somehow it's easier to change SHF hands, I remember I was having hard time to change my Den-O's Deneb hands and it took apart its ball joint (not broken though, it can be united again).

The shoulder armor isn't molded on the body part but rather on its shoulder so it won't hinder arm movement 360" upside down, though on the other hand you can't move the arm on straight 90" to the side.

Aside from the other usual joints (Origami doesn't have upper torso joint, btw), Origami's waist armor can be moved up to so it gives you more room to move his leg. But just like Wild Tiger and Barnaby leg (I don't own Rock Bison and Sky High so I don't know about those two), it's freaking hard to move its leg because it's too tight on its ball joint and make creepy sound when it is finally moved. Fortunately enough I don't break my Origami even after I move its leg so much. Oh, the ankle is moveable too and it's die-casted so even if Origami's geta (Japanese sandal he wore) makes him look hard to stand, it can stand on its own just fine.

SHF Origami doesn't really have a gimmick other than its weapons. Remember those katana holder and the katana itself? You can put the holder on Origami's back waist, remove the blade part from katana sheath and put the sheath on its holder if you don't want Origami to hold the katana. The big shuriken can also be grabbed by the open hand by its blade part or by its circular part on the middle.

To further show you what SHF Origami Cyclone really capable to do, here more pictures for you to enjoy!

Ninpo, Origami henge!!
Origami Cyclone, asaaanjou~!!

Using the normal shuriken...

.... and the big shuriken! Silver Cross!! Oh wait, that's Volfogg XP

Even though we don't know if Ivan takes kendo class or read samurai-for-dummy book, let's just assume he's a great swordsman, shall we =3

Origami Cyclone, suisan!!

Dual-wielding samurai!!

Holding the katana and shuriken together!

Now enhanced with effect parts I own =D

Now let's try headswap him with Defomeister Origami and Ivan I have. The result is...... not good at all, so he's all alone sipping a tea out of disappointment XD

"Nobody write a comment on my blog today as well...."

Let's introduce him to my Wild Tiger. Since Ivan is really into Japanese culture and Koutetsu is Japanese, Ivan is pumped!

And it's not Origami if he's not photobombing, so...

End Verdict
With how great the sculpt and paint are, along with nice choice of accessories and good range of articulation even it has some flaw on the leg, Origami Cyclone is a great figure. There's a plenty of T&B and Origami figure out there now, but for highly-articulated action figure, the SHFiguarts are the best so far, even if it's not properly in-scale with the other T&B's SHFiguarts :/

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