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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

[FiguReview]SHFiguarts Akiba Red

After burned some moneys on AFA Indonesia 2012, I have myself new figures to be reviewed, though it makes me remember I haven't written a blog about that event, should write it later. But for now, like the title said, although it's super late (thanks to late shipment to Indonesia, while almost everyone on other countries have their Akibaranger complete already XD) this is my review of SHFiguarts Akiba Red of Hikounin Sentai Akibaranger!!

Character History
Akiba Red is Nobuo Akagi, the leader of the first officially unofficial sentai team, Hikounin Sentai Akibaranger (t/l: hikounin means unofficial). A sentai otaku, he loves Super Sentai tokusatsu genre very much even after he grows up, now 29-year old, but he also loves a show-within-show Nijiyome Gakuen Z-Cune Aoi anime. Being a sentai otaku makes him delusion being a hero often, though it's also the reason he is recruited to be the member of Akibaranger. His vast knowledge of Super Sentai and its tropes contribute to many victories of Akibaranger.

Just as the show's theme and premise, the design of SHFiguarts's box is quite funky and painful with those rainbows and stars. You can see some contents of what's inside the box from the blister window and the basic figure articulation's awesomeness with some poses you can create from sample pictures given. And what's that white smaller box beside? It's Akibaranger special Tamashii Stage Act 4 you'll get when you buy the first release of Akiba Red, and I'll show you what's inside later.

Set and Accessories
On the show Akiba Red have handful number of weapon, but thanks to awzum marketing strategy from Bandai, you won't get other Super Sentai's Daisoreta no Chikara (Inordinate/Penultimate Power) namely Deka Wapper, Bouken Scooper, and Jet Winger. You have to buy SHFiguarts of Deka Red, Bouken Red, and Red Hawk to get those weapons, respectively. So, what you'll get when you buy Akiba Red are:

  • Akiba Red figure
  • MMZ-01 Moe Moe Zukyuun on gun mode
  • 2 scarfs
  • 3 pairs of extra interchangeable hands for open hands, chop hands, and grabbing hands (for MMZ-01); 2 extra interchangeable karate hands for left hand
Shame they didn't include MMZ-01 on its figure mode. Well, to some people it doesn't really matter but since I'm big fan of wide range of accessories, and not to mention I like to take picture of my figure doing silly things, figure mode of MMZ-01 would be great. But nonetheless, the accessories given are quite satisfying; and like I mentioned before we also get special Akibaranger's Tamashii Stage Act 4 display stand set if we buy first release edition of Akiba Red. What inside the contents are 3 plain clear-colored stand sets with Akibaranger logo and color-code name of each members, with addition of "A", "Ki", and "Ba" katakana for Akiba Red, Blue, and Yellow stand respectively.

My first disappointment of this figure is how Akiba Red becomes too skinny. Sure he wasn't the most muscular character but he should have been more thicker than this. Another one is I don't like his mouth, looks like too wide, and lastly I don't know but somehow his shoulder looks weird for me. All in all, I prefer the actual costume on the show rather than the SHF, even though Bandai still done good job to hid the joints and great detail on the boots.

Now on the paint job they really done a great job, I love Akiba Red clear chest part and the "sentai" mark on his chest and thigh. But sure, this is because there's no many detail on his design for Bandai to screws up.
I don't know how but on this picture the white parts are off @_@


Great range of articulation as expected from SHF, and like I said, the joints are well-hidden; two of them are too well, in fact. Most of the time on SHF you can see clearly that a character have a swivel joint on its biceps, but on the case of Akiba Red it's so well hidden and hard to move on the first time so you might think they didn't give him bicep joint. Just hold the shoulder while moving the bicep with little bit of force to minimize the horrible risk breaking the shoulder joint instead.

Another highlight from this part is I hate the ankle joint that feels like Revoltech's Revolver joint. Harder to move than other SHF yet tends to move back slightly to its initial position, making Akiba Red little bit hard to stand. Other than that, you can see the pictures I uploaded to see the awesomeness of his movement.

Akiba Red doesn't really have much gimmicks. The only gimmick it initially has is the scarf movement. Remember we get two version of scarfs? When placed on a connector on its back, it's movable so you can set it on any position you want to give dynamic feeling. Other than that, like I mention, you have to buy SHF Deka Red, Bouken Red, and Red Hawk to get extra weapons for Akiba Red (or Blue and Yellow) to use separately or be combined to form Daisoreta Cannon. If you don't buy those SHF though, you're stuck with  only MMZ-01 as his weapon, zukyuuu~n!!

Here are more pictures to show what Akiba Red capable to do even if he normally just 29-year old otaku works as delivery guy.

You just triggered your death flag!!

 Using the MMZ-01

So, who's inside the suit? Of course it's not Kamen Rider Meteor. Or is it? They have same "hairstyle", after all XD
"Awesome hair bro!" "Right back at you"

Using effect parts and other accessories for more poses =3

And I give my Akiba Red to meet one of his idolized Sentai character, Gokai Red!
"Awesoooome, the real Gokai Red!!"

"I want to try too..." "Stay. Away!!"
"FASTER, YOU PIECE OF SHI-!!" "HIIII!!! I don't want to be pirate anymoooore!!"
"Give me back my weapons. You go use Hakase's!"
Last part is Akiba Red using Gokai Red's stuffs...

End Verdict
My biggest disappointment from SHF Akiba Red is how he wasn't bulky enough like he supposed to be. The other flaws I can put aside, so at the end of the day for me he still good figures to have. I mean I like the design after all, and his character is great addition for my collection line-up. For 3360 yen, if you like Akiba Red and Akibaranger then don't miss this figure :)


  1. nice review ki....
    gw masih ragu2 mau ambil ato nggak si akiba red ini....-_-

    1. Gw ambil soalnya suka sama karakternya jg sih, haha.
      Dan untungnya si Blue dan Yellow reguler gak kayak anggota sentai cewek lain yg Tamashii Web exclusive semua >,<


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