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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

OreImo Portable 2 - Saori Route Summary

This is the summary for Makishima Saori route from the 'Ore no Imouto ga Konna ni Kawaii Wake ga Nai Portable ga Tsudzuku Wake ga Nai" PSP game. Read at your own risk because it contains spoilers. And please take into consideration that this is only a fan translation, I'm not really fluent on both Japanese or English :3

Saori route here is may or may not the direct sequel from the first game, because there is thing overlapping regarding of Kirino and Kuroneko knowing Kyousuke and Saori new relationship. On the first game, at the end of the game the couple told Kirino and Kuroneko that they have become a couple but on this game, Kirino and Kuroneko didn't know yet. The other parts of the story may continuing the first game. I won't spoil it since zidanechoo2 is now doing Saori Route on his Youtube channel.

On this route, we also meet a character those who read the light novel should have known already. It was Makishima Kaori, Saori's older sister. And regarding the light novel, since Saori route here is also written by Fushimi Tsukasa himself, there are part of the story that referencing a story from the light novel, to be exact the volume 6 of the light novel. Seanver has written the summary of it on his Wordpress blog so you should read it if you want to know more. Okay, enough of (long) introduction, enjoy the summary guys!


Waking up on one morning during summer holiday, with Summer Comicket has just ended, Kyousuke is wondering what will he do today. He also just made a girlfriend this summer, her girlfriend name is Makishima Saori, a girl he never thought he will falls for. On a summer comicket, Saori finally mustered her courage and went out not with the usual otaku-ish cloths she usually wore, but as her “true self”.

Just as he about to call his girlfriend, his phone is ringing.

“Err... Kyousuke-san? This is me, Saori’s speaking”
“Y-yeah, it’s me. What happens?”
“Err..... It’s... Actually I’m currently near Kyousuke-san’s house right now. If it doesn’t bother you, I want to take your time for a little bit.”
“(-- Whoa. Nice timing. Fufu)... I’m about to call you just now too, you know.”
“You did?... Fufufu,  we’re thinking the same thing. So.... Err..... Err....”
“Since [that event], this will be the first time we meet, won’t it?”
“([That event]... As, she’s talking the time about she confessed.) Yep.”
“.... I want to talk about.... So many things... about us and our relationship from now on.”
“Oh, come to my house then. Right now the noisy girl isn’t home, so we can take our time to talk.”
“Eh.....? N, no, th-that would be..... If I have to come to Kyousuke-san’s house so sudden like that.... My preparation is...”
“Preparation? (Up until now she came here all the time just fine, didn’t she?... Ah but come to think of it, it’s just like she said, this time it’s quite different)... Ah, I see.”
“Going to your boyfriend’s house for the first date isn’t a good idea, after all. There is no one here too.”
“P-please don’t say it casually like that.”
“Haha, my bad.”
“I’m currently on nearby park right now... How about we meet here?”
“Okay, I’ll go there right now.”

Kyousuke arrives at the park. There, her girlfriend welcomes him.

“Good day, Kyousuke-san.”
“Calling you here so suddenly like this... Am I not bothering you?”
“Of course you’re not. Haha, I also want to meet you.”
“... Thank God.”

Seeing Saori so graceful like that, Kyousuke wonders that the gap between two personalities of Saori is too huge. The Saori he used to know for the longest time is the Saori whom a complete otaku with nonchalant and easy going personality. Kyousuke can’t believe that Saori and the Saori in front of his eyes right now is the same person.

OtakuSa: “What’s wrong, Kyousuke-shi? Why do you stare at me so intensely like that? Ohohooo, so you have finally acknowledge and fallen to my beauty?♪“
OjouSa: “… I-It’s embarrassing. Kyousuke-san…. Please don’t stare at me”

That’s the example of their personality difference Kyousuke imagines.

“… I-I wonder why… But this is becoming more nervous, isn’t this Kyousuke-san?”

Kyousuke also realizes the tension is becoming higher between them after they are in relationship. Kyousuke blames her girlfriend’s good look. On her eyes, Saori is different from cute girls like Kirino or Ayase, Saori is more like, “gorgeous”, to put it in word. To break the awkwardness, Kyousuke does a small talk.

“Today you’re not wearing your glasses, aren’t you.”
“Ah… Is it better for you if I’m wearing it? I just remember Kyousuke-san has megane-fetish, don’t you?”
“Oi you! I’m just doing small talk! And besides, your glasses is the swirly round glasses, that’s different than the type of glasses I like.”
“….. Then, it’s fine if I’m wearing a normal glasses?”
“Hmm?... Now that you mention it, that’s probably great. How about we go buy one right now?”
“… Uhm, this turn of event, I’m honestly surprised.”
“Haha, but you know, if it’s you, it doesn’t matter whether you’re wearing glasses or not.”
“… Wh-what does that mean?”
“You look great either way.”
“------- Haaa--------“

Embarrassed to be complimented like that, Saori covers her face with her hands.

“Errr…. Sorry, my bad.”
“….. I-it’s okay. M-M-M-Me too, I-I have to apologize… After you’ve been so kind to praise me…. Uuuh.”

Saori covers her face again out of embarrassment. Kyousuke then tries to help his girlfriend and reach Saori.

“He-hey Saori---“

Just when Kyousuke touches Saori’s fingers a little bit, Saori runs away. Really fast.

“Wha-?! Oi oi oi oi oi…. Why she’s so fast--- Damn it!”

Kyousuke finally catches Saori.

“Why did you run all of sudden?”
“Kyo-Kyousuke-san… I-It’s… I’m sorry, I’m sorry. I’m really really sorry!”
“Err… Don’t apologize like that, it’s not like you did anything wrong.”
“E-err….. Please don’t laugh, okay?”
“I-it’s weird if I say it right now, but… F-for me, to go outside with this looks, I’m still not get use to it…! To-today I have to resist to not to cry and bring out my courage... Since my young age, I have a little confidence and I am a very very shy person…. I’m really not cut out to be a lady.”
“Well, I kinda know. It looks that you ran away because you’re embarrassed of me.”
“… T-true.  Even when I asked to meet you on the phone earlier, I feel like I was about to die. And when you’re finally here, I have thought to ran away back home for countless time because it’s too embarrassing.”
“I see. Holding that feeling, but you still came all the way here.”
“… Yes. Today--- and from now on, I want to show Kyousuke-san myself as I truly am.”
“’As you truly are’, eh? So this look and personality—Is this your true self?”
“….. I wonder. I don’t really understand yet. I’ve been hiding under other personality for a long time, after all. My true self…. I have forgotten about it.”
“I see.”
“But, probably this current look… The me right now, definitely the closest to my true self--- or so I think. Because, this is, out of all ‘me’ inside…. This is the most pathetic ‘me’. That’s why, err… Can I please ask Kyousuke-san to not tease me and do things that make me embarrassed? If you do, I can’t guarantee what will happen, hehe.”
“What a weird confession. But you know, it will make your life difficult if you don’t do something about it. You should already realize it, that’s why you wore this cloth here, right?”
“Ye-Yes. This pathetic part of me--- I wish to cure it. Kyousuke-san….. Will you…. help me overcome it?”
“Well of course (A life counseling for my cute girlfriend—There is no way I abandon her). I think we have to practice.”
“Yup. We can practice doing stuffs you’re embarrassed, step by step, to overcome it.”
“Y-you probably right. F-for example…. What do you have in mind?”
“For example, like this.”

Kyousuke then gets close to Saori, and then holds her hands.

“--- Today, you have done your best”
“Oo~~i….. Saori…. San?”

Saori faints.

“EEEEEEEEEEEEeeeee!? (That far? Her shyness is on that level?!!)”

Before Saori falls to the ground, Kyousuke catches her body.

“Uoo, hup! Dangerous! Khu… she’s heavy…”

With his strength, Kyousuke carries Saori to nearby bench.

After a short rest on the bench, the couple is now in front of Kousaka house.

“Err, Kyousuke-san….. This is…”
“As you can see, my house.”
“I know what you’re going to say. Coming to your boyfriend’s house where no one’s inside is embarrassing, right?”
“P-Please…. Don’t say it bluntly.”
“Think it this way: This is exactly why you have to come inside!”
“To  overcome your shyness, the first step is to come inside my house!”
“Err… If I’m wrong then I apologize, but is it possible that Kyousuke-san…. You’re using training to overcome my shyness as an excuse to make me come into your house…?”
“O-of course not.”
“For real?”
“……. Sorry. You’re half right.”
“I-I knew it!”
“No! But, it’s also half wrong! The part of wanting my girlfriend to come into my house is true, but I’m not planning of doing anything weird!”
“O-Of course!! G-geez, Kyousuke-san…… You’re… pervert.”
“Sorry (But, as expected Saori is--- Wearing this dress, she’s really girly)… Err, I was thinking after this we can discuss a solution for you to overcome your shyness, but if you don’t want to come inside then—“
“I-I understand… Let’s come inside.”
“We’re just going into my house, don’t say it with such resolution like you’re going into some battle fields.”
“Oh well. Okay, come.”
“…. You won’t do anything ecchi, okay?”
“I won’t.”
“….. If you force me… I’ll definitely…. Die. Probably?”
“I know, geez. You don’t have to cry.”

Saori then successfully comes inside, so now they’re discussing what to do for Saori’s lesson to overcome her shyness.

“So Kyousuke-san, what should we do for training?”
“Hmm… Ah but, just right now,  aren’t you more relaxed compared to a while ago? Isn’t this already a progress?”
“Probably--- it’s because we’re already inside the house. Before we come inside it’s very nervous for me, but after I took the first step and come inside, all of my nervous are gone.”
“Hmmm, so that’s why. Then… Ah right, how about holding our hands?”
“HII!! Wh-what are you saying? No way no way no way no way, it’s definitely impossible for me! If I do that, I’ll die out of embarrassment!!”
“… Impossible, huh? Summer holiday will end shortly, I was hoping we could go on a date for the remaining time, but if it’s like this…”
“.. Ah. Me too.”
“… Me too…. I want to go…. On a date.”
“I see. Ah then how about this? Today, we do a date rehearsal. We learn what to do on a situation where it’s only two of us. And starting tomorrow, we learn further when we’re on the actual date. How’s that sounds?”
“… I don’t have any objection, but… What exactly are we going to do on the rehearsal?”
“Hmm, let see. How about playing ecchi game together?”
“Ky-Kyousuke-san, please don’t joking! I-I told you that I won’t do any e-ecchi things, didn’t I?”
“What part of it lecherous? I always do that with Kirino anyway.”
“That’s because you siblings are abnormal.”
“Your true self gets angry easily, isn’t it?”
“I-it’s only because Kyousuke-san makes me angry!”
“Sorry, sorry. But I’m not thinking of ‘those’ parts of ecchi game, you know. Since it’s love simulation, then there’s definitely resourceful normal date scenes for our rehearsal.”
“That way of thinking, as a girl it’s probably the last thing I’d think of.”
“(Looks like she’s really against it) Even the all-age edition?”
“A no is a no.”

“Then, let’s do other thing for our rehearsal.”
“Uuh, you get back on your feet so easily, aren’t you… What do you have in mind then?”
“Holding hand is impossible, right?”
“I’ll die.”
“Hmm…  From my point of view, looks like what makes you embarrassed is when I’m the one making the move.”
“I-I think.”
“Then let’s do the opposite, you’re the one touching me. How about that? Is it embarrassing for you?”
“I-I wonder… I have to try it first, I think.”
“Okay. So, wanna try?”
“Errr… If you stare at me like that, it makes me embarrassed.”
“… Got it, I’ll close my eyes. Here.”
“……. You can still take a peek, can’t you?”
“You can be so handful sometimes…. Here, close my eyes with this towel…. It’s fine now, right?--- Come!”
“O, okay”

Saori then poking Kyousuke’s hand.

“How’s that?”
“Looks like I’m fine.”
“Good. Let’s do the next step then.  Here, grasp my hand.”
“… L-like this?”

Saori then slowly grasps Kyousuke’s hand.

“Hey, you sure can do it if you try!”
“I-I did it.”
“Okay, now try feel my hand.”
“P-Pardon the intrusion…. L-like this?”

Saor I then keeps touching Kyousuke’s hands.

“O-oi, don’t touch any weird part!”
“Ah, is that ticklish? I apologize.”
“… Ah no, don’t worry… It’s fine.”
“…. So, next one, can I feel your arm?”
“Come whenever you’re ready!”

When Saori’s doing it, Kyousuke thinks that from other people’s point of view, this thing he and Saori do can be considered freaky and weird, Kyousuke wonders what will Kirino thinks if she sees them. After a while, looks like Saori has finished playing with Kyousuke’s arm.

“What’s wrong? You have enough?”
“Ah no…. I’m still haven’t finished yet.”

With the towel covering his eyes, Kyousuke can’t see what Saori really does so he keeps his position. Unbeknown of him, Saori  is mustering her courage, and suddenly…


Feeling a really soft thing touching him makes Kyousuke surprises, Kyousuke opens the towel by reflect.

“… Wh-what is it? Please don’t let out such loud voice so sudden, you really make me surprised”
“Do-don’t play dumb! Just now, you just…”
“… Hm? I can’t understand what are you trying to say.”
“……. You, are you really shy?”
“My my, you’re really making a fuss over small thing. I just touched you with my finger a little bit.”
“WAS IT REALLY A FINGER?! (You really make me skip a heart beat) …. Fine, I understand. Next would be my turn.”
“Y-your turn…?”
“From this lesson, I’m positive that what makes you embarrass is when you realize other people can see you. And when you know they can’t see, you just do anything you want.”
“Talking is futile. This time, while watching your face, I will do what you just did to me.”
“EEEEEH---! T-that would be too embarrassing!!”
“IT’S MORE EMBARASSING FOR ME!! ---- I’ll make sure you take the responsibility for what you just did to me!”

After their chaotic first date (rehearsal), both of them are now in Kyousuke’s room. Kyousuke thinks Kirino should be come home right about now.

“Come to think of it, we should tell them about our relationship, right?”
“You’re talking about Kiririn-san and Kuroneko-san, aren’t you?”
“I wonder if it’ll be fine?”
“What is?”
“I’m afraid since our love is a relationship between members, it will breaking our circle apart.”
“Do you mean it will make us fight and they will against our relationship?”
“… Yeah.”
“You sure worry about such trivial thing. Whatever happens happen, it’s useless if we’re thinking too much about it. We’re already in relationship so we can’t rewind it, and we can’t just keep it from them since they are our friends.”
“Then, we’ll do what we have to do. We’ll think what we should do afterwards after we see their reaction.”
“I do think it’s the right thing to do…. But being honest, I’m jealous of that spontaneous part of Kyousuke-san.”
“Errr… You’re not really compliment me right now, aren’t you? Oh well, now it left us with another problem. What should we do for our date tomorrow? Do you have any place you want to go to?”
“… Yes. The truth is, I have a place in mind where I want to go to together with Kyousuke-san---“
“Hoo, where, where?”
“The beach♥“
“THAT’S IMPOSSIBLE! We’re talking about you, who just had difficult time to only holding hands. Don’t set your goal too high!! This is freaking beach you're talking about! There will be a lot of people there, and you have to wear a swimsuit on top of that, you’ll definitely die!”
“I-I’ll be fine! I have thought of a way!”
“It’s against the rule to come as Vajeena (because that would make me disappoint).”
“Yes, I understand.”
“….. Hmmmh, if you said that then I don’t have any reason to against it. Will it be really okay?”

So they really go to the beach the day after. Kyousuke goes out first while Saori is still changing. When Kyousuke finally set his foot on the beach, he realizes something.


So that’s the reason why the shy Saori wants to go to the beach, because it’s Makishima family private beach where no one else beside Kyousuke and herself. But Kyousuke still has one thing to grasp on.

“…. Saori’s wearing swimsuit, huh.”

Up until now, the Saori she knew is the otaku persona. And of course she have seen that Saori’s wearing maid uniform, but that doesn’t really count as sexy, though now that what stuck on his mind.

“…. Oh well, if the true Saori came, my image of her should change, right.”

Obligatory Ayase appearance #1 =3

Kyousuke waits and waits, but Saori hasn’t shown up yet.

“What take her so long?”

But just about that, he realizes there’s a figure of a girl, hiding, but slowly approaching him.

“Geez, that girl. Oi, how about you go out now?”

Saori then finally comes out from her hiding.

“Uuu….. A-as expected…. This is too embarrassing.”
“Just as I thought. You don’t have to wear swimsuit if you’re too embarrassed.”
“B-but since we have came so far to the beach--- It’s shame if we don’t swim. And also…… Kyousuke-shi is expecting how I look on swimsuit, aren’t you?”
“(Too embarrassed you had to put on Vajeena façade, aren’t you)… Haha, busted. But, are you really okay? You had really hard time only with holding hand, suddenly wearing a swimsuit must be difficult, huh?”
“Fu, fufu fu…. Right now I’m still thinking I’m about to die.”

“B-but more importantly, how about it? How do I look with this swimsuit?”
“Y-you look really stunning…”
"Do you mean it?... I bought it specially for today, you know.”

This time it’s Kyousuke’s turn to be embarrassed.

“… B-by the way, if I'm not wrong you have the same three size with Bo Fujiko, aren’t you?”
“P-PARDON ME?!!... G-Geez, where are you looking at!!”
“S-sorry (I can’t help it. Awesome! Her boobs are awesome!!).”
“… --rika-san”
“It’s the same as Bo Norika-san!!... T-that’s enough information, isn’t it? Geez…”
“I-I see, haha.”

I feel you, Kyousuke...

“Let’s go, we have done our warm up so let’s go swim.”
“So you do can swim, Saori?”
“I’m not as good as my older sister but I think I’m doing well on sports.”
“Hmm.  Do you have a sport you usually do frequently?”
“Not really. I only do running as my exercise most of the time.”
“Hmm (So even she’s good at sports, but since her passion is otaku hobby she doesn’t really do sport that much, huh? A little bit of waste). Ah how about we do some sport together, like tennis or basketball?”
“Ah, it’s fun to have more variation on our date activities, right?”
“You’re right… I’ll think of it. Ah by the way, can you swim, Kyousuke-san?”
“I’m not in the swimming club, but I consider myself pretty fast.”
“Then…. Want to race with me?”
“Oh, that would be fun.”
“And while we’re at it, want to bet on something?”
“Fine with me… What should we bet, buying juice or something?”
“That would be too boring. Hmm let me see….. If I lose, I’ll let you kiss me.”
“Fufufufu… What’s wrong? Your face turns red, you know.”
“…. You bastard (She really asks for it. For a shy girl, you really have the courage to make me blush, huh.). Fine with me…! I’ll take that bet!”
“That’s the spirit.”
“Just don’t say “It’s too embarrassing, as expected. Please stop!” when you lose okay?”
“Of course.”
“Okaaay, here I go!!”

Kyousuke loses. Turns out Saori can swim really well.

“…. Hah hah, are you sure you’re not a member of swimming club?”
“Of course not. I’m already busy with anime, game, plastic model, and offline gathering, do you think I have any leisure time to join a club?”
“Of course you don’t (… But wasn’t she said she’s not as good as her big sister? Don’t tell me her big sister is a mermaid?).”
“HHHHNNNNNH♪ It’s been a long time since I swam all out--- It felt really good---- How about you Kyousuke-san? Want to go for another round? ♥“
“Hm? What is it, Kyousuke-san?”


“Kyousuke-san?... Where are you lo— Ah!?“
“(Ah crap, she notices!)”

A loud scream breaks the silence on the private beach. Saori finally notices that for awhile, when she stretches, it showed her underboobs, where Kyousuke could see three birthmarks on her left boob. And that what took Kyousuke’s attention.


“Ahaha, that sure was handful.”
“I’m deeply sorry…. I got upset again.”
“It’s fine, it can’t be helped anway.”
“….. Uuh. I wonder why we can’t even do one date properly until the end. So in the end I really am hopeless without [that glasses].”
“You’re wrong. Today, and also yesterday, you have really done your best.”
“You sure depend on that glasses, aren’t you.”
“… Yes. That glasses is…. Entrusted to me by a benefactor.”
“Yes, the person who led me into otaku road… And also the person who taught me the courage to face other people.”
“Eh? S-sounds like a great person.”
“Yes! A very important person for me.”
“(A very important person for Saori….. It’s not interesting, but… Ugh, I can’t stop thinking about it.) What kind of people this person is?”
“Fufu… Just like Saori Vajeena.”
“Huh? What does that means?”
“That Saori Vajeena personality is a character I made modeled after this person. Ah, come to think of it, is it okay if I introduce Kyousuke-san to that person?”
“Eh? Me?”
“Yes, if you please! I--- I want to boast to that person…. That I have a wonderful boyfriend now.”
“Uaah…….. (This is too embarrassing, someone please kill me.)… If you want to do that, it’s okay.”
“Yaay♪ it’s a promise, okay?”

The day after that, Kyousuke is now on Akihabara for another date with Saori. But since it’s Akiba Date, of course Saori is…

“Ooi, Kyousuke-shiiii!!! Hyaa, I’m terribly sorry I’m late, my preparation unexpectedly took longer than I thought.”
“Ah, so today it’s Vajeena.”
“Yup! Since today our date stage is none other than Akiba!.... Or is it---- You don’t like to be together with this side of me?”
“Well of course not. I like this side of you too.”
“Uhuu~ @ω@ Well then Kyousuke-shi, let’s us take off then!”
“O-ooi!! (Geez, the positive part of this side, that sure a huge gap between the other side.)”

The first shop they go to is a plastic model kit shop. Saori explains about a red robot that gets Kyousuke’s attention.

“C’mon, let’s go to the next shop!”
“Okay okay, you don’t have to pull me, haha.”

The next shop is a figurine shop. Saori is looking at a figurine show case.

“Ohoo! Kyousuke-shi, please take a look at this! There’s a lot of ecchi figurines here!”
“I can see it just fine from here. Don’t tell me, you also like these kind of stuffs?”
“Of course I am! Kiririn-shi is not the only one who loves bishoujo figurines.”
“I-I see. (I don’t really understand, but well that’s her hobby). But these figurines, they are really well made, aren’t they. (It will be perfect if it also has--) WHAT’S WITH THIS UNDERWEAR’S CREASES!! THIS IS TOO REALISTIC!!!!”
“Kyousuke-shi…. You’re staring at it…”
“Even if you say staring… But it’s like this thing is asked to be seen!”
“Hoho… So that’s another one of Kyousuke-shi’s fetish?”
“N-not at all, I’m not interested.”
“You don’t have to be embarrassed. It’s okay for me if my boyfriend also like bishoujo figurines, I don’t really mind.”
“I said I’m not interested. It’s not like I will go check it on the internet once I come back home!”
“By the way, I already have this figure as one of my collection.”
“Eh?.... Seriously?”
“This figure is famous as godly figure around the online board. It was made by a great sculptor respected by many fans and people who loves figurine.”
“Hoo… So a great man is behind this figure, huh? So, I’m being attracted to this figure is not really something to be ashamed of, right.”
“So you do want it, don’t you?”
“… A little bit.”
“Fufufu. This figurine and the rest of my collection, I’ll show it to Kyousuke-shi when you comes to my house.”
“Oh, I’m looking forward to it!”
“By the way Kyousuke-shi, do you realize special feature this figurine and me share?”
“Special feature you guys have, huh?..... The type of underwear both of you wear?”
“That is one possible answer, though the worst one, but that’s not the special feature.”
“Well then what’s the right answer?”
“Fufu, the answer is this girl’s symbol—the seven north star birthmark! While my birthmark… let’s just call it “The Black Tri Star”, shall we? Ahahahaha. Please don’t forget it again, okay? Kyousuke-shi has seen this secret lies in my naked meat no one knows, after all.”
“So much for the one who begged, “Please forget it, or I might die!”.”
“Nyahahahaha, it’s because I was on maiden mode at that time.”
“But Vajeena doesn’t mind talking about those birthmarks?”
“(What a weird girl).”

Kyousuke then notices two girls that look like someone he knows, but he thinks it’s only his imagination.

“Kyousuke-shi, Kyousuke-shi.”
“Huh? Ah sorry, what is it?”
“This is only a hypothetical question, what if there’s a figurine modeled after me?”
“Will you have it?”
“…. Hmm, let see….. I do want it, but no thanks.”
“Eh, but why? If there’s a figurine of me, Kyousuke-shi can always look at it anywhere and remember me and my cuteness.”
“Now that’s an idea. But still, no thanks. I don’t want any other boys to see your secret….. It’s okay if the sculptor is a girl, though. Ah, but then I’ll add a condition it can’t be sold to anyone else other than me.”
“……. Fufu. You just made me happy. I.. I really am grateful that Kyousuke-shi is my boyfriend.”
“… S-shut up.”

The next shop they visit is a weapon shop for cosplay.

“Look at this way Kyousuke-shi, the legendary sword Excalibur!”
“Hee, that appears a lot in video games.”
“And this one is a wizard staff.”
“….. A blunt weapon, huh.”

Kyousuke remembers Ayase all of a sudden. Ayase in her yandere mode, smiling while beating him with the weapon.

“Onii-san, here a little beating for you♥”

Scared of his own imagination, Kyousuke then wonders.

“…. It looks like it will hurt a lot if you get beaten with this, isn’t it?”
“Fueeh, this is the first time I see someone thought that kind of thing on a cosplay weapon shop. Kyousuke-shi is sure something.”
“Well, which shop we’ll go next? Today I’ll accompany you till the end!”
“Ooo! That’s reassuring! Next one is….. today’s main event!!”
“Oh? What is it?”
“Oya oya? I told you yesterday, didn’t I? I’m going to introduce you to my benefactor.”
“Eh, that’s today?”
“When do you think it will be?”
“I thought it will be weeks at least. (But oh well, it’s not really a big deal anyway)… But okay, let’s go! Where will we meet this person? Is your benefactor is currently on Akiba?”
“Fu fu fu, that’s a good question. It’s [that place] Kyousuke-shi should be familiar with!”

Obligatory Ayase appearance #2 =3

The place Saori mention is actually the maid café, Pretty Garden.

Ky: “This benefactor is here?”
Sa: “Yup, I’ve made appointment to meet here.”
Ky: “Hmm… (I wonder how this person that looks like Saori Vajeena really is).”
Ki: “Welcome~♪ How many person are you with today, only two?”
Ky: “(Ah, this maid. If I remember her name is Hoshi Kirara-san. Don’t tell me she is Saori’s benefactor?)”
Sa: “I made appointment under Saori Vajeena name.”
Ky: “(Oh, looks like she’s not the one)”
Ki: “Understood. Please follow me on your table, the other guest has waited there.”
Sa: “Fufufu, so that person is already here.”

Kyousuke and Saori then follow Kirara to their table.

On their table, there’s a little girl.

??: “Yahoo~!”
Sa: “I’m deeply apologizes for making you wait. It’s been long time.”
Ky: “(This adorable cute little girl is Saori’s benefactor….? Isn’t she a elementary school girl, no matter how you see it?)”
??: “Ah, true true. It’s been about….. the whole Summer Comicket, isn’t it?”
Sa: “Yes. Are you well?”
??: “You bet I am♪ I’m super duper well! That’s the only feature I have anyway.”
Sa: “Here you go again with your joke, being too humble. And that’s also one of your incredible features.”
??: “Geez, you over compliment me. Hmph… In the end, among the Pretty Garden members, I’m still the smallest one. Just kidding♪”
Ky: “(This energetic little girl, really, no matter you look at her she’s a elementary school girl, isn’t she? But I feel I have met her before. Summer Comicket, she said…? Hmm, but I think I’ve also seen her somewhere else. Ah damn it, I don’t remember at all.)”
??: “Putting that aside, Saorin-shi, won’t you introduce me to this guy here?”
Sa: “Ah of course. It’s my intention to introduce you to each other today, after all. *cough* Well then, this one here is Kousaka Kyousuke-shi. Fufu--- He’s my boyfriend.”
??: “Fueh?”
Ky: “N-nice to meet you.”
??: “EEEEEee! Seriously? Are you being seriously serious? Saori-chan’s boyfriend? You’re lying, aren’t you? Awesooome!! Hueeeeeeeeeeee!!!!”
Ky: “(A high tension brat, huh? Saori’s benefactor should be, at least on high school, shouldn’t she? She doesn’t even look like a middle school girl. But can’t be an elementary school girl……. Can she?)”
??: “Goody good, he’s also my type I think”
Sa: “I won’t give him just so you know.”
??: “Fiii~ne.”
Ky: “(She’s not really my type, but she’s actually a cute girl. For a cute girl like her to say I’m her type, it kinda makes me happy)”
Sa: “And so Kyousuke-shi, let me introduce you. This is Kurusu Kanata-san. My old acquaintance, and also--- my benefactor.”
Ky: “(For this side of Saori to use “-san” honorific instead of her usual “-shi”, Saori must really respect her.)”
Ka: “Pleasure to meet you, Kyousuke-kun♪”
Ky: “Ah yeah, me too. Pleasure to meet you. (Kurusu Kanata-chan, huh? Hmm, I think I’ll ask her what should I call her with.) Errr, is it okay to call you Kurusu-chan?”
Ka: “A more friendly way would be better.”
Ky: “Then… Kanata-chan?”
Ka: “That’s fine…. But I prefer you call me “Kanakana-chan””
Sa: “Kyousuke-shi, Kyousuke-shi.”
Ky: “Hm? What’s wrong?”
Sa: “A senior, a senior.”
Ky: “Huh? Who is?”
Sa: “Kanata-san is. She’s older than even Kyousuke-shi, you know.”
Ky: “Wh--- What?!!”
Ka: “Ehehe, busted.”
Ky: “…. Seriously? You’re older than both of us?”
Ka: “Cheers! It’s the rule of society.”
Ky: “…. Doesn’t look like one.”
Ka: “Uhihihi~ I look so young, don’t I? I wonder if I can make it as a JK (note: joshi kousei, high school girl).”
Ky: “(You can even still make it to JS (note: joshi shougakusei, elementary school girl)). Err, Kanata-san. So Kanata-san is really Saori’s benefactor and the person who gave her that glasses?”
Ka: “Benefactor…? Ahaha, I didn’t do much though. I only play with Saorin-shi just like the others.”
Sa: “But for me, you’re the only person who did me a lot of favors.”
Ka: “You’re making it huge as always.”
Sa: “I'm not. The only reason why I could founded and organize the “Otakukko Atsumaree!” circle until today is because Kanata-san was always supporting me.”
Ka: “Hee, I see, ahahaha♪ No way, so cool, the old me! I don’t really remember but since Kyousuke-kun is here, let's talk about the old times. Although there are also some boring stories.”
Sa: “Yes, let’s talk about it.”

Sa: “My first meeting with Kanata-san has been about 4 years from now. The old me is already 159.8 cm tall, don’t forget this important detail. I was still on elementary school, of course I haven’t worn the glasses yet, and just like Kyousuke-shi heard from the other side of me, I’m exactly that kind of pathetic girl. Doesn’t have any friend, not yet an otaku, just an obedient cute little princess. The true adorable young daughter—that’s me.”
Ky: “(Sure, sure.)”
Sa: “The one who invited me to play is none other than my dear older sister. The incarnation of evil itself, that is my dear older sister.” (note: Otaku-Saori uses polite but old “ane ue” honorific, while Ojou-Saori uses the more casual but still polite “Nee-san”)
Ky: “(…. Looks like Saori really hates her older sister.)”
Sa: “Dear older sister founded an otaku circle she named Pretty Garden. She used our family mansion on Yokohama for the circle home base—She tagged me along there one day.”
Ka: “That day was our first meeting, wasn’t it?”
Sa: “Yes. It was the destined encounter. Kanata-san at that time wore outfits just like I wear today.”
Ky: “(Kanata-san’s wearing that swirly round glasses, a bandana, tuck-in shirt, jeans and also a bag carrying poster… is it? I can’t imagine it.)”
Sa: “I used Saori Vajeena nick, and Kanata-san used [Yamanashi Ganma] nick.”
Ka: “The name of this person in front of you is Yamanashi Ganma—Ahaha, how nostalgic~” (note: Kanata uses “sessha” to call herself and “de gozaru” in the end of her sentence here, just like OtakuSaori usually does)

Kyousuke then remember that he had heard Yamanashi Ganma name before. He remember it was from Summer Comicket. Kirino wanted to go to Yamanashi Ganma booth for Meruru doujinshi they made after Saori asked her where she wanted to go.

Ky: “(It’s a small world, huh). But come to think of it, this Pretty Garden otaku circle name, it’s the same like this café name, isn’t it?”
Ki: “How nice of you to notice, onii-chan ☆ It’s because, the name of this café, it’s me who thought it. I’m also one of Pretty Garden member, onii-chan♪“
Ky: “Seriously? (And by the way, since when this person came?)”
Ki: “I’m the chief of all maids, after all.”
Ki: “Nope, nope♪ Chief of maids♥“
Ky: “(Po-tah-toe po-tay-toe!)”
Ki: “By the way♪ Onii-chan, Lieutenant Vageena, can I take your order?”
Ky: “Ah, I’m cider please.”
Sa: “I’ll have the same please.”
Ki: “Okey dokey~! Kanakana-chan, how about a refill?”
Ka: “Riight, hmm. Ah, I’ll have Hoshi’s black tea.”
Ki: “Okaaay. I have your orders made soon, please wait for awhile~”

Kirara then left them to prepare their order.

Sa: “Pretty Garden sure has many interesting people as their members.”
Ky: “It really does. And how about you Saori? Are you member as well?”
Sa: “… I wonder. I’m not really sure since I was just being there at last minute.”
Ka: “What are you talking about Saorin-shi, of course you’re also our member.”
Sa: “Thank you.”
Ky: “So the old you who hadn’t been an otaku yet, learn about otaku hobbies there?”
Sa: “Yes. Even though I only talked to Kanata-san most of the time.”
Ka: “Hehe… It feels like I have a little sister. It was so much fun.”
Ky: “You weren’t play with your big sister?”
Sa: “Never.”
Ka: “She left her little sister, and just played video game, right? That girl.”
Ky: “(What a mean big sister.)”
Sa: “Even though she is the founder, she pretty much doing what she pleases without any responsibility. Took me forcefully to the circle, and after we got there she ignored me and then ditched me to went home by herself—How mean!”

Saori and Kanata further talked about their past stories. Hearing those interesting stories, it makes Kyousuke think about Saori’s own circle where Kirino, he, and Kuroneko always play together, and also one time where they were invited to go to Saori’s mansion. Back then, Saori told a little bit about the Pretty Garden. All of the members were get along really well, just like the four of them now, but someday after her big sister went abroad, all of the Pretty Garden members went into their own way and so Saori can’t maintain the circle by herself, losing all her friends. That’s why she then made her own circle, “Otakukko Atsumeroo”. Having a bitter experience of losing friends, in Saori’s mind “friends” won’t last forever because they could disappear so fast just like she experienced. But knowing that, Saori still treasures Kuroneko, Kirino, and Kyousuke as her friends and felt not well when Kirino suddenly went to America. She was afraid if her circle will suffers from the same fate of her big sister’s circle.

Sa: “--- After Pretty Garden was disbanded, I…. I tried to protect all those left by everyone alone. That place, where everyone played together. I can’t forgive myself who helpless alone, I want all of it again, and that’s why I created my own circle. So from that time on, by my own power, I’ll protect our place where we’re belong. With new friends, doing many interesting stuffs. The thing that Kanata-san entrusted to me—I want to entrust it later to someone else needed. Ah no, I can’t really say all those big words. I was just alone and lonely. I was about to cry, that’s why…. On SNS community I proposed an offline gathering. With all preparations for that—I even made this Saori Vajeena character.”
Ky: “—Hehe, what a stupid little princess you are.”
Sa: “I was a stupid little princess. This glasses is, just before the circle is disbanded, given to me by Kanata-san so I can musters my courage. “This is a magic glasses that can change your life”, she said.”
Ky: “… I see.”
Ka: “Haha, I never thought you’ll even wear these clothes.”
Sa: “Fufufu, what do you think of the result of my hard work, o’ dear teacher?”
Ka: “…… You made wonderful friends, didn’t you?”
Sa: “Yes.”
Ka: “You even got yourself super cool boyfriend.”
Sa: “Ehehe.”
Ka: “It’s full 100 points. You showed me a perfect result. To think you were once a crybaby…. You’re amazing. You really did your best, Saori-chan.”
Sa: “….. Yes.”

Sa: “Kanata-san, thank you so much for today. It brings back many memories… And I’m grateful I can introduce you to Kyousuke-shi.”
Ka: “Yep. Me too, thanks. It’s been awhile for us to talk so much, it was fun.”
Sa: “Yes.”
Ka: “Will you introduce Kyousuke-kun to the others too?”
Sa: “Ah yes. If there’s a chance.”
Ka: “I see. Ah by the way—Do you know that Kaorin-shi has came back to Japan?”
Sa: “Eh? Eeeeh…. Sh-big sister came back here?”
Ka: “Haaah, so she really didn’t tell you. Seriously, that person. Oh well, just forget what I just told you then.”
Sa: “…. That person…. Is now on Japan.”

While Saori is worrying about her older sister, Kanata then approaches Kyousuke to talk to him alone.

“Hihi. Hey hey, Kyousuke-kun?”
 “W-what’s wrong?”
“Can I ask you about something?”
 “You don’t want Saori to hear it?”
 “Sharp, aren’t you♪ That’s right.”
 “W-well that’s fine by me, if I can answer it.”
 “Kyousuke-kun, you’re Saorin-sh--- Saori-chan’s boyfriend, aren’t you?”
 “Then… Between Saori-chan who looks like otaku right now and Saori-chan whom doesn’t wear the glasses, which one do you like?”
 “Why do you ask something like that?”
 “Hmm……. Fufufufufufu. I said it before, remember? To me she’s like my own little sister. So it’s the fate for my cute little sister’s b-o-y-f-r-i-e-n-d♥”
 “…… So you’re judging if I’m worthy to be Saori’s boyfriend?”
 “Hihii. Is it weird for an older sister to unnecessarily butt in for her cute little sister’s sake?”
 “Haha, it’s not weird. Not at all. I see…… Hmm, the one I like is…… I like both sides of her. I can’t choose. Whatever clothes she wears, doesn’t matter she changes the way she talks and acts, Saori is still Saori.”
 “…….. Got it. Thank you for your answer.”
 “So… What’s the score of my answer?”
 “Hehe~ It’s a s-e-c-r-e-t♥”
 “Haha, I see.”

Fushimi & Bamco, y u no Kanata route? D:

The next day, Kyousuke and Saori goes to another date. This time it’s around the area Saori lives on Yokohama.

“The wind feels good today.”
“Ah Kyousuke-san, there’s a rose garden that way.”
“Hee. Let’s see it after this.”
“I have reserved a table on a restaurant on Chinatown, let’s have lunch there.”

After the high tension date on Akihabara with Saori Vajeena yesterday, today it’s more relaxed date with Makishima Saori. The gap between both personalities and ambience of their dates, Kyousuke doesn’t think it’s bad.

“Ah, your house is around this neighbor, right? I remember the time when I, along with Kirino and Kuroneko, infiltrated your house.”
“Yeah. That time was--- really surprised me.”
“I should be the one who surprise. You suddenly came out outside while holding a gun.”
“A maiden has a secret she doesn’t want anyone to know after all.”
“(Maiden secret = you’re actually into cosplay and likes to play military with air guns. And she even wear a sunglass, talk like a boy, and introduce herself as Kaori, her older sister out of embarrassment. Ah wait, I wonder if the Kaori Saori cosplayed that day is how her real older sister usually is. I wonder if I’ll be able to meet her older sister soon).”
“Err, Kyousuke-san… Can we…. Hold hands?”
“Will you be alright?”
“…. Maybe I won’t. But then again, compared to wearing a swimsuit, holding hand is less embarrassing.”
“Haaaaaah (Her boobs)…”
“I-I’m not, I’m not!!... Okay the, give me your hand.”
“…. S-so, how is it?”
“…. Fufu. As expected—It’s embarrassing.”
“(But she seems not going to passed out or crying)… Have you gotten use to this?”
“Yeah, looks like it.”
“So it’s thanks to the swimsuit incident.”
“G-geez, Kyousuke-san… But…. Perhaps it it.”
“Wanna go to the beach again next time?”
“Fine by me. I’ll wear one piece this time.”
“To overcome your shyness, a swimsuit you have to wear is none other than bikini. You have to understand that!”
“Even if you say it with serious tone like that it’s useless, I’m not going to wear it.”
“In return---- I have planned many interesting events we should do today. So, you can expect one thing or two.”
“I see (This part of her is the same with Saori Vajeena, huh? Going all-out for preparations alone by herself, just so everyone can have delightful day. But you should know that you have a boyfriend now Saori.). Well then--- I will also thinking what should you enjoy today, be prepared okay? Date is, work on two ways, isn’t it?”
“Hmmm… Kyousuke-san is like that, aren’t you? I think you have gotten use to how you usually going on a date with Kiririn-shi.“
“E-eh? You think?”
“I’m really happy with the thought, but please let me be your host today. Kyousuke-san can just be calm and relax.”
“But you always paid our date expenses just by yourself, aren’t you? (It should be the boy who pay for the date, what will everyone thinks if they know my girl is the one paying for our date?)”
“That’s not true. Our date yesterday, Kyousuke-san paid for all of our expenses, right? That’s quite manly of you.”
“But it was Akiba. Even the date to the beach before, it was you who paid all of that, wasn’t it?”
“Eh, is that so?”
“Don’t play dumb, it’s your family private beach after all.”
“You don’t have to think about those trivial things. I did that on my own decision selfishly, so that’s a no-count.”
“Like I could let that slide. I know I’m not made by money, but I can’t let my girlfriend paid for our date.”
“What a troubling boyfriend.”
“Oi, how can you said that with such natural tone. And I bet our lunch today will be a fine, expensive gourmet that out of my reach.”
“It will be an exquisite Peking Duck that granted to satisfy you.”
“(So I was right)…. Huh, this is what I’m talking about.”
“So that part is different for you siblings. If it’s Kiririn-shi, she would say, “SERIOUSLY~? IS IT OKAY? THANKS A BUNCH♪“, or something along the line.”
“Don’t lump me with that diamond digger girl. I’m a type who has to pay back all the debts and efforts my girlfriend does to me. Even though after all big things I said, I can only give you a commoners date experiences.”
“--- I understand. But I have prepared so much for today, so you have to give up for now. Let us go on more normal date for our next date.”
“I’m sorry, but that would help me a lot.”
“No, it’s okay. Me too—I got carried away. Going on a date with Kyousuke-san is so much fun, without realizing I just did what I do.”
“Aha, are you blushing?”
“I-I’m not! C-c’mon, let’s go.”

“Heee, so you’re not actually from Yokohama, Saori?”
“Yes…. But well, my school is right around this area.”
“Isn’t it hard to commute on such long distance?”
“I’m going with car so it’s fine. And beside, my family has a place close by, so I can usually take a rest there.”
“Ah, you’re talking about the mansion we all went before?”
“Yes. That place was also used to be Pretty Garden home base. Yokohama is a place filled with many memories for [us]. To be able to come here together with Kyousuke-san--- I’m so happy.”
“(Ah, Saori just used “watashi-tachi”, not the usual “watakushi” like she usually said on her ojou persona. Look like she’s using it differently according on time and condition. As her boyfriend, I should learn more this part of her.)…….”
“Hey, Kyousuke-san….. Do you feel bored with me?”
“Of course not.”
“Thank God. Compared to [Saori Vajeena], this is as far as what can I offer you, I can’t think many interesting things.”
“Hmm, let’s see. Well I do like [her] very much, going out with her is indeed so much fun. But with her, it’s almost impossible to have this relaxed and heart-warming time like this, right. For me, both [Saori] always gave me fresh new experience, that part of you guys are the same.”
“Fufu… Kyousuke-san, you’re really an amazing person.”
“… W-what’s this all of a sudden?”
“I really like you.”
“------ (Do you want to kill me? What’s with that straight confession). M-Me too.”
“Eh? Pardon me? What did you just say? Your voice is too small, I can’t quite hear you?”
“N-nothing, I’m not saying anything.”
“Fufu… If you say that, it makes me more curious.”
“G-Geez, I said I didn’t say anything (C’mon, change the subject!)… T-this is pretty beautiful park, isn’t it?”

Just after he said that, Kyousuke saw a two familiar figures.

“Eh…  Did I just have a hallucination?”
“What’s wrong, Kyousuke-san?”
“Ah nothing…. It is a hallucination, I think.”
“Fufu…. Weird Kyousuke-san.”
“B-by the way, looking around us, there’s quite numbers of couple around here, huh?”
“Around this area, there’s many ceremonial halls, you know.”
“Ce-ceremonial halls? The one used for wedding ceremony?”
“Ye-yes, that kind. I wonder if these couples are also waiting for their wedding.”
“J-just so you know….. I-it’s too early for us, I think.”
“T-that’s……….. That’s not true.”
“We….. We won’t lose to them.”

Saori then gets very close to Kyousuke, and then closes her eyes.

“O-Oi….. Is this… (Aren’t you supposed to be a very shy girl?! It’s too embarrassing to kiss on public--!!)”
“…. Kyousuke-san. Didn’t you say you’re going to pay me back for the date expenses?”
“(U, uuuh…)…”

But just before Kyousuke kisses Saori, a loud sound is heard.

“Huh? (Does my heart beat really this loud?)”
“Ky-Kyousuke-san, watc---“


Something hit Kyousuke from behind.

“GAH, THAT HURTS!! W-wha—“

In front of Kyousuke is now a woman in full black suit and boots, still sitting on the bike that just hit him.

??: “Oops, silly me. I’m not paying attention, luckily I managed to hit a brake even though I still hit your back. Are you hurt, boy?”
Ky: “(Doesn’t sound she’s really sorry, and everything about her is just too weird)… I-I’m not hurt, but…”
??: “Tsk!”
Ky: “(D-Did she just clicked her tongue?!!)”
Sa: “N….Nee-san?!”
Ky: “Ne-Nee-san?”

Ka: “Yo, it’s been a long time--- my dear little sister!”
Sa: “Don’t give me that! W-what did you just do?”
Ka: “Sorry, sorry. I slipped”
Sa: “Don’t fool me. Please stop being ignorance, this is a serious matter!”
Ka: “HAHAHAHA! You’re quite energetic aren’t you, I feel relieved. Still a short-tempered as always too.”
Sa: “I only like this when I’m dealing with Nee-san! You--- It’s because anything you do always make people angry! Please apologize to Kyousuke-san!”
Ka: “Hmph. Kyousuke-san…. Huh?”
Sa: “Y-yes.”
Ky: “(That stare. A same stare Kirino used to look at me. She looks at me just like she’s seeing a cockroach.)”
Ka: “--Who the hell are you exactly?”
Ky: “I-I’m Saori’s boyfriend.”
Ka: “Boyfriend? Hmmm…”
Ky: “Only a “Hmmm”? Is there anything else you want to say?”
Ka: “It’s a good thing for you I’m not riding a helicopter, huh?”
Ky: “You still going to hit me even if you’re riding a helicopter? I’LL DIE!!”
Ka: “I thought you were harassing Saori.”
Ky: “ARE YOUR EYES ROT?! (No matter you look at me and Saori, we’re a lovey dovey couple!)”
Ka: “Oi Saori, he’s sure a rude fellow.”
Sa: “The one’s being rude here is Nee-san! G-geez… J-just please go anywhere else already. You’re getting in our way.”
Ka: “We haven’t met for quite times, what a harsh word to be said to your older sister. Don’t you have anything warm and nice to say like “Welcome back”?”
Sa: “”Welcome back”. There, are you satisfy now?”
Ka: “Now, say “Onee-chan I love you♥” like you mean it”
Sa: “I don’t have that kind of feeling to you.”
Ka: “Geez, so you still haven’t gotten pass your rebellious act.”
Sa: “No, I just don’t see Nee-san other than a people I really hate.”
Ka: “Fufu, I see. So this is what they call a tsundere little sister.”
Sa: “I’m not…. P-Please cut it out already. What’s on your mind, exactly? Just left us as you like, and then suddenly came back here. Always making fun of me, and always troubling everyone. NEE-SAN, WHAT EXACTLY ARE YOU PLANNING TO DO?!”
Ka: “----- Heh. I just do what I want, like I always do. Of course, this time too.”
Sa: “I already understand that part. Just spill it out already, what are you planning to do this time, Nee-san? What do you come back to Japan for?”
Ka: “Hmm, to put it bluntly--- I’m trying to get in you couple way.”
Sa: “Wh---?!”
Ka: “I heard a rumor---- that ‘that little sister’ is finally has a boyfriend, so that’s why.”
Sa: “…. Interesting. I don’t know what do you have in store against us, but I’m not planning to lose.”
Ka: “Hoo… What a big word for a crybaby like you.”
Sa: “I have confidence. Whatever tricks you try to pull on us, you can’t break the bond between me and Kyousuke-san.”
Ky: “—Well said, Saori. I also don’t plan to lose to someone who’s trying to make her little sister suffers.”
Sa: “Kyousuke-san…”
Ka: “Geez. Oh well, do as you wish, if you think you can beat me, that is. I’ll take my leave today, see you soon.”

Kaori then rides her motorcycle and leaves the couple.

Sa: “Let us go too Kyousuke-san. Thanks to certain foolish person, people start to gather here.”
Ky: “Y-yeah… (So it’s true that Saori really hate her older sister. I can’t really say I can’t understand her feeling thanks to my personal experience with certain little sister. But still…)”

Not far from there, riding her motorcycle, Kaori says something to herself.

Ka: “Ah, I almost forgot. I’m home, Saori…”

We then move to some place shortly after, inside the mansion of Kanata, where Kaori goes after she confronted Kyousuke and Saori. There, she has a talk with Kanata and Kirara who were working on their manga.

Kao: “---- So that’s what happens, what do you guys think?”
Kan: “Ahahahaha. Are you stupidwww? You really made me laughwww. My stomach, my stomachwww”
Kao: “Oi, you’re laughing too much.”
Kan: “But you’re really something. Just after you came back to Japan, you hit your little sister’s boyfriend with your bike, ahahaha. You really have a very exciting life.”
Kir: “Ahaha, everyday is always a new story☆“
Kao: “I didn’t hit him, it’s only a little bump.”
Kan: “Oooi, remember Japanese law.”
Kir: “You could be arrested, you know.”
Kan: “Hey hey, do you understand Kaorin-shi. Even though you’re very rich, there’s this thing called boundary.”
Kao: “…. You guys. You thought I’m stupid, huh?”
Kir: “Why yes, of course☆“
Kan: “That’s what I’m trying to tell you for awhilewww.”
Kao: “Tsk! Looks like I was wrong to ask for counseling to both of you.”

Kao: “…. I’ll go home!”
Kan: “There, there, there, there. You don’t have to leave, we’re friends, aren’t we.”
Kir: “Everyone else should come here soon too☆”
Kan: “But but, for other people’s point of view who don’t know about her condition, today’s Kaorin is sure a foolish, rightww?”
Kir: “Even for a person who understand her condition, for me she is quite foolish♥ “
Kao: “HOW RUDE! Listen quietly, okay? What should I do if the first time I saw my little sister after a long time, she was going to be kissed by a boy? Of course I should give that stupid boy a divine rider kick punishment!”
Kan: “He is her boyfriend, you know?”
Kao: “Like I care, idiot. What does this lowly bastard really think he is to dare laying his hand on Saori? He’s just a stupid irresponsible high school kid! I’ll give him a death penalty. That freaking lolicon bastard! I’ll definitely tie his hands and legs and then make him dives from Yokohama Bay Bridge!”
Kan: “That is so Yakuza-likewww…. But you know, isn’t Kyosuke-kun a good kid? He’s also a pretty good-looking.”
Kao: “Haa? Which part of him?”
Kan: “Eee? You don’t think he’s cool?”
Kao: “Kanata, you… Are your eyes getting worse?”
Kan: “I’m wearing my contact lens!”
Kir: “For Sensei, she doesn’t really care how a boy looks like to be her boyfriend, right? Since she’s getting older and older.”
Kan: “Wa-wa-wa-wa-wa, wait for a minute. What’s this? Are you guys mocking my taste?”
Kao: “Of course.”
Kir: “…. Just a little bit☆“
Kan: “G-geez. Fine, if it comes to this. Let’s settle it!”

Kan: “Ta~da♪ I present you a close-up picture of Kyousuke-kun!”
Kao&Kir: “…….”
Kao: “Oi…. Why do you have this brat picture?”
Kir: “And with a creepy expression on top of that.”
Kan: “Eh? I-I-It doesn’t matter, does it?”
Kao: “Ah, I just got an idea. How about you go date him instead? That will solve all problems, won’t it?”
Kan: “Saori-chan will hate me!”
Kao: “Fine by me, do it.”
Kan: “You are really the worst! A-ah geez, going back to the previous topic! *cough* That being said, for me, I score him 88 points♥ He’s so cool, isn’t he?”
Kao: “THAT HIGH? I don’t think you will give him that much scores…! This brat, no matter how you look at it, he’s just worth 3 points.”
Kan: “Eeeh?”
Kao: “Compared to my husband, let’s see… It’s like comparing Sephiroth to a goblin.”
Kan: “Hmm? I think both of them are cool, like comparing Sephiroth to Cloud.”
Kao: “Like hell.”
Kan: “What do you think, Hoshi?”
Kir: “Hmm…. I give him 55.”
Kan: “That still low.”
Kao: “Truth speak for itself.”
Kir: “The match is still undecided though.”
Kan: “Wait here, I’ll call one more person to judge. KANA-CHAAA~N! COME HERE FOR A SECOND!”

The girl Kanata called is her little sister, Kurusu Kanako. By the way Kanako is one of Kirino’s classmate and also work as a amateur model and cosplayer for Meruru cosplay event.

Knk: “Haa? Did you call me? And by the way, you guys are seriously noisy. Can you guys lower it a notch? I’m trying to study here.”
Kan: “Liarwww Anyway, come here, come here♪”
Knk: “Tsk… What is it?”
Kan: “This boy on the picture, how much do you score him?”
Knk: “On what scale?”
Kan: “100.”
Knk: “Hmmm…. I think he’s 75.”
Other three: “That high!?”
Kan: “See, see~ He’s cool, isn’t he?”
Kao: “… I see. So these siblings, their taste of men are this weird.”
Kan: “Of course noooot!!! Geez…. Then, what will you do next?”
Kao: “What do you mean?”
Kan: “About Saori-chan and Kyousuke-kun.”
Kao: “I’ll give him a taste of hell soon, very soon.”
Kan: “Geez, there you again with your violent. Let me tell you this, though. If you make Saori cries, I won’t forgive you.”
Kao: “Hmph…”
Kan: “….”
Kao: “….”
Kan: “… Kaori.”
Kao: “What?”
Kan: “---Welcome back.”
Kao: “Um… I’m home.”

Sorry Kanako, I didn't took picture of your appearance >3<

We’re going back to Kyousuke. Later that night, Kyousuke is on his room, talking over the phone with Saori, the Vajeena personality to be exact.

Sa: “Again, I’m deeply apologize for my older sister.”
Ky: “It’s fine now. Beside, how about you? Are you having another fight with your sister on the home?”
Sa: “Ah, no problem. I haven’t seen her again today. She’s always like this, that stinky woman. She’s probably with her old friends--- Leaving me out again.”
Ky: “(Stinky woman? I’ve never seen [Vajeena] like this before, so she really hates her older sister that much? Just like me and Kirino back then.)… Hmmh”
Sa: “Are you fine Kyousuke-shi? You don’t seem to enjoy your conversation with your cute girlfriend like you supposed to do~”
Ky: “Ahaha, sorry. I’m just thinking about something.”
Sa: “Hohoo, is it about our next date?”
Ky: “Nope, it’s the usual disease.”
Sa: “Oooh! So--- Everyone’s big brother, Kyousuke-shi, looks like he’s going to unnecessarily butt-in on someone else’s problem again, right?”
Ky: “As expected from my girlfriend, you really know me so well.”
Sa: “Fufu~ It’s about my beloved boyfriend, after all. And it was also because that part of Kyousuke-shi that make me fall in love with you.”
Ky: “…. I see. Then, will you help me to butt-in on this person’s problem and solve it?”
Sa: “Of course!”
Ky: “Thanks. Ah then, I’ll further talk about it when we meet.”
Sa: “Okay. So how about tomor—Oh wait!”
Ky: “Is something wrong?”
Sa: “Ah no, it’s just I’m also chatting on my PC while we’re talking. Kiririn-shi and Kuroneko-shi asked me to play together tomorrow. Err, Kyousuke-shi. I know I just promised to help you, but…”
Ky: “I know what you’re going to say. Let’s play, with everyone. Then we could also use the chance to tell them about our relationship. You can listen and help me after that.”
Sa: “--- Fufu. You really know me so well too. Understood--- Let’s do that.”

On the next morning, Kyousuke wakes up late. When he goes down, he meets Kirino.

Ky: “Fuaaah. Mornin’”
Ki: “Tsk… You, don’t think because it’s still summer holiday then you can sleep too much. I told you everyone wil come today, didn’t I?”
Ky: “Geez, I still have time until they come, why so hasty?”
Ki: “….. Tsk”

Kyousuke then enters the living room. There, another girl is already there.

Ku: “Ah, good morning. You sure take quite awhile until you’re up, senpai.”
Ky: “Huh? Kuroneko, you’re here already? Isn’t it too early?”
Ku: “Yeah. I can’t leave all the preparations to this girl alone after all. You don’t want to eat the dreadful cookies, do you?”
Ky: “(Huh? What preparation?)”
Ku: “By the way, how about you go get ready too, senpai?”

Kyousuke then going back to his room to properly dress. After that he goes down to the living room again.

Ki: “Good. Now, leave.”
Ky: “Eeeh?!.... Wh-what the meaning of this? Why? Are you going to leave me alone and go have fun only by the three of you?”
Ki: “Don’t look at me with those puppy eyes. It’s not like that, I just want you and Saori to kill some time until we finish our preparation.”
Ky: “But again, why?”
Ku: “Geez. This woman sure always give half-assed explanation. Senpai, please listen very well. We’ve been preparing an entertainment for today.”
Ky: “Entertainment?”
Ku: “Yeah… A very very interesting, a surprise entertainment. That’s why, can I ask you to go outside until we finish everything?”
Ky: “Am I you guys’s little brother?”
Ku: “…. Fufu…. You did show your pathetic sides here and there.”
Ky: “I see. But just so you know, I’m not interested to be your little brother.”
Ku: “… We also don’t need a big little brother like you.”
Ki: “Go, go! Saori is about to come too! Just leave and wait outside already.”
Ky: “Fine, fine.”
Ku: “We will inform you by phone if we have finished. After you meet Saori, can both of you go somewhere to kill time?”
Ky: “Understood.”

So Kyousuke waits for Saori in front of his house just like Kirino and Kuroneko told him. After a while, Saori, wearing the ojou clothes, comes.

Sa: “Good day, Kyousuke-san.”
Ky: “Yo. Ah, today is that side.”
Sa: “Yeah. After all, we’re going to tell Kiririn-san and Kuroneko-san about our relationship, aren’t we?”
Ky: “Yeah (Hence, she comes as your “true self”).”
Sa: “Are you waiting outside just for me?”
Ky: “Well, yeah (Liar.). Kuroneko is already inside, but they told us to go somewhere else until they have finished the preparation for an entertainment.”
Sa: “Entertainment? I wonder what are they trying to do…”
Ky: “Beats me. Let’s just kill some time on nearby park. We also have other things to talk about, anyway.”
Sa: “Aah, yes--- You wanted to tell me about this someone else’s problem and your attempt to unnecessarily butt-in, didn’t you?”
Ky: “Yep.”

After that they walk to the nearby park. They then talk about this “someone”.

Sa: “… Well then, who is the target this time?”
Ky: “Target, huh? That’s not how I put it though.”
Sa: “But it’s the famous Kousaka Kyousuke’s Life Counseling Session, right?”
Ky: “Err, if you say it like that.”
Sa: “Fufufu, how interesting. So, who’s the lucky one to be butt-in?”
Ky: “… It’s you.”
Sa: “Ha? What did you just say?”
Ky: “From now on, I’m going to butt-in to the Makishima Saori and Makishima Kaori’s problem.”
Sa: “Are you joking?”
Ky: “This isn’t a joke. I’m serious.”
Sa: “What are you planning to do….. to us sisters?”
Ky: “You should know it already.”
Sa: “Yeah--- I knew it, I knew what you’re going to say. “I’m going to make you guys reconcile” or something like that, at any rate.”
Ky: “Oh, then it will make thing faster. As expected from my girlfriend.”
Sa: “So unnecessary…”
Ky: “That’s why I told you it is going to be unnecessary from the start.”
Sa: “You have to be joking… I have a lot of unpleasant grudge against Nee-san. To reconcile after all this time--- Like I could do that. It even never crossed my mind.”
Ky: “I knew. Looking back at my and Kirino relationship one year ago, if you said the same unnecessary words like this, I’ll probably answer you with the same reply.”
Sa: “Compared to you siblings, we sisters is completely on different situation.”
Ky: “Probably. But…. Do you know, Saori? Family is supposed to get along with each other.”
Sa: “…. Geez, you really won’t hear anything I say, will you? Now I can understand why Kiririn-san and Kuroneko-san felt annoyed with your unnecessary butt-in.”
Ky: “You praised me when I did it to them, though?”
Sa: “… Uh. I-It’s true… But, to think now you do it to me… Haah, I don’t care anymore. Just do as you please.”
Ky: “Okay, don’t mind if I do.”
Sa: “I think it would be useless, though.”
Ky: “We won’t know if we don’t try it first.”

Exactly after that, Kyousuke’s phone is ringing. It’s Kirino.

Ky: “Yes?”
Ki: “It’s me.”
Ky: “Yo, have you finished the preparations?”
Ki: “Just get your ass here. Quickly.
Ky: “….. You bastard, what an annoying little sister.”
Sa: “Kyousuke-san.”
Ky: “Hm?”
Sa: “”Do you know? Family is supposed to get along with each other”, or so I heard”
Ky: “What an unnecessary butt-in.”

So both of them are now back on Kousaka house.

Ky: “I’m hooome~”
Sa: “Pardon the intrusion.”
Ky: “Kirinooo? We have come. Oooi?!........ Strange.”
Sa: “Are they out?”
Ky: “That’s unlikely, but…”

Suddenly Kyousuke’s phone is ringing.

Ky: “Yes?”
Ki: “Have you come inside?”
Ky: “Yeah. Why do you call me even though we’re inside the house?”
Ki: “Come to the living room.”
Sa: “Is it Kiririn-san?”
Ky: “Yeah. I have no idea but she told us to come to living room.”
Sa: “Perhaps it’s about this ‘entertainment’ they have prepared?”
Ky: “Well, looks like it. Let’s do as they say, then.”

Just when they open the living room door and go inside, they are surprised by a small pop sound from confetti.

Ky: “Eh?”
Sa: “What is...?”
Ky: “What the hell are you guys doing?”
Ki: “……..”
Ku: “……..”
Ki: “….. Errr. Hey black one, you tell them.”
Ku: “Eh? M-Me? That’s….  Err, what should I say here?”
Ki: “Err, it’s---- It’s what normally people would say at this time, I think?”
Ku: “I-I never done something like th--- By the way, you’re the one who said “Let me handle it” before, aren’t you?”
Ki: “Sorry, turns out it’s impossible for mewww.”
Ku: “You----“

Kirino and Kuroneko just talk alone with small voice. Unsure of what’s happening, Kyousuke and Saori just stand there.

Ki:  “Ah then, together. Let’s say it together.”
Ku: “O-okay… Then, let’s go… Err…. It’s…. This is…”
Ki: “E-err---“

This time both of them say it perfectly in unison and loud voice.

Ki: “You guys are a couple now, aren’t you?”
Ku: “Awhile ago… We saw you on the street…. Coincidentally... So… Err… We both talk about it… To throw…. A c-congratulation party…. Or something…”
Ky: “…. I see. Thank you very much, guys. To tell you the truth, today we also plan to tell both of you. About our relationship.”
Ku: “I-I see. Then…. It’s perfect, isn’t it?”
Sa: “Kiririn-san…. Kuroneko-san… You guys are…”
Ki: “Hey, what’s with that look, don’t cry in front of us.”
Sa: “…. B-but….. Because…”
Ku: “Fufu…. So actually, you really are a crybaby, hm?”
Sa: “No….. No…. Definitely---- Even if I’m wearing my glasses now, I definitely would still cry.”

Kuroneko then gives Saori a handkerchief. Both she and Kirino then hug Saori. Kyousuke thinks both of them look like Saori’s little sisters.

Ku: “Senpai.”
Ky: “Yeah?”
Ku: “Can I…. Entrust my best friend to you?”
Ky: “Yeah, leave it to me.”
Ki: “Saori.”
Sa: “… Yes?”
Ki: “This guy, he’s seriously pathetic, plain, neglect… And also super, super, super, super, super slow. He's a good-for-nothing.”
Ky: “Oi!”
Ki: “… But take care of Aniki.”
Sa: “Yes…!”
Ki: “He’s kinda stupid… If you leave him just for awhile he would do something reckless… He’s sure going to be handful. But please take care of him.”
Sa: “--- I’ll gladly take the responsibility.”

After the congratulation party ends, Kyousuke escorts Saori until the park.

Ky: “--- Man, that was really surprising.”
Sa: “Yes… To think that those two has prepared a party for us. I can’t really express my feeling right now.”
Ky: “Haha. I’m really grateful to have them as my friends.”
Sa: “Yes. I’m also really, really really really really really really grateful.”
Ky: “To have their blessing, we should try hard so we don’t make them disappoint, right? Let’s get along better from now on, Saori.”
Sa: “You’re right…… Err, Kyousuke-san.”
Ky: “Hm?”
Sa: “Can we…. continue what we left from last date?”
Ky: “Ah….”

Saori then closes her eyes. Kyousuke then kisses her.

Sa: “…. Fufu. It’s really embarrassing, isn’t it.”
Ky: “O-oi…. Are you okay? You almost fall.”
Sa: “I’m so helpless, ahaha. This is too embarrassing…. I can’t stand straight… That’s why…. Can you please support me?”
Ky: “Of course, leave it to me….. By the way Saori.”
Sa: “Yes?”
Ky: “I can’t clearly say it because I was too embarrassed last time. I’m also…. I really like you.”
Sa: “… I’m so happy. Let’s be together from now on.”

After that, Saori excuses herself back home. They promise to meet again the next day. Kyousuke then going back to his home. On his way back, he thinks what he should do to make Saori and Kaori reconcile. He starts with trying to understand why Kaori’s doing what she does. Trying to get in her little sister way with her boyfriend will definitely make her hated more by Saori instead and she won’t gain anything. This fight between sisters also reminds Kyousuke of himself and Kirino situation. Until one year ago he didn’t really care of Kirino, but now he could even sacrifice himself if it’s for Kirino’s sake.

But just as when he almost get home, Kyousuke is blinded by a light. From the direction of the source, he could vaguely see a bike silhouette. The sound of the bike’s engine starting to get louder and louder like it’s about to take a dash.

Ky: “Eh? Oi, oi, this isn’t real right?!! GYAAAAA---!!!”
Ka: “Oi oi, this is confusing. If you let out loud voice like that, it sounds like I hit you with my bike on purpose and then disappear along the darkness of the night. How could I do something so horrible to my little sister’s boyfriend? I was only plan to hurt the spineless you by accidentally hitting you with the tip of the bike and then showing my kindness by taking you to the hospital. Well that would be one touching scene.”

Unable to do a tsukkomi with his current condition, the helpless Kyousuke can only surrender when Kaori knocks him out and take him somewhere.

Some time after that, Kyousuke regains his conscious.

Ky: “U, uuukh. What just happen?”
Ka: “Fufufufu, so you have woken up.”
Ky: “Y-you..”

Kyousuke tried to stand up but he can’t.

Ky: “Eeh, I’m being tied?”
Ka: “Of course. It’s going to be pain in the ass for me if you ran away, after all.”
Ky: “D-damn kidnapper! I’ll turn you in! (Oops, I stole Ayase’s catchphrase).”
Ka: “If you do what I say, I’ll untie you later……… Maybe.”
Ky: “’Maybe’, you said?.... W-what do you want to do with me?”
Ka: “I only want to talk with you. Alone, just the two of us.”
Ky: “Then you can just ask me nicely. This is so unnecessary, damn it. Untie me already!”
Ka: “No way.”
Ky: “HUH?!”
Ka: “Geez, you seem don’t really get the situation you really in. Okay, let me make it clear for you. I want to talk with you. But I want to do it while overwhelming you.”
Ky: “Honest person, aren’t you.”
Ka: “Fufu, that’s one way to put it.”
Ky: “Do it more normally, damn it.”
Ka: “You sure like to do tsukkomi, huh? It’ll be a great pleasure to kill you.”
Ky: “Eh!? You’re going to kill me?”
Ka: “Nah, I just want to try saying that line once in my life.”
Ky: “You’re scaring me!! Geez, cut it out already. If you want to talk then do it quickly, if I don’t come home in one hour, I’ll miss my dinner.”
Ka: “…. You, how can you be so ignorance with your condition right now? Have you experienced war or something before?”
Ky: “… Eh, I wonder why (Maybe it’s because of Ayase?). But more importantly, I don’t know where the hell  this is, but make sure to get me home with that bike, okay?”
Ka: “O-okay, got it…. Geez, be grateful, for your bravery you just shown, you got 1 point from Kaori-tan. Okay then, let’s start with the main topic already…….. You, break up with Saori immediately.”
Ky: “No way in hell, stuu~pid!”
Ka: “Then, die.”

Kaori starts her bike’s engine.

Ka: “I’ll say it again. Break up with Saori.”
Ky: “I told you I won’t do it. Why should I do you what you told me to. I can hear your demand just fine, but tell me the reason why do you want us to break up.”
Ka: “Because you are not worthy to be Saori’s boyfriend.”
Ky: “Hmmm…”
Ka: “…. What’s with that annoyed reaction.”
Ky: “Because it’s not your call to say if I’m worthy or not. It’s Saori’s.”
Ka: “Well that’s true.”
Ky: “(Eh? That pretty fast.)”
Ka: “You can’t tell someone’s worthy or not by only knowing that on school he is nicknamed [sexual harasser senpai] by his juniors or that he happily showed a 8th grader an ecchi doujinshi and shout “I love my little sister”, can you? Those are what I get just from doing a short research of the boy Saori chose.”
Ky: “Ggghhhh….”
Ka: “I won’t say my little sister should take responsibility of what she chose, I just decide that I want to get in your way with my full force.”
Ky: “I see….. Oh well, that just great. I also wanted to meet and talk to you, anyway.”
Ka: “Don’t tell me, a high school boy just made his move on me?”
Ka: “I’m sorry but I’m married.”
Ky: “THAT’S WHY I SAID I’M NOT!!... Geez, what I want to talk to you is about Saori. I know that you--”
Ka: “Stop! Why do you get carried away and start talking by yourself. I’m the one who do the talking here.”
Ky: “If it’s still the same from before, like I said no matter how many times you ask my answer will remain the same.”
Ka: “I see--- Then, let’s do a little quiz!”
Ky: “Quiz?”
Ka: “Yep. If you really a worthy man for Saori, you should be able to answer all my questions.”

Ka: “First question, what is the real name of your girlfriend?”
Ky: “Of course, it’s Makishima Saori.”
Ka: “Hoou. So she already told you her real name. Well then, second question: Give me Saori’s 3-size.”
Ky: “Is this a sexual harassment quiz?”
Ka: “Just answer it.”
Ky: “From the top, 88-60-89!!”
Ka: “Eh? Impossible… That girl is that awesome?”
Ky: “What’s the point of asking a question you don’t know the answer is!!
Ka: “I-I will confirm it later. So be grateful, I’ll consider you are right for this question.”
Ky: “Sure, sure, thanks a bunch.”
Ka: “Third question. What is the name of otaku circle Saori founded?”
Ky: “It’s [Otakukko Atsumaree]”
Ka: “… Tsk, you’re right. Fourth question. Who gave the glasses Saori usually wore?”
Ky: “It’s Kanata-san. She gave Saori both glasses and courage to meet new people and make her own circle. I heard it from herself.”
Ka: “… Right again. Hee, you’re not half-bad, aren’t you. And I heard Kanata ask you which Saori you like the best. So this is the next question, what are your answer at that time?”
Ky: “I told her that I can’t choose either of them.”
Ka: “Tsk, right.”
Ky: “Hey c’mon, just get over it already. Just as I thought, you’re actually--”
Ka: “Shut up. The next question is the last one, answer this truthfully.”
Ky: “….Tsk”
Ka: “There is a secret hidden in Saori’s body. What is this secret I’m talking about, can you answer it?”
Ky: “A secret?”
Ka: “Fufufu… Of course you don’t know. It’s impossible for you to know it. It’s my trump question that I know you don’t know the answer is, after all.”
Ky: “(A question she knows I can’t answer… So this is as far I can go… But wait—Is she talking about that?)”
Ka: “Time up! Give me your answer!!”
Ky: “On her left boob, there are three birthmarks!”
Ka: “… Wh---at… Wh…. Wh… Wh… WHY DO YOU KNOW THAT SECRET OF HER--!!!!”
Ky: “Eh? Ah… I-it was…”

Kaori then starts her bike’s engine.

Ka: “Wh-what did you just say? Why did you think of that?”
Ky: “Why didn’t I? You’re freaking easy to read. Doing things as you please--- All so you can messing your little sister? It’s the opposite. It’s because you really love your little sister you did many reckless things, that what I see from you.”
Ka: “Khu…. Like you can understand what I’m going through!!”
Ky: “Of course I understand. BECAUSE COMPARED TO YOU, I’M THE BIGGER SISCON!!... You’re actually a better person than me. You could talk almost normally with me, your little sister’s boyfriend. It will be totally impossible if it’s me. If my little sister has a boyfriend… Gghh, just thinking about it makes me want to die. If that boyfriend appears in front of me, I don’t have any confidence to hold myself not to beat the hell out of him. That’s why… I think…. I understand your feeling. ”
Ka: “… Hmph. Continue.”
Ky: “I was…. I was on really bad term with my little sister. We always consider the other doesn’t exist, let alone to talk to each other---- But, lately our relationship starts to get better. I was very happy. That’s why—I don’t want to really admit it, but I become this huge siscon big brother.”
Ka: “How…”
Ky: “Huh?”
Ka: “How can you reconcile with your little sister?”
Ky: “…. It was thanks to Saori (Yes, it was all thanks to Saori. Saori was the one who invited Kirino to the offline gathering. Saori was also the one who invited Kirino to the second meeting with Kuroneko, opening our heart.). Saori is--- Your little sister is, to us siblings she is our benefactor. A best friend we can rely on. And also a irreplaceable comrade. Even though it’s only a year since we met her, it doesn’t matter. I really like Saori! I even dare to say I love Saori! So open your damn ears and listen this very carefully--- I will definitely make you and Saori reconcile! And then, I will definitely make you approve my relationship with Saori! So be prepared, because I won’t give up until I’ve accomplished all those!”
Ka: “……… You. If your little sister’s boyfriend said the same thing you just said, how would you reply?”

Kyousuke can’t answer Kaori’s last question. Kaori then knocks him out.

Ka: “So you can’t answer it too, after all.”


After passed out for awhile, Kyousuke wakes up and see sea of stars on the night sky. Kaori sits beside him.

Ka: “--- You know Kyousuke-kun. I am a person that should be dead for a long time ago.”
Ky: “Is that--- you being hyperbolic again?”
Ka: “Yeah, I’m being hyperbolic. But the truth it, I was really suffer from an incurable disease. I was told I can’t live pass beyond 20-year old when I was six. So that’s what I believe. Maybe because I was still a kid back then. But to be honest, even if I told I will be dead when I’m already 14-year old I would still lose focus. My father cried a lot. He rarely cries, so when I saw him cried, I told him something.”
Ky: “---What did you tell them?”
Ka: “Something along—[… You don’t have to worry, father. I will… I will become happier than anyone else].”
Ky: “That sure sounds different than how you talk now.” (note: Kaori was talking with the very polite way of talking ala ojou Saori just now)
Ka: “Of course, that happened for many years ago after all. But just as I promised back then—after that I always play around, doing what I really wanted on my life. Play, play, and just play around. But after a while, the list of things I want to do keeps increase as time passed by, giving me power to not give up yet. I’ve done studying, I’ve done fashion, I’ve done sports, and I even felt what true love really is. The part where I got into otaku hobby took place after all that. Doing all those things the best I could do for my own sake—I forgot to look at my little sister. By the time I begin to want to make peace with her, it’s already time up for me. “

Ka: “At that time, Saori was a little kid who doesn’t have interest at anything. Looking at him who never had fun with anything, it was really hard for me. I want to do something for her. What an arbitrary older sister, aren’t I? For someone who always abandon her little sister.”
Ky: “You really are. No wonder you could always make Saori angry.”
Ka: “Yeah. That’s definitely true.”
Ky: “At that time you thought you didn’t cut out to do anything for her but you still want to do something—so you brought her outside along with you?”
Ka: “Yeah. At that time I was forbidden to do many sports, so I changed my hobbies to things like game or manga, or indoor activities.  It opened my eyes. With these, I should be able to have fun with my little sister. I could teach Saori many fun activities and make her interested. I could play together with her and making wonderful memories--- But I failed.”
Ky: “You disbanded your circle making Saori alone because of that. I heard it from herself.”
Ka: “I didn’t mean it to turn that way! I was bad dealing with children, so I entrusted Saori to Kanata whom great dealing with other people. And without realizing, it became just like you know, she got attached to Kanata instead. I felt that I became some sort of unwanted children. It was lonely. And so I played many games to deal with it and became professional gamer.”

Ky: “Was the reason disbanding the circle is also because of your disease?”
Ka: “I did horrible thing to everyone… I just thought I should move on and went abroad. So then…. I got married. I gave birth to a children. All those are my husband plan so I could die peacefully after accomplish many things.”
Ky: “If he wasn’t joking, that would be a worst thing to say.”
Ka: “For my husband to be able to say those stupid things, I really ran out of time back then. Now I don’t have anything else to do. I’ve done it all, I have done the best I could be--- It was a good life. Or so I thought.”
Ky: “But… If you’re here right now, it means you’re healed, right?”
Ka: “I completely cured now. The progress of medical science is sure amazing these days.”
Ky: “Heh, as I thoughtwww What a clichewww”
Ka: “Don’t make fun of it! You should be moved, show some delicacy!! My first love became a doctor for my sake—That guy is my husband now.”

Ky: “Ah, so he is the one who heal you?”
Ka: “No, it’s another doctor.”
Ky: “What a let down love story.”
Ka: “It means real life doesn’t work like a drama. On real life, things bound to happen the other way. Letting you down—Can’t stay as it is. When I was sick I have done all the things I wanted to do, I have reached all my targets in my life. And now after I’m completely healed, I just wait for my death without any thing left to do. What an irony. It’s just like on RPG. I have beaten the hidden boss, I have maxed the level and all stats, I have gotten all the items… Is there anything left to do, I wonder?”
Ky: “But you do have one more thing to do. That’s why you came back to Japan, didn’t you?”
Ka: “……..Yeah. You’re really a mysterious boy. Even though you’re so lousy, but it feels that I always know you for a long time.”
Ky: “Heh. It’s because we’re comrade in the siscon alliance.”

Looking at the night sky, Kaori then makes a warm smile on her face.

Nee-san =3

Ka: “--- Let’s go. It’s past seven already now.”
Ky: “Ah, it’s already that late? Crap, I should call home.”
Ka: “If you don’t mind, you can have dinner on our house.”
Ky: “’Our house’… Do you mean Makishima main house?”
Ka: “Yep, Saori is probably there too. From now on, I’ll get my revenge to my little sister. To get it done, you should do something too. You promised to help us siblings to reconcile, right?”
Ky: “Of course, please let me help. Ah but….. I probably don’t have to come to your house, after all.”

Kyousuke looks straight on his front, to the direction Kaori can’t see on his position. There, a figure of girl is approaching them.

Sa: “…. Nee-san.”
Ka: “Saori?! Why are you here?”
Sa: “I’ve heard from Kanata-san… I won’t forgive for what you’ve done today.”
Ka: “…. Err…… Hey Kyousuke-kun, seems like my little sister is seriously angry this time.”
Ky: “She does look very angry.”
Ka: “Do something about it.”
Ky: “This is the first advice from your senpai of little sister reconciling group: Get scolded by her a lot, fight with her a lot.”
Ka: “Oi!!”
Ky: “That’s what it means to be a family…. I think.”

Either Saori is that huge, Kaori is still sitting, or
Bamco just messed up with their height

And so, Kaori musters her courage to have proper talk with her little sister for the first time of her life.

Ka: “Errr…. So…. Saori.”
Sa: “…. Is there anything you would like to say for this?”
Ka: “… Yes, I could explain it. But before that…. I just want to say one other thing--- For what I’ve done until now... I’m really sorry.”
Sa: “Eh---? Wh…. What did you just say?”
Ka: “I have…. I have a lot, a lot of things I would like to say to you, things I want to do together with you. I don’t care how much you hate me but…. Will you accompany me?

Kyousuke only looks from distance. Seeing those sisters smile after that, he thinks that they will reconcile even faster than he and Kirino did.

Many years have passed since that. Today is the 10th anniversary of Pretty Garden maid café. And inside, there’s also an offline gathering of two otaku circles.

Kao&Sao: “Ladies and gentleman!!”
Kao: “Err—We, members of Pretty Garden, and—“
Sao: “Otakukko Atsumaree, are here for a joint offline gathering of a special event. Thank you all for coming here. So once again please let me introduce myself. I’m Saori Vajeena.”
Kao: “And I’m Makishima Kaori. Errr, to be honest we don’t think we could gather these many members here today. It’s going to be awesome party today. Ah also, looks like there’s another offline gathering of other circle here today, so make sure not to bother other customers, okay?”
All: “Understooooo~d!”
Sao: “And now for the first event of celebrating the 10th anniversary of Pretty Garden maid café, everyone please welcome the maid chief Kirara-san.”
Krr: “Everyooo~ne, Hoshi Kirara’s speaking here♪ Welcome to the 10th anniversary opening of Pretty Garden. We have a lot of tasty foods, delicious drinks, and cute maids here for you, so please enjoy your stay to its fullest☆”
Kao: “Well said.”
Krr: “I’m the chief of maids after all☆”

On one of the table, sits the familiar group of people. Kyousuke, Kirino, and Kuroneko is also there.

Kyo: “… Those people are never change, huh.”
Kir: “They just the same like back then, aren’t they?”
Kyo: “You on the other hand seems to grow to be quite beautiful since we last met.”
Kir: “Ha? Haa…. Are you stupid? What’s wrong with your head, flirting your own little sister at offline gathering.”
Kyo: “I’m not flirting, geez. I’m just praising you who have grown into such adult.”
Kir: “Yeah yeah, siscon siscon. Besides, this witch over here is really make quite impression.”
Kur: “Oh… Are you talking about me?”
Kir: “Of course I am! What’s wrong with that old costume?”
Kur: “How could you forget? This costume belongs to the Queen of Nightmare. It’s been a long time since I wear it. How is it? Do I look even better than I did back then?”
Kir: “Ah yes sure, it looks better, though the painful is also multiplied hundredfold. And besides, act your damn age. You’re not in the age to do a cosplay anymore!”
Kur: “It’s fine. Since it looks good on me.”
Kir: “Haah… Putting aside your looks, you never changed on the inside, huh.”
Kur: “Fufu… So do you.”
Kir: “The one with the most change is probably you.”
Kyo: “Me? You really think?”
Kir: “Yeah yeah. You have become mr. director, after all. You, of all people.”
Kyo: “Hey, don’t make fun of me. It’s not that big of a deal.”
Kur: “Looks like you have done your best. I’ve heard it from Saori.”
Kyo: “What sounds cool is only the title. The real job starts from now, haha...”

But Kyousuke does think he has changed. After all he’s no longer Kousaka Kyousuke now. After married to Saori and enters her family, he now becomes Makishima Kyousuke. And also---

??: “Father…”

Ky: “Ah, what is it, Tomoka?”

--- and also, Kyousuke has become a father now. From his marriage with Saori, they were blessed with a daughter they named Tomoka.

Tmk: “Mother looks so happy.”
Kyo: “… She sure does. (Right now, Saori is surrounded by many of her otaku friends. She who was a crybaby and embarrassed to death to meet new people, is able to make many new friends and stand here now.)”

After that the group’s talking to other people in the circle. Along them are Hoshi Kurara, Kirara’s sister who a seiyuu of Meruru show Kirino loves, and also Kanata who turns out to be the mangaka of Maschera series Kuroneko loves.

Kra: “Good day.”
Kir: “Ah, Kurara-saaan! I’m really looking forward to the remake edition of Meruru!”
Kra: “Really? The original staffs are also gathered back after a long time and done great job for this version, so I hope we will meet your expectation.”
Kur: “…Yamanashi-sensei, when will Maschera has its remake released?”
Kan: “Huee!? Eer, eeeerrrrr…..... K-keep your optimism and don’t give up hope!”
Kur: “…. I…. I will always wait for the next season even if it takes forever.”
Kan: “The love of fan…….. It’s so heavy….”

Saori then comes to sit on their table.

Sao: “Kyousuke-san.”
Kyo: “Yo.”
Sao: “I’m very sorry, I left you and Tomo alone.”
Kyo: “It’s okay. There are lot of people you haven’t met for a long time, right? You should go talk to them.”
Tmk: “Yeah. Don’t mind about us and take your time, mother.”
Kyo: “—so she said.”
Sao: “…. Thank you, Kyousuke-san. Tomo-chan.”
Tmk: “Ehehe.”

Saori is going up from their table again. Kanata then comes to her.

Kan: “Hey hey, Saori-chan.”
Sao: “Ah--- Kanata-san. Do you have fun today?”
Kan: “Of course. Just now I was talking to a hardcore fan, it was so fun.”
Sao: “Thank God. Ah, what do you want to talk?”
Kan: “It’s something that has been crossed my mind for awhile. Can I ask it to you?”
Sao: “Sure. What is it?”
Kan: “It’s about my glasses. What happens to it afterwards?”
Sao: “Aaah, that glasses. I’ve given it to someone else. It’s been a long time, so I don’t really know where is it right now.”
Kan: “I see. Good, then.”

For Saori who already have gained courage and confident, she doesn’t need that magic glasses anymore since it has done its job to Saori.

Ky: “Ah, looks like the other offline gathering is quite merry too.”
Sa: “Yes. But we won’t lose to them.”
Ky: “(That glasses. I think even now, it must be worn by someone who needs courage, somewhere.)”

On that other offline gathering, there’s one girl who seems to be the leader of the group. She’s wearing a swirly round glasses.

Girl: “Well then! Comrade! Let us begin our very first offline gathering, yaaaay!!!”


  1. Was wondering when there'll be a summary for Saori. Enjoyed it a lot.d=(´▽`)=b Gd work!!

    1. Thanks, really appreciate it. Glad you can enjoy it ^o^

  2. This was a great translation~ Thanks for this! I really loved the story too, it felt very genuine, and put an interesting other side to Saori I've always wanted to know much more about.

    The way it explains her glasses too was something i could really relate too as well in having a little persona to give yourself courage.

    Overall, I loved this! Saori's become my favorite. x3

    1. Thanks. Means a lot to me knowing what I do is liked by other Oreimo fans ^^

      After this route, it also make me like Saori better. And beside, her easily-embarrassed true self is adorable XD

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    1. Yep, I translated the stories I enjoy because they were good and I know not all fans understand Japanese and thus can't enjoy these great What-If stories, so I'd like to share it the best I can ^^

      You can watch the video translation on zidanechoo2 channel on Youtube, they do better translation than I am and since they do video translation, you can also hear the awesome voice works the seiyuu did :D

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