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Thursday, August 9, 2012

OreImo Portable 2 - Kanako Route Summary

This is summary for Kurusu Kanako route from the 'Ore no Imouto ga Konna ni Kawaii Wake ga Nai Portable ga Tsudzuku Wake ga Nai" PSP game. Read at your own risk because it contains spoilers. And do note this is only a fan translation, my Japanese is still sucks and my English writing skill isn't any better :3

On the first game, she appeared as sub heroine as her route was only the Alternate If route branched from Ayase's. This time she got promoted to the one of main heroines, in fact her route has the most number of the events even compared to Kirino, the main girl on the series. On this route which is direct sequel from her previous If route, you'll meet a character hasn't appeared on the anime yet (but has appeared on the light novel), her big sister, Kurusu Kanata; a friend of Saori and in fact who passed her the twirly glasses and also the original author of Maschera series that Kuroneko loves. Anyway, here is the summaries, and to quote Kanata, "LOLICON BANZAI!!"


To unlock Kanako route, on the common route when the destiny fairy Kiririn and Kuronyan ask you, you have to say that you have played the first game, you already have a girlfriend, your girlfriend is on middle school, and she has sibling. You’ll get the ORE Item to go spend time with Kanako that can be used shortly after the scene Kyousuke wake up on his room.

One day, Kyousuke goes to the beach. Of course he doesn’t go there alone. He is inviting his girlfriend to the beach. Yes, Kousaka Kyousuke is currently on relationship with a girl, her name is Kurusu Kanako.
Kanako is one of Kirino’s best friend on the school and is on her way to become an idol. Kyousuke becomes close with Kanako recently when Ayase asked Kyousuke to accompany her to summer comicket to learn about otaku culture for Kirino, and there they met Kanako whom was participating on Meruru cosplay event. Later Kanako learned the truth about Kyousuke, Kirino’s older brother, who tricked her as Ayase’s manager the last time they met with Ayase, so Kanako blackmailed Kyousuke to became her private host or she would tell everyone he was sexual harassing and lied to her. Kanako then also learned that Kirino is an otaku, but even though for Kanako otaku is disgusting, but she doesn’t really mind that side of Kirino since for her Kirino is her friend and Kanako even gave her a VIP ticket to next Meruru event. Later Kanako realized that she truly likes Kyousuke and Kyousuke himself likes her too, so they officially become a couple and it bring us to the event now.

Kyousuke is waiting for Kanako who hasn’t appeared yet while thinking of the how the world mysteriously works, as he can't really believe that he's in a relationship with Kanako, whom he previously thought as a stupid little brat.
After waiting little bit more, Kyousuke can’t take the heat anymore so he goes to buy two soft drinks. On his way back he finds her girlfriend he’s waiting for, buried all the way into the sand with only her head left.
Ka: “KYOUSUKEEEEEEEEEEE~!!! Why it took you this long to find me!! Hurry up and let me out, damn it!!”
Ky: “Why are you bury yourself like that? Is this your hobby?”
Ka: “Like hell!!! I was being buried! Hurry up and save me, before that person come!!”
Ky: “That person? (Who got the nerve to buried my cute girlfriend like this?)”
??: “—Ah, Onii-san?”
Both: “HIIIIIII~!!”
Ky: “A, A-a-a-Ayase? Why are you here?”
Ay: “I have model job around here, and I was happen to met Kanako. What a coincidence, right Kanako?”
Ka: “…uuu”
Ky: “Errr... So, can I ask what’s going on here?”

The story perspective changes to Kanako’s.
Ayase then tells Kyousuke what happen between her and Kanako. When they bumped into each other, Kanako was excitedly tell Ayase that she came with her boyfriend. Ayase was really surprised to know Kanako made a boyfriend.
“Eh? You’re on a date? Is Kanako that popular?”
“Hey, that’s rude!”
“By the way, are you with a boy?”
“Which part of ‘date’ you don’t understand? Of course I’m with a boy!”
“Ah so it’s really a boy, I’m just confirming. So, is this your first boyfriend?”
“I knew it! Congratulations! Good for you, really!”
“O-oi, what’s with that overjoyed reaction?”
“Because I’m happy for you! Then, then. How does he looks like? Is he from our school? Is he good looking?”
“Yeah, he’s really cool! He’s not from our school, but he’s close. His face is a little bit boring, but he’s so kind. He will listen to whaaa~tever Kanako said!”
“Waaaah, must be nice.”
“Ayase should know him. It’s him, Kousaka Kyousuke. Kirino’s big brother.”
“Hm? E-err…. Kanako? We are talking about your boyfriend, right? Why suddenly you’re talking about Oni--- that person?”
“Because he is my boyfriend. Remember, the boy that went to comicket with you. It’s him.”
“……! Y-you’re joking…. Aren’t you, Kanako?”
“No I don’t. Hm, why did you think I’m joking? Ah, AAAAAH! I know!!! Ayase is probably…”
“Eh? N-No Kanako, I don’t lik—“
“You’re feeling down since you don’t have a boyfriend, right?”
“Ah you’re not say anything, it’s must be true! Gyahahahahaha! So that’s far your popularity gets you. Well, good luck with your job this whole summer then, Ayase-sama. I’ll enjoy the summer holiday for your part, too. Kanako will ask Kyousuke to bring her to beach again, then park, and many other place, uhahahaha.”
*goes yandere* “Ka---na---ko♪ “

We’re back to present time, on Kyousuke’s perspective. Kanako is still screaming to be free. Kyousuke asks Ayase to let her girlfriend out.
Ay: “I can’t allow that, Onii-san.”
Ky: “Errr. I understand that Kanako can be veeee~ry annoying sometimes.”
Ka: “OI!!”
Ky: “Can’t read the mood, always going on her pace, and always using any opening to bragging about herself.”
Ka: “Are you going to betray me? Kyousukeeeee!!!!”
Ky: “You, shut up! You’re being noisy!.”
Ka: “Aaah, don’t poke my cheek! I’ll remember this, just see!!!”
Ky: “So please Ayase, can you forgive her this time?”
Ay: “Hmm…….. So, I suppose it is true that you two are going out then?”
Ky: “Y-yeah.”
Ay: “Since when?”
Ky: “Just recently. Ah, remember when I took you to the comicket and we met Kanako? My identity was revealed shortly after and then not too long after that we’re going out. To think about it, if it’s not for Ayase we won’t be going out.”
Ay: “E-eh…? So it’s because of me?”
Ky: “Yeah. Ayase is like a cupid for us.”
Ay: “…. Ugh, stupid Onii-san!!! You…. Lolicon! I definitely won’t accept it!!”
Ayase then leaves after she smacked Kyousuke and dropped something unbeknown of her.
“Uooh, Kyousuke you’re awesome! You made Ayase runs away!!”
“Rather than ran away, she got pissed off and left us. And she dropped this.”
The thing Ayase dropped is a magnifying glass. She planned to torment Kanako even more by burning her head!
“By the way, Kanako”
“What? Hurry up and let me out!”
“Now that I think of it, right now, you can’t move your arms and legs, can you?”
“S-so what?”
“Hmmmm, then if I’m going to do something to you, you can’t do anything about it, right?”
“What are you thinking about! You hentai! Super ero!!!”
“Oh, you’re immediately thinking of that stuff, you’re the one who is a hentai, haha. From what I heard from Ayase, you were bragging about me as your boyfriend, right?”
“W-what about it?”
“I’m happy you did that.”
Kyousuke then kissed the forehead of his vulnerable girlfriend.
“W-what did you just do to my forehead? You just did something pervert, didn’t you? Don’t play dumb, I know it!!”
“Hahahaha, Kanako-sama is sure cute.”
“You basta~aard….. Just remember this, damn it!!!”

The next day, Kyousuke and Kanako is having a date on a café. Kanako complaints about Kyousuke’s attitude.
“Kyousuke, now you have this gorgeous girlfriend, you should change that half-assed attitude.”
“Buh… (Gorgeouswww)”
“Why are you laughing?!”
“I am not.”
“Yes you are! That “buh” is you’re laughing. Aaaaaaaah, it feels just the same like when we haven’t been a couple!”
“I took you to the beach yesterday, didn’t I?”
“That doesn’t count! Ayase was in our way, she buried me!”
“It’s your own fault, you made her angry.”
“Only my face that got tanned!”
“Weren’t you tanning the rest of your body after that, wearing paper to cover your face to balance it? You looked ridiculous, I took picture of you, haha.”
“Give me that picture!!!”
“Why are you so short-tempered today?”
“It’s because your attitude since we started dating. Yesterday I even gave you super service by letting you put the sun oil on me, you don’t even get interested and done it with such troubled face!”
“Aaaah, so that weird pose was actually you trying to do a sexy pose?”
“Ghuu…. Muuuuu……… That’s why, you should act more…. How should I put it, more boyfriend-ish!”
“A~h, you want me to be flirty.”
“D-don’t say it out loud!”
“Hmm, well we are a couple so I understand your point. So, let’s do some ero things, shall we?”
“WHA-?!!! Wh-wh-wh-what are you saying all of a sudden?”
“But it’s what lovers do, isn’t it?”
“B-but my heart is still…..”
“—It was a joke. Payback from before. Hahahaha”
“A, aaaah….. I’ll remember this!!!!”
After that they decide to go to karaoke. On the karaoke, Kanako sings the theme of Meruru and she asks Kyousuke to duet with her.
“M-me? Singing with you? Meruru’s theme? Seriously?”
“Super serious. We can be flirty while singing karaoke too.”
“Well, let’s do this!”
“[Stardust Witch☆Meruru], let’s start it~~~☆ Me~rumerumerumerume♪ Me~rumerumerumerume! ♪ “
*singing horribly* “Me~rumerumerumerume! Me~rumerumerumerume!!!”

“So, are you satisfied now?”
“Yeah! Ah, but on second thought, it’s not enough. Hey Kyousuke… C’mon.”
Kanako leans her body forward to Kyousuke, asking for a kiss.
“W-what are you doing? Like I can do it on the front of the station like this!”
“Ah you’re such a coward, it’s just a kiss. To think you made me do things more embarrassing than this.”
“W-w-what are you talking about? Seriously, people can hear you and misunderstand!!”
“Kyahahahaha. A payback for a while ago.”
Kyousuke then wonders that he still doesn’t know where Kanako lives and suddenly Kanako invites him to come to her house, in fact she wanted to invite him since they were on the café. Little bit worried to meet Kanako’s parents this soon, but eventually Kyousuke encourages himself and decides to come to Kanako house.
“Ah, as expected to meet the girlfriend’s parent, it’s making me nervous.”
“Haha, you don’t have to be that tense.”
“But still, is “Please entrust your daughter to me” enough, I wonder?”
“Hm? Are you going out with me and think we’re going to get marry someday?”
“Eh? You don’t?”
“I-it’s not like I don’t think abo---- Ah no! I meant I’m still in middle school!”
“A-ah, now I think about it, it is too fast to talk about that.”
“G-geez, stupid. But then again, my parent isn’t home anyway.”
They arrive to the mansion where Kanako lives, Kanako then introduces Kyousuke to her older sister, Kurusu Kanata.
Knk: “Big siii~s, meet my boyfriend.”
Knt: “Uwaaaa~ Uwaaaaa~ Nice to meet you~~~ I’m Kanako’s older sister, Kurusu Kanata.”
Kys: “(Wooow, she’s super cute. As expected from sibling, she really looks like Kanako.)”
Knk: “Oi! Where are you looking at?”
Kys: “A-ah…”
Knt: “Fufufu. You can call me [Kanakana-chan], ok?♥“
Kys: “Nice to meet you as well, my name is Kousaka Kyousuke.”

???: “Hmm? Ah, onii-chan!”
Kys: “Huh? Ah….. AAAHH!!!”
???: “Ahahaha~♪ We meet again~♪“
Kys: “You…. You really always show up everywhere I go, don’t you?”
Another girl who sit on Kanata’s side is Hoshi Kirara, the girl who work as maid and served Kyousuke on the maid café on Akihabara where Kirino met Saori and Kuroneko the first time. Kyousuke has came to the maid café more than once after that, and when he took Ayase to Akiba and went to that maid café again, Kirara was the maid who served them too.
Knt: “Hoshi, you already know him?”
Krr: “Yes I do, sensei.”
Knk: “How do you know each other?”
Krr: “Ehehehe, this person is……. My dear master~♪ “
Knk: “… Oi bastard, this isn’t the time to get that enthusiastic.”
Kys: “It’s a misunderstanding, it’s not like what it sounds, please listen to me! And you, seriously give me a break. Why are saying misleading thing like that, and you did the same before too! Is destroying my life your hobby?”
Krr: “Ooh, so onii-chan is Kanako-san’s boyfriend?”
Kys: “Get back to our previous subject!!!”
Knk: “And you don’t even trying to tsukkomi that ‘onii-chan’ call!”
Krr: “Ah wait wait, but if I remember, weren’t you really close with a black-haired gi—“
Kys: “You’re talking about Ayase, aren’t you? Seriously she isn’t anyone important!!!”
Krr: “Ah I see. Since the two of you were so close the last time we met, I always thought that that girl is your girlfriend.”
Kys: “(\(^o^)/)”
Knk: “………………….”
Knt: “Errr…. Kyousuke-kun, right? Can you talk to onee-chan for a minute?”

Kyousuke then getting thing straight with Kanata and fortunately all misunderstanding has been cleared.
Knt: “I see, so it’s really a misunderstanding, sorry sorry.”
Kys: “Fuuuh….. (See, that’s the true power of dogeza king!)”
Knk: “You looked so desperate.”
Kys: “Of course, I don’t want my future big sister to hate me.”
Knk: “Wh-what are you saying! Creepy!!”
Knt: “Hmm…. It’s good for you to find good boyfriend, yes Kana-chan?”
Knk: “H-hmph!”
They then talk about Kanata’s mangaka job. Apparently Kirara’s little sister is Kanata’s assistant but since she can’t come that day so Kirara does the job. Kanata and Kirara decide to take a break, so then four of them continue their chatting while drinking tea. After that Kyousuke goes home and Kanako escorts him to the front. While at that, Kyousuke tell Kanako what a great big sister she has.
“She still looks young and cute, has cool job and talent as mangaka, and really looks after her little sister, isn’t she the best?”
“Hm? What is it?”
“So compared to Kanako, big sis is more of your type.”
“Buh. What are you saying?”
“Don’t laugh! This is an important matter!! So you like older girl better?”
“Nope. My lolicon nature was awakened recently.”
“It’s your fault, just so you know.”
“Here’s the thing. I'll only say this once so you better listen. From the beginning you’re not really my type, my ideal girl, or anything like that.”
“But I like you. That’s why I became your boyfriend. So can you believe this boyfriend of yours?”
“.... Proof. I-if you really like Kanako. Then show me the proof.”
Kyousuke then kisses Kanako.
“Ehehehe…… So you really are a lolicon.”

After parting from Kanako, on his way home Kyousuke gets a phone call. It’s from Kanata.
Knt: “Kyo~suke-kun! I saw what you did♪”
Kys: “E-eh? What are you talking about?”
Knt: “The farewell kiss!! Oh no you didn’t! Uhehehe♪”
Knk: “Oi, big sis? Who are you talking to? OOI!!!”
Knt: “Is that what they called youth? You let me see something nice♪ “
Kys: “I-I’m going to hang up, okay?”
Knt: “Ah wait wait! Just let me say one last thing.”
Kys: “…. What is it?”
Kys: “SHUT UP!!! (I just made a funky future big sister)”
At the night, Kyousuke and Kanako is talking on the phone. Kanako asks where Kyousuke will bring her the next day and Kyousuke invites her to his house now.
“Pops will be home tomorrow, that’s why I want to introduce you to my family.”
“Eh? Seriously?”
“Yeah. What’s wrong?”
“I-I’m so nervous. I heard from Kirino that your father is so scary, isn’t he? Like a demon from hell.”
“More or less.”
“Nowaynowaynoway! Hiii, just hearing about it, it makes me want to poop.”
“Then just go!”
“…………………………. So where were we?”
“Don’t bring the phone to the toilet!!!”
Kanako then drops her phone on her room. And when she goes to the toilet, Kanata picks it to speak to Kyousuke. She heard their conversation about Kyousuke’s plan to introduce Kanako to his family. Kanata then tells Kyousuke the circumstance of their family.
“—We don’t get along with our parent, so right now we’re living just the two of us.”
Kyousuke then realizes that’s why Kanako told that their parent isn’t home before.
Knt: “Ah, don’t think about it too much. For us, it’s not that big of deal we live on our own. If you become so serious about that, it’ll bother us. I just worry about Kanako, it’s a huge thing for her to meet your parent, she will definitely become very nervous…”
Kys: “Don’t worry, I’ll have her back. Leave it to me.”
Knt: “Hehe. Kana-chan found a really great man. Now I can be relieved.”
Knk: “Aaaah, that’s the spot.”
Knt: “Oh, she comes back. Well then Kyousuke-kun, wuv you♥ “
Kys: “... Haah, they really are sisters.”
Knk: “Sorry for the waaa~it.”
Kys: “Yep. So, how is it gonna be?”
Knk: “I’ve been thinking about it in the toilet. I eventually have to meet your parent someday, right?”
Kys: “If we will still going out, yeah. In the future you will have to.”
Knk: “Then, I’ll go tomorrow.”
Kys: “Okay. Don’t worry, I will be there on your side.”
Knk: “...Eh? Buh.”
Kys: “What was that “buh” about?”
Knk: “B-because you just said, *imitating Kyousuke* [I will be there on your side]. Bwahahahahawww”
Kys: “Y-you brat…”
Knk: “Hahahaha. --- Please take care of me, Kyousuke♥”

The next day, Kyousuke tells his family that he has someone to introduce.
Yo: “Don’t tell me it’s your girlfriend?”
Ki: “Buh….. That’s impossible.”
Ky: “Well….. Yeah.”
Ki: “*spit shockingly*”
Knowing that this girlfriend has already came and waiting outside, Daisuke and Yoshino excitedly tell Kyousuke to let her come inside.
Yo: “I wonder who his girlfriend is”
Da: “Probably that girl. The girl from Tamura family.”
Yo: “Manami-chan? If it’s her then she doesn’t need to be introduced anymore, does she? We already know her. Kirino, do you know about this Kyousuke’s girlfriend?”
Ki: “Don’t know………………….. I really don’t know.”
Yo: “I see~ Fufufu, I wonder if it’s a girl I know.”
Da: “Aren’t you look happy, mother?”
Yo: “Father too.”
Kyousuke then comes to living room again, now with Kanako. Kanako introduces herself with her cute, idol voice.
Ka: “Cheee~rs! I’m Kurusu Kanako~♪ “
Da: “Guh… Wha-…”
Ki: “Ka-Kanako…!!?”
Yo: “Kanako-chan?”
Ka: “Pardon the intrusion, oba-sama♪ Nice to meet you, oji-sama♪”
All three Kousakas don’t say anything. Kanako and Kyousuke get a little nervous.
Ka: “Psst Kyousuke, isn’t this bad?”
Da: “*cough*”
Ka: “Hii!!”
Da: “Kurusu Kanako, aren't you? I’m Kousaka Daisuke. Nice to meet you. You don’t have to speak like that, just be yourself. It must be tiring.”
Ki: “Stuuu~pid. Like that cutey talk will work against father.”
Ka: “SERIOUSLY--?! Then, I’ll speak normally. Occhan, you really know the stuff, aren’t you!”
Ky: “Geh...”
Da: “….O-occhan?” (t/l: slang for uncle or ‘old man’)
Ka: “Ah, but Kanako uses to acting, so it’s not tiring. You don’t have to worry, hehe.”
Da: “Hmm…..”
Yo: “Errr…. Aaa….. Father, Kanako-chan is Kirino’s classmate. She comes here often. Right, Kirino?”
Ki: “…. I’m going to my room. I must be interrupting, anyway.”
Ky: “H-hey!”
Da: “So you uses to act? Are you in drama club in school?”
Ka: “Haaa? Wrong, completey wrong. Kanako is, how to say it, working to be an idol. So singing, acting, and dancing is my specialty. Don’t forget it, okay? Hihihi…”
Ky: “(Crap….)”
Da: “Oi Kyousuke!”
Ky: “Yes. What is it, pops?”
Da: “Are you ok with this girl?”
Ka: “----ah“
Ky: “Of course.”
All of them don’t say anything as the situation becomes unpleasant.
Da: “Kyousuke, I’ll put my faith in you. You know what it means, right?”

Kyousuke then escorts Kanako home.
“--- Irritating. Your father probably thinks a stupid girl like Kanako isn’t worth to be his son’s girlfriend, right?”
“Yeah, at least that’s what pops see you right now.”
“Don’t say that so casually! Isn’t it bad? Your parent doesn’t give us their blessing to be in relationship, so then…”
“So what? The one who can decide what kind of girl is worth to be my girlfriend is me alone, my parent doesn’t have anything to do with it. Right?”
“Y-yeah… But it’s still impossible. I always being hated, either by my own parent or other adults.”
“It’s fine. I know a lot of your good sides, my parent don’t. It’s as simple as that. Don’t worry, soon pops will like you for who you truly are. Definitely.”
When he comes back home, Kyousuke bumps up with Kirino who prepares to go outside.
“Hey. Why don’t you help me when I was introducing Kanako?”
“She’s your own girlfriend, isn’t she?”
“She’s YOUR FRIEND, isn’t she? Or am I wrong?”
“...... You’re not wrong. Yes, Kanako is my important best friend.”
Both of them remember the time when Kanako found out Kirino’s otaku hobby. At that time, Kanako even though she was too blunt by saying she disgusted with otaku hobby, but she accepted Kirino for who she is, because for Kanako, Kirino is her friend.
“----- I have my reason. I don’t want to tell you and I won’t tell you. Sorry but I can’t be your ally on this one. I’m really sorry.”
“I see.”

On his room, Kyousuke is thinking about Kirino. He remembers what Kanako said to him just a moment ago when he asked her what’s going on with Kirino.
“Looks like she was on bad mood. Wasn’t she just irritated because her beloved onii-chan has a girlfriend?”
Kyousuke doesn’t really believe that’s the case since this is Kirino they’re talking about. He then also thinks that Ayase and Kuroneko also have the same disapproval, jealousy aura. So then Kyousuke calls another friend to ask for opinion, that is Saori. When he calls her, apparently Saori is also wants to talk with Kyousuke.
“I want to ask for counseling from Kyousuke-shi.”
Kyousuke then says that he can talk about his problem later and he wants to hear Saori’s first. It’s about Kuroneko.
“I haven’t seen Kuroneko-shi for a while, and when I finally able to met her…”
“She becomes Yamineko, doesn’t she?”
“Ah, so Kyousuke-shi already know about that. What’s with that, Kyousuke-shi?”
“I actually don’t understand, it just happened when I brought Ayase to comicket for researching otaku hobby for Kirino, and we met Kuroneko that time.”
Kyousuke then tells Saori about his trip to comicket with Ayase to Saori, how Ayase and Kuroneko got into fight at that time. Saori, knowing Kuroneko likes Kyousuke, understands it’s the jealousy of Ayase that makes Kuroneko becomes weird.
“Aaaah. So the reason Kuroneko fell into darkness is, as expected, because of Kyousuke-shi.”
“Really? So looks like without realizing it, I hurt Kuroneko and made her like that. Sorry Saori, but can you tell me what is it about?”
“Ah, as expected from Kyousuke-shi, you’re so slow. Kyousuke-shi isn’t in relationship with Ayase-shi, right? Then if you tell that to Kuroneko I definitely guarantee that she will return to herself. Aaah, I’m so relieved it can be fixed.”
“What’s with that self-decided solution?”
“Sorry, but it’s the thing that can only be done if it’s Kyousuke-shi, I can’t tell the reason behind it. But anyway that’s the end of my counseling, so now let’s hear what Kyousuke-shi is.”
“Well if you say so. Then…… My problem is, about Kirino.”
“What’s happen with Kiririn-shi?”
“Actually, today I introduced my girlfriend to my family, then…....”
Kyousuke then tells Saori about what happen. Again, knowing her best friend’s personality, Saori understands why Kirino acts like that.
“Kyousuke-shi, please give me some time to think about this problem. And I have to say it from now, but most probably, I can’t support Kyousuke-shi’s relationship.”

Day after that, Kyousuke and Kanako is on the usual café. Kyousuke is depressing with all of what happened. Kanako as his girlfriend try to cheer him up.
“Wanna eat Kanako’s ice?”
“Kyahahaha--- Looks like you’re still full of energy.”
“Haah, you’re such a…”
“Here, say “aaah””
“Y-you’re such a…”
“Hurry up and open your mouth! It’s embarrassing for me too. C’mon, “aaah””
Kyousuke still doesn’t open his mouth.
“There’s no other way. L-listen, I’ll only do it once, okay? *cough* Kyousuke-san♪ Please say “aaah” ♥ “
Seeing he can’t run away since his girlfriend is doing it seriously with such cute voice, Kyousuke then open his mouth to eat Kanako’s ice.
“I’m so embarrassed I want to die!!”
“So am Iwww”
“Then don’t do it!”
“Too muchww This is too muchwww. Just remembering it, I feel like I’m going to diewww”
“Aah, I’ll die. I’ll seriously die. Thank God no one we know saw us.”
Ay: “But I saw it. Perfectly.”
Both: “Eh? GYAAAAAA!!!”

Ky: “A-Ayase?!”
Ku: “I’m also here.”
Ky: “Haaaa? Why are you here too, Kuroneko? And more importantly, why are you with Ayase? Aren’t you two don’t get along?”
Ku: “Ku ku ku…”
Ay: “Thanks to Saori-san, our misunderstanding is straighten out, Onii-san.”
Ku: “This girl and I formed a darkness alliance. Yes, after receiving the great power of darkness and awaken her true self, the black angel here is no longer a super bitch. Please call her the angel of massacre, [Dark Angel Thanatos].”
Ay: “Don’t give someone weird name as you want!”
Ku: “And call me the angel of revenge [Yamineko]”
Ay: “Seriously, hear what people say to you.”
Ku: “O’ My ally Thanatos, you should feel the same feeling like I do, right? Hateful…. Hateful…. Hate everything in this damned world. Casting every love we had, we will give punishment to all riajuu. So come now, Dark Angel…. I will lend you my assistance, let’s tear apart these damned riajuus to pieces.”
Ay: “Geez, seriously. This person is such a weirdo. What’s with “tear apart to pieces”? But…. Fufu, if it only a little cut perhaps it’s fine---- Kanako? Onii-san? Both Kuroneko-san and me, we won’t forgive both of you who don’t consider Kirino’s feeling.”
Ky: “*sigh* I don’t really understand, but the point is both you and Kuroneko don’t agree I’m dating Kanako, do you? That’s your problem, right?”
Ay: “…U-uhm”
Ku: “R-right.”
Ky: “Then let me say this from the start. Kanako is my girlfriend. A girlfriend I chose by myself. If you have any problem with that, I’ll listen to EVERYTHING you want to say anytime. Just not in the front of Kanako.”
Ka: “... Kyousuke.”
Ay: “… I see. So Onii-san has made up your mind. Let’s go, Kuroneko-san.”
Ku: “—No way, my curse for them is stil….”
Ay: “Just stop it for now, people seems begin to notice us anyway.”
Ku: “--- Kuh. Just see, you damned human. You won’t get away from my curse. Definitely!”
Ayase and Kuroneko then leave the café.

Kyousuke and Kanako then leave the café after that too.
“--- Kyousuke, thank you for before. I’m happy you covered for me from Ayase.”
“That’s my job as your boyfriend, you don’t have to thank me.”
“…. Un. You were pretty cool back then.”
“I-I see. You're making me blush, hehe.”
“…. By the way, that person with Ayase. The girl whose head seems to be damaged. Was she someone you know?”
“(As expected you never hold back with your words) Ah, I know who you’re talking about. Her name is Kuroneko. She is my and Kirino’s friend.”
“So either my friend and Kyousuke’s friends….. Everyone doesn’t want me to be your girlfriend.”
“*sob* A~aah, I wonder why is it. *sob* Everyone…. Everyone *sob* Why they hate me so much? *sob*”
Kyousuke then remember, not only Ayase and Kuroneko, but Kirino and then his father also don’t approve Kanako as his girlfriend. But then, the sad Kanako begins to get fired up.
AAAAARGH----! DAMN IIIIIIIT~~~~!! Annoying annoying annoying annoying! Seriously irritating, those bastards!! KYOUSUKE!!”
“Y-yes ma’am!!”
“Just you see! I’ll definitely make them approve us! What’s with *imitating Daisuke* “Are you ok with this girl?”?! What’s with *imitating Ayase* “We won’t forgive both of you who don’t consider Kirino’s feeling.”?! Just you people see!! That old man and Ayase, I’ll definitely surprise them until their jaw drop and acknowledge me! Kyahahahaha. I’ve made my decision, do you have any problem with it?”
“Heh, hahahahahaha. Of course not, I don’t have any single problem. Let’s make them see what are we really capable of!”
After that they continue their date, and on the front of the station they meet Manami, so Kyousuke introduce Kanako to his osananajimi.
Ma: “So she’s your girlfriend, hmmm…….”
Ka: “Oi, is this okay you introduced me to her? She will probably hate me like everyone else.”
Ma: “Congratulations. Your girlfriend is so cute, ufufufufu. I hope we can get along well too like me and Kyou-chan.”
Ka: “He? S-sure. I-I hope we can get along too.”
Ma: “Yeah. If you have some trouble, you can always talk to me. I’ll definitely help you, okay Kanako-chan? I can call you that, can’t I?”
Ka: “…. Sure. But somehow, you’re way too nice, like a granny.”
Ma: “Eh? EEEEH?”
Ky: “Sorry Manami, but right now I’m also thinking the same thing.”
Ma: “E-even Kyou-chan?!”
Ky: “But Manami is not two-faced person, she is an honest person.”
Ka: “Seriously? Hmm… How boring.”
Ky: “Oi, you had problem with someone against us but you also have problem when someone being nice to us, what’s wrong with you?”
Ma: “Ahahaha, sorry Kanako-chan. Me and Kyousuke don’t have that kind of relationship.”
Ka: “Well then that’s good.”
Ky: “(Oh! So that’s what on Kanako’s mind.)”
Ma: “Ah, I don’t want to interrupting your date. I still have many things I want to talk with you, but let’s save it for next time.”

The story change to Kanako’s perspective again on this part.
Kanako comes home and immediately goes to her room and lay on her bed, declining her sister offer to eat afternoon snack. She thinks about all what happened, how Ayase was really against her dating Kyousuke, how Kirino becomes angry, how Daisuke thinks she is unworthy, and on top of all how she thinks she always be a burden for Kyousuke. She sheds tears once again, thinking what will happen if Kyousuke wants to break up with her. Even after all she said in front of Kyousuke to makes everyone acknowledge her, she doesn’t know what she should do. Kanata then comes to her room to checks her little sister and Kanako then says she has life counseling to Kanata, since she doesn’t have any other friends she can relies on about this problem since Ayase and Kirino is out of question. So then Kanako tells what happen to Kanata and Kirara, even though Kanako's wondering if it's fine to ask for a counseling for really easy-going mangaka like both of them.
Knk: “Right?”
Krr: “*imitating Kyousuke* “I’ll listen to EVERYTHING you want to say anytime. Just not in the front of Kanako.” Kyaaa--! Lovely!”
Knt: “Too muchwww. Seriously wonderfulwww”
Knk: “Right?w Right?w”
Knt: “Too hotwww?ww Isn’t it impossible?ww”
Knk: “He’s seriously awesomewwww”
Krr: “You guys really are in high tension, I can't understand what are you guys saying.”
Knk: “Stuu~pid, even an elementary grader can understand.”
Knt: “Hoshi is still naïve, isn’t she?”
Krr: “I hope there’s certain someone to do tsukkomi here.”
Kanata and Kirara think that Kanako doesn’t have any problem since Kyousuke will be there to protect her. But Kanako doesn’t want that.
Knk: “—I have made my mind to make everyone acknowledge us, if I can’t do that it feels I really am worthless. I can’t really say it on a good way, but we don’t get along with our parent, right? I don’t want Kyousuke to feel that experience too. I understand I’m a stupid girl and I know I’m currently not worth to be his girlfriend, but I don’t want Kyousuke to always cover for me. That’s why I want to do something. I want to be the girlfriend whom everyone doesn’t have any problem with.”
Knt: “--- I see. So, do that.”
Knk: “Un. But, what should I do?”
Knt: “Hm, for that…………. Onee-chan doesn’t know either ♪ Sowwy ♥ “
Krr: “Sensei is always like that from long time ago, she never thinks about serious things.”
Knt: “Be-because if I don’t understand about it then I don’t understand about it.”
Knk: “I felt so stupid to think I can rely on big sis.”
Knt: “Well well, for now let’s just eat this cake. Who knows we can get a good idea afterwards.”

Reluctant at first, Kanako then eats the cake. She really like the cake, which by the way is bought from Tamura Shop, Manami’s family shop. The mood then gets little better.
Krr: “Eating such delicious food is sure make us happy, isn’t it?”
Knt: “Oooh!! Hoshi just said something good! The answer is cooking! Since long time ago, a boy will definitely be happy if he eats hand-made cooking from the girl he likes, right? This is a good idea, right Kana-chan?”
Kanako then imagines if Kyousuke becomes happy when he eats her hand-made cooking.
“Uwaaa, what is this? It’s too delicious!!! I love you Kanako! From now on, my sole reason to live is only for you.”
Back to reality.
Knk: “Uhehehe... That sure nice.”
Knt: “Oi Kana-chan, you’re drooling, you’re drooling.”
Knk: “O-oh. Well then, please teach me how to cook starting tomorrow.”
Knt: “Eh? But I can’t cook.”
Knk: “I know. I’m talking to the maid over here. Help me, will you?”
Krr: “Oh dear, but I can’t cook either.”
Knk: “Wha-?! But you're working at a maid café, aren’t you?!”
Krr: “Ah, the foods on the café are all prepared by pressure cooking, it’s all instant.”
Now Kanako really has to stand for herself as the last remaining two of her allies can't help her much more.

After that Kanako receives a phone from Kyousuke. Kyousuke asks her what should they do tomorrow but since Kanako wants to learn cooking she says she’s busy so she will meet him the next day after tomorrow.
So the next morning, Kanako does the unusual, she shops for the food. She’s going to make meat-potato with the help of cooking book. While still having trouble about food preparation, on the front of supermarket Kanako meets Manami again.
“Ah Kanako-chan. It’s such a coincidence to meet you here, hehe.”
“… Hello. Err... Sorry, sensei. I forgot your name again.”
“Se-sensei? B-but I’m only a high school student…”
“Eh? Wrong person then. So, who are you again?”
“I’m Tamura Manami. I was introduced by Kyou-chan yesterday, remember? I’m his osananajimi.”
“Ah I remember, I remember! The granny-like girl!”
Noticing Kanako is about shopping to cook, Manami asks what’s the menu she’s going to make.
“And then for the side dish?”
“Miso soup, for example.”
Realizing she is totally doesn’t know anything about cooking, Kanako then ask if Manami is good at cooking.
“Just normal.”
“But you can cook for yourself, right?”
“Yeah, my family is busy so I’m cooking tonight.”
“….. Then, can you please teach me how to cook?”
“Sure. I’ll teach you, Kanako-chan. Then first thing first, let’s start the lecture by choosing the ingredients.”
“I’m in your care, master!”
Even though Kanako still suspicious about Manami’s kindness, but since she agrees to teach her then Kanako doesn’t say anything further.

The point of view is back to Kyousuke’s again.
On the evening, since Kanako has business Kyousuke can’t meet her so he stays on the home and something comes up on his mind so he asks Daisuke, his father, for a counseling. So on this part we can make Kyousuke asks about two different things to Daisuke, whether about kissing or sex. It doesn’t relate to the flag for happy ending, only give you different conversations.
Here’s the conversation if Kyousuke asks about kissing.
Ky: “I’ve been wondering, pops. When was the first time you kissed moms?”
Ky: “OUCH OUCH!! Is it wrong to ask your parent about their personal love experience?”
Da: “I don’t have such experience to share, anyway.”
Ky: “What’s up with that answer, me and Kirino is the proof of yours!”
Da: “……. Hmph, fine. It was when I was on your age, mother is my junior back then.”
Ky: “Huh? So your age gap were close? (I thought you’re way older than mom)”
Da: “One day mother asked me to meet her on school’s backyard, that was when it happened.”
Yo: “By the way that time I was the one who initiated the kiss, I was the one who confessed first, and I was the one who asked for our first date. He really never took the first step, I always wonder if this guy really likes me.”
Da: “Guh…”
Yo: “Kyousuke, don’t do what father did, understand?”
Ky: “S-sure, haha.”
Da: “Be careful Kyousuke. If you made a failure when you were still going out, you will be told about it for the rest of your life. See from my example.”
Ky: “(I understand it already, pops)
And here’s the conversation if Kyousuke asks about sex.
Ky: “Hey pops. I have a question. After I have a girlfriend, err… when is the good time to do ero stuffs?”
Ky: “This is a very important life consultation for me! You don’t have to smack me, do you?!!”
Da: “Mmuu…. Wait until you get married!”
Da: “That’s the answer you’ll get if you ask your own parent about it.”
Ky: “… Well then, this is a hypothetical question. Once the girl let me touch her breast, is it okay for me to touch it again when it’s just the two of us?”
Da: “You really are stupid, aren’t you.”
Ky: “But well, weren’t you wondering about these kind of stuffs when you were my age?”
Da: “Haha, that’s impossible. I was a hard-boiled since I was young, that’s why.”
Yo: “Hard-boiled? Don’t kid me, you were just suuu~per dull.”
Da: “Which part of me dull?”
Yo: “What are you talking about? You were so dull you never made first move with me, you made me really impatient!”
Da: “I don’t have any memory about it.”
Yo: “Ah, running away with same exact lame excuse again. You really have to change that stubborn part of yours. Since this is a good times, until you ‘remember’ about it and change, I won’t talk to you.”
Ky: “(Moms really scary)”
Da: “Kyousuke, this is your fault.”

The next morning, Kyousuke is still on his room, and kind voice from certain someone tries to wake him up.
“Kyo~suke, it’s morning already♥“
“He~y, Kyousuke♥”
“Aaa~h, what’s wrong with you! I used cute voice to wake you up and you didn’t even wake up a little bit!... Ah!”
Kanako then lays on Kyousuke’s bed too.
“Hehe….. Ehehehe. Kyousuke, love you♥ Chuu, chuu~ Hehe… Chu~….. Kyou~suke.”
“….. What?”

UWAAAAAA!!! Y-y-y-you woke up already?”
“Just now.”
“~~~ You really have a bad timing.”
“Bad? If any, it was really pleasant. A best feeling from the morning.”
“S-shut up! Stupid. Wh-what with you, you’re too calm! So sly, and here I am feeling so embarrassed.”
“Hey I was surprised too. I was wondering what’s happen.”

“I-I came because… I-I thought you will be happy if I come in the morning to wake you up.”
“I see. I’m super happy.”

Kyousuke then kisses Kanako suddenly.
“Wh-? Kyo-?”
“I love Kanako too.”
“--- Stupid.”

After that it’s the breakfast time for Kousaka family. Yoshino invites Kanako to eat together. The only one seems to bother with Kanako is Kirino. Today’s menu is meat-potato, spinach, and miso soup. Kyousuke notices it tastes different than the usual, while Kanako staring at Kyousuke.
Ky: “Hm? What’s wrong? Why do you look at me?”
Ka: “N-no reason.”
Yo: “Kyousuke? How’s the breakfast today?”
Ky: “Yeah, it taste different than the usual.”
Yo: “It’s delicious, isn’t it?”
Ky: “It’s not that delicious nor it’s terrible. Just ordinary.”
Kanako shocks and looks sad.
Yo: “What did you just say!!!”
Ky: “E-eh? I only give my honest opinion about the food. R-right, pops?”
Yo: “Oh yeah, how is it, father?”
Da: “Breakfast? It’s so-so.”
Ka: “…..”
Yo: “How about Kirino?”
Ki: “The potato is fleshy.”
Ka: “….”
Da: “But Kyousuke, you’re lucky.”
Ky: “He?”
Da: “When we were just married, mother’s cooking is really terrible. It didn’t even compare to this meat-potato. I wouldn’t even call it a food.”
Yo: “Ooooo~h, I see….. Father is really want to pick a fight from the morning, aren't you?”
Da: “T-that’s not it! I mean, since that day mother has learned how to cook properly and now she can cook normal foods. It’s for the family.”
Ky: “I see. So we have to be grateful, right?”
Da: “That’s why, compared to me, you who can already eat [this normal] food, you can consider yourself lucky. So be grateful and eat it.”
Hearing what Daisuke said, Kanako blushes.

We move to Kanako’s point of view again.
Kanako comes to Manami’s house and tells her that she failed.
“I see…. But don’t mind Kanako-chan. You can always improve it, I’ll teach you more, okay?”
So then, Manami teach Kanako again.
“Ka-Kanako-chan, don’t be too energetic while holding the knife.”
“Don’t worry master. AH!!”
“See, you cut it too forceful.”
“Master, this knife is too sharp.”
“Don’t blame the tools, okay?”
“Got i~t. By the way master, why do you teach me meat-potato again? Isn’t it better for girl to be able to cook many menus?”
“It’s no good. You have to master one dish before you can learn the new one, okay? Ah see, you did it again”
“Uuu... I really don’t have talent for cooking, do I?”
“Yeah, it’s 10 years too soon for you.”
“Fufu, but you know what they said, when there’s a will there’s way. You wanted to make Kyou-chan happy and go to his house again tomorrow, right?”
So Manami’s cooking lesson for Kanako is still continue.

The night, before going to sleep Kyousuke’s phone is ringing. He gets a mail from Kanako.
[I’m about to sleep. Good night.]
Kyousuke then replies it, and shortly after Kanako texts her back.
[Kyousuke. Chuu~♥]
Kyousuke smiles at her text and then turn off his room’s light. But then his phone’s ringing again, and it’s Kanako again.
[Why didn’t you text me back? ヽ(`Д´ )ノ]
“How bothersome.”
Kyousuke then text Kanako back with [(´ε`)], and Kanako texts her again.
[Your emoticon is disgusting. If you don’t do it properly next time, I’ll get angry.]
“Sure, sure.”
A new mail comes again.
[Kyousuke. I really love you♥]
Kyousuke replies her with [I love you too.] and she replies her back.
[I’ll take good care of your mail (//▽//)]
Kyousuke embarrasses and then goes to sleep.

The next day, Kanako is on Kyousuke’s room again trying to wake him up.
“Kyousuke♥ Kyousuke, it’s already morning♥ Heee~y, wake up♥ “
“Hnnnnn… Fuaaah.”
Just when Kyousuke opens his eyes, Kanako’s face is the first thing he sees that day.
“Have you woken up?”
“Y-yeah. B-but more importantly, your face is too close.”
Kanako then suddenly kisses him.
“Hehe, it makes you heart throbbing, doesn’t it?”
“O-of course!!”
“Hehe, I win♪ Kyousuke is sure cute♥“
“What? The loser has t----“
Kyousuke then kisses Kanako back.
“I-it’s cheating! Don’t kiss me while I’m talking!”
“Hahaha, it’s payback.”

It’s breakfast time, and just like yesterday, they’re eating Kanako’s cook again.
Ky: “Oh, it’s meat potato again.”
Yo: “So how’s the meat potato today?”
Da: “Oo~h, it’s not too fleshy anymore.”
Yo: “Right?”
Ki: “The meat is too thick.”
Ka: “Muuu…..”
Then the point of view is changed to Kanako’s again.
Kanako is asking Yoshino if there’s anything she can help.
“Can I help clean up?”
“Is it okay?”
“Hmmm…. Then….. Ah, can I ask you to clean Kyousuke’s room?”
“Hihi, let me take care of it. I’ll definitely make it clean and shiny!”

And we’re back to Kyousuke’s point of view.
After tells Kyousuke that she wants to clean his room, Kyousuke gives her permission to enter it since he also realized it’s one of Kanako’s attempt to make everyone acknowledge her. Kyousuke then looks at Kirino who seems in bad mood lately so he asks why she looks irritated.
“What? It’s not like you really care about me.”
“I do care. It’s... sad.”
“It makes me sad. We got along pretty good lately, but now it’s like we’re back to how we were long time ago.”
“So what, you don’t like it?”
“Of course I don’t. I want to do something about it!”
“I see……. Hey, lately… Kanako is doing her best, isn’t she?”
“*sigh* Compared to her, what did I do…”
Kyousuke then asks what the meaning of Kirino’s word before when she said she couldn’t be his ally and support her relationship with Kanako. Kirino still won’t talk about it, but Kyousuke insists.
“I know what you’re going to say. There’s also a problem with Saori, Kuroneko, and Ayase, isn’t it?”
“Yeah. They’re against me going out with Kanako.”
“I know. I’ve talked to them. I know things will be bad if it keeps continue.”
“Stuuu~pid. You don’t have to worry. I’ll do something about it.”
“I see. Is there anything I can do to help?”
“Hmm, for now, how about you going back to your room? There are games on your room right? The one that I lent you and another one that I gave you as present.”
Kyousuke then remembers that weeks before, Kyousuke lent eroge from Kirino so he could teach Ayase about it for her mission to understand otaku hobby. And now, as he currently speaking to Kirino, Kanako, her girlfriend, is on his room cleaning.
GYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!! Craaaaa~p!! Ohcrapohcrapohcrapohcrap!!!”
“Hihi, stupid.”

Kyousuke rushes to his room, but it’s too late! Kanako has found one of the eroge, Sis x Sis Siscon Love Story, so Kyousuke can’t do anything beside play it cool.
“This. What is this?”
“Oi oi Kanako-chan. You know it’s bad habit to see other people’s belonging without their permission, right?”
“You gave me permission to get inside to clean your room. So I’ll ask you again. This is an eroge, isn’t it?”
“It’s not.”
“… Then, this illustration on this scene. What is this girl doing?”
“The girl is eating a sausage. What about it?”
“... I can read the line written on the back of the package. Shall I read it for you? “Onii-chan, please give me your…””
“Wait! Don’t continue!!”
“Like I can read it in front of you, are you stupid?! Just admit it, it’s an eroge, isn’t it?”
“… Yes.”
“Enough of your lie, okay?”
“Say “Yes ma’am”!”
“… Yes ma’am!”
“Can’t hear you.”
“So, you just tried to piss me off, don’t you?”
“No ma’am!”
“Yes ma’am! Kanako-sama, you’re my angel!!”
“Well then it’s fine. Ah no, it’s not fine. Kanako doesn’t really angry about the eroge. I know boys will have this sort of stuff. I’m awesome, right?”
“… Yes you are, ma’am!”
“That’s why it doesn’t bother me if you have eroge or those porn magazines under your bed.”
“S-so you have seen what’s under my bed?”
“There’s a lot of Ayase gravure magazine.”
“(Ah, right…)”
“What does bother me is this, this “Siscon love story” part. You have a little sister, SO WHY YOU BOUGHT A LITTLE SISTER-THEMED EROGE?”
Kyousuke can’t tell Kanako the truth that it’s Kirino’s, even though Kanako already know Kirino otaku hobby.
“Well it’s true that the heroine is little sister and it’s eroge, but it’s not really that erotic. It’s about a true, pure love of little sister to her big brother!”
“So you’re happy to be part of this true, pure love of this little sister?”
I’M DEEPLY APOLOGIZE MA’AM!!!!! I’ll definitely throw away my magazine collections, but please make an exception for this game.”
“So you really treasure this game…”
“PLEASE MA’AM!!! Please forgive me, and I promise I’ll change my porn magazine collection to loli!”
After the chaos with his girlfriend, later at the evening, Kirino comes to Kyousuke’s room.
“--- I have a life counseling for you.”

Kanako is having a cooking training on Manami’s house again. Having blessed by Manami’s kindness, Kanako still can’t help wonder and still suspicious why Manami helps her so much.
“Master, can I say something to you? But it’s going to be rude.”
“Sure, what do you want to say?”
“Is your head okay?”
“Ehehe, so that’s what you thought about me?”
“Because it’s totally weird. It’s impossible. I know I’m stupid, but you really help me so much so I can be better at everything without any ulterior motives, even I can understand that. I’m really grateful. I even like Master now.”
“I see, thank you Kanako-chan. Kanako-chan said I don’t have any ulterior motives, but I’m not that innocent. I do planning something in my mind.”
“Seriously? You’re not lying?”
“Yes, it’s true. So, Kanako-chan should be careful of me and don’t do anything weird, because if you let your guard down, I’ll definitely make you cry.”
“Heee. Interesting. Even though I don’t know what you're after, but I’ll accept your challenge, Master. I definitely won’t lose!”
“Good girl. Then, with that energy, let’s continue our cooking lesson.”
“After that, it will be study session, okay?”

Just when she finish that day’s lesson, she gets a phone call. Her cellphone shows Ayase’s name on it.
??: “I will tell you something interesting.”
Ka: “Hm? It’s not Ayase? Is this a prank call?”
??: “Right now, we, Dark Alliance, have taken Kousaka Kyousuke as a hostage.”
??: “Dark Alliance.”
??: “Ku ku ku, don’t be so impatient, damned human. If you want to save his soul th--- Wait, h-hey, what are you doing?”
??: “Can you tell her more properly?”
??: “That’s what I’m doing, h-hey, wait---!”
Ka: “Huh? What’s happen?”
Ay: “—Kanako?”
Ka: “Ayase? So this is your true color, I knew it!!”
Ay: “No you’re wrong! And what’s with that “I knew it”, how rude!!”
Ka: “Lately you’re really annoying. Since that day on the beach. So? What’s with Kyousuke?”
Ay: “--- We’ve brought Onii-san here.”
Ka: “Tsk. Enough with this already you bastard. If you lay even one finger on Kyousuke, I’ll definitely beat you down! I can’t say it in front of Kirino, but if you have any problem with me, just face me and let’s settle it!”
Ay: “Good, that’s what we want too. Then let’s meet at the usual spot, and come alone.”
Kanako then goes to the park alone like promised. There, Ayase and Kuroneko have waited for her.
Ku: “Fu fu. So you really come here alone. You have guts, I give you that.”
Ka: “Shut up, weirdo! Let me see Kyousuke now!”
Ku: “Wh-what…. How dare you, damned riajuu. My name is Yamineko, don’t you ever forget it.”
Ay: “Kuroneko-san, can you please shut up for a second? Let me do the talk.”
Ku: “…. Okay then Dark Angel, I’ll leave it to you.”
Ay: “Uh……..”
Ka: “From now on, I’ll call you Dark Angel on the school.”
Ay: “DON’T!!
Ka: “Then stop this bull and hurry up let me see Kyousuke! He’s here, isn’t he?”
Ay: “Ah, that was a lie.”
Ay: “… The situation had to be changed. We wanted to do it, but Kirino scolded us.”
Ku: “Fu fu fu. You really like to be covered by him, don’t you?”
Ka: “Wha-? It’s not that!”
Ay: “Even if Onii-san isn’t here, let’s continue our talk.”
Ku: “There won’t any other people stand in our way, so let’s end this once and for all.”
Ka: “Heh, interesting. So, what you guys mean that I don’t care about Kirino’s feeling?”
Ay: “Do you know that Kirino and Onii-san wasn’t get along for a long time?”
Ka: “Heeee. So that thing happened between them.”
Ay: “And you don’t even know about it?! Kirino was very happy when lately she had been able to talk to Onii-san again. She could laugh now because little by little, she could be honest to her feeling. Kirino, she really likes Onii-san! And you don’t care about her feeling!!”
Ka: “Not my problemww. Then again, she’s his little sister, isn’t she?”
Ay: “It doesn’t have anything to do with her feeling! She likes whoever she likes!”
Ka: “So what?”
Ku: “So because now you’re going out with Kyousuke, it makes Kirino suffers.”
Ka: “I see. Thanks for telling me about this, but still, so what?”
Ay: “Kanako---- You’re Kirino’s friend, aren’t you?”
Ka: “Of course, we’re best friends.”
Ay: “Then---“
Ka: “Like I said, then so what? Kirino’s feeling? LIKE I CARE ABOUT THAT, YOU MORON!!! The most important thing for me is my own feeling! NOT KIRINO’S!!”
Ay: “Wha…?”
Ku: “Are you really that egoist?”
Ka: “Haa? Of course! Sure if something makes Kirino suffers, I want to do something about it. I’m her best friend after all. But if I have to break up with Kyousuke for that? Are you really that stupid? I definitely won’t do that!! I’ll choose pushing Kirino down to hell rather than breaking up with Kyousuke!!”
Ay: “Kanako!! You’re really…”
Ka: “SHUT UP, STUPID!! I won’t listen to you hypocrites. Kirino Kirino Kirino Kirino, what’s with her? I know I’m stupid…. But even I know that I’m not worth as Kyousuke’s girlfriend right now. And I also know that before I fall for him, there are other girls who like him already. But so what? Her girlfriend is me! Like hell I would give him up! IF YOU HAVE PROBLEM WITH IT, THEN FIGHT ME RIGHT HERE RIGHT NOW, YOU BASTARDS!!!”
Ku: “…………..”
Ay: “…………..”
Ku: “---- Well done, is what I would like to say. Looks like we can’t really say anything to give up on him, right Dark Angel?”
Ay: “H-hmph. If Kanako really that determined, looks like we have to think of something else about Kirino.”
Ku: “Kurusu Kanako.”
Ka: “…. What?”
Ku: “After listening of what you just said, we have understood your feeling. Now we can be reassured. If it’s you, you will make a great enemy for me.”
Ay: “Well, it’s really what I can expect from Kanako.”
Ka: “…Ayase.”
Ay: “But let me tell you, I won’t forget this grudge.”
Ku: “Let’s go, my fellow fallen angel.”
Ay: “Sure, sure. Looks like we’ll get along from now on.”
Ku: “It’ll be good if it’s a one-time only.”
Ay: “Don’t be like that. I feel like I understand what kind of person you really are little bit better now.”

Unbeknown by three of them, Kyousuke and Kirino are listening from the distance.
Ki: “Uuuuh… Those two. I’ve told them to not do that. W-what are they doing?”
Ky: “Kirino.”
Ki: “Y-YES?”
Ky: “It’s a very important question, so please answer it. Is what Ayase and the others talking about true?”
Ki: “------- Of course it’s not..... I really hate you. But that’s not important anymore, because you have a girlfriend that really like you right there now. Be sure to take a good care of her, okay? If you don’t, I won’t forgive you.”
Ky: “I understand. I promise to you.”
Ki: “Good. Give it your all, Aniki.”

Time has passed. Kanako has graduated from middle school and now enlisted to the same high school Kyousuke and Manami studied. Kanako has dyed her hair back to its natural color. Kyousuke, Kanako, and Manami are having conversation on Manami’s house.
Ky: “Why don’t you tell me you got to the same school like me and Manami faster?”
Ka: “Hehe, I want to surprise you. Plus, now those people who told me I’m stupid can eat it.”
Ky: “Yeah, you really show them. I won’t say that you’re stupid anymore, and I won’t let anyone say it either.”
Ka: “Yep.”
Ky: “By the way, that hair color...”
Ka: “Wha-? If you realized it then say it sooner!!”
Ma: “Geez…. Kyou-chan!”
Ky: “I’m sorry, I wanted to say it sooner but I forgot. Even pops really surprised, you know?!”
Ka: “Seriously?”
Ky: “Yeah. He apologized for the time I introduced you to him.”
Ka: “Hehe, it doesn't bother me anymore. And this is still the beginning anyway.”

Kyousuke himself has became college student. But the change is not only for Kyousuke and Kanako, because there’s also a huge change for Kirino part. She's going aboard again.
Ky: “Don’t push yourself too much. Come back anytime you want, okay?”
Ki: “I know.”
Ky: “Be sure to take care of your body. Call me if you have arrived.”
Ki: “Okay, okay. That’s why you’re such a siscon. I’ll be fine. Even if something happen, you will come again for me, won’t you?”
Ky: “Of course!”
Ki: “… Un. You know….. I’m really grateful to be your little sister. How about you?”
Ky: “… Stupid. Of course me too. For two years, I’ve listened to your life consultations. Even though all of them irritated me, but it’s not that bad. We fought a lot but we made friends too, it’s really fun.”
Ki: “I see.”
Ky: “I’m…. *sob* really happy *sob* to be your big brother.”
Ki: “I see……. But you don’t have to cry, do you? It’s not like we can’t see each other anymore.”
Ky: “*sob* Shut up (Look who's talking)….”
Ki: “I’m going, Aniki.”
Ky: “Yeah, good luck!”

And another time has passed. It’s the day of Kyousuke and Kanako wedding. Manami is helping Kanako dress up.
Ma: “…… Un. You’re really beautiful, Kanako-chan. You have became the best bride.”
Ka: “It’s thanks to Manami-san. Everything. Everything is.”
Ma: “It’s not. Kanako-chan really, really gave your best all these times. I know it better than anyone else. And Kyou-chan, congratulations for your wedding.”
Ky: “Yeah. Thank you, Manami.”
Ma: “Errr… Can I say one more thing?”
Ky: “Sure.”
Ma: “I’ve always……… Always like you.”

Ky: “--- Thank you. But, I’m sorry. I love Kanako.”
Ma: “Un. Thank you for giving me answer properly.”
Ka: “Why? Why, Master? *sob* You said you’re not innocent. You said to me to be careful. You said you’ll strike me someday. *sob* But it’s all lie!!”
Ma: “It’s not a lie. I told you, didn’t I? I'll definitely make you cry when you let your guard down, and I just did.”
Ka: “Stu…. Stupid!! *sob* You are……. Stupid! *sob*”
Ma: “--- Find your happiness, Kanako-chan.”

After that, every thing else moves in a blink of eye. On their wedding, Kanako’s parent who was in bad term with her came and congratulate her and Kyousuke, as well as the ex-classmates from the school and the colleagues from work. Their honey moon was in Guam. And even after the wedding, Kanako still get help from Manami here and there, including to improve her cooking. And then, Kanako gave birth to a daughter named Kanami.
“What is it, Kanami?”
“Tie my hair.”
“What style do you want?”
At that time, the series that Kanako used to cosplay, is now having its remake. When she watches it, it brings many memories to Kanako. She also wonders what reaction will Kanami has if she shows her the picture of that time when she’s cosplaying.
“Mother, you were a Meruru too, right?”
“*cough cough*…. Where did you hear about it?”
“That bastard……”
Bridgette was once a popular idol, and now has graduated. As for Kirino, she is done with her job and now come back to Japan and lives with Kyousuke and Kanako family. Kanami really likes her aunt Kirino and get along really well.
Kir: “I’m home!!”
Knm: “Ah, obaa-chan!”
Kir: “Mmuu, don’t call me obaa-chan, I’m still on my 20s.”
Knm: “Un! Okay, obaa-chan!”
Kir: “U-ugh…. Ah right, today we have a special guest! Ta~dah!!!”
Bri: “Hello!”
Knk: “Welcome, Bridgette. Ah but she’s not really a special guest, isn’t she? She has came here before this, right?”
Kir: “Just three times, right?”
Knk: “It’s fine though, since it’s fun.”
Kir: “Right? Right?”
Bri: “Ahahaha, sorry to trouble you.”
Knm: “Obaa-chan! Buy me this! This Meruru!”
Kir: “Which one, which one? I’ll buy you anything! Oh this one? I have bought it already! It’s on my bag, just wait a minute here! I’ll show it to you!”

 Kirino quickly runs to the living room, where she bumps out with Kyousuke who just comes home.
Kys: “I’m hooo~me…. U-uwa!”
Kir: “Ouchie! Hey, where do you look at, old man?”
Kys: “Shut up, you NEET!”
Bri: “Oh, looks like Mr. Husband has came home.”
Kys: “Un. Sorry about that, it’s so noisy here.”
Kys: “I’m home! I’m glad I can come home quickly.”
Knm: “Father!!”
Kys: “Ah, sorry Kanami, it’s Sunday but I have to work.”
Knm: “Do you want to watch Meruru with me?”
Kys: “Sure, let’s watch it together with everyone.”
Knk: “--- Welcome home, darling.”
Kanako remembers of the long road she has been through. With all the people who supported her love, all the people who were against her, the people who gave up their dream, but more importantly a man who loves her and will always be with her on her side. Right now, Kanako feels really happy.


  1. By any chance, do you know who are the scenario writers for the routes in Disc 2, especially that of Kanako's?

    1. Article on Dengeki back then mentioned the scenarios Fushimi Tsukasa (original LN author) wrote himself.

      IIRC on this sequel he wrote the common 'route' (dialogues where Kirino and Kuroneko asked some questions to determine the route we can choose after), Kirino, Kanako, Saori, 'lolicon' route or Tamaki & Hinata route, Yamineko route, and the epilogue part of Ayase route.


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